Scorpio - SNL

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  • Carol Ondrey
    Carol Ondrey 8 days ago

    Now that was funny! The women's comments on his outfit were so realistic.

  • mixwb
    mixwb 8 days ago

    Who's the actor playing Scorpio? I can't tell because of the mask

  • Sa'Ria Yarborough
    Sa'Ria Yarborough 18 days ago

    0:56-1:22 this everytime i sew something and wear it

  • Timbo Slice
    Timbo Slice 21 day ago

    Where is the child molesting robot!?

  • Simau
    Simau 22 days ago

    literally me when i first saw Raimi's Spider-Man

  • Zuyuri
    Zuyuri 25 days ago

    Cosplayers in one sketch

  • IMr LAPS
    IMr LAPS 1 month ago


  • ftmcryan1
    ftmcryan1 1 month ago

    where does the sting come from

  • Anthony Ortiz
    Anthony Ortiz 1 month ago

    The Rock would look cool playing Scorpion from Mortal Kombat

  • the road warrior
    the road warrior 1 month ago

    ive always wondered like spiderman howd he make that

  • 100% S
    100% S 1 month ago

    Linda, Linda, listen to me Linda!

  • Dj axrus101
    Dj axrus101 1 month ago

    $59.99 in Ebay.

  • A Person
    A Person 1 month ago

    cecily strong, so hot! Grrrr...

  • Auriam
    Auriam 1 month ago

    fuck your unskippable Cadillac ads. I'd rather drive Hitler's personal Volkswagen than one of your SUVs.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 1 month ago

    liberals. gaying the world up since 1960

  • Eliza Mieszkowska
    Eliza Mieszkowska 1 month ago +1

    So embarassed to admit, but this sketch actually answers all of my childhood questions from Batman, Superman movies... How the hell did they get those gorgeous costumes? Question solved.

  • Rogue Perfumer
    Rogue Perfumer 1 month ago

    Thank you :)

  • The Lover Boy
    The Lover Boy 1 month ago

    Jokes Apart

    But That Suit is Lit

  • Catira App
    Catira App 1 month ago

    Ugh dwayne is soo sexyy

  • T D
    T D 1 month ago

    Is it me of Cecily is channelling Tim Gunn?

  • Lucy McGhee
    Lucy McGhee 1 month ago +1

    I didn't know I neeeded to see The Rock smack his own ass in my life

  • ChillingLikeANarnian InNarnia

    I only clicked cause I'm a scorpio

  • Ersel Zengin
    Ersel Zengin 1 month ago

    i thought finally reveal of xbox scorpio

  • Matt Gormley
    Matt Gormley 1 month ago

    The shoulder being flipped out gives me anxiety

  • Rafael Ortiz
    Rafael Ortiz 1 month ago

    this needs to be a gay superhero, a real movie, a superhero comedy movie.

  • memsterboy12
    memsterboy12 1 month ago

    he doesn't want a scorpion on his chest....but his cape is fine ?

  • Rosa Price
    Rosa Price 1 month ago


  • Allyson Chains
    Allyson Chains 1 month ago

    Our next president? I am so voting for his sense of humor :)~

  • econgloberfan
    econgloberfan 1 month ago +1

    I liked him better as Rock the Wrestler.. Do you smell what the Rock is cooking.. rooody poo candy asses

  • duane sharp
    duane sharp 1 month ago

    Finally big as Batista!

  • Drop D Murphy
    Drop D Murphy 1 month ago

    "Linda" looks a little thick

  • richardo valvel
    richardo valvel 1 month ago

    has most plot and heart than the civil war movie

  • billyblackattacks
    billyblackattacks 1 month ago

    this is sexist. take it down

  • richardo valvel
    richardo valvel 1 month ago

    we NEED a scorpio/David S Pumkins movie RIGHT NOW

  • sartte
    sartte 1 month ago

    zentrix does all this?... damn i need to buy some.

