Dwayne Johnson Addresses Rumors He May Run for President

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  • ambar riedemann mermoud

    Love this dude!!!!

  • Aicha Daillo
    Aicha Daillo Day ago

    The crazy part there are people who voted for Trump and think that the Rock being president is ridiculous. That shows how retarded they're and that The Rock should run for president. You don't reason with people who don't have brains, any competent and reasonable politician will lose against Trump, we need popular celebrities that will show how pathetic Trump is even as a celebrity. # the Rock 2020

  • kingfish nate
    kingfish nate Day ago

    I'm a huge rock fan but they do realize that he gets paid to kiss ass right

  • John Ferguson
    John Ferguson 2 days ago

    Dwayne Johnson eats the world's deadliest spider for breakfast one day.

  • John Ferguson
    John Ferguson 2 days ago

    Dwayne johnson vs denzel washington wrestling style.

  • Kamlesh Sundaram
    Kamlesh Sundaram 3 days ago

    It would be amazing if he did a wwe match as the president. It's a handicap royal rumble. Mr. President The Rock vs. The entire russian secret service

  • Cortney Holt
    Cortney Holt 3 days ago

    ROCK for a really super strong AMERICA

  • Bizzle GTi
    Bizzle GTi 4 days ago

    the people pedo gonna be your president omg

  • Shubham Dabhere
    Shubham Dabhere 5 days ago

    I think he should run for 2020 presidential elections... ✌👍

  • Thirumurthy P
    Thirumurthy P 5 days ago +1

    0:41.....foot fail !

  • Michael Krein
    Michael Krein 5 days ago

    let's hear some policies first mister rock

  • Kryptic Void
    Kryptic Void 6 days ago

    He said free weed....instantly everyone wants him....Idiocracy isn't supposed to become a reality...js

  • Melik565
    Melik565 6 days ago

    Please give Trump the People's Elbow, for all of us.

  • Raul D'Mellow
    Raul D'Mellow 6 days ago

    well his catchphrase " it doesn't matter what you think" will come in pretty handy during presidential debates.

  • sanjay kapoor
    sanjay kapoor 7 days ago

    their slow motion sucks

  • That Guy
    That Guy 7 days ago

    I dont want the rock to be president , cause when you are president , there will be more people that hate you no matter you good or bad and potential threats increases too. We want our peoples champ to stay as the peoples champ and keep us inspired by the way you are right now :) Love from india.( just an opinion )

  • Greg Strasburg
    Greg Strasburg 7 days ago

    Dwayne is such a nice guy.

  • T. N.D
    T. N.D 7 days ago

    He will rock bottomed kim jong un and say "finally potus has come back to north korea !!!!!" LOL

  • Rikardo González Treviño

    Whats with that stupid ass intro

  • DSP Gaming
    DSP Gaming 8 days ago

    The Rock knows just as much about politics as he was to wrestling, jack shit!
    Fuck the The Rock, he wouldn't do nothing for this country

  • CJ Carpenter
    CJ Carpenter 8 days ago

    LOL people would vote for Daniel Radcliffe or one direction if they could

  • CJ Carpenter
    CJ Carpenter 8 days ago

    This is funny. He has a 0 percent chance of making it. Trump is a billionaire and went to prestige colleges. Rock is just a B movie actor.
    Love his stuff but the Trump hate is stupid. Trump created 1M jobs in 6 months smh. It's not that easy.

    • CJ Carpenter
      CJ Carpenter Day ago

      Bright Heart He hasn't been in any A list movies or nominated for an Oscar. Trust me he's one of my favorite actors I love ballers. Baywatch is a B movie. Maybe The Mummy. Fast and furious too but what movies has he been in that we're Oscar worthy? So being a good actor automatically means he'd be able to run the country? Trump ran billionaire dollar businesses and huge charities. Rock doesn't have the education or experience running anything big.

    • Bright Heart
      Bright Heart Day ago

      his An A list actor you fucking dumbass. hes one of the highest paid actors in hollywood..and he has lineage when it comes to wrestling. dudes a legend in the wrestling business for a reason.

  • Dillon Herod
    Dillon Herod 8 days ago

    Trump may not be everything u want but he's better than Hillary Clinton and the rock

  • Jacob Pierce
    Jacob Pierce 9 days ago

    Dwayne Johnson for president? I will move my ass to Canada. Hell No

  • Trump Surrogate
    Trump Surrogate 10 days ago

    He will lose because He wont get the WWE fans he left for hollywood , he wont get The anti hollywood conspiracy theorist votes and Trump loyalist votes so Even though its not a joke if he runs its not that easy to beat President Trump

  • Amey Beast
    Amey Beast 10 days ago

    the rock"s siri ad appears before wathcing the rocks's video,

  • WyattB
    WyattB 10 days ago

    Funniest part is he would surprise and confuse the liberals as he's a republican.

  • Keypenknitreelyo
    Keypenknitreelyo 10 days ago

    Woo-hoo! The Rock for President!!

