Forgotten City from RiME - Lindsey Stirling

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  • “Forgotten City” is an original song created for the puzzle adventure game RiME, available May 26. Get your copy here:
    Special thanks to Grey Box, Tequila Works, Six Foot, & RiME!

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  • Runtime: 3:44
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  • Irmãs Silva
    Irmãs Silva 11 hours ago

    So eu brasileira aq???

  • Rick Johanson
    Rick Johanson 14 hours ago

    This song is mesmerizing. So beautiful.

  • KendallVicVEVO
    KendallVicVEVO Day ago


  • Devin Barlow
    Devin Barlow Day ago

    Wow, such beautiful violin there! It also really looks like Lindsey HAS to have played, if not still plays, Dungeons & Dragons. She, and she alone, has made me think that the cello that I learned to play when I was 6 (and still play) really DOES have the ability to be a gateway into the world of alternative rock. Of course, I'm not nearly as beautiful as Lindsey is, but I AM trying!

  • Jeannie Guenther
    Jeannie Guenther 3 days ago

    You are literally so inspirational!!


    And I hope one day I could meet you


    I love your music it inspires me alot usally when I hear your music I start drawing pictures of wolves running or howling or anything also you have inspired me too be myself no matter what thank you Lindsey you are the best ^^ ~ midnight moon

  • Ethel De Los Angeles Fernandez

    Amo tus vídeos onda película son geniales bella tu música Saludos desde Argentina :)

  • fan-reader love you
    fan-reader love you 3 days ago

    Um, I love this! Can you do Believer by Imagine Dragons? I want to see what you can do! :3

  • Frozen Grey
    Frozen Grey 3 days ago

    вся её музыка прекрасна!!!!

    GARY BINGHAM 3 days ago

    so grace full and pretty

  • mshskd zdhdb
    mshskd zdhdb 3 days ago

    Your sounds are so beautiful
    I love it

  • Josh Jackmen
    Josh Jackmen 4 days ago

    Should do some Final FantasysXI soundtracks. One of the best game soundtracks ever made

  • Mason Farrell
    Mason Farrell 4 days ago

    lindsey you are fantastic! come to Kansas city again!

  • Sevval Goletli
    Sevval Goletli 4 days ago

    Sana bayılıyorum,çok guzeeel

  • Sanju Das
    Sanju Das 4 days ago


  • Gabirela Do
    Gabirela Do 4 days ago

    She is the queen of music videos👌🏼💖💓

  • Anônimo Error [405]

    This is awesome! And, the music is beatifu!

  • Bandicoot TV
    Bandicoot TV 5 days ago +1

    My favorite clip :)
    Great Work!

  • Matthew Watson
    Matthew Watson 5 days ago +1

    i always like how she always makes every song different

  • LancesDesk
    LancesDesk 7 days ago

    I'm your #1 Fan!

  • Szymon Smółka
    Szymon Smółka 7 days ago

    Beautiful 😄💛

  • Jair Boy
    Jair Boy 8 days ago +1

    Lindsey eu ti amo você e perfeita de mais

  • Vilya Lova Nata
    Vilya Lova Nata 8 days ago

    Hi Lindsey i want you to play the violin with a song Rain and tears

  • Hector Sosa
    Hector Sosa 8 days ago

    excelente la música para relajarse,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Hector Sosa
    Hector Sosa 8 days ago

    me gustaría que mi hija aprendiera a tocar así..............................

  • ameer Justin
    ameer Justin 8 days ago


  • Fireball 8800
    Fireball 8800 8 days ago

    Who else has the game

  • Pinguin am Suedpol
    Pinguin am Suedpol 8 days ago

    Funny that you look like Lindsay Lohan, Lindsey... ;D

  • Adrian Salas
    Adrian Salas 8 days ago

    Literally that first chirp of her violin sent chills running down my spine 😭🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I love you Lindsey!!!!

  • Smilealchemist
    Smilealchemist 8 days ago

    Can you do a Avater The Last Airbender cover?

  • L.J. O'Neill
    L.J. O'Neill 8 days ago

    pls make some cover music from the metal gear solid OST, they're really epic and would love your violin dubstep version of it

  • Hgguhg Hfgjjv
    Hgguhg Hfgjjv 9 days ago


  • Michael Lyon
    Michael Lyon 10 days ago

    I love this beautiful violin woman !

