'Get out, NOW' China turns tables on US in chilling North Korea ultimatum - DAILY NEWS

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  • 'Get out, NOW' China turns tables on US in chilling North Korea ultimatum
    CHINA has issued a chilling ultimatum to the US demanding the 'immediate' withdrawal of the controversial THAAD missile system from South Korea.
    China has called for the immediate suspension of a controversial missile defence system hours after the US confirmed the shield was now operational in South Korea.
    The THAAD missile system was declared 'operational' on Monday amid fears of total war on the Korean peninsula.

    Link sources: www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/610608/China-US-Donald-Trump-North-Korea-immediate-withdrawal-THAAD-missile-system-deployment

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Comments: 1 388

  • Lisa Lentile
    Lisa Lentile 8 hours ago

    Truth Written take your racist black ass to NK and drop dead

  • Tim Wood
    Tim Wood 3 days ago

    Fuck china

  • Mad Drivers101
    Mad Drivers101 4 days ago

    China not with us. you see

  • cracker xxx
    cracker xxx 4 days ago

    just imagine, if we hadnt bought trillions of dollars worth of chink crap over the years, they would be broke and starving in the streets. stop buying chink garbage. time for the US to start letting all other nations starve to death

  • Rose Nichols
    Rose Nichols 5 days ago

    Put more missile all over the place I knew this is pissing off china!!!! Sell a whole bunch of offensive Medium range Nukes, and patriot , that missile systems a 2 for all around NK. NK. IS CHINA'S BOY BOYCOT CHINESE PRODUCTS. I know we have a plan for China/ Nk.

  • Dennis M
    Dennis M 5 days ago

    North Korea and China both bullies looking for attention. once a Marine, always a MARINE. WE WILL WIN

  • Dennis M
    Dennis M 5 days ago

    I don't trust China either. Japan and South Korea more important as well as other countries that have been our friends for years

  • Cliff Curtis
    Cliff Curtis 7 days ago

    No More buying inferior junk from China!!!

  • Natasha Buttle
    Natasha Buttle 7 days ago

    china has always been on nth koreas side. china and russia has started ww3. china and russia going to end the world. china and russia must die and will die with all of us!!

  • Cris Valle
    Cris Valle 8 days ago

    God bless north Korea

  • Jason Cougar
    Jason Cougar 8 days ago

    Fake we will roll over China too and they know it. THAAD is th SK for the safy of USA mainland as it is for our allies.

  • Bernardo Tarin
    Bernardo Tarin 8 days ago

    out of control and the sad thing is that Kim and Donald aren't gonna be the ones fighting. it's gonna be brain washed people I feel for all the lost there will be if or when ww3 happens

  • Duane Introwitz
    Duane Introwitz 8 days ago

    Hey china too many little hitlers out there now.

  • Piss Off
    Piss Off 9 days ago

    In america alot of us have guns with that said if your not american you will die and if your skin is darker and not white your fucked.

  • fakenews propaganda
    fakenews propaganda 10 days ago

    Bring it China

  • fakenews propaganda
    fakenews propaganda 10 days ago

    Fuck China not taking anything down to bad suck a dick.

  • ker der
    ker der 10 days ago

    Love stupid paranoid yanks... Hehehe afraid of their own shadows

  • ker der
    ker der 10 days ago

    Does trump meet his match.. Hehehe famous poker player from Macau... Hehehe

  • Norg1
    Norg1 10 days ago

    we bomb the hell outta north korea and china should annex them ...simply has that we both get something us loses a thorn in its side and china gets more land ...then we just give sk and japan nukes and then we take down the thaad system and leave that region ...thats what we should do

  • Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa 11 days ago

    Its getting scary.

  • Peter Thiessen
    Peter Thiessen 12 days ago

    An all out war must not happen,our friends in North Korea and Japan would suffer to much.

  • Peter Thiessen
    Peter Thiessen 12 days ago

    China does what they want and so is the USA, nuf said.