  • Vinny Camarats
    Vinny Camarats 13 days ago

    Let's hope the 2019 election slam to ko for victory.

  • tiagovalen
    tiagovalen 14 days ago

    USA finnaly reached" fuck it"

  • halfvolley11
    halfvolley11 14 days ago

    The only reason he wont be a President is because he is not White.

  • Jack Moody
    Jack Moody 14 days ago

    Johnson Hanks 2020

  • It's Aquern
    It's Aquern 14 days ago

    He'd probably win as well.

  • S DAV
    S DAV 14 days ago

    you think Trump Vs. Clinton was an upset??! Trump will blow The Rock out of the water.... It won't even be close. Get used to it people, President trump for 7.5 more years! MAGA

  • josh miranda
    josh miranda 15 days ago

    Seems like being president is hard he is going to grow gray hairs

  • Liam Kane
    Liam Kane 15 days ago

    0:40 pause anyone see faze adapt

  • dan isman
    dan isman 15 days ago

    I mean Kid rock for senate And the Rock president Whos next? Morgan freeman and his voice of deadly persuasion.

  • Onmysheet
    Onmysheet 15 days ago

    He would play a great Terminator.

  • Big Deo
    Big Deo 16 days ago

    Imagine The Rock vs Kanye West in 2020. Shit is gonna get real :P

  • TheSmithersy
    TheSmithersy 17 days ago

    If he becomes the nominee, President Trump will lose Florida. Would be great to have President Trump followed by President Rock!

  • Slipknot 133
    Slipknot 133 17 days ago +1

    The people's champ

  • Joker
    Joker 17 days ago

    His smile and laugh reminds me of Obama

  • Cody
    Cody 17 days ago

    I love seeing people defend Trump. Deep down you guys all know what he really is and he isn't qualified at all. You guys are just blinded about how he acts and are just as bad as him. It's kind of sad how bad America has become, all because of the people.

  • scar3xcr0
    scar3xcr0 18 days ago


  • HellPwnage 1337
    HellPwnage 1337 19 days ago

    we need chaos in the system to help get rid of the establishment politicians

  • Joshua Jasnoch
    Joshua Jasnoch 19 days ago

    Id vote the rock

  • samrat ashok
    samrat ashok 19 days ago

    hey i'm from india and and to understand what actually fallon said to rock during 1:02 to 1:09 sec video ..........some one plzzz tell me starting conversession as per my duration mentioned

  • Sonya Williams
    Sonya Williams 19 days ago

    Please don't run for President. For the love of Christ. Don't embarrass us having other countries laugh and talk bad about us. Jesus Christ Please don't. Somebody stop him!!!!.

  • Jake D T Dahms
    Jake D T Dahms 19 days ago

    what a great guy

  • GoodSteve123
    GoodSteve123 19 days ago

    The slowmo was cringey.

  • Justin R
    Justin R 19 days ago

    Rock, I like you as a kick-ass wrestler, and a "Somewhat Good" Actor. But running for prez? no, I'm sorry.

  • itzyaboijoe
    itzyaboijoe 20 days ago

    The only reason people want Rock to be President is bc they think he is cool and a nice dude not his thought on actual world problems that he could fix

  • Outside the Box
    Outside the Box 20 days ago

    How about we elect somebody who isn't an orange haired billionaire, NOR a self absorbed celebrity that takes videos of themselves before an interview..? How about we elect somebody with a fucking education in science and economic values? This country is so stupid, all anyone cares about is sitting back and letting the government "fix" everything which will NEVER be the case as long as we keep promoting these rich ignorant assholes who only care about themselves.. but hey, go ahead and disagree

  • Stephen Klick
    Stephen Klick 20 days ago

    Dwane Johnson is an antichrist figure.

  • Dynamic Rejects
    Dynamic Rejects 21 day ago

    Because you know, polls are accurate

  • Ellie Martin
    Ellie Martin 21 day ago

    He's gotten so far that I feel like he just says fuck it and doesn't random shit or gets hit with random shit and goes with it.

  • Go away
    Go away 21 day ago

    I hope he becomes the president

  • udin walker
    udin walker 21 day ago

    I am the third person who will chose u Rock,

  • Brooke
    Brooke 22 days ago

    Honestly I've never heard anything bad about The Rock. Have you? He just seems like an all around cool and amazing dude . I don't see why he shouldn't run.

  • Arief Wahyudi
    Arief Wahyudi 23 days ago

    Dwayne Johnson Games play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.meriah.lebaran&hl=en

  • Drawing Freaks
    Drawing Freaks 24 days ago

    The rock would make a great president lolol

  • dan k
    dan k 25 days ago +6

    The only man that can beat the rock is paper

    • dan isman
      dan isman 15 days ago

      Well the only person who can beat paper is scissors, but honestly the electoral votes is what really matters.

  • Bobby Cullari
    Bobby Cullari 25 days ago

    GO HERE! 4:00 ----->Skip the bullshit....

  • Michael Strieper
    Michael Strieper 25 days ago

    to hell with fallon but love dwayn. dwayn, God bless.