  • Abiley Arevalo
    Abiley Arevalo 1 month ago

    you ether die an icon or see your self long enough to turn into a sell out

  • Caile Wooldridge
    Caile Wooldridge 1 month ago

    But with what does he sting? 😱

  • Miki Minach
    Miki Minach 1 month ago +1

    i wanna eat his ass

  • Mikej1592
    Mikej1592 1 month ago

    that did NOT go where I expected it to

  • Relevant Truth
    Relevant Truth 2 months ago

    SNL is the worst piece of shit!

  • Alvin Gonzalez
    Alvin Gonzalez 2 months ago +1

    Rock is one of the best hosts on SNL. The writers do an incredible job with him.

  • Chris Gibson
    Chris Gibson 2 months ago +1

    That was not padded. Mm.

  • O.o Bad o.O
    O.o Bad o.O 2 months ago

    Ghehehe...Scorpio Superhero🤗with an awesome butt🤗with a little umphf...👌🏼

  • Dick Deepinsideher
    Dick Deepinsideher 2 months ago

    Xbox Scorpio

  • loresamba
    loresamba 2 months ago

    Ha Ha Haaa Best Rock !

  • Chris Melberger
    Chris Melberger 2 months ago

    great sketch

  • Sean Lu
    Sean Lu 2 months ago

    Oh look it's Shaza..... I mean Scorpio.

  • CODellsampl6255
    CODellsampl6255 2 months ago

    Okay, now I'm gonna ask the question we're all asking

  • Blake Escobales
    Blake Escobales 2 months ago

    here before 1M
    it was 999K views so yea I was here

  • Matt Hungerford
    Matt Hungerford 2 months ago

    I have the feeling the suit was envisioned and created before the skit was fully fleshed out. Someone spent the money making it so this skit is the product of the money invested in that suit. There is a lot of forced comedy but nothing is genuinely funny besides the Rock being dressed up in a flamboyant wrestling costume which he never really did in his career; now with that in mind use your imagination to think of other possible skits using that costume and the Rock but with wrestling as the angle. At least a couple of SNL's writers fail to link these things either because they think it's too obvious or their level of humor is so stale that they aren't funny but think they are.

    • Matt Hungerford
      Matt Hungerford 2 months ago

      Is it not the truth? I mean if you think it's funny then I can't argue with your perspective but can you at least relate with what I'm talking about if you study it. The suit came before the skit.

    • Lauren Dill
      Lauren Dill 2 months ago

      Matt Hungerford get a life

  • Matthew
    Matthew 2 months ago

    He's the tailor not the one we deserve, but the one that we need.

  • Joshima M
    Joshima M 2 months ago


  • GameThruz
    GameThruz 2 months ago

    I didn't expect the Rock to be that good at comedy but he did really well there.

  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee 2 months ago

    new black Adam trailer looks sick

  • Cameron O'Hair
    Cameron O'Hair 2 months ago

    Much better scorpion costume than as the Scorpion King

    X REY VISION 2 months ago

    Scorpion King!

  • Mitchell Grosvenor
    Mitchell Grosvenor 2 months ago

    I'm not loving the scorpions on shoulders just my opinion

  • Lucky McGalaxy
    Lucky McGalaxy 2 months ago

    Remember the Scorpion King?

  • Allen Aguas
    Allen Aguas 2 months ago

    Is anyone else bothered that his super hero name wasn't scorpion king?

  • KittySnicker
    KittySnicker 2 months ago

    I'd shop at his store!!

  • TurtlesAreBetter
    TurtlesAreBetter 2 months ago

    How does he sting?


  • Alexandrea D'Acunto
    Alexandrea D'Acunto 2 months ago

    Lmfao the Scorpion King once again! He liiiiiiiiiives!

  • Dana Doe
    Dana Doe 2 months ago +1

    that thang is so plump and firm

  • missuscake
    missuscake 2 months ago

    "Steve" "sting" "Scorpio" if yAaaaaa Smellllaaaa

    • missuscake
      missuscake 2 months ago

      The Rock has achieved what he set out to do with Sting at Wrestlemania 21

  • Kyon871
    Kyon871 2 months ago


  • Rolling Ormond
    Rolling Ormond 2 months ago

    Wow, that comic art is shit.

