5 Examples of The Mandela Effect

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  • The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon where a large number of people remember something that actually never happened - seemingly sharing false memories of past events. Referred to as confabulation in psychiatry, some have speculated that the memories are caused by parallel universes spilling into our own. Others explain the phenomenon as a failure of collective memory. According to believers, this is not a case of mistaken memory. Instead, it’s hypothesized that some of us have moved between alternate realities, hence remembering things that have been written out of our current timeline - or that time travelers have inadvertently changed subtle things in our history, whether deliberately or accidentally, and therefore affected our present, remarkably similar to the “Back To The Future” movie franchise! The spelling of well-remembered brand names and the subtle "altering" of familiar logos has convinced believers history has been tampered with during our lifetimes.

    Hi! I am Mister Mysterious, and on this episode of “How It’s Made”... Just kidding!. In this video, we will deal with five examples of the Mandela Effect. Let’s start with the most popular example of the effect itself, which sparked heated discussions about this interesting phenomenon.

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  • AngelEowyn
    AngelEowyn 5 hours ago

    I do believe in the Mandela Effect. It's either some kind of overlapping of 2 dimensions, or somebody is changing our timeline!

  • xBlze ツ
    xBlze ツ 19 hours ago

    Well, what y'all think...we're screwed up...school, work till 65, the internet...we're the generation with the most memories...we can't stuck up everything, so er loose it

  • Marie Duran
    Marie Duran Day ago

    As for the last example, I definitely think it is something else. Of course, they don't want us to remember it. And that is all I am going to say.

  • Chantelle Jay
    Chantelle Jay 2 days ago

    I don't think I remember any of these differently I know Vader never said Luke but the shazzam thing is annoying as I do remember something about sinbad being a genie maybe it was just how he dressed that I think I remember it lol that's the only one that I have doubts about

  • James Read
    James Read 2 days ago +1

    Is there any point subscribing to this channel anymore?

    • Frostbite
      Frostbite 22 hours ago

      Bloody Persistent Well maybe something happened to him. You ever thought of that?

    • Bloody Persistent
      Bloody Persistent Day ago

      If channel creators are going to abandon their channels, the least they could do is announce it and let people know what's going on. Doesn't take much at all to record and upload a 2 minute long video to explain.

  • Traplord Skybaby
    Traplord Skybaby 2 days ago

    regarding the shazaam kazaam thing, I distinctly remember being in 5th grade and saying 'the genie movie with sinbad' was my favorite movie, this kid corrected me and said you mean the genie movie with shaq, and I said no, not that one the one that came out right before that. but this would have only been a few years after the movie came out. so its really strange to think that i could have this false memory only a few years later.

    BLUNTUBE TV 3 days ago

    These are small things that have changed if you cant see these then your cant comprehend the bigger change you will never get it

  • RebelCommand7511
    RebelCommand7511 3 days ago

    Sounds like Patrick Warburton narrating.

  • Mega Tron
    Mega Tron 4 days ago +1

    Where are the vids???

  • Chris Reaper
    Chris Reaper 5 days ago +1

    This guy is fasting approaching two full months without an upload...things are not looking good. He might've died...

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer 5 days ago

    I am waiting for your next video

  • Handbag Heaven -Kary-

    What happend to this channel?

    BLUNTUBE TV 6 days ago

    For real defo not shaq mandela effect is real or cern and the government are nessung with iur heads

  • Marissa Barbie
    Marissa Barbie 6 days ago

    I have seen Shazam. I used to watch it so much I can like talk details about the movie.

  • Pat Phillips
    Pat Phillips 6 days ago

    what happened to this channel?

  • Masked Domino
    Masked Domino 6 days ago +1

    I remembered it as "Lucas, I am your father."

  • lor152720
    lor152720 6 days ago

    That scary laugh…

    BLUNTUBE TV 6 days ago

    100% real

  • Darkstar 1121
    Darkstar 1121 7 days ago +1

    I remember the Pokemon Pikachu's tail being black at the end but if you google pictures of him his tail is mostly yellow... anyone else remember this?

  • Michele Settle
    Michele Settle 7 days ago +1

    I personally remember several things that are not the same now, and I am sick and tired of hearing that the ones that remember it - say, with 4 seats in Kennedy's car, or that Shazaam did exist, or Vader said "Luke..." - are having FALSE memories. Maybe the ones that DON'T remember it this way are having the false memories?! I KNOW many of these things are not the same as they actually used to be. Nothing can make me think any differently. My memory isn't THAT bad, not to mention so many others that have the SAME memories. It is NOT "confabulation". It is OUR reality! I do not remember ALL the things that are said to be "Mandela effects", but some I very clearly remember. And I wouldn't exactly call it a "Mandela" effect. Someone else posited here on YouTube that it was more like a "Philadelphia Experiment" effect, because that's when things subtly began to start changing. I tend to agree with that notion. Look it up. I am not stupid and remember things wrong. I pay attention to the world around me. I know that those of us who remember things this way are not just imagining it.

