New Rule: Make America Shop Again | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Added:  2 months ago
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    Bill Maher calls attention to the real losers of the changing American economy - our retail workers.

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  • Runtime: 6:50
  • Alex Marlow  Breitbart News  Eddie Izzard  Comedian  actor  political activist  author  Believe Me  a Memoir of Love Death and Jazz Chickens  Ian Bremmer  the Eurasia Group  Malcolm Nance  US Counterterrorism Intelligence Officer  The Plot to Hack America  How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election  

Comments: 815

  • Rawbeard
    Rawbeard 11 days ago

    yes, you can stop progress. the middle east was the most progressive, scientifically and socially, area of the world at one time and then Islam happened and put a stop to that heresy.

  • Rosi Lopez
    Rosi Lopez 12 days ago

    Los. Te merarios

  • Warfighter Eternal
    Warfighter Eternal 12 days ago

    Great rant Haha


    Is that man or woman next to bill!

  • Just Someguy
    Just Someguy Month ago +1

    Why do Trump voters care so much about mining and other such jobs so much? It's not because they're mostly white male industries, it's because resource extraction (mining, oil, timber etc.) is one of the few ways for uneducated hillbillies in Idaho, North Dakota, West Virginia and similar places to make a decent living. It's like the auto industry back in the day, you can come in straight out of high school and make enough money to support a wife and a couple kids. They're not great jobs, they have pretty high fatality rates, but if you grew up in some podunk town where half the people are doing meth and/or heroin and there haven't been decent jobs or schools... ever, it looks pretty attractive.

  • madman2u
    madman2u Month ago

    I don't think he got it from sesame street, because that'd imply that he actually learned something.

  • Arthur Jackson
    Arthur Jackson Month ago

    Morons... 'driverless' cars are not going to take truck driving jobs. They're not gonna take ANYONE'S jobs.

  • L. Edward Soulgambler
    L. Edward Soulgambler Month ago +1

    I'm in e-commerce and even I feel a bit guilty watching this!

  • Amelie Phillips
    Amelie Phillips Month ago

    decision guess math double seal personal cry trade directly athlete.

  • anwiyayoukhanna
    anwiyayoukhanna Month ago

    This is a good point, malls are really in decline, but I do a lot of internet shopping for two reasons. One is I find a new product, delivered to my door, for sometimes about 60% of the retail price. I'm talking about a regular BR disc, or DVD which I can find sometimes a new movie at the mall for $30 plus... and online for maybe $17. That's an absurd difference.

    The only advantage to going to the mall is the assumption that the service and experience would be the payoff, but in reality, customer service is lost in a vortex these days. People working at the mall honestly are assholes. The only people who seem excited to sell you something are people working in the little center booths, which are usually the products you don't need.

  • Motorsports Fan 63
    Motorsports Fan 63 Month ago

    Make K-Mart Great Again.

  • Captain Deadpool
    Captain Deadpool Month ago

    Wait, I can trade my old games for weed?

  • SolidSlish
    SolidSlish Month ago

    It didn't even bring 50,000 jobs, coal mining merely brought 1300!

  • charlesredful
    charlesredful Month ago +1

    now i know where to come to troll anti-trumpsters

  • Mick Turate
    Mick Turate Month ago

    E Izzard is like D Bowie had an autistic polyp removed, flicked it out the window and it grew into an irritating cunt

  • RC Armor
    RC Armor Month ago

    retail be dead

  • Miguel M
    Miguel M Month ago

    bill I love your show, but you contradict yourself, also the same corporations also pay the bastards liked trump to allow millions of illegals to take my job, blacks in Chicago cannot find a job cause every place they go are pack with illegal workers, politicians don't care cause they don't have to compete with millions for low paying jobs, and guess why they are low paying, cause the fucki&&company has millions to choose from, I cannot believe people think you shouldn't get a good salary at walmart or mcdonald? those fuckin!! corporation's are billionaires

  • mads max
    mads max Month ago

    I still wonder why then, why could we not put strings on the bailout money of what GM had to make with it. Why give them and the banks a bailout and then let them do as they please again with our weak corporate regulation. Most of which is written by the corporations behind closed doors, mostly to bankrupt the little guys so they can have monopolies. IT is obsolete and unsustainable. We are seeing the world from the outside in now and we have a world wide communication network among many other technologies. But the market system restricts innovation that is not profitable in the long term. Chemotherapy is a trillion dollar annual industry, why would you expect them to cure cancer if it would make trillions of dollars vanish. not to mention all the healthcare jobs attached to that industry. Same reason pot is illegal and tobacco is legal. profits. So is this really a free market system with a "democracy". NO, it is a democracy owned by the market system that writes the rules for itself for global domination. The people are just secondary in this system, our only job is to consume so it continues to work, and when it stops working for we the people.... you think there will be a bailout for us? lolololoolo

  • Garrett K
    Garrett K Month ago

    The mining industry isn't just coal. We need other minerals for buildings and pieces of technology. If it's not grown, it's mined. That being said I think fossil fuels need to be phased out sooner rather than later.