  • Mike Jenkins
    Mike Jenkins 12 days ago +1

    One thing is for sure if it does happen you can bend over put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye

  • Dustin Cordell
    Dustin Cordell 12 days ago

    they are just pissed because we can see every thing they do thadds radar systems is unmatched

  • Jean Paul Minugh
    Jean Paul Minugh 13 days ago

    Well, short of an all out nuclear war, at this point there are only two choices for president Trump to make. One, bomb the living shit out of NK or we acknowledge the North Koreans as a nuclear power country and have them sign a peace accord promising not to use them unless they are attacked first. This is the same deal used with all the other nuclear capable countries that exist today. I think NK's leader just wants to be recognized, so let him. I know this sounds crazy but at this point he already has the nuks so what choice do we have. We accept them and see if they will sign a peace deal or we destroy them. The problem with the later is tens of thousands of innocent people are going to die in the process. Many of them may be South Korean and Japanese. Plus we run the very real risk of retaliation from the Chinese and or Russia. As you can guess, that would basically be the end of all of us. Unless we are really ready to possibly end the world, i think there's only one choice.

  • Skinny Dugan
    Skinny Dugan 14 days ago

    Fuck China we need to stop all this trad with those scummy little fucks it's just a bunch of garbage anyways I'm so sick of China shit how many Americans have died because of their shit products

  • Udoy Navales
    Udoy Navales 14 days ago

    why all of them want a war?

    life short so why they need that?

    war is the only solution to make your country name is called the greatest ?

    what kind of people there are?

    how about innocent people..

  • Abrham Scifo
    Abrham Scifo 14 days ago

    China is a big piece of chit.

  • i S m a l l F r y
    i S m a l l F r y 14 days ago

    I'm moving to Canada 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Tiberiusduck
    Tiberiusduck 15 days ago


  • Love Cat
    Love Cat 15 days ago

    Chinese are the biggest fakers in the World, they produce all fake things as well as make fake promises, China wants to see USA Destroyed, they will never support us in any war , Chinese are very untrustworthy.

  • Michael Ahn
    Michael Ahn 15 days ago

    Just stop sending diesel fuel and all the problems solved...

  • James Walker
    James Walker 15 days ago

    Hey China STFU !!!! Had your chance to set the North right and instead we see China made missle launchers so thanks for no help. We have a real president now Mr. Trump and he is not going to lay down on your shit no more or roll over like a bitch that Obama was. Either the North disarms or we will disarm him ourselves, Trump said it it will be so. It is coming soon I'm sure many may be killed but the North will still lose for not disarming. China and the north should have listened ive watched both in training and they suck. America our shit is on point we do not miss and once turned lose we always get our dictator. If China has any smarts they will stay out of the way for this is not the 50s anymore. We will not be surprised again and jumped for we already know who is where and China if smart will stay on there side of the boarder for China leaders know with America the north has crossed the line already. The north has no idea what they are fixing to come at them. Time for the threats to be ended. All threats including internal threats against us In time Americans will have peace again or die trying.

  • Janie Straub
    Janie Straub 15 days ago

    I am terrified for our country

  • Brett laughing at u
    Brett laughing at u 16 days ago

    Finish the slant eye idot.

  • andrew anderson
    andrew anderson 17 days ago

    Fuck China!! They don't care about the USA...We have a RIGHT to set up a Defensive plan and a good Offensive Strategy as well. Besides, North Korea flat out said they will BOMB us!! And other countries too.

  • Savage
    Savage 17 days ago

    Fuck china. They have ruined our economy while getting rich off of us.

  • Helder Lopes
    Helder Lopes 18 days ago

    American cowards would never attack North Korea or China. They only attack helpless weak countries.....

  • Hi Ho
    Hi Ho 19 days ago

    China wants no war because of all the immigrants that will come

  • JuArChe Lopez
    JuArChe Lopez 20 days ago

    AL Kimbo le vale que el ruso y el chino le piquen el culo como quiere dice que quiere Probar con el racoon jajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja

  • JuArChe Lopez
    JuArChe Lopez 20 days ago

    Those are evil countries

  • JuArChe Lopez
    JuArChe Lopez 20 days ago

    Buy only USA, and stop buying products from Asian countries except Spain country, and you will see Hou those rats will die little by little.

  • JuArChe Lopez
    JuArChe Lopez 20 days ago

    Tu callate bastardo hijo de satanas tambien si no la gente de USA va a dejar de comprar tus cosas porque todos tragan de USA. Y si no ven para que veas que yo te voy a cerrar el culo y los Ojos mas de lo que los tienes. Jajajajajaj

  • Terrier TV
    Terrier TV 20 days ago +1

    What's wrong with placing a peace maker in a country?

