Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Equal access to online information is once again under serious threat. John Oliver encourages internet commenters to voice their displeasure to the FCC by visiting and clicking "express" to file your comment.

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  • Runtime: 19:33
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Comments: 9 070

  • mrnnhnz
    mrnnhnz 6 hours ago

    link doesn't work at the moment. Perhaps they've fcced with your site...

  • Harika velpula
    Harika velpula 9 hours ago

    Hello!I have seen your video really it is amazing video and here is a high-quality article with unique content related to net neutrality once go through it

  • g. c.
    g. c. 23 hours ago

    wait....did he say verizon was all for neutrality?you might wanna ask netflix and youtube if verizon supports net neutrality..seriously look it up..they violated net neutrality.or should i say their new term they use.optimized

  • ShaunWhite&TownyHawk Fan


  • dianthusfirewitch
    dianthusfirewitch 1 day ago

    I tried to leave a comment at the website but a note came up telling me that I had to give away a lot of personal information, and that that personal information would be available to view for other people on the internet...

  • The official gamer
    The official gamer 1 day ago

    The world is so FUCKED UP that you can only trust comedy shows.

  • Jake Sandler
    Jake Sandler 1 day ago

    Preserve net neutrality and Title II. I specifically support strong net neutrality backed by Title II oversight of ISPs.

  • Incog Neato
    Incog Neato 1 day ago

    I'm drinking the blood of smaller mugs.

  • Frozen Knight
    Frozen Knight 2 days ago

    Sorry i'm a little late to the game.

    Before everyone forgets, last time we had an Open Form for Net Neutrality an issue came up. Over 60% of the letters received came from one company. This caused the FCC to initially state that we overwhelmingly opposed Net Neutrality. It took us the people getting pissed at that statement for the FCC to investigate and backtrack and give us what we wanted. I doubt an FCC headed by Ajit Pai will do a second take if we dislike the ruling.
    My solution, I suggest we send more than one comment each, if allowed. Spam them, don't let our voices be squelched out a second time. If they did it once they can do it again, we need to prevent this.

  • shubham kumar
    shubham kumar 3 days ago

    this video froze many times for me...hmmm

  • Penderekki
    Penderekki 3 days ago

    Everyone, from commies to nazis and anyone in between should be in favor of net neutrality. No one, NO ONE, benefits from its removal, except the fucking ISPs. Dirty scumbags.

  • Soly Le
    Soly Le 3 days ago

    "Please tell me if I'm related to a Nazi. dotcom" Probs, if you have any German family.

  • Jon Gullett
    Jon Gullett 4 days ago

    Boo hoo, big companies like Google sitting on nearly a trillion dollars don't want to share the cost of building out the infrastructure.

  • Silver Swift
    Silver Swift 4 days ago

    The FCC won't let us be

  • KiloShank
    KiloShank 4 days ago +1

    Theres a terrorist in charge of the FCC, well done Trump. You fucked up harder than Krillin did in the last episode of DBS. Not worried, I have sprint so if they throttle anything I won't even notice in the hour it would take to get that data anyway.

  • Verdonne
    Verdonne 4 days ago

    ........talking gibberish!!!!! All I know is that all ABC government agencies are not controlled by our elected officials.....most of them only work for the global excuse me for not believing this crap!!!!!

  • Zelos Wilder
    Zelos Wilder 4 days ago

    I sincerely cannot believe that 2,615 people watched this and said, "Yeah, I want cable companies to make me their bitch."

  • Josh Lawson
    Josh Lawson 4 days ago

    Possibly the greatest speech since 1996 when Independence Day graced theatres around the world

  • yoji0
    yoji0 4 days ago

    0:48 "Relative Obscurity is my middle name!" I thought it was William...

  • robin2012ism
    robin2012ism 4 days ago

    If you go there now, they have disabled the FORM so that when you are done filling it out and hit continue to review, your name is removed and the FORM cannot be submitted. It's a circle of jerks at the FCC now.

  • Caleb Penner
    Caleb Penner 4 days ago

    Also i hated phone companies and other companies having control over the internet too much conflict of interest. If we need a company than make it so that it is a pure internet so their is no conflict of interest.