  • mads max
    mads max Month ago

    GM and Ford got a bailout in our capitalistic capitalism. If capitalism still fuels innovation, i wonder why they needed a bailout to make more v8 cars and trucks? would have been interesting if we said, sure we will bail you out, but you have to restructure the entire manufacturing plants in the USA to create only electric vehicles. Then America would be the number one exporter of electric cars in the world today, instead we bailed them out and let them continue business as usual. And then say capitalism is our God and infallible due to the invisible hand. I guess we feared being called socialists when we bailed out the corporate sector? because bailouts for corporations is capitalism and medicare for all is socialism? seems like some hoodini corporate owned government tricks wrote the bailouts and our ACA. Keep your heads in the sand, your government is not working just for corporations, we have a democracy. Sleep well. Bill marher will never tell you any truth, he profits on the madness with more ratings.

  • Vadim Alkasov
    Vadim Alkasov Month ago

    his obsession with Trump is very annoying. Use to be like to watch his show but it goes low and low

  • N Ahmed
    N Ahmed Month ago

    Whatever they r winning even the primaries! Save ur breath.. u r in for long haul.. 8 yrs.. not 4 , anymore !;)

  • fclavijo
    fclavijo Month ago

    Yup, things change. And what do you need for the new economy? An education. Is Trump giving that to America?

  • Nocturnal Recluse
    Nocturnal Recluse Month ago

    The difference between a liberal and a trumptard... education.

    Oh, and you protest voters are out of the club, so go stand with the trumptards.

  • Daniel Bodey
    Daniel Bodey Month ago

    equal rights to animals !

  • Eamon Quinn
    Eamon Quinn Month ago

    Amazon has already started. Retail is on its way out.

  • ATRStormUnit
    ATRStormUnit Month ago

    Most jobs that employ many people will fall victim to technology in a matter of a decade. And our societies, which interprets work-for-money as center of a person's life, are not prepared for that. there won't be enough "new" jobs for the soon to be not just unemployed but unemployable 40% of America.

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness Month ago

    You laugh, but retail jobs make up more than 8 million jobs, or about 6% of the population. Not to mention all the local economies they help support. When those go, so will local economy. And when they go, there will be a LOT of Detroits. Things get worse all the time. They're not getting better. Sure, trump ain't helping, but neither are you when you joke about malls. You people have no idea. You compare it to lamp lighters. Nice.

  • Freeride Forever
    Freeride Forever Month ago

    You can't stop progress, nor should you try. It's not really sad that the lazy & uneducated dipshits sitting in the middle of financial transactions, taking a piece out of them may now have to learn something & do something useful. Same for the drivers of transports, trains & even airplanes. We are inevitably moving towards a future where machines do it all. It'll be painful for some while getting there but the end result is worth it. A future where you can do what you want & never be in need. Instead of doing some shitty job you hate while struggling to get by. If you wanna make it easier on yourselves, start putting the philanthropists in charge instead of mentally deranged profiteers you fuckin' dummies.

  • vertabrate1
    vertabrate1 Month ago


  • Annie S.
    Annie S. Month ago

    "doorman at a Sicilian Whorehouse....hooker perfume..." LOL, my sides split!

  • mads max
    mads max Month ago

    i took a progressive shit this morning. Shill Bill.

  • Claudy TheArtist
    Claudy TheArtist Month ago


  • DMcD
    DMcD Month ago

    Pure genius !

  • Thagros
    Thagros Month ago +1

    Oh cheer up, Eddie Izzard, that was funny. Uptight prig.

  • wulfsragar
    wulfsragar Month ago

    lol coal! you still mining that shit?? that stuff belongs in the 19th century lol

  • Armagrin
    Armagrin Month ago

    20 years? Maybe less? I wonder where all these kids who flunk out of highschool will get a job? Unless you know how to fix the robot that makes the pizza or computer that drives the truck, there will be little opportunity out there. And all the 30-40ish people who have those minimum wage jobs now will be completely screwed. Its a funny show, but it is kinda scary when you think about it.