  • Yvonne Gelfard
    Yvonne Gelfard 7 days ago +1

    weird!!!.....I remember thinking eh? thought  Mandela died years ago!!??, when I heard the news he had past away in2000+..maddness!

  • Donny brown
    Donny brown 7 days ago +1

    I dont remember Mandella passing away in prison..The tank boy wasnt run over he jumped up on the tank..And the movie is being mixed up with Shaq.

  • Rebel Revolution Films UK

    America from 1978 onwards was subjected to cocaine and heroin in the water supply and almost half the adult population was doing drugs. Drugs alter and damage memory connections on a cellular level just like alcohol does. So essentially America was and is living in a matrix-like altered reality caused by drugs and that end up on the media and internet. Just imagine if people had not been so stupid as to abuse drugs. They would be seeing this reality for what it actually is. It is well known that the FDA and Military and Big Pharma tested Angel Dust on Minneapolis in 1967 and dusted several other towns to see what would happen. The Matrix is the drugs delusion. Wake up and sober up!

  • Josh Lucas
    Josh Lucas 7 days ago +1

    i think you mean "reading steiner"

  • Mel Donovan
    Mel Donovan 7 days ago +1

    We've lived this SAME life SEVEN times! Inn the first life, there were 6 people in the Kennedy car. Then, second SAME life, the other PoLIEtician cut a deal with the devil. Worthless deal. Because now, on this 7th/seventh and final life- The Mandela Effect is revealing the TRUTH! And the next thing that PoLIEtician WIll see is judgement day.

  • yaro kior
    yaro kior 8 days ago +1

    TM said society and culture is a simoltaneous mass halucination that we all or mostly all agree upon

  • dunecigar
    dunecigar 8 days ago +1

    The multiverse is very real.

  • fourfourjunkie
    fourfourjunkie 9 days ago +1

    that how it's made joke was a good one. lol

  • Todd Hayes
    Todd Hayes 9 days ago +2

    I think the "Luke I am your father" gained that notoriety from the movie Tommy Boy causing that false memory????? What are your thoughts?

  • Puffy018356 The fam
    Puffy018356 The fam 9 days ago +1

    It's funny I coulda swore that Kennedy was in a Cadillac not a Lincoln there are even pictures in d.c that show 4 people and a pretty Cadillac emblem in the front of the car

  • Toni Marroni
    Toni Marroni 9 days ago

    I remember my boyfriend telling me he loves me but he says he never did. i have print screens though but still. Mandela effect?

  • Anna M. Addison
    Anna M. Addison 9 days ago +1

    What has happened? Where'd everyone go?

  • Channel T
    Channel T 9 days ago

    Al Gore didn't invent anything other than the Prius.

  • Mac Sanders
    Mac Sanders 9 days ago

    I also remember Eric Clapton death on 2014. One year later I bet a box of beers to my friend who claimed that what I was saying was not true, of course I lost the bet. I never bet, but that day I was so sure about Clapton death that I could even remember saying to myself, oh at least now he is in heaven with his son.

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer 9 days ago +1

    When is your next video coming.?

  • Anita Lea
    Anita Lea 9 days ago

    They filmed things twice! They planned this years in advance. Just like bands. They recorded the songs twice and then throw out the one opposite of what we remember. They are evil behind the scenes and want us to think we are crazy and we are not!

  • Wyatt Moore
    Wyatt Moore 9 days ago

    Hey! It is the how its made guy! Never thought about it until now.

  • Juan Cortes
    Juan Cortes 10 days ago

    I remember no luke i am your father

  • Юлия Фишер
    Юлия Фишер 10 days ago +1

    The west has been fabricating photos and videos about other countries for ages.

  • Austin McGowan
    Austin McGowan 10 days ago


  • The DORUK
    The DORUK 10 days ago

    Awesome work as usual !

  • Sprezza Tura
    Sprezza Tura 10 days ago

    The #1 and only example of the Mandela Effect: What used to be called "Common Mistakes", "Forgetfulness" and "Ignorance" is now called "The Mandela Effect". Skip critical thinking, logic and research - just jump straight into alternate realities, timeline shifts and quantum mechanics.