  • Caleb Penner
    Caleb Penner 4 days ago

    This guys is a dumbass oh he is appointed by trump? Makes sense

  • fyrestorme123
    fyrestorme123 5 days ago +1

    Ajit pai... lying piece of shit ass wipe fuck tard bullshitting rat fuck son of a bitch

  • Anomalies Intent
    Anomalies Intent 5 days ago

    As long as they don't slow my porn

  • RTA
    RTA 5 days ago

    TMZ is the fucking worst thing in the world

  • ian sahleen
    ian sahleen 5 days ago

    john oliver you should make a video with youtube personality Pyrocynical

  • Vendus
    Vendus 6 days ago

    13:27 That guy has very uncomfortably big eyes. Was that photo shopped?

  • Andrea Youngken
    Andrea Youngken 6 days ago

    my favourite part of Last Week Tonight is that John Oliver actually DOES something to make a change. These videos give me hope for this country

  • James C
    James C 7 days ago

    So your favored guy (Obama) brought in a lobbyist who wanted to implement "Neutrality" (i.e. regulation), and did to some extent, and now you're complaining about Trump wanting to return to the way the Net used to work.

    • Effect
      Effect 5 days ago

      Or, you didn't watch the videos regarding net neutrality.

  • Ognjen Tasic
    Ognjen Tasic 7 days ago

    relative obscurity is his city

  • Pretty Bayou Productions

    Net Neutrality II: Electric Boogaloo

  • TheOwlninja
    TheOwlninja 7 days ago

    autism UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Stampbach
    Steve Stampbach 7 days ago

    Quite a dishonest representation of net neutrality.

    If you are interested in an intelligent explanation of anti-net neutrality, please read nobel prize recipient Gary Becker's article:

    It may not convince you, but it will present the view point without logical fallacy, lying, and manipulation. I implore you to not rely on a comedian, a large coffee mug, and 3 strawman arguments to persuade you one way or the other.

  • Louis Riehl
    Louis Riehl 7 days ago

    Well that's, like, your opinion man.

  • Cédric BAZILE
    Cédric BAZILE 7 days ago

    Please do a segment on Syria

  • varun aggarwal
    varun aggarwal 8 days ago

    I was so moved watching this I almost opened that link then I remembered Iam not from US lol....

  • vodkacannon
    vodkacannon 8 days ago +1

    Equal acess to information is more important than more profit for corporations

  • Sky Jax
    Sky Jax 8 days ago

    The worst thing about this is how everyone in the audience laughed at that damn goat video.

  • Bosse Linder
    Bosse Linder 8 days ago

    I instantly thought of TFS when he mentioned Tom from Myspace XD

  • Eren Cem Tezcan
    Eren Cem Tezcan 9 days ago

    John Oliver the hero we need but not the one we deserve

  • Nathan Mitchell
    Nathan Mitchell 9 days ago

    The only thing worse than corporations having control of the internet is having the government control it.

  • Commandant64
    Commandant64 9 days ago

    This Pai guy seems like a sociopath, it's like he just googled "things to say and do to make you look funny and relatable"

  • Brian
    Brian 9 days ago

    It seems that our country is on the road to becoming like Belarus, unless Trump could be stopped sucking the dictator's cock

  • SuperTrekkieCat
    SuperTrekkieCat 9 days ago +1

    Did anyone else pause and read the terms of service on the screen to prove him wrong?

  • gkissell2
    gkissell2 9 days ago

    Watching “Last Week Tonight,” should be compulsory!

  • Bobby Vincent
    Bobby Vincent 9 days ago

    One more day to get your message in

  • Hex Isme
    Hex Isme 9 days ago +1,DESC
    Filings 8,170,256 results
    As of 7/16/2017 Let's keep it going!!

  • Ultimate Random Guy
    Ultimate Random Guy 10 days ago

    But what does Corey Taylor think of this?

  • nik t
    nik t 10 days ago

    he just asked 4chan for help....
    well.... RIP FCC. When 4chan gets mobilized, not even the FBI can stop them.

  • Daway Legit
    Daway Legit 10 days ago +1

    Socialist propaganda

  • Lewis M
    Lewis M 10 days ago

    Way to not put your corporate parents at AT&T on blast John lmao

  • Demian Arechar
    Demian Arechar 10 days ago

    One of the very few things I agree on with this man.

  • Dylan Wood
    Dylan Wood 10 days ago


  • Loona Moona
    Loona Moona 10 days ago +2

    Internet is doomed.... Trump is a villain who wants to make money for himself... He must of cheated during the election with an exceptional hacker... His goal was to control over the internet... control all of the companies... welp destiny 2 and anthem at this rate is not going to be alive.... as they pay a trump fee..... and users pay the platinum fee. welp this is going to be world war 3.