  • // osivot
    // osivot Month ago

    How about a segment urging Amazon/Whole Foods employees to unionize. It is exactly because Whole Foods employees never had the balls to unionize that it will be so easy to replace them with automation.

  • Digital Mayor
    Digital Mayor 2 months ago

    and Taxi drivers... stop bitching about Uber and go back to school and learn a NEW SKILL

  • mads max
    mads max 2 months ago

    New rule, invite real progressive thinkers on your show like chris hedges, tulsi gabbard, peter joseph, akala, immortal technique, jill stien, lowkey, jimmy dore, nassim haramien, kelle maize, abby martin, foster gamble, michio kaku.... The list is much longer and unheard of on your show for a reason... Shill... i mean Bill. i think guests like milo and ted nugent have more insight on current affairs..... lolololololool

  • Stratosphere Blues
    Stratosphere Blues 2 months ago

    thats true why does he care about some jobs and not others

  • Skyelar EmeryEagle
    Skyelar EmeryEagle 2 months ago

    I wanna know how much he spends on bronzer

  • Matt3683683
    Matt3683683 2 months ago

    I'm not sure how I feel about this problem. While I agree that retail jobs (or something to replace them) are in way greater need than seriously declined industries like coal mining, part of me doesn't see the need for the stores mentioned to return to form. IMO, most of them are junk and I don't enjoy going to the mall. Is the mall itself necessary? Maybe, but it's hard to say. I don't think anybody will miss RadioShack's overpriced stuff, but I also think some stores that sell unnecessarily cheap junk (like a lot of fast fashion/cheap clothing outlets) aren't good for society either. This was a good piece by Bill but I think it's even more nuanced than he put it.

  • tammy dwight
    tammy dwight 2 months ago

    yes, by we still use electricity to plug in laptops

  • tammy dwight
    tammy dwight 2 months ago


  • tammy dwight
    tammy dwight 2 months ago

    it's why there are bidets

  • tammy dwight
    tammy dwight 2 months ago

    cleaning toilets worse

  • Jayne Taylor
    Jayne Taylor 2 months ago

    I like going to stores to shop. Me and my sister always make a day of it. We spend time together and the stores we go to are fun and there are nice people.

  • J B
    J B 2 months ago +2

    Pruitt said 50,000 coal jobs


    About 1500

    The 50,000 was 1500 coal and 48500 mining jobs

    Instead of saying 50,000 coal and other mining jobs, he deliberately dropped the 'other mining' part

    Alternative facts = lies

    And they cut the budget for retraining ex miners

  • American Chauvinist
    American Chauvinist 2 months ago

    Define progress bill

  • American Chauvinist
    American Chauvinist 2 months ago

    Driverless cars would suck

  • mads max
    mads max 2 months ago

    This show is as progressive as corey boooker.

  • lisa koola
    lisa koola 2 months ago

    hahahahaha "make america shop again" the slogan of tube itself makes me laugh without watching

  • josh wilson
    josh wilson 2 months ago

    If retail stores want to survive they need to not suck so bad. I always have to special order everything anyway so why waste time going to the store when I can order it myself online?

  • Natasha Witekauha
    Natasha Witekauha 2 months ago

    Gas lights, eddison and progresss! Like

  • Bram Money
    Bram Money 2 months ago

    Fucken hilarious. Wait, maybe we can send the zombies that attack malls to work in coal mines??

  • Hater 9/11
    Hater 9/11 2 months ago

    Who's that tranny?

  • BigDRo
    BigDRo 2 months ago +1

    Donald Trump does indeed care about the retail industry:

  • James Guthrie
    James Guthrie 2 months ago

    bill you are sack of SHIT. Please do the world a favor, and kill yourself.

  • Slippschitts Hey
    Slippschitts Hey 2 months ago

    Hey, it's Bill Maher the nigger guy. Hi, Bill Maher the nigger guy.

  • Neurax Destroyer
    Neurax Destroyer 2 months ago

    and when the jobs run out
    here come the killbots!

