We Trained To Be Gymnasts In 7 Days

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  • "If it was easy, everybody would flip."

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    Gymnastics Rio Gala- Olympics: Day
    Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
    Gymnastics - Artistic - Olympics: Day
    Alex Livesey/Getty Images
    Gymnastics - Artistic - Olympics: Day
    Alex Livesey/Getty Images

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    Stacie Rathbone, instagram.com/staciewrath
    LA School of Gymnastic, lagymnastics.com
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  • emmita xo
    emmita xo 3 hours ago

    Do cross country

  • PurpleDreams
    PurpleDreams 6 hours ago

    Omg Kelsey.
    Unicorn shirt. 🦄

  • Cookie Mint
    Cookie Mint 10 hours ago

    How in the hell did Michelle get a roundoff backhandspring on floor in 1 week??!?😱😵

  • Harley DC
    Harley DC 17 hours ago

    Women try horse back riding

  • wildspirit
    wildspirit 20 hours ago

    Also it world be really cool If you do 7 days as competitive horse riders ( jumping etc)

  • wildspirit
    wildspirit 20 hours ago

    I used to do gymnastics and I miss it so bad :/ wish I could come back but sadly my broken collarbone can't let me :/ even tho it's basically healed it's so weak and I can put weight on it (handstands and such )

  • Trinity Salacup
    Trinity Salacup 20 hours ago

    Not tryin to be mean , but I was cringing the whole time except for Jordan

    GOD CHURCH 23 hours ago

    I'd love to lick Kelsey's butthole raw style. ;)

  • uni corn21
    uni corn21 1 day ago

    can this lady train me to do a back handspring in a week pls

  • Unicorns :3
    Unicorns :3 1 day ago

    Make a women try to do swimming plz

  • SweetAndSourLily
    SweetAndSourLily 1 day ago

    she learned a round off back hand spring in a week but i did gymnastics for 8 years and never landed a front OR back hand spring... wtf

  • Blossom Grace
    Blossom Grace 1 day ago

    "got a round off back hand spring" WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IVE BEEN WORKING ON THAT FOR A YEAR😿

  • Potato&Soysauce
    Potato&Soysauce 1 day ago

    вєαм αи∂ fℓσσя αяє му fαν єνєитѕ ωнєи ι ∂σ gум

  • LibbyLou452
    LibbyLou452 1 day ago

    Being a gymnast is fucking hard ok

  • LpsMagicalWorld !!!!!!!!

    Subscribe to that YouTube family! And just JORDAN 33!

  • MyLifeWithLuka MyLifeWithLuka

    "The beam doesn't look that scary " PFFF HAA ! Yes. It is .

  • Jennifer Pope
    Jennifer Pope 1 day ago

    a week is 7 days not 5!!!!

  • Mylife AsJules
    Mylife AsJules 2 days ago

    Who here is a gymnast🙋🏾

  • Rosemary Mckee acevedo

    I have been competitive swimming since 4😎

  • Hazel Feather
    Hazel Feather 2 days ago

    Michelle is absolutely amazing!! :) In just one week she could do a backhandspring :O

  • no rain. no flowers.

    2:38 Michelle wore the same shirt for dance class in season 2 of The next step lol😂

  • Megan Geier
    Megan Geier 3 days ago

    Do competitive dance yes it is a sport

  • Georgia Gladestorm
    Georgia Gladestorm 3 days ago

    "Only my ego is bruised" -Kelsey

  • El Paterson
    El Paterson 3 days ago

    It is so easy I can do a round off back hand spring

  • Trinity The Train Engine

    This inspired me. Im going to gymnastics soon and I'm young but I see toddlers doing flips better then me and I cant even do a cartwheel or a a little flip on the ground straight. Now I know I'll be able to do it maybe within a week

  • Jasmin JENSEN
    Jasmin JENSEN 3 days ago

    The teacher looks like Margot Robbie

  • Crystal Butler
    Crystal Butler 3 days ago

    do horsebackriding it is a sport and is super hard heres some ideas western barrel racing pole bending trick riding English corsage jumpig vaulting and this is only some

  • Geeky Comics
    Geeky Comics 3 days ago

    Do volleyball? 😂

  • //danandphiltràsh
    //danandphiltràsh 3 days ago

    4:42 that little girl in the back tho

  • funny girls
    funny girls 3 days ago

    I wish my parents would get me a coach cause i love doing gymnastics but i'm not that good at it. The only reason i stopped was because the level was too high and they didn't help me at all because there was too many kids. I like to push myself and learn new things but i just can't do some of the simple things like a cartwheel. I need to get that push a coach can give me. I tried looking at some videos to help me and wrote in the comment cause i got some questions :) But one gymnast almost broke my dream cause they said gymnastic maybe isn't for me... :( But i still got the hope for maybe one day to make a real cartwheel. (sorry for the bad English).