  • I Me
    I Me 10 days ago +1

    Fuckin crackers

  • Hattie Seymour
    Hattie Seymour 10 days ago

    I remember the Simbad movie! I was at my best friends house down stairs. Her little sister watched it with us.

  • troonorth
    troonorth 11 days ago

    A Mandela effect right now. I remember once reading about the New England farmer's summer work drink called "switchel". The ingredients were water, black tea and apple cider vinegar. One hot summer day in New England I was chopping some wood and a local farmer walked by and offered me a jar of switchel. I was like, wow, switchel!, and he was tickled that I heard of it. And it was water, black tea and apple cider vinegar and I downed the drink and it was very quenching and energizing.
    So I'm looking up the switchel recipe online now, and not once can I find the mention of black tea in the ingredients! Water, apple cider vinegar, ginger, molasses...
    So am I remembering wrong? Or have hipsters corrupted the recipe?!

  • Society Dead Gaming
    Society Dead Gaming 11 days ago

    Here is another example of the Mandela effect in 2016 december or january 2017 there was 30 seasons of the Simpsons but now there are only 28 seasons!!

  • Frostbite
    Frostbite 11 days ago +1

    Where did Mr.M go? Been quite some time since last upload.

  • Lloyd Sims
    Lloyd Sims 11 days ago

    IMDB link:www.imdb.com/title/tt6725520/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

  • natif6souljah AT8
    natif6souljah AT8 11 days ago

    Tianemin square... the tanks DID stop!! He held up his hand to the tanks, and the front one stopped, stopping the rest... thats why it was such a world on look! Cuz ONE person had such an influence on the things to come...i would go as far as to say anyone that remembers differently, is remembering the "what ifs" category if their brain 😂

  • Jay S
    Jay S 12 days ago

    Alright, here's my question about the Mandela Effect... if space time changed and the timeline shifted, wouldn't we have changed along with it?  & if that's the case, we wouldn't know any different because we'd be on that same timeline.  Whatever facts change with the shift, we shift along with it & wouldn't know.  I mean, we could've been on a timeline where Hillary actually won the Presidency & I someone somehow could change timeline to what it is now, where Trump is President, we wouldn't know any different because as history shifted, we shifted with it.  A shift in time doesn't exclude us.  PLEASE, NO POLITICAL COMMENTS... just trying to understand this theory.

    • Sprezza Tura
      Sprezza Tura 10 days ago

      You are wrong. In my reality it was Nelson Mandela who stood in front of the tank, and it ran him over - that is when he died. Then when Sinbad was a genie he made Mandela come back to life. Then Mandela asked the genie to make him President of South Africa so he could exact his revenge. Then he had the genie change the name of White-Out to "Wite-Out" to spite the white race. Previous to that Mandela shift, in my reality Nelson Mandela was never in prison to begin with. He was a voice actor who voiced Darth Vader, and the original line was actually "Luke, I am your grandfather". Because originally Vader was Luke's grandfather.

  • Jean Fischer
    Jean Fischer 12 days ago

    I remember seeing the tank boy footage, and the tank turned and tried to go around him.

  • CloneWards
    CloneWards 12 days ago

    Just a glitch in the Matrix, happens all the time. Why so many people get all up in arms about it I do not know, just live your lives with all the illusions and be happy.

  • James Read
    James Read 12 days ago +3

    Are you not uploading videos anymore?

  • Andrew Song
    Andrew Song 12 days ago

    More like confused people sharing their confused memory on internet. I remember Mandela being released from the prison and tank boy picture. Its power of internet. Yay go internet!!!

    • Sprezza Tura
      Sprezza Tura 10 days ago

      You are wrong. In my reality it was Nelson Mandela who stood in front of the tank, and it ran him over - that is when he died. Then when Sinbad was a genie he made Mandela come back to life. Then Mandela asked the genie to make him President of South Africa so he could exact his revenge. Then he had the genie change the name of White-Out to "Wite-Out" to spite the white race. Previous to that Mandela shift, in my reality Nelson Mandela was never in prison to begin with. He was a voice actor who voiced Darth Vader, and the original line was actually "Luke, I am your grandfather". Because originally Vader was Luke's grandfather.

  • Furey Shots
    Furey Shots 12 days ago

    Actually the movie we're remembering is "Kazaam" with Shaquille O'Neal from 1996. Not Shazam. Easy to ply the mind into thinking something else. Watch it and it's exactly what you remembered. So it didn't "disappear".