  • Neurax Destroyer
    Neurax Destroyer 2 months ago

    billions of new drone jobs

  • Daniel Derrico
    Daniel Derrico 2 months ago

    damn bill I've always liked you alot but im a construction worker in North East Ohio and have many friends who dig coal we can't help who we are and sorry that doesn't fit into your cool demographic but we need to eat and feed our families too and are jobs are the ones that shelter and keep people warm so to me that's a lil more important than being a undercover comic with a political agenda. why is my party trying their best to kick me out??

  • The Ultimate Reductionist
    The Ultimate Reductionist 2 months ago +2

    Anti-green = anti-jobs = anti-American = treason. Fossil fuel addiction pushers have cost BILLIONS of people productive jobs in solar and win power and electric cars, electric boats, & electric trucks, and biocultured meat research, and fusion research.

  • Aaron Bono
    Aaron Bono 2 months ago

    New Rule: Bill needs to fu*k off about telling me to spend more money. What money? The blood sucking corporations have been devaluing what little I do get and I make more than most people. I can only imagine how bad it is for the vast majority of Americans. Corporations squeeze their employees so tight and then wonder why the economy is struggling and they are going out of business? Trickle down means getting pissed on, not having the economy stimulated. Lately I have been doing everything I can to save and stop spending because I am going to need it. I have no intention of working into my 70's and 80's.

  • Bill Nye
    Bill Nye 2 months ago +1

    the average American makes $30,000, less than the inflation-adjusted median age in 1968, we don't have money to shop so piss off

  • tremer 2009
    tremer 2009 2 months ago

    Thanks Real Time with Bill Maher.:)

  • Greg Newell
    Greg Newell 2 months ago +1

    Why is coal so important to Trump and followers? I believe they think it is a middle finger to environmental minded Liberals. When the next batch of young coal miners die simply for bigger profits, Will congress be upset? like they are about their own being wounded.

  • Chad Warden
    Chad Warden 2 months ago

    I'm a coal miner and I find this funny. But we do want our jobs back, nonetheless

  • bigbangzGaming
    bigbangzGaming 2 months ago

    Bill made a. Quick recovery from the n word scandal haha

  • Rits C
    Rits C 2 months ago

    More like say good bye to grocery stores

  • mads max
    mads max 2 months ago

    New rule, invite real progressive thinkers on your show like chris hedges, tulsi gabbard, peter joseph, akala, immortal technique, jill stien, lowkey, jimmy dore, nassim haramien, kelle maize, abby martin, foster gamble.... The list is much longer and unheard of on your show for a reason... Shill... i mean Bill. i think guests like milo and ted nugent have more insight on current affairs..... lolololololool

  • mads max
    mads max 2 months ago

    New rule, invite real progressive thinkers on your show like chris hedges, tulsi gabbard, peter joseph, akala, immortal technique, jill stien, lowkey, jimmy dore, nassim haramien, kelle maize.... The list is long amd unheard of on your show for a reason.

  • Bush Madness
    Bush Madness 2 months ago

    The GOP can and already has stopped progress Bill, where you been sleeping?

  • Bush Madness
    Bush Madness 2 months ago

    Pruit is a complete imbecile,

  • Jonathan schaefer
    Jonathan schaefer 2 months ago

    Eddie has been everywhere recently.

  • Bush Madness
    Bush Madness 2 months ago

    Trump has said he wants to hurt the internet because it's hurting his "retail locations"

  • Asper Rated
    Asper Rated 2 months ago

    Coal! Yes! Why don't we bring back gas lighting and the model T.
    Leave it to degenerate trump.

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 2 months ago

    Hey dumbass...Trumps's not worried about the retail jobs because most of those are minimum wage. Coal is still over 30% of the United States energy needs. Considering we own the biggest source of coal in the world no wonder he doesn't want to kill that industry.

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz 2 months ago

    at least you can recycle the malls into homeless shelters and geriatric warehousing.....

  • rebelyell1983x
    rebelyell1983x 2 months ago

    Wind and Solar are junk for mainstream purposes (at the moment)...but Natural Gas plants will replace coal.

  • Better Mankind
    Better Mankind 2 months ago

    I just don't understand why Bill Maher doesn't run for President. I'm an Australian but even I'll vote for him!!

  • Philosophic Rift
    Philosophic Rift 2 months ago

    Making fun of people who are losing their jobs is sick.

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 2 months ago

    I've always hated the mall

  • A
    A 2 months ago

    Im inlove with Bill.

