Nerf John Wick

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  • Skalachy Ftw
    Skalachy Ftw 8 hours ago


  • Wassim Ait Younes
    Wassim Ait Younes 11 hours ago

    At 2:50 Where will he bring you 150 Bazillion ??? :) :)

  • Man Kind
    Man Kind 16 hours ago


  • 민트눈깔
    민트눈깔 21 hour ago

    푝푝푝 세상진지ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Judy P. Ramelb
    Judy P. Ramelb Day ago

    ur a faggot

  • Matthew Chen
    Matthew Chen Day ago

    If only nerf guns actually worked this well....

  • Parker Patrick
    Parker Patrick Day ago

    Did anyone else notice he put the raider stock on the modulus and the modulus stock on the raider?

  • Paco Lopez
    Paco Lopez Day ago

    we need nerf pay Day :v/

  • lightning mcqueen

    this is Funny, great !!

  • Lamborghini No mercy


  • DerRegisseur
    DerRegisseur 2 days ago

    Freaking Awesome ! You´ve immitated the Style of the John Wick Movies brilliant Motherfuckers ; )

  • Derpy's World.
    Derpy's World. 3 days ago +1

    A fucking pencil.

    It could be possible to kill someone if its sharp enough, and stabbed in the right place.

    GTFAFM 3 days ago

    the fake ass darts at 1:50

  • YoungEmiliaPercival
    YoungEmiliaPercival 3 days ago

    Fear the Babayaga.

  • EpicBros 6551
    EpicBros 6551 3 days ago


  • Toomnyusernae
    Toomnyusernae 4 days ago

    Now. Only now do I really want to buy a Merf gun.

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown 4 days ago

    This guy could be in the next John Wick as a villain, he's so good.

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown 4 days ago

    This video gives me life

  • Kevin Nam
    Kevin Nam 4 days ago

    best john wick tribute ever!

  • joshua Bizaare
    joshua Bizaare 4 days ago

    the thumbnail is amazing

  • Антон Бибиков


  • InquisitiveGemini
    InquisitiveGemini 4 days ago

    Been here since Corridor Digital. I remember the minecraft and adventure time videos, so much nostalgia.

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma 5 days ago

    I really love how accurate this is! The part in 2:46 actually happened in the movie. He reloaded his gun right in front of the bad guy. So badass

  • Anne Wardrop
    Anne Wardrop 5 days ago +1

    Jesus Christ it's .......

    Oh wait wrong movie...

  • Tuniverse. dark
    Tuniverse. dark 5 days ago

    Love how these criminals are just chilling in public with masks on

    CINE VT 5 days ago

    kkkkk fala o que só. risada

  • BattleDrone968
    BattleDrone968 5 days ago

    The most brutal part was when he shuved a bullet down his ear

  • shane kelly
    shane kelly 5 days ago

    What's the song that starts at 2:00 mins ???

  • Logan X
    Logan X 6 days ago

    why is it so satisfying

  • Patrick Dy
    Patrick Dy 6 days ago +1

    John Wick OP. Please Ner- wait a minute

  • nenjar acoon
    nenjar acoon 6 days ago


  • 룹프
    룹프 7 days ago

    Thx, kor sub!

  • Konstantinos Ernesto Economou

    EPIC Do a aprt two

  • Major Degtyarev
    Major Degtyarev 7 days ago

    lol open contract

  • StilllFly
    StilllFly 7 days ago

    This is fuckin awesome!! Great job, man XD

  • Aquim Robinson
    Aquim Robinson 8 days ago

    When John shoot Jake and That Jake

  • L4DY FR33 ViX3N
    L4DY FR33 ViX3N 8 days ago

    Really enjoyed watching this.. 👌

  • agung imam shuhada
    agung imam shuhada 8 days ago

    awesome 🦍

  • 조경구
    조경구 9 days ago

    나는 한국인이다.

  • Salivar Ravilas
    Salivar Ravilas 9 days ago

    He killed 3 men in a bar with a dart, a fucking dart. I mean, who does that?

  • George West
    George West 9 days ago

    so tacticalllll

  • Dresgeve
    Dresgeve 9 days ago

    Lol, that sound for the first double-tap.

  • ᄋ ᄋ
    ᄋ ᄋ 9 days ago

    1:49 How quickly did you shoot the hammer shots?

  • j p
    j p 9 days ago

    so cute-

  • Daily monicFox17/dmfx
    Daily monicFox17/dmfx 10 days ago

    lol hahahahaahaha

  • Tiny Oats
    Tiny Oats 10 days ago


  • El Mas Mejor :D
    El Mas Mejor :D 10 days ago


  • Steven Anselmi
    Steven Anselmi 10 days ago

    Great vid

  • Steven Anselmi
    Steven Anselmi 10 days ago

    Nico is awesome

  • Steven Anselmi
    Steven Anselmi 10 days ago

    No one thinks anything about the random masked guys around town?

  • Poras Srivastava
    Poras Srivastava 10 days ago

    this looks as bad ass as the movie itself!!

  • wepon master
    wepon master 10 days ago

    Its accually better than I expected I thought it would be cringy but its accually good

  • UnorthodoxRomance
    UnorthodoxRomance 10 days ago

    "Nerf John Wick?" Nah, he still can't beat a car.

