How To Whiten Teeth at Home in 3 Minutes - SIMPLE

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  • Mary DesRosiers
    Mary DesRosiers 2 days ago

    Elijah learn how to spell bleach!!!!

  • Muhammed Sabid
    Muhammed Sabid 2 days ago

    In my country hindus use cow dung . Try

  • neil bradley
    neil bradley 3 days ago

    It does Elijah but wont improve the breath in that area..

  • Vlad Popescu
    Vlad Popescu 4 days ago

    Dupa bicarbonat tu esti roman! Am ghicit?

  • Iris Iris
    Iris Iris 4 days ago


  • Bogdan Rutas
    Bogdan Rutas 5 days ago +1


  • InSpeCtoR
    InSpeCtoR 5 days ago +1

    Roman Detectedf

  • Saqi Vlogs
    Saqi Vlogs 5 days ago

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  • Gina Milani
    Gina Milani 6 days ago

    You are very inspiring! Love your channel, Lets become youtube friends

  • Darkdragon
    Darkdragon 6 days ago

    Who here actually has lemons?

  • BJ Pranks
    BJ Pranks 7 days ago +1

    The easyiest way is to brush your teeth 2x in a day

  • Niranjan Mohanta
    Niranjan Mohanta 7 days ago +1

    thank you madam

  • Aroshi Agarwal
    Aroshi Agarwal 8 days ago +1

    its work. Awesome

  • Hbb Hhv
    Hbb Hhv 8 days ago +1


  • Jogindra Bhokt
    Jogindra Bhokt 9 days ago +1

    Super bro

  • Monica I.
    Monica I. 9 days ago

    Omg...I'm laughing so hard reading the comments!!!

  • tman55575
    tman55575 9 days ago +1

    Activated charcoal does the trick too

  • RadonNebula
    RadonNebula 10 days ago


  • Eduard Barbes
    Eduard Barbes 10 days ago +1

    Uite românul cu bicarbonatul de sodiu

  • TheCompilationChannel
    TheCompilationChannel 10 days ago

    Here is a cheap and easy to use whitening solution . But don't over use it cause it will whiten your teeth to much. If it doesen't work, go to my channel and give it a bad review...

  • Jazmin Portillo
    Jazmin Portillo 11 days ago

    Does a lime work the same?

  • Forba Regan
    Forba Regan 11 days ago

    Pls can I use this on bleeding gums?

  • Vinod Maurya
    Vinod Maurya 11 days ago


  • Natural Health Cure
    Natural Health Cure 11 days ago +1

    very nice video.this paste realy works.

  • Zeeshan Khan
    Zeeshan Khan 11 days ago


  • Dhurata Demolli
    Dhurata Demolli 11 days ago

    , ç

  • Simran Bathnotra
    Simran Bathnotra 11 days ago

    teri ma ki chuut

  • Nexus
    Nexus 11 days ago

    Jumpscare at 0:02

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  • LALIT pandey
    LALIT pandey 12 days ago

    Bhai nimbu me kya milaya hai

  • Stratos Gamer 2017
    Stratos Gamer 2017 12 days ago +1

    23 milion wiews so 23 milion people have dirty tooth

  • legendery gamer
    legendery gamer 12 days ago

    The easiest way to get your teeth white is paint

  • angel ziya
    angel ziya 12 days ago

    my god

  • Claws4life
    Claws4life 12 days ago

    Is baking powder same as baking soda?

  • Renberg
    Renberg 12 days ago

    and you don't see them then use it on their teeth.

  • عبدالهادی سالمی

    ممممممتاز B-)

  • Sebastian Negron
    Sebastian Negron 13 days ago

    Whole ever watched this must have fucked up teeth, if they wanna make their teeth white😂

  • Blaze The Glitcher
    Blaze The Glitcher 14 days ago

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  • leela ahfia
    leela ahfia 14 days ago

    Wat powder

  • Joshua Kennedy
    Joshua Kennedy 14 days ago

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  • Drew Heavens
    Drew Heavens 14 days ago

    The pain you are experiencing right now is less compared to the joy that is coming! Do not forget God just by these!

  • Jay Salazar
    Jay Salazar 14 days ago

    Why not just use bleach

  • Saif Khan
    Saif Khan 15 days ago

    тнιѕ ιѕ ℓємσи...?

  • Liloz
    Liloz 15 days ago

    Will a lime work I have no lemons😭

  • 15 days ago

    I think if this actually works then all dentist would be out of business because why spend 500 when u can spend 20 for some lemon and a box of baking soda

  • OLLY
    OLLY 16 days ago +1

    Good video
    *Guys, I also shoot video, very trying. I will be glad to new audiences!*
    *Thank you for attention!*

  • Hoy Boy
    Hoy Boy 16 days ago

    Can it be lemon juice in a bottle?

  • fatma ben massoude
    fatma ben massoude 17 days ago

    عاجل يا أصدقاء🎁 انا ربحت هاتف ايفون 7 مجانا الهاتف جميل جدا ، و 4 من اصدقائي ربحو ، الموقع له مصداقية من جوجل لتربح هاتفك انت ايضا ادخل بسرعة إلى هدا الموقع 👈 الهاتف يصلك مجانا حتى المنزل فقط جرب .

  • Harrison Mercieca
    Harrison Mercieca 17 days ago

    What is the other stuff apart fro the leon

  • Александр Криволап

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  • Boss Live
    Boss Live 18 days ago

    hmm cytryna.. fajny pomysł ale cytryna niszczy szkliwo zębów ://

  • Michael De la o
    Michael De la o 18 days ago +1

    Fun fact: yellower teeth indicate healthier teeth. Whitening can harm your teeth and make them weeker permanently.