  • Dr. Rookwood
    Dr. Rookwood 2 months ago

    I find the death of retail stores, and especially the concept of malls, really fucking sad. I spent so many hours just wandering around malls, and honestly, I loved it. It gave an introvert like me a chance to just get out with people and have zero expectations for how to act other than than to walk around and take things in. A lot of memories. Everything is dying off these days. It started with Blockbuster and it's only getting worse. It's almost like the internet is taking more away than it's giving back at this point.

  • some something
    some something 2 months ago

    For a racist guy he's kind of funny

  • Q Jones
    Q Jones 2 months ago

    Shopping for things you don't need doesn't help an economy. Spending is vital. But it only leads to growth if you buy stuff you want or will use.

  • Tom Ripsin
    Tom Ripsin 2 months ago

    I keep hearing about the death of malls (and I'm sure it's probably true) yet I spent twenty minutes looking for a parking place at the Mall of America yesterday.

  • AC L
    AC L 2 months ago

    Build the Mall... Build the Mall... Build the Mall...

  • mathiasmorqubus
    mathiasmorqubus 2 months ago

    Sorry, not sorry, i dont give a fuck about the box stores demise, evolution dictates.

    • mudshark jones
      mudshark jones 2 months ago

      there is a difference between recognizing the inevitable race to the bottom that capitalism brings its another to say you don't give a fuck about the people who suffer because of it .

  • Requ1escat1nPACE
    Requ1escat1nPACE 2 months ago

    Maybe Americans aren't shopping because they're broke as fuck, you millionaire dumbass.

  • Andre Cabezas
    Andre Cabezas 2 months ago

    so true. you cannot stop progress and to create jobs you have to embrace it more than fear it.

    • mudshark jones
      mudshark jones 2 months ago

      no you cannot stop progress, but you can prepare for it and thats where we have failed them and that's why President bull shit got elected.

  • kashyap
    kashyap 2 months ago

    Its Tesla not Edison

  • MrRickkramer
    MrRickkramer 2 months ago

    Energy independency?

    • Shake speare
      Shake speare 2 months ago

      nuclear is the same as fossil, just the other direction of time

    • Smilley MLK
      Smilley MLK 2 months ago

      The US is sitting on the biggest oil and gas reserves in decades due to claiming new fields and using thóechniques like fracking - incidentally the same procedure that can saturate ground water with gas and can literally make tap water flammable.
      In contrast, coal is much less energy efficient to mine and burn, has less auxiliary uses - most plastics are made from oil byproducts - and is mostly mined out already.

      Even so, all any fossil and nuclear fuel power does is back up a bit before going full speed into a dead-end alley. Not only do we use up a finite resource that takes millions of years to regrow - if at all -, we gleefully poison our environment while doing so.

  • TheSupercow2008
    TheSupercow2008 2 months ago

    Having all menial jobs replaced by AI with no plan to help the unemployed is not progress bill, you fucking mongoloid

    • Smilley MLK
      Smilley MLK 2 months ago

      People said the same when manufacture works were replaced by factories, then later when manual assembly lines were automated - and society didn't collapse in either case. Also, it's always the most mind-numbing, menial, low-income jobs that are the first to go in such cases.

  • DavidStnl83
    DavidStnl83 2 months ago

    These idiots cheer for progress as if they are too valuable to be replaced... Fucking morons. Progress is fucking terrifying unless you are at the tip of it, and I can guaran-fucking-tee you no one in that room is even close

  • Evans Evans
    Evans Evans 2 months ago

    Maher is a run-of-the-mill snowflake libtard and his audience should be called "Maher's Morons".

  • TheMMObro
    TheMMObro 2 months ago

    this seems hypocritical. shouldn't we see retail stores as outdated like we do coal miners? I'm not saying we should abandon anyone, bc i personally like going to stores to shop for clothes, but wouldn't the same logic apply?

    basically, we need to repurpose our work force in more ways than just coal mining, especially with self automation around the corner

    • TheMMObro
      TheMMObro 2 months ago

      like what i mean is isn't saying goodbye to the mall for the newer, better idea (online) the whole point of the new rule?

  • Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin 2 months ago

    We're losing a shit ton of jobs in the dirty magazine industry from switching to internet porn, I don't see you trying to save those jobs Billy

    • Shake speare
      Shake speare 2 months ago

      there is no way to save or create jobs anymore, get real
      universal income is the only way or we get into really big trouble

  • Tristan Hoppe
    Tristan Hoppe 2 months ago

    So many jobs are being removed by automation and the country is rife with unemployment, so God bless America and hail Skynet!

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