  • Kenny Carter
    Kenny Carter 10 days ago

    This was well done 11/10

  • D V
    D V 10 days ago

    0:31 would have been tough to explain regular ppl what you were doing walking with a balaclava in the middle of the street :|

  • Adrot
    Adrot 10 days ago

    John Wick too OP, pls nerf-oooh.

  • hazim hafid
    hazim hafid 10 days ago

    Who are you to mocking movie john wick2

  • papa steeler
    papa steeler 10 days ago

    Do over watch vs team fortress

  • Pro Dude
    Pro Dude 11 days ago


  • Cheesle2
    Cheesle2 11 days ago

    my 7 year old nerf birthday was better

  • Xantar
    Xantar 11 days ago

    Even though it's all Nerf action, the camera work and choreography must have taken a crazy amount of rehearsal.

  • Emilio Villanueva
    Emilio Villanueva 11 days ago


  • Grogg nogg
    Grogg nogg 11 days ago

    he played him so well

  • Can Onur Oz
    Can Onur Oz 12 days ago

    0.30 I'm just a thief sitting there and looking my phone.

  • hyeas kavols
    hyeas kavols 12 days ago

    Better fight scene than any action movie nowadays...

  • WonJun Jung
    WonJun Jung 12 days ago +1

    한국어 자막 누가 달았냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌㅌㅌ

  • Fran Abarrategui
    Fran Abarrategui 12 days ago


  • Juris Dumagan
    Juris Dumagan 13 days ago

    me hunting for the guy who stole my darts...

  • Andre
    Andre 13 days ago

    Title looks like they want to nerf a character in a game.

  • PP Smeagolmania
    PP Smeagolmania 13 days ago

    Corridor! You need to make more parodies like this and TF2 because they are some of your best videos.

  • Juan Oh
    Juan Oh 13 days ago

    Super cute damn xd

  • SexCannonMusic
    SexCannonMusic 13 days ago

    huh ?

    A PERSON 14 days ago

    Those stunts were amazing and the pencil reference if was awesome.

  • Desert_78
    Desert_78 14 days ago

    Actually this is the real John wick 2 movie

  • diamond2dig
    diamond2dig 14 days ago

    how did he do that with the hammershot at 1:48 ??????

  • ShadowMan
    ShadowMan 14 days ago

    John Wick: The real life recreation of the Madness Combat series

  • Leonel Castañarez
    Leonel Castañarez 14 days ago

    Nerf John Wick 2?

  • Crazie Blazin Hax
    Crazie Blazin Hax 14 days ago

    Rip to the guy that might have actually died at 1:48

  • Youngho Kim
    Youngho Kim 14 days ago

    Duh it is so amazing

  • Der_Zef
    Der_Zef 14 days ago

    The best action movie I've ever seen in my life

  • Wrathinside
    Wrathinside 14 days ago

    Jonh Wick's memes may soon just catch up to Lord Norris. After all, Keanu does have a dossier of being the Savior, so all he needs - is a proper meme.
    Lord Norris is known to kill a man.... with a stare. With a fucking STARE. How far can John Wick go?

    Could John Wick kill.... with mere PRESENCE... Now that's some biblical shit...

  • vijay george
    vijay george 14 days ago

    I honestly thought that was Aaron Paul

  • Matt Design
    Matt Design 14 days ago

    Awesome dude

  • Dielan Island
    Dielan Island 15 days ago

    It's Nerf or Nuthin'

  • Hitman Cub
    Hitman Cub 15 days ago

    dis is awesome !

  • Mentlegen
    Mentlegen 15 days ago

    Random guys with one hole balaclava's are pretty popular around here

  • NRGdrink
    NRGdrink 15 days ago

    tfw you accidentally spoil the ending of john wick 2

  • kayhan kayhan
    kayhan kayhan 16 days ago

    excellent camera work

  • Matthew Tuakolo
    Matthew Tuakolo 16 days ago

    Better that some hollywood film

  • Hydra pod101
    Hydra pod101 16 days ago


  • OldGamer
    OldGamer 16 days ago

    so many good stunts

  • Boxerchester09
    Boxerchester09 16 days ago

    Might as well nuke John wick this guy is invincible

  • Shamsuddin Channa
    Shamsuddin Channa 16 days ago

    Dude you are wasting too many bullets. John Wick would never do that. He needs only 2 bullets, 1 in chest and 1 in the head.

  • espião de supermine123br rei da zoeira

    I brasilian not easy speak ingles

  • Daniel Bekker
    Daniel Bekker 16 days ago

    I love how this supposed to be action and look real and they add in the little pop sounds😂

  • Leif Holt
    Leif Holt 16 days ago

    2:30 Thats a cool way to die...

  • CaptRizq Gaming
    CaptRizq Gaming 17 days ago

    Best video ever

  • Fandom Gaming
    Fandom Gaming 17 days ago

    How did u get the mega dart to smoke at the beginning

  • Me. Crunchy
    Me. Crunchy 17 days ago

    john wicks retarted secret brother nohsh jick.

  • WonJun Jung
    WonJun Jung 17 days ago +2

    Do enjoy the party Mr.Wick

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