  • Julianne Hardin
    Julianne Hardin 11 days ago

    do pirates of the carribean

  • Valeria Reyes
    Valeria Reyes 11 days ago

    I love lindsey

  • The Winter Gem
    The Winter Gem 11 days ago

    can yo do a music video with Star Wars?

  • Drawkill Dreams
    Drawkill Dreams 12 days ago

    I was go happy to see that she helped compose the music for the game.

  • Demigod852
    Demigod852 12 days ago

    Amazing work, I just finished playing through RiME and I happened to see credits to you for Forgotten City in the end credits ;)

  • annie 454
    annie 454 13 days ago

    many many loves from bangladesh


    That fox looks like cheap 90's CGI effects. LoL

  • makEKnickers
    makEKnickers 13 days ago

    wow, does anyone know where this is filmed?

  • racingkerala
    racingkerala 14 days ago

    where is this place i mean location

  • leonardo-cent
    leonardo-cent 15 days ago


  • joey draakje
    joey draakje 15 days ago

    ❤the best music maker ❤

  • Mohammad Mhmoud
    Mohammad Mhmoud 16 days ago


  • marie baborakova
    marie baborakova 17 days ago

    by electrik or normal violin? FANTASTIK ❤❤❤❤❤

  • İrem Cesur
    İrem Cesur 18 days ago

    Abi çok iyi yaaaa

  • Janine S
    Janine S 18 days ago

    This is so beautiful!

  • mikasa ackerman/ violist kitsune

    Why am i getting the flashback of my childhood while hearing this music

  • Ahmet Enes GÖRMEZ
    Ahmet Enes GÖRMEZ 18 days ago

    All of Linsey Stirling's are about loneliness and hoping to find love, I believe. So emotional videos... You are doing it perfectly Lindsey. Hope we meet each other some day

  • Adrien Sarrazin
    Adrien Sarrazin 19 days ago

    So beautifull !! Please next game Kingdom Hearts 😍

  • Poppininy
    Poppininy 19 days ago

    Love the location!
    You are so good!

  • zanafar
    zanafar 19 days ago

    Fantactic !

  • Galton John
    Galton John 19 days ago

    So beautiful <3

  • Mariam Sherif
    Mariam Sherif 20 days ago

    you are so beautiful😇 😍..and the place is like heaven 😇

  • draik 73
    draik 73 20 days ago

    Une musique magique et un décor de rêve

  • Arva Firjatullah
    Arva Firjatullah 21 day ago

    whts genre oh this music ?

  • Rodney Kelly
    Rodney Kelly 21 day ago

    Where was this video shot?

  • Johana K
    Johana K 21 day ago

    I have no idea what the game is but i love this music

  • Okan Yılmaz
    Okan Yılmaz 22 days ago

    Uzun zaman oldu görüşmeyeli değil mi ? :) Kendini baya gelistirmissin strling

  • fransheskamirai
    fransheskamirai 22 days ago

    very beautiful...i play rpg's and one of the factors are these kind of things, melodies ^^,

  • thisisnancybot
    thisisnancybot 23 days ago

    I wish I could buy this song!

  • Alejandro Gavazzi
    Alejandro Gavazzi 23 days ago

    Hola! Quiero agradecerte lo que haces y transmites a través de la musica ,es muy especial lo que transmites cuando tocas el violín , sonríes y danzas en una sola sinfonía como sólo tu sabes hacerlo al tocar ese instrumento maravilloso que es el violín ,que para mi opinión la música que penetra hasta lo más profundo de el ser humano es la dulce melodía de un violín bien ejecutado ! Dios escucha todo tipo de música pero pienso que la dulce melodía de un violín sin dudas se asemeja a la música de Dios es sólo mi opinión ! Y tu lograré ese nivel con la música que haces cundo sonríes y danzas en una sola sinfonia heces perecer una sola sinfonía ! Aprecio mucho tu talento al nivel que lo llevaste y lo que transmites , mis más humildes Felicitaciones que Dios te bendiga más de lo que te está bendiciendo por tu dedicación y pacion por lo que haces con tu talento para regalarle al público . lograste con tu dedicación y pacion hacer que tus vídeos fueran muy especial , en mi opinión nunca vi a un ángel de Dios tocando dulces melodías sonriendo y danzando pero tu debes ser uno de ellos !! Saludos y mil gracias por tu pacion y dedicación !!