  • 112steinway
    112steinway 2 months ago

    That isn't a bad costume.

  • klnpd
    klnpd 2 months ago

    Scorpio? more like Steroid

  • halobrown67
    halobrown67 2 months ago

    Just bummed The Rock turned into the "read off the que card" guy. I only watched him on SNL because he didn't do it. Bummer. Back to not watching.

  • 2001Horatio
    2001Horatio 2 months ago +1

    I never thought I would say this

    For the White House... 2020... let's Make America Respectable Again


  • krissrock
    krissrock 2 months ago

    yooo the rock is like one of the best guest they have

  • Barett Brandt
    Barett Brandt 2 months ago

    They nearly had it. Should've had someone as Maxemillion enter and be beaten down with insults about his ugly outfit.

  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob 2 months ago

    When he turned around 😂😂😂😂😂 im depressed

  • Raul Olivas
    Raul Olivas 2 months ago

    Interesting point.. how do heroes and villains make their own costumes? They must all have impeccable tailoring skills, lmao!

  • stanley siewierski
    stanley siewierski 2 months ago


  • Michael Gonzales
    Michael Gonzales 2 months ago

    I feel a lot of people aren't paying enough attention to the satire, that almost all super heroes seem to come with incredible tailoring skills.

  • Jackie Perez
    Jackie Perez 2 months ago

    Is this a parody of him in that movie omg

  • Andrew Poopingham
    Andrew Poopingham 2 months ago

    The Scorpion King lives still!

  • Rogan Miller
    Rogan Miller 2 months ago

    He should have worn that suit in the Scorpion King, rather than the CGI mess they created, it's gorgeous.

  • King Peppy
    King Peppy 2 months ago

    Acton movie star envy, Rock really wants to be the next Green Lantern but won't admit it. Did his Get Shorty character as Scorpio but we all know this is really about bills to pay and Marvel taking away all the action movie audience. Rock is all jelly of dudes named Chris

  • Mindy Widdle
    Mindy Widdle 2 months ago

    The truly funny thing is is that Dwayne Johnson openly supports Trump

  • apare677
    apare677 2 months ago

    shes beautiful even when pregnant

  • It'sMeCecy
    It'sMeCecy 2 months ago

    OMG I love him 😂😂

  • Radical SatiRICKal
    Radical SatiRICKal 2 months ago

    The Rock needs to wear this and be the official mascot for the upcoming X Box.

  • I'm
    I'm 2 months ago

    I was wondering who made the Predators (schwarzenegger)outfit because the thing couldn't see properly ???

  • jay poma
    jay poma 2 months ago

    If ya smell, what The Rock, is cooking

  • Seeker Scorpio
    Seeker Scorpio 2 months ago

    Not sure exactly why, but this sketch was awesome to watch! Something about it was just epic... :P

  • Vash The Rashid
    Vash The Rashid 2 months ago

    I'm not jealous!

  • Nightwing481
    Nightwing481 2 months ago

    Steve Haha

  • Shawn Lucas
    Shawn Lucas 2 months ago

    dumb, one level script. awesome actors made it work well.

  • Ariel Jones
    Ariel Jones 2 months ago

    2:58 LMAO I haven't seen that since "Be Cool", that was funny as hell.

  • ThoseNiceCopperPipes
    ThoseNiceCopperPipes 2 months ago

    the sequel to the scorpion king that never was...

  • ThirdEyeJedi
    ThirdEyeJedi 2 months ago +1

    This is stupid.

    VINCENT RICAFORT 2 months ago

    haha why i can never take super hero movies seriously

  • Patty J. Ayers
    Patty J. Ayers 2 months ago +3

    Dwayne Johnson is so cute and adorable

  • Sloppy J
    Sloppy J 2 months ago

    Wait, who's gonna feed my hungry guys?

  • tas9rock28
    tas9rock28 2 months ago

    Did anybody think of fatawesome and their Spider-Man skit?

  • Kara L
    Kara L 2 months ago

    hahaha this is so good!

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