Deepest swimming pool in the world

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  • Math Kinger
    Math Kinger Day ago


  • Jace Steffan
    Jace Steffan 2 days ago

    Or just go to the ocean

  • B3n Drumm3R
    B3n Drumm3R 4 days ago

    "That's the length of three school buses"

  • Ali Saain
    Ali Saain 6 days ago

    This pool could be used to help people learn to swim as well

  • hamsa ali
    hamsa ali 7 days ago

    You goes down and your oxygen in tank is finished. What will happen next??

  • When you win at Empire: Total War

    That mermaid was probably a robot cause a normal person would instantly die in that pool

  • Joshua Dodson
    Joshua Dodson 10 days ago

    Me: Whoops I dropped my iPhone in there.... (;¬_¬)

    Someone else: umm go get it it's ---- deep;/

    Me: crap

  • Seth Perry
    Seth Perry 10 days ago

    I would be scared to go down there at night an have no oxygon

  • Bat Roblox
    Bat Roblox 11 days ago

    0:46 How the fuck does he hold his breath like that I stay 10 seconds and get out immediately

  • EchoGiraffes
    EchoGiraffes 11 days ago

    How can that Mermaid girl actually hold her breath for that lol?

  • Dead4crab Crab
    Dead4crab Crab 12 days ago

    Subscribe to me I'm desperate

  • TØP trash
    TØP trash 13 days ago

    More room for whales than at SeaWorld... 😒

  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans 15 days ago


    I dropped my phone ......

  • Alex Iannuzzi
    Alex Iannuzzi 16 days ago

    And wtf happens when ur 137 ft down and u run out of breath

  • GhostCreeper123
    GhostCreeper123 17 days ago

    Marco Polo: Hardmode

  • F34R RECON
    F34R RECON 19 days ago


  • Celeste Baby
    Celeste Baby 23 days ago

    But why

  • Gunnar Gammons
    Gunnar Gammons 24 days ago

    How do they stand the pressure on their ears?

  • Katie the Unicorn
    Katie the Unicorn 25 days ago

    I'm terrified of deep water

  • MB luna
    MB luna 27 days ago

    it looks like a portal level underwater.

  • Ana Lipadan
    Ana Lipadan 27 days ago

    i want to go there

  • Poopy Butt
    Poopy Butt 27 days ago

    I'd be terrified of getting nitrogen bubbles in my brain. 😂

  • johnathan stith
    johnathan stith Month ago

    I'm terrified of deep water

  • momoring moguri
    momoring moguri Month ago +1

    Don't you dare pee in that pool... Cleaning it up would be so tiring

  • Frost Bitten
    Frost Bitten Month ago

    imagine reaching the bottom and your gear fucks up

  • Olli Crisp
    Olli Crisp Month ago

    How would anyone go that deep? I can't swim any more than 12 feet without my ears feeling like they could explode

    CRAZY MONKEY246 Month ago +1

    What is u drown before u make it to the top :/

  • Leann Gustilo
    Leann Gustilo Month ago

    me: *tries to swim there*
    *happy adult voice*
    "that's why always trust YouTube comments"
    -me 2k17

  • mia buenrostro
    mia buenrostro Month ago +1

    wow. and they think that a movie about a 12 foot deep pool with flotation devices is scary, this kicks it in the butt

  • Mia Ramos
    Mia Ramos Month ago +1

    So that's where californias water went

  • MLNova TV
    MLNova TV Month ago

    prepare your ears, it'll explode

  • SuperAKA23
    SuperAKA23 Month ago

    Imagine the salary for being a lifeguard here

  • Random Viewer
    Random Viewer Month ago

    If I was at the bottom of that pool without any gear on, I would piss myself.. Who am I kidding I would piss in it anyways

  • Ailish Ford
    Ailish Ford Month ago

    i bet the military has bigger pools for training and shit hut we just dont know about them

  • ROUSH4203
    ROUSH4203 Month ago

    My lung would collapse instantly

  • EdgyBob DankedPants

    well fuck i'd be dead at like 15 feet

  • Candy Kitty
    Candy Kitty Month ago

    I want that mermaid tail

    XTREME GREEN Month ago

    0:07 there's Donald trump

  • nirmal lombsar
    nirmal lombsar Month ago

    Who else saw that he mermaid had a tattoo if you did leave a like

  • Lord Zain
    Lord Zain Month ago

    Holy sh*t that pool is deep af

  • Odd Berry
    Odd Berry Month ago

    wait but what about water pressure

  • merged zamasu half corrupted

    also knowned as a sucidal pool

  • spooky cringe lord
    spooky cringe lord Month ago

    very easy to drown and that's pool and not be saved

  • Wartime Archery
    Wartime Archery Month ago

    sounds like neagleria fowleri waiting to happen

  • /uwado
    /uwado Month ago

    Imagine the tunnel lights going out

  • HamonLord
    HamonLord Month ago

    It is the deepest swimming pool in the world and it has mermaids in it. Sweet lol.

  • Garcia B Stephan
    Garcia B Stephan Month ago

    Kids in Africa will need this water

  • Rayndolf!!!
    Rayndolf!!! Month ago

    imagine drowning in that... you will be screwedd

  • Have fun with kayla

    The deepest pool is the same size as a megalodon right?

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien Month ago

    thanks for that temperature, I definitely fucking understand what 90 F is supposed to mean

  • Lucavid
    Lucavid Month ago

    Hell no

  • beachbabe
    beachbabe Month ago

    I don't know I think my kiddie pools just a bit cool than this.