  • Lutchman Nandlal
    Lutchman Nandlal 21 day ago

    them fucking Chinese dog eaters is protecting n.keora when will you all start to kill them Chinese fuckers

  • ricky rhodes
    ricky rhodes 22 days ago

    murderers that HAVE NO HONOR

  • ricky rhodes
    ricky rhodes 22 days ago

    I'm doing everything I can not to buy anything from China. fuck them and thier technology stealing asses. they have no honor at all. THEY HAVE NO HONOR. thieves and cowards. we should have let Japan keep control of that country. THEY HAVE NO HONOR!!!!

  • Mark Heberling
    Mark Heberling 23 days ago

    we will not until Kim is in jail and all the wepons that North Korea has amast is destroyed or you China remove and take over North Korea government

  • thedrloboski stevens
    thedrloboski stevens 23 days ago

    I've cut off all buying from both China and Russia till this is over, If everyone in the USA would do the same, check tags at the store. Stop buying on eBay it would be over in a week.

  • G. Andrew
    G. Andrew 24 days ago

    CHINESE ASSHOLE !!!! The THAAD missile system, is defensive... and it is going to stay put !! It can also dispatch missiles that the little cockroach can fire at you, so hear this !!
    You can have a tantrum until you turn pink and purple plaid, and we will care less.

    AQUA BOMBS 24 days ago


  • Raimund Heinrich
    Raimund Heinrich 24 days ago


  • studlygrish
    studlygrish 29 days ago

    it's very easy , stop doing business with China all together ! No imports and no exports for China! It would hurt at first cause everything is made there but it would cause jobs to come back !

  • Nadim Abdul-Munhem
    Nadim Abdul-Munhem 29 days ago

    China loves the Holly Dollar they worship the Dollar

    T THORN Month ago

    The U.S. is protecting South Korea against the rogue nation who keeps threatening American allies in the area. If China cannot control their puppet they sure as hell are not going to be giving us ultimatums.

  • Lutchman Nandlal
    Lutchman Nandlal Month ago

    China is protecting n.keora USA you have to Tell China to fuck of

  • Dennis
    Dennis Month ago

    Kim is a nut that needs to be dealt with. The sooner the better. China will always be pretending to be someone's​ friend when it comes to money. I say double the tariff on any country aiding and abetting Kim.

  • Camron Ericksen
    Camron Ericksen Month ago

    nether one of us is dangerous to each other. this war was made by very few people that wants to kill and control every one. I don't hate China and I am sure there people don't hate us we just want to live are life's in peace but we are forced to fight each other because we are told to (really dumb excuse to go too war right.) And has much as I hate those few people that wants to destroy this world the fact of the matter is its because of us that this world is like this we all stood by and watch them do it. with out fear of penalty.

    we all look the other way and acted like nothing was happening now we get to pay for it in blood everything that happens because them will be all are doing we the people have the real power and we did not use it when we should of now millions to even billions get to die because of us the people of this world that did nothing but watch as are children and women are raped and killed every one should be ashamed of the human race and what we have become.
    now we all get to see what it means to fight for your freedom because this time around your freedom and your family freedom is on the line if we lose we lose everything

  • robert johnson
    robert johnson Month ago

    the hell with the Chinese you cannot trust them I work with the Chinese for over 40 years I work for a meat company dead rich that deal went to Republic people of China I feel I work for and they are untrustworthy they are criminals yes to family was a criminal family and they are very very untrustworthy people they lie like hell they told me them self they try to get all the Chinese into this country for they can take it over. they're trying to rule the world and that's what they wantto do and they hate Russia to they say Russia it's a piece of crap then people are terrible terrible people

  • the10thleper
    the10thleper Month ago

    You know.... as I understand it..... To settle any debts between countries is one, pay the debt. Or two, declare war on that country and that cancels any and all debts. How much do we owe China? How much of they're assets are in our vaults? How much property in the USA can we seize from them? We don't owe China shit, all property in America is now America's! HA HA HA HA HA HA Bring it China.