  • Anonymous_ Unknown II
    Anonymous_ Unknown II 25 days ago

    I hope The Rock will be the next president

  • Anonymous_ Unknown II
    Anonymous_ Unknown II 25 days ago

    That slow mo band is bad LOL

  • Dig Bick
    Dig Bick 25 days ago


  • Ehsan Eha
    Ehsan Eha 26 days ago

    The rock is awesome

  • Ehsan Eha
    Ehsan Eha 26 days ago

    Fuck Donald Trump...wow man America is going to have the new president the rock...awesome,,,which country don't want the rock as their president

  • Ariel Jade
    Ariel Jade 26 days ago

    He's the best person ever

  • Gabriel Dawson
    Gabriel Dawson 26 days ago

    root Does anybody know bigger than this video%funny..

  • Sylar Vandoza
    Sylar Vandoza 26 days ago

    This man would be so reparative to America's image on the global stage, but he'd probably get JFK'd.

  • DanLuxe
    DanLuxe 27 days ago

    It doesn't matter what you think...

  • Ryan Williamson
    Ryan Williamson 28 days ago

    The Rock vs Trump vs Kanye for 2020 POTUS.......

  • Sylvia Lee
    Sylvia Lee 29 days ago

    damn he is tough and sexy imagine him in bed..

  • Crymson Nite
    Crymson Nite 29 days ago

    the rocks all about that fan interaction with the videos

  • EmilOG
    EmilOG Month ago +1


  • Gamerz Online
    Gamerz Online Month ago

    Rock: ''Good to see you guys as well''
    Jimmy Fallon reaction lol

  • Havik Gaming
    Havik Gaming Month ago

    Popcorn on me! Soda on me! *Weed on m- NO!*

  • Michael Cooper
    Michael Cooper Month ago

    The Rock would be the second Black president.

    • ReDHilL
      ReDHilL 12 days ago

      Michael Cooper he's not black just Latino

  • Josiah Panjeti
    Josiah Panjeti Month ago

    Think about this in terms of the human race. We are a bunch of ants so who is the smartest best ant in the country? The rock, who is the best ant in the world? The rock? So why is the decision of who should be humanity's example a hard one? Rock for president 2020

    • Josiah Panjeti
      Josiah Panjeti Month ago

      Btw the rock would beat anyone up if we were in a jungle, he has the most dominant DNA personality structure and our race should follow the light so follow Dwayne the rock Johnson ! In 2020!!!

  • bpichinte
    bpichinte Month ago

    he will ve the most electrifying president of all time

  • Hagop Gabrielyan
    Hagop Gabrielyan Month ago

    R we seriously going to give nuclear codes to Dwayne I mean he isn't even really a politician, but tbh he is better than trump.

  • Keanu Cora
    Keanu Cora Month ago


  • Nelson Petrie
    Nelson Petrie Month ago

    Rock needs to shed his Republican skin if he really thinks of becoming the President.The nation's had enough of Donald Idiot Trump. Anymore Republicans in the White House is going to f*** up this country further. Why doesn't he seriously thinking of joining the Democrats or, if that 's not his meat, then he could be an Independent like Bernie Sanders.

  • The Michael Anderson Show

    Republicans have the coolest candidates

  • Lobster Bisque
    Lobster Bisque Month ago

    PLEASE run for President! That way it'll ensure we have President Donald Trump for eight years! What an idiot this guy is if he thinks he'd actually get elected.

    STEVE P Month ago

    Dwayne has no Johnson.  I smell what the Rock is cooking, it smells very bad.

  • Nothing Is True Everything is permitted

    he'd beat Trump. politically and physically 😂😂

  • james minor
    james minor Month ago

    Unless he's a progressive fuck off Bernie Sanders 2020

  • Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah Month ago

    i hope the rock starts cutting promos for the next election

  • small town guy
    small town guy Month ago

    failed movies that ends up in walmart 5 dollar box. please don't run for president, itll be another failure. .

  • spectrebeast
    spectrebeast Month ago

    *I'd still vote for Donald Trump because he's not a shill in the shekeling zionist jew media hollywood like "the rock" is. Dwayne Johnson is a bought and paid for hollywood shill who is nothing more than a puppet and an easy win for President Trump in 2020.*

  • Celebrity Houses
    Celebrity Houses Month ago +1

    Show your love and support for the Facebook page dedicated to spreading the word of the rock becoming our president!


  • rainandlightningguy

    Mike Judge how'd you know? CAMACHO!!!

  • Vicky Burnett
    Vicky Burnett Month ago

    God bless you Dwyane
    much luv n peace n blessing
    missionary Michael Burnett

  • A101
    A101 Month ago

    The face-to-face meetings would be the funniest shit to watch.

  • Not Gordon Ramsay
    Not Gordon Ramsay Month ago

    Wow just imagine The Rock and Kanye west become the new Donald trump and Hilary Clinton

  • Keanu Birdshead
    Keanu Birdshead Month ago

    be nice to see him n bernie IF the rock is really the peoples champion

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