  • RadioactiveTurtle - Baconated

    Alright time to go swimming. 2 minutes later... body starts floating

  • Yulia Rupal Najhawan
    Yulia Rupal Najhawan Month ago +1

    I know how to make a pool deeper than this just put a border around the ocean 😂😂😂

  • Felicity DIYS
    Felicity DIYS Month ago +1

    Well, I'm weird and love swimming underwater, so you'd find me dead at the bottom without anything to breath with, thinking I could touch the bottom😂😂

  • Swek_Fex
    Swek_Fex Month ago

    touch down channel

  • That moment The Haters Dab Back

    I can't swim so uhh…

  • Jessica Wallace
    Jessica Wallace Month ago

    Wow you will never see me in that pool i would drown 😐

  • some stingy on the internet

    what were their ears doing there

  • Edward elstub
    Edward elstub Month ago

    great video!!!

  • Night Raven
    Night Raven Month ago +4

    you'll find 3 types of comments in this comment section...

    1. the people who are salty that the measurements are not in imperial units...

    2. the people who are salty at the people who are salty that the measurements are not in imperial units...

    and 3. the retards that think that's a a real mermaid -_-
    those are the worse ones

  • shields817
    shields817 Month ago

    Has anyone drowned in this pool?

  • The Chi- City Adventure Family

    Whoops i dropped my goggles

  • Noodleraptor
    Noodleraptor Month ago

    I wanna try! **goes down 6 feet** **ears explode**

  • Little Bill
    Little Bill Month ago

    Imagine the water bill when filling this up

  • Yui Suzuki
    Yui Suzuki Month ago

    It would take forever for them to clean it...

  • Lina Nguyên
    Lina Nguyên Month ago

    I was holding my breath while watching this

  • Rumble Mumble
    Rumble Mumble Month ago

    that mermaid has gills now

  • John
    John Month ago

    just learned how to swim in my cousins 6ft pool, now im scared again

  • Benjamin Albanese
    Benjamin Albanese Month ago

    Insane in the membrane.....insane in the brain.

  • ralph laynes
    ralph laynes Month ago

    How to become mermaid??

  • Tommy Huston
    Tommy Huston Month ago

    What if someone shat in it? You have to replace 1m of water lol

  • Erick Rodriguez
    Erick Rodriguez Month ago

    How does this not hurry that niggas ears lol

  • ShishKeAub
    ShishKeAub Month ago

    I would not want to go into the underwater tunnel. I have really bad luck, and the day I go would be the day a bolt comes lose causing the whole thing to flood.

  • Imani Odunze
    Imani Odunze Month ago

    I thought the deeper you go the more pressure the water puts on your head or does that apply for the ocean only.

  • Maura the silver trashcan

    It looks like that one Super Mario 64 DS level that I could never get past cause I would always drown... I'd still be more than willing to walk through the tunnels irl tho XD

  • Jhope's Silver Spoon While Yoongi's Silver Mask

    What if i pee in it?

  • Giovanni ds
    Giovanni ds Month ago

    🇮🇹the swimming pool is located in italy🇮🇹

  • Haydee Melo
    Haydee Melo Month ago

    Artificial undertale cave

  • DBO Kachan
    DBO Kachan Month ago +1

    I don't want to sound like an idiot but fuck it I'm going to ask. Wont all that water pressure crush your body or there is none in a swimming pool lol?

  • gega27tt
    gega27tt Month ago

    but...if you are almost touching the Y-40 sign and you need to pee or poop?

  • Skyler Moss
    Skyler Moss Month ago

    And I can barely make it to the bottom of the 10 foot end

  • Bollie Wu
    Bollie Wu Month ago

    This really makes my anxiety act up oml

  • Lipbalm Queen
    Lipbalm Queen Month ago

    How dose the mermaid breathe she has no mask we can see

  • Sherjeel Chaudhry
    Sherjeel Chaudhry Month ago

    14k likes and 1k comments so early lol.

  • Olivia Hamilton
    Olivia Hamilton Month ago

    I have a dive license and I NEED to go there

  • Tala C
    Tala C Month ago

    it might hurt

  • Vlogs Pets and more

    Imagine when they increase the depth and the pressure is so strong it blows up your head

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris Month ago

    what if somebody pooped and it sank to the bottom

  • soulsx
    soulsx Month ago

    I can't even swim

  • _ magi
    _ magi Month ago +1


  • lamijica imsir
    lamijica imsir Month ago


  • ByPabloCT ツ
    ByPabloCT ツ Month ago

    0:05 is Trump Wtf!!

  • Stephani Thalia S
    Stephani Thalia S Month ago +2

    I'll be dead soon as I enter this pool...I can't swim...

  • Doge
    Doge Month ago +1

    The pressure there was probably intense.

  • Sancho Saucy
    Sancho Saucy Month ago +1

    Boy hell nah im nervous in 5 ft the hell

  • Andrej Ruzicic
    Andrej Ruzicic Month ago +1


  • gaming god
    gaming god Month ago

    add fish and crabs then it would be a simulator

  • Amir Magomed Zade
    Amir Magomed Zade Month ago +1

    (When u dive down) How it feels to chew 5 gum

  • suga cidal
    suga cidal Month ago +1

    while watching this, i tried not to breathee.

    i failed.

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