  • Jessica Caceres
    Jessica Caceres 23 days ago

    And the game came out!! Amazing 💖🔥

  • ManRide id
    ManRide id 23 days ago

    you still wonderfull

  • Lisa Klein
    Lisa Klein 23 days ago

    sooo wundervoll:')

  • Akhil Sakella
    Akhil Sakella 23 days ago

    Sooooooo beautiful

  • Serg Seregaz
    Serg Seregaz 23 days ago

    Линдси -- SUPER!!!

  • Carlos Lamas Fotografía FOLLOW ME PLEASE!

  • Doro Era
    Doro Era 24 days ago

    Raj dla zmysłów.

  • Ahmed Magdy
    Ahmed Magdy 24 days ago

    this music makes my day better

  • COCO MANGO Guadeloupe
    COCO MANGO Guadeloupe 25 days ago

    Top !! Magnifique, j'adore 😀

  • Wilmer Pilco
    Wilmer Pilco 25 days ago

    super super

  • Jessica Kate x
    Jessica Kate x 26 days ago

    How do I buy this on iTunes? I love this so much ❤️

  • Olaf Buddenberg
    Olaf Buddenberg 26 days ago

    Beautiful in every way.

  • grinjandemor
    grinjandemor 26 days ago

    Grande performance y precioso juego, good performance and great game

  • Alex Riley
    Alex Riley 27 days ago

    She kinda looks more like my skelepap

    SCORPION GAMING 27 days ago

    Hey Lindsey love ur music, I would love to hear you play Fairy tale one day.

  • Scornfulness
    Scornfulness 27 days ago

    I heard this song in a roblox game and couldn't help but find out the name of this beautiful piece of music, only to find out it was by THE legendary Lindsey Sterling!! Love this!! ♥

  • El Heraldo de Andraste
    El Heraldo de Andraste 27 days ago +1

    beautiful !!!!! , can u play Rime O.S.T - The Song of the Sea (Reprise) ? Thanks :-)

  • Leonardo Boechat
    Leonardo Boechat 27 days ago

    You heal my depression

  • Raijn hq's
    Raijn hq's 27 days ago

    broken into piece's.... shattered into the wind .... dnt' know can join those piece's again or not.

  • Süleyman Kk
    Süleyman Kk 28 days ago


  • Snowstar34
    Snowstar34 28 days ago +1

    Ok like this is amazing I love it, this is by far my FAVORITE song of yours, but like why aren't you selling this on iTunes?!

  • Raijn hq's
    Raijn hq's 29 days ago

    £®√€ this awsome magic of urs beautiful...

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson 29 days ago

    Thank God for Lindsey <3

  • tiny_apple
    tiny_apple 29 days ago

    This makes me cry tears of joy

  • Antonia Gummerus
    Antonia Gummerus 29 days ago

    This place is so beautiful❤

  • Isaac Gund
    Isaac Gund 29 days ago

    Has almost as many subscribers as chainsmokers...

  • Enikő Illés
    Enikő Illés 29 days ago


  • GunShard
    GunShard Month ago

    This video game Rime has a great soundtrack.

  • Beauinternational
    Beauinternational Month ago

    Ok but I never see foxes in music videos so I'm kinda freaking out inside lol

  • Youssef Abdel-latief
    Youssef Abdel-latief Month ago +1


  • Fabian Perez
    Fabian Perez Month ago

    Me fascina lo que haces me Me pareces una artista genial y ademas muy Hermosa nunca cambies te felicito por tus logros y tu tenacidad nunca cambies

  • Jacob Schweitzer
    Jacob Schweitzer Month ago

    It's really great to see how musicians start, follow them, and see them coming from their first upload, to making music for movies and games. The soundtrack couldn't fit the vibe of the game any better. Fantastic job Lindsey! You're an inspiration to all us other musicians out there. :)

  • rimouna _art
    rimouna _art Month ago

    Rime is my real name hahahaha xd I'M A BIIIIG FAN OF LINDSEY BTW ! *^*

  • Joanne put
    Joanne put Month ago

    So is this song actually in the game

  • as 3 irmãs
    as 3 irmãs Month ago

    I'm from Brazil

  • as 3 irmãs
    as 3 irmãs Month ago

    love violin

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