  • Stephen Grenleski
    Stephen Grenleski 13 days ago

    I remember watching a Zapruder film conspiracy that the driver turned and shot JFK after the first shot. Though if the two additional riders was the governor's wife and some random man, who was the random man? Must've been important enough to ride in the same vehicle as JFK. Also, with today's technology, and he's still "some random man"?

  • headshot king
    headshot king 13 days ago

    Ok so I just actually call a clip from the movie Shazam someone found a old dusty video from Blockbuster that was titled Shazam someone tried to take over most of it but it does show Sinbad as a genie he pops out of the lamp and changes a hockey stick that a kid is holding into some type of plastic horn I knew I remember seeing this movie and I'm not crazy and this proves it there's a link in this comment section that will take you there and you can actually watch it

  • headshot king
    headshot king 13 days ago

    I know for a fact that the movie with Sinbad Shazam was a movie and that I saw it for sure when I was younger I am a 35 year old man I can't put the exact date when I saw it but I had to have been younger as a child or young teenager. I cannot believe my ears when you guys said that this movie cannot be found I can even remember people making fun of it before uncertain radio stations or TV it just amazes me that I am one of the people that remember this movie and it's not a movie

  • Rick S
    Rick S 13 days ago +1

    One problem here is, I own a copy of the movie. I bought it for my kids when they were little. Yes, I checked to make sure Sinbad is in it before posting this comment.

    • Leah Broadwater
      Leah Broadwater 6 days ago

      Can you take a picture of it and post a link to it??? I KNEW it existed - I even remember discussions with my friends about how stupid it was that Shaq and Sinbad both made similar movies!!! If you can show a picture, some of the people in these comments who say we all just have faulty memories will see we are not all just dummies with bad memories...

  • Evangelina Torres
    Evangelina Torres 13 days ago

    I read The Berenstein Bears books as a kid , now it's spelled Berenstain...like really ??

  • SegaCDUniverse
    SegaCDUniverse 13 days ago

    Can really hear your accent in this video. Sounds like you have different annunciation as well. Never noticed it previously =)

  • Michele Neri
    Michele Neri 13 days ago +2

    Come back Mysterious 5!

  • MrFlyDragon
    MrFlyDragon 13 days ago +1

    Al Gore... invented the internet? bahahaha wtf, was that supposed to be a joke? @4:20

  • Toxic Bomb84
    Toxic Bomb84 14 days ago

    I thought there was 5 people in the car.

  • Shadow NBC
    Shadow NBC 14 days ago +1

    Fuck the mandela effect, you havent uploaded in like a month....i hope you havent became a mystery

  • amysimonbiz
    amysimonbiz 15 days ago +1

    James didn't "play the character". He did the voice over for Darth Vader.

  • Don 351w
    Don 351w 15 days ago

    amazon shazam dvd

  • Marco Cardin
    Marco Cardin 15 days ago

    5:00: BULLSHITS! JEJ said in an interview that he's pissed off when people ask him to repeat the wrong line, so he's very well aware of the correct one.

  • Kevin Rangé
    Kevin Rangé 15 days ago

    do your star wars homework james earl did the voice over he never played Darth Vader

  • Redserpent2000
    Redserpent2000 15 days ago

    I've had the Mandela Effect, I clearly remember the Earth being flat, flying over a flat plane. But apparently it's round, spherical in shape. I know many people still beleive it's flat, just like they believe "Luke, I am your father".

  • Vince Tyy
    Vince Tyy 15 days ago

    pity mandela... hes accused of spreading this effect and delusional weak minded person got infected

  • Firth Laist
    Firth Laist 15 days ago

    It's nothing more than bad memory...

    Plus, people often misquote things, or hear them misquote ...and taking that as the true quote.

    As for JKF's car, people usually forget the driver and passenger (they weren't important on the day).

  • Spencer Frank Clayton
    Spencer Frank Clayton 16 days ago +1

    What happened?? Please upload again!! Your channel is addictive!!! I hope nothing happened to you!!!

  • Press start To play
    Press start To play 16 days ago

    The last one was the government covering it up...I remember it too...

  • hingeslevers
    hingeslevers 16 days ago +1

    If anyone would know what Darth Vader really said, it wouldn't be James Earl Jones, it would be the script.

  • Dubious Doobie
    Dubious Doobie 16 days ago

    god dammit time travelers keep fucking up

  • Stomper
    Stomper 16 days ago

    That starwars one is crazy

  • Nicky Depaola
    Nicky Depaola 16 days ago

    " Tank boy" I CLEARLY remember that on TV in 1989! I was 26! I am now 54 and find all this internet tech fantastic in many ways, yet it can be too much! I am glad I grew up in the era I did! Pittsburg, Ca. Class of 1981! It was such a wonderful time to be young in the east bay of the US of A!