  • AnnieBiatssports19
    AnnieBiatssports19 3 days ago

    Their learning level 6 in my gym but their fault I've been doing it forver

  • Maddie's Channel
    Maddie's Channel 4 days ago

    i know i can never get my round off right

  • Jane Dyer
    Jane Dyer 4 days ago

    boring boring

  • Stevie Pringles
    Stevie Pringles 4 days ago

    Her round off back handspring looked painful

  • Sophia Sweet Pup Angels

    Beam is one of my best events but my other best event is floor

  • #dodo 5
    #dodo 5 4 days ago

    I hope I can go to gymnastics gym but we don't have it in our city 😒

  • lorena the panda lover

    I think there pretty good

  • Nève M
    Nève M 4 days ago

    Omg o never knew gymnastics was this hard!!!!

    Oh wait.... yes I did I am a gymnast

  • Nève M
    Nève M 4 days ago

    Thank you I am a gymnast and most people don't get how freakin hard it is!

  • Grace
    Grace 4 days ago

    Kelsey: Only my ego is bruised
    Honestly same

  • Valeria Castro
    Valeria Castro 4 days ago

    How many gymnast 🤸‍♂️ where afended

  • ted101975
    ted101975 5 days ago

    Jordan is amazing

  • Rhiannon Fletcher
    Rhiannon Fletcher 5 days ago

    People try aerial arts for a week you did trapeze but aerial is a different level of hard

  • Ami Gi Gi
    Ami Gi Gi 5 days ago

    Omg I love Kelsey's shirt! 🦄🦄🦄

  • Ami Gi Gi
    Ami Gi Gi 5 days ago

    Omg I love Kelsey's shirt!

  • Kathryn Kennedy
    Kathryn Kennedy 5 days ago

    You guys should try Irish dance! It is wayyyyy harder than it looks. A good school is the McKeever school of Irish dance! It seems like something these girls would really excel at!

  • Ada Stevens
    Ada Stevens 5 days ago

    I can't even do a cartwheel

  • Topsundeerus
    Topsundeerus 6 days ago

    Backflips aren't that hard actually. I learnt a backflip on ground in a few months.

  • Katherine Hunter
    Katherine Hunter 6 days ago

    You guys should do training for being a dancer do contemporary or ballet it may not seem hard but well u will find out the pain

  • xoAshleyRosexo
    xoAshleyRosexo 7 days ago

    They should do women try cheerleading in 7 days bc cheerleading is really hard bc you have to stunt and lift people up and you have to be REALLY flexible

  • Black Breyer studios

    Women train to be professional horseback riders for a week honestly no one realizes how truly difficult it is

  • Carsyn Gray
    Carsyn Gray 7 days ago

    You guys should do a woman train like ballet dancers for a week it's surprisingly hard

  • Huang Winnie
    Huang Winnie 7 days ago

    Damn Jordan

  • sullysmack gaming
    sullysmack gaming 7 days ago

    She got round off back hand spring in 7 days I got it in 7 months

  • Sleepy Panda
    Sleepy Panda 7 days ago

    Contortion is so hard for me

  • a person
    a person 8 days ago

    aly RISEman *triggered*

  • Nicole Crazy8
    Nicole Crazy8 8 days ago

    I did gymnastics... I broke my arm

  • The Ultimate Reductionist

    And what is all this entertainment good for?

  • songs from the beat

    HOLY COW u guys r so good coming from a level 4 gymnasts u guys r wayy better than me! i am a fast learner but u guys learned this SUPER FAST. This is the best thing ever

  • KATY Walsh
    KATY Walsh 8 days ago

    Michelle got her round of backhandspring in 7 days I have been training for 3 years and I still don't have it

  • Michelle Chen
    Michelle Chen 8 days ago

    Train like Figure Skaters!

  • Icecueen 789
    Icecueen 789 8 days ago

    I went to 1 gymnastics class with a friend when I was like 8 I wasn't that bad, but it's been 5 years soooooooooooo.....

  • Gia Gutes
    Gia Gutes 9 days ago

    When Selorm said "I wanna figure out what those beam things do cause they don't look too scary but they probably are" I was like ohohoo you're in for a treat hun

  • Alysa Moira
    Alysa Moira 9 days ago

    "Its not unknown, its a mat" 😂

  • Emily Kline
    Emily Kline 9 days ago

    Have them try swimming

  • khazina zahra
    khazina zahra 9 days ago

    those tumbles though

  • Kirin Lorente
    Kirin Lorente 9 days ago

    did anybody notice the low-key reference to stick it!!! the coach says "running full speed into a stationary object"!!!!! ahhhh!!!!!