  • Maria_ Tube
    Maria_ Tube 18 days ago


  • Pasca Radu
    Pasca Radu 18 days ago

    I had the best result whit this and lasted me over 18 months. Also don't use all of them cause they'll whiten your teeth too snow and that won't look so natural

  • 4GirlsWorld
    4GirlsWorld 19 days ago

    After over ten years of being a quitter, I started smoking again. The worst thing about it, besides stinking all the time, is my teeth have started looking like they've been trampled by turds. I hope brushing more helps, but so far, I'm not seeing an improvement.

  • Shohid Sayed
    Shohid Sayed 19 days ago

    Can we use foster Clark bicarbonate of soda.😊 pls reply fast.

  • Ken Shan
    Ken Shan 20 days ago

    bcoz i like my teeth brown and dirty can i clean toilet with your recipe?

  • Toja
    Toja 21 day ago

    hehe pisze w 3 minuty a na samym koncu podaje ze przez 3 tyg. to nie jest 3 minuty co za sciema

  • Tanya Sayed
    Tanya Sayed 22 days ago

    is it baking soda

  • xxBree breexx
    xxBree breexx 22 days ago

    Tht was actually satisfying in a weird wat😁

  • PaperBuddy
    PaperBuddy 23 days ago

    Can someone confirm if this works?

  • The fnaf girl
    The fnaf girl 23 days ago

    It looks like your making slime

  • Romelia Darosa
    Romelia Darosa 26 days ago

    Nice movie. However you can make it yourself. Just google Woodprix and learn how to do it easily.

  • Womens Health And Fitness

    the amazing video

  • Crazy Health
    Crazy Health 27 days ago

    Went way too fast. Is this haa salt?

  • Minahil Kashif
    Minahil Kashif 28 days ago

    what is the amount of baking soda used

  • RandomLOL
    RandomLOL 29 days ago

    Will this be permanent or will there be a time where your teeth go back to normal

  • Gerry S
    Gerry S 29 days ago

    First buy baking soda in a box (less waste, pollution, and expense). Then be very careful using lemon on your teeth - it is an acid!

  • Gavin Baker
    Gavin Baker 29 days ago

    will it work if my plate is red?

    • Hacked Life RP
      Hacked Life RP  26 days ago

      don't really know...i will try and let you know :))

  • Frances Pritchette
    Frances Pritchette 29 days ago


  • ray slink
    ray slink Month ago

    The title says "three minutes", down in the description, "do it two times for three weeks", Well perfect. WHAT DO I DO ON A DATE!!!

  • KB Daily
    KB Daily Month ago +1

    i Like Your straight so much

  • Aristo Mills
    Aristo Mills Month ago

    Or just buy toothpaste

  • Trampoukosss
    Trampoukosss Month ago

    Damn it i dont have a small plate

  • Pi Chan
    Pi Chan Month ago

    i think u made that mix with washing powder and lemon..

  • comment on Life
    comment on Life Month ago

    This does works!

  • Priya M Priya M
    Priya M Priya M Month ago


  • Priya M Priya M
    Priya M Priya M Month ago


  • Onician
    Onician Month ago

    Is this works? Działa to?

  • MNJGaGa
    MNJGaGa Month ago +1

    Did your lemon just cum all over the table?

  • Trevor Dobrinich
    Trevor Dobrinich Month ago

    Would this work if I used bleach instead of bananas, and also does it matter that I am toothless?

  • Nocky - DrawART ツ


  • Snap Ground Dark attak 124

    I have another way that my mother taught me. Put toothpaste on your brush then dip it into salt (not too much) then brush your teeth normally.

  • gamertagcaleb
    gamertagcaleb Month ago

    full white teeth ain't the healthy colour. It's slightly yellow.

  • Dog Anims
    Dog Anims Month ago

    to make your teeth white buy a paint and paint brush

    • Lisa Brumbeloe
      Lisa Brumbeloe 28 days ago

      Rare Pivot I think you have problems... lmfao

  • Natural Cures Tips
    Natural Cures Tips Month ago +2

    thanks you !!

  • Mark S
    Mark S Month ago

    hey it would look more cleaner if you took out the seeds from the plate and just left the juice from the lemon..and i would use a bowl and or show amount in a spoon for those who want to be exact

  • Phyllis Anderson
    Phyllis Anderson Month ago

    She sure needs to work on her presentation before she makes a video. She drove me NUTS. Video too long for what the message is. She is light years away from being ready to share anything on YouTube. Please take this as constructive criticism.

  • Solomon Darden
    Solomon Darden Month ago

    Anyone else get that smell of gizz in they mixture of lemon and baking soda?

  • mlzanercik
    mlzanercik Month ago

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  • Chineme Kwekowe
    Chineme Kwekowe Month ago

    I am now in the know about belly fat and plaque removal

  • Lorraine Doheny Draws

    Or you could just use toothpaste

  • sensy 01
    sensy 01 Month ago +1

    don't make it so often , it's agressive and after we have sensibility and cold on teeths

    • bob duncan
      bob duncan 23 hours ago

      Ya it says to do it 2 times a week for 2 weeks and by then your teeth should be slot whiter than when u started. Although if you tell your dentist you done this exact method they will be "alarm bells" going off in there head if you know what I mean because this is very harmful

  • Manaswani Gaur
    Manaswani Gaur Month ago

    I'm 11 can I use this remedy

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  • Lonzo Ray
    Lonzo Ray Month ago +1


  • Shannon
    Shannon Month ago

    as u can see this video doesnt even show him putting it on his teeth so why do u trust this?????????

  • Hussain Shah
    Hussain Shah Month ago

    How to get White teeth

    Brush them

  • EndPur
    EndPur Month ago +1

    Thank you for share...

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