  • Genos
    Genos 16 days ago

    Does anyone remember from the lord of the rings in the first movie when gandalf is doing the you shall not pass scene, i remember him saying 'run you fools'. But it's now 'fly you fools'

  • Hernán Castillo
    Hernán Castillo 16 days ago

    Why haven't you uploaded any videos for a month?! :(

  • _X.REDRUM.X_
    _X.REDRUM.X_ 17 days ago

    His voice just makes shit scarier

  • Shawn Mahoney
    Shawn Mahoney 17 days ago

    My brain hurts

  • Morris McKinnon
    Morris McKinnon 17 days ago

    Many people think there was a sequel to the movie Christine. I thought so too but it doesn't exist.

  • GameChangerFTW
    GameChangerFTW 17 days ago

    number 3 is freaky

  • TheHeraclion
    TheHeraclion 18 days ago

    the tank boy was not run over, I remember the tank changing course every time the boy moved in front of it

  • josue rosa
    josue rosa 18 days ago +1

    1:36 just to get to the point...

  • Marc Panjai
    Marc Panjai 18 days ago

    I belive as i was a child, in the time before 911 - i remember US called to a high Judment of the Word. I remember that Europe, Asia and Russia was in charge of that United Nation LAW tribunal. They all judged the USA as the world greatest terrorisim Power of all time. Spoke them guilty to brutal and moral breakings to use wapons of maas destruktion agains harmless people. Breaking the Law of nature and the whole mankind. I remember watching it live on TV. They where spoken guilty in Murder of more as million times. Had to pay Billions od $ and stop warshiping other countrys all over the world.. i remember that the President of the US WAS ABOUT TO LEAVE HIS POWER. That memory was lost after 911. I never ever thougt about it. Until i remember it a view years ago. I ask other people. Now one seems to remember it. In that memory the World was in line against the US and uncoverd so many facts to their crime that even the native Americans came to word. Every one believe that it would be the chance of mankind to a higher level. But now it seems never to be happend. Seems not real. Everything seems to be lost. No evidence of that event existing.. i belive it is one of the biggest Mandela Effects ever. And no one remember it.

  • Collared Greens
    Collared Greens 18 days ago

    4:12 ... Al... Gore... ?

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez 18 days ago

    Mandela Effect first brought up in 2010???? WRONG! George Noory on Coast to Coast AM had an episode in 2004 where he had the Mandela Effect and Time Slips as a topic. Look it up, it's still in the archives.

  • I'm Sorry Bailey
    I'm Sorry Bailey 18 days ago +1

    The Tienaman square incident. No one remembers it because it is illegal to bring it up in China

  • Bloody Persistent
    Bloody Persistent 18 days ago +1

    What happened to this channel? Used to upload regularly and now nothing.

  • doge fm
    doge fm 18 days ago

    fuck the mandela effect, luke's father is a negro? o shit

  • Alexander Quaigg
    Alexander Quaigg 19 days ago

    I cant remember. I lock everything away. From what I know, most of what happened in China was true, but the tanks running over the man, I cant remember. I vaguely remember being told by multiple people that the cameras cut out so everyone assumed he was run over, but other people say that the tanks stopped, tried to move around but he kept blocking them. I remember Mandela dying when he did (2010 was it?) because of the photo I saw of Obama being there. As for Sinbad's genie movie, I cant remember that. Star Wars, I was taught by others the Luke way, but I cant remember what I orignally thought. As for JFK, I remember seeing video and it clearly had shown four people in the car, JFK getting shot, and then a Secret Service man running up from behind the vehicle and jumping on it.

  • Aastha Vijay Vargiya
    Aastha Vijay Vargiya 19 days ago

    u think u r funny but u r not... u R scary ur laugh creeps me out...maybe that's y I love all ur videos.. although now I wanna go towards the research field in future

  • billy copper
    billy copper 19 days ago

    Another movie ME is " Play it Sam " instead of " Play it AGAIN Sam "

  • Don Kapsalon
    Don Kapsalon 19 days ago

    in the future people will think 9/11 never happend

  • Edward Cichelli
    Edward Cichelli 19 days ago +1

    Where you been check everday

  • Top 5 ZD
    Top 5 ZD 19 days ago

    🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲Nice Channel and Good Content 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

  • Luke
    Luke 19 days ago

    No cant be i remember Shazam???

  • Nic b
    Nic b 19 days ago

    Your voice sounds like Joe from family guy 😋😋😉😉

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