  • Katrina Mathis
    Katrina Mathis 9 days ago

    my mom wont let me do gymnastics se thinks ill break my neck but how far i am for a starter im doing pretty good

  • Arlyn
    Arlyn 9 days ago

    They should do this with cheer!

  • Mei Misaki
    Mei Misaki 9 days ago

    I'm an elite level gymnast, woop woop

  • Bill Moore
    Bill Moore 10 days ago

    If anyone is a gymnast here, you know this is priceless 😂💀

  • Tessa Labrasciano
    Tessa Labrasciano 10 days ago

    She said Raisman wrong😂

  • Offically Ells
    Offically Ells 10 days ago

    because we condition so much in dance and they went so easy on them but like dance is harder than you think

  • Offically Ells
    Offically Ells 10 days ago

    I dont like how on bodly when you trained like a dancer you didnt really even do a dance

  • Iqra Waheed
    Iqra Waheed 10 days ago

    im really good at gymnastics but i only need help with one really hard skill

    tpuching my toes along with everything else

  • Molly Schloegl
    Molly Schloegl 11 days ago

    Buzzfeed, can you do a competitive cheer one please?

  • crazy monkey
    crazy monkey 11 days ago

    I've been training to do a back handspring but I got it once and got hurt the next and stopped and I can't do it now and I need tips please!

  • All the Crybabies Say Meow

    jordan we fucking get it you took gymnastics 500 years ago just shut up and take the damn class

  • Alpha Luna
    Alpha Luna 11 days ago

    I cant do any of these and im in martial arts

  • Ely Famous
    Ely Famous 11 days ago

    I would wanna do that!

  • Molly Sullivan
    Molly Sullivan 12 days ago

    I have MAJOR respect towards gymnasts, I didn't know how hard gymnastics was until now. I'm a competitive cheerleader, and I think it would be cool if the buzzfeed team trained like all star cheerleaders for a week. ITS HAAAAARD

  • AyeItsCookieHere
    AyeItsCookieHere 12 days ago

    Im Going To Start Rythmic Gymnastics.. 😰 Im So Nervous..!

  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover 13 days ago

    that last girl was good

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 13 days ago

    yes, gymnastics is a hard sport, i train 8:00-1:30 everyday monday-friday and am a training lever 9. it is mentally and physically difficult but i love gymnastics so i do it anyway through all the tears and frustration.. but when you try your best and succeed it gives he most rewarding feelings :)

  • summer
    summer 13 days ago

    Dang!!! Michelle learned a round off back hand spring in 5 days!?! It took me at least a year of gym class to learn it

  • //Mikayz//
    //Mikayz// 13 days ago

    What! I've Ben learning bhs for a year and I still don't have it solidly and they got in a week

  • Sharon_ luckygymnast07

    I am an actual gymnast and this just made my day. Now people know that gymnastics is so so so so so hard.

  • Galaxywondergirl 123

    I’m a level 5 gymnast they r learning stuff we have to learn by level 2
    I’m am soon an level 6 gymnast
    If I can get six likes it will help me train harder knowing that there r ppl who care so it will help to make me a level 6 gymnast

  • Galaxywondergirl 123

    Who else is a gymnast here or am I the only one?

  • Doctortwipotteron
    Doctortwipotteron 14 days ago

    I don't do gymnastics because I hate the beam,so I begged my mom to do tumbling,it's still hard though

  • Jet Paskinski
    Jet Paskinski 14 days ago

    *falls down in front of crush* are you okay?! yeah, only my ego is bruised.

  • Becca Lynne
    Becca Lynne 14 days ago

    so they are trying to show the difficulty behind what everyone considers an easy thing to do. next they should put their people into a competative marching band. i want to see that

  • Chua Swee Noi
    Chua Swee Noi 14 days ago

    i started gymnastics as a CCA -(co-curricular activity) at 8 years old

  • Rhea Sandhu
    Rhea Sandhu 14 days ago

    I am a gymnast and I fall on my head ALL THE TIME!!!!!😂😂😂

  • DragonTamer 001
    DragonTamer 001 15 days ago

    My friend is 11 and can do a back handspring. she is amazing.

  • Ashley Turner
    Ashley Turner 15 days ago

    Have some girls train like swimmers

  • Lps Nickels
    Lps Nickels 15 days ago

    Gymnasts have it easy compared to valet dancers
    I've been doing ballet for 7 years and it's still hard😐

  • Katya Smith
    Katya Smith 15 days ago

    I'm a level 8 gymnast and watching them do this was amazing

  • Tiye Knot
    Tiye Knot 15 days ago

    How come I can't do a back handspring and I've been doing gymnastics for years? I'm hurt.

  • Kylie Jones
    Kylie Jones 15 days ago

    I used to be a gymnast but I quit because of an injury and I'm lowkey crying

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