  • Lutchman Nandlal
    Lutchman Nandlal Month ago

    China is shielding n.keora USA you have to tell China to get out of your way and bomb n.keora

  • K G
    K G Month ago

    I am OK with N. Korean being annexed by China. Just let the US bomb them and then the Chinese turn it into one big Alibaba. Make it the world's next Silicon Valley. Or, here's another scenario, N. Korean launches, and we launch back and have one of our many Ohio class nuclear submarines on standby where a single Trident MIRV missile can annihilate several large metropolises under 20 minutes from the time of launch. Just a reminder to others to stay the fuck sharp and think of the consequences. People think the US would not do this. They are wrong. Foreign leaders are really stupid to think the US doesn't have a long term strategy or would be held hostage to popular US opinion or that we don't have the memory or patience to commit to a long term political and military campaign. If they do, then they haven't been following the news for the past decade and a half.

  • Stolas Dae
    Stolas Dae Month ago

    how does one get the date to attend if so?

  • Marvin Werner
    Marvin Werner Month ago

    What is most scarey is reading through all of these comments. I only hope that our world leaders totally ignore this kind of brainless diatribe, spewed out all over the social media. No one seems to know much about anything for sure. You all act like you know what you are talking about and have all the answers to all the world problems, but you know virtually nothing other than hatred toward everything and each other. One side is no better than the other. Both sides seem to be hell bent on destroying everything. That's pretty much what the human species has been doing for centuries. Keep it up folks and you'll finally succeed at something. What we are seeing in the streets of Hamburg right now is a good example of what the entire world is coming to.

  • nastynorm13
    nastynorm13 Month ago

    China is in bed with fat boy,plain and simple.

  • Edward Roberson
    Edward Roberson Month ago

    I would put the tha d miss all systems in Japan as well!

  • Estella Davis
    Estella Davis Month ago

    can KIM and DONALD negotiate? kim is his father's son, young son as george w. bush was the son when deciding the iraq thing. kim sees the beginning and not the end. mr. trump, on the other hand has to consider the results of such an attack. can they see eye to eye?

  • Lutchman Nandlal
    Lutchman Nandlal Month ago

    fuck China USA will bomb your mothercunt


    So they are against defensive system, how's about we throw tactical strategic offensive arms in their place? That would be better, right?

  • mary nurdoch
    mary nurdoch Month ago +1

    We all breathe the same air, we rely on our oceans! Nobody profits from nuclear weapons! We kill this planet where do we go, nowhere!

  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown Month ago

    to hell whit the slant eyed idiot and the russian also they will stand by and watch as we tear apart north korea and don't stop until every thing is gone not a living sole their

  • Cheryl Swenson
    Cheryl Swenson Month ago

    I heard North Korea is China's mafia

  • Rick Higson
    Rick Higson Month ago

    Fuck china,they will continue demanding,and giving nothing!

  • Morris Timothy
    Morris Timothy Month ago


  • P Hern
    P Hern Month ago

    We need to scrub North Korea of the planet . Military option is good. Making North Korea under Chinese rule and removing fatty fat fat must be done as well .

  • josef-olivia Transit
    josef-olivia Transit Month ago +1

    All weapons are Offensive !

  • Dan Hurt
    Dan Hurt Month ago

    The THADD missile system was designed for defense so why is China getting upset about South Korea's defense system. I believe China wants to attack South Korea, or why else would their panties get all twisted.

  • Ashotgun23
    Ashotgun23 Month ago

    As usual the CPC double play is hindering the stability of the entire Asia.
    The real threat is China who wants to keep its business with North Korea alive no matter how far Kim Jong Un will go with his nuclear program.
    China has no intention to lose its power and influence in North Korea, giving the World another demonstration of how deceiving and dangerous is the behaviour of Beijing around Asia.
    The Chinese Communist Party knows very well that if the North Korean threat is eliminated, the Korean peninsula would be unified under the control of South Korea and with the economic support from US and Japan.

  • Mike Grover
    Mike Grover Month ago

    Ooops... I didn't see the date of the video...

  • Mike Grover
    Mike Grover Month ago

    as this change of heart working with the US against North Korea change of heart before or after ButtBammer went to visit China???

  • Sun East
    Sun East Month ago

    The reason Americans will be doomed is due to the fact that you're all cry babies and pussies. You blame everyone else but your own stupidity. The Rothschilds have been screwing your ass since 1871 and you either don't feel it or like it. To the rest of the world, you are "We The Peons". Especially you Pete Deiler Moron.

  • Surud Patel
    Surud Patel Month ago

    Why in the World should China take orders from Trump. They are a Sovereign Nation and have their own axe to grind.

  • Allen Smith
    Allen Smith Month ago


  • Jack Dudley Austin Jr.

    More bullshit!

  • Bobby Taylor
    Bobby Taylor Month ago

    Why don't someone just put a bullet in this piece of shit head

  • Mike Fredrickson
    Mike Fredrickson Month ago

    There will be no peace when dealing with crazy fanatics! Pacification doesn't work with crazies! Just look at the eight years we went through the past administration!

  • stan wilson
    stan wilson Month ago

    China forgets.without USA they would be Japan that's what we get letting countries to take advantage of are kindness .but I say they back away they don't want USA looking at them as well 💪🇺🇸

  • just blaze
    just blaze Month ago

    Why Americans have so much hate towards other people? North Korea has done anything to anyone, they haven't started any wars nor leave orphans and broken families with no direction all over the world. What U.S. should do is to try and make peace in the world instead of killing other people.

    • Timothy Blair
      Timothy Blair 7 days ago

      just blaze , The North Korean dictator has routinely threatened our allies and the U.S. with inhalation. They even made a cheesy propaganda film that looks like it was made by a 2nd grader. The U.S. has mutual aid agreements to come to the defense of many allied nations and we also have soldiers stationed in those same countries. In the past little kim threatens a country and gets USAID in the form of food for its starving population. I don't think that it is working as well now and thus we are seeing threats more often.

  • Charles Fred
    Charles Fred Month ago


  • cmscms123456
    cmscms123456 2 months ago

    IF I was US President, Id have North Korea and China fighting each other.... then Id throw India and Pakistan in also. Then sell weapons to all sides, hope that the all lose.

  • cmscms123456
    cmscms123456 2 months ago

    The chinks are liars. Cut off China, NO TRADE.

  • lissa brown
    lissa brown 2 months ago

    china is a liar or a pussys

  • shadowbugs28
    shadowbugs28 2 months ago

    All these crazy politicians want to push their weight at any cost. Worry about your own country and stop being the aggressor.

  • lastgleeming
    lastgleeming 2 months ago

    Chilling.............FOR WHO??????????????????? China better hope and pray the US doesn't arm Japan and South Korea with intermediate range Nuclear Missiles.  How is it that every country other than the US is portrayed as a super invincible power and the US is treated like a misbehaving weak child. THE US IS THE SUPERPOWER HERE!!  If we are not then CHina can send there navy to the sea of japan and move our ships out of the Pacific.  Yeah, exactly all talk and no action cowards!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cody Manivanh
    Cody Manivanh 2 months ago

    China you have no room to talk USA can wipe you out so fast. Fuck China

  • nellie Miller
    nellie Miller 2 months ago

    N korea is the red herring for the world while the world is watching this dog and pony show nibiru is closing in on planet earth and the mother fckin elites are heading to check in at their 5 star shelters.You stupid cock suckers are being fed bull shit being mid informed when you wake up you will already be screwed.The world leaders plan for you fckin peasants to be converted into groceries your women and children raped pillaged and pizzagated .Your leaders plan to abandon ship everyone for t

  • Joseph GEIS
    Joseph GEIS 2 months ago

    To Bad China We Will protect our soil, Get Over It !

  • cmscms123456
    cmscms123456 2 months ago

    Never trust the Chinks... Time is short for China. The US and Russia will ally to punch out China.

  • Craig Dillon
    Craig Dillon 2 months ago

    China has been of NO help with NK. Kim has gone rogue. US and SK have no choice, but to use THAAD to protect themselves.
    If China does not want THAAD, and its high power radar, then they should force changes in Kim and NK.
    If they don't, f**k them.

  • jaycee2010
    jaycee2010 2 months ago

    Why would China expect the USA to remove defensive missile systems as long as the little fat man keeps threatening to nuke everybody, China should shut the hell up or use their influence to get that POS to quit threatening everyone. I say they are legitimate to have to defend against his constant threats. Someone needs to take this guy out, he is a threat to all of us.

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