  • Robert Ricks
    Robert Ricks 10 days ago

    Too bad it Lost

  • thien nguyen
    thien nguyen 10 days ago

    9GAG squad where u at?

  • Ryan May
    Ryan May 10 days ago

    rarely agree with him. i agree with him on net neutrality!

  • meowmeow44444
    meowmeow44444 10 days ago

    Why the fuck are we still dealing with with issue in 2017? Why are ISP so evil in their thinking?

  • meowmeow44444
    meowmeow44444 10 days ago

    Satan is Satan.......Of course ISPs think nothing of fucking you over to make more money.

  • Karl Paabut
    Karl Paabut 10 days ago

    Who the fuck disliked this video? Are they fucking retarded?

  • ZEmBaNu Nega
    ZEmBaNu Nega 11 days ago

    You Americans should stop buying your internet from Verizon, the USA wants to become what it was before Theodore Roosevelt became the USA president in the late 1890s, a nation where big companies ruled, paid employees the least possible, and stopped smaller companies from rising.

    This time it is NOT just the USA that will be affected, it is the world.

  • GamerSmack
    GamerSmack 11 days ago +1

    I'm sure they could pass it if the said it was to help *Insert anything related to feminism*.

  • Quen Loust
    Quen Loust 11 days ago

    If it isn't there to kill the free internet, then why the fuck are we getting rid of it?

  • OnlyForThePriceOf999
    OnlyForThePriceOf999 11 days ago is another very good place to send in your thoughts!

  • 223Drone
    223Drone 11 days ago

    You have to be stupid to oppose net neutrality then again people like Ben Shapiro, Paul Joseph Watson, Steven Crowder, Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux oppose net neutrality yet the claim to support free speech.

  • HateSolstice127
    HateSolstice127 11 days ago

    What really saddens me is that most non-Americans(i.e. Europeans, Latin Americans, etc.) I've spoken to don't give two shits what happens to us, and think we deserve it. What they don't seem to understand or comprehend is the fact that this could very easily set a precedence for other countries to follow suit. And what's the next step after this? Will things like SOPA and PIPA get resurrected? Because if that happens, then those WILL have a direct affect on other countries. I know people think Americans are arrogant(as far as I'm concerned, most of humanity is), but this isn't about that. Like it or not, the US is in a position as a world power that could easily set trends in other countries with its laws and regulations. And with websites such as Google/YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and so many more being based in the US, these laws could potentially affect those websites for EVERYBODY.

    Look, I get it. Giving a shit about what happens to someone in a country that isn't your own(or hell, often times, even within your country)is really hard. But you gotta open your eyes and see the bigger picture here. We've already seen ridiculous things like this happen before. As I mentioned above, SOPA and PIPA were a thing just a few short years ago. Do you really want to see something like that happen again? Just because you're not American doesn't mean your government hasn't and won't try the same things. Just look at Australia, for example. Violent video games are pretty heavily censored there(according to the people that I have spoken to that live there plus the research I've done), and there are a lot of games that are forbidden from ever being sold there. Australian adults are basically treated like they are incapable of determining what is and isn't okay for them to witness or experience in the confines of their own homes when it comes to entertainment media. Or in Germany, which, according to what I have read and heard, similar laws are in place regarding violence or the depiction of the Nazi party in video games. I will fully admit I don't know the full story to that, but as I said, according to everything I've read and heard from people that live there, they're kind of strict about that stuff.

    The point I"m trying to make is, this is wrong on so many levels. And as a human being, I think you owe it to yourself and your own personal liberties, as well as those of your fellow man, to put a stop to such bullshit. I mean, if nothing is done about this, what is stopping us from becoming the next China or North Korea in terms of freedom?

  • Litho Thiel
    Litho Thiel 11 days ago

    Filed mine!!!

  • The Besteva1999
    The Besteva1999 11 days ago

    Maybe we are in the wild west era of the internet. And just like the wild west it may die

  • Andrew Abbey
    Andrew Abbey 11 days ago

    In the comment I sent to Pai, I implanted every example of Net Neutrality violations and warned him that if he disregards it, he has proven that he does not care about the American people.
    This article has confirmed that it is indeed the case.

  • Sun Glaze
    Sun Glaze 11 days ago +1

    What goes in "Name(s) of Filter(s)" on the form? It says it's required to be filled

  • Confucius
    Confucius 11 days ago

    this debate only applies to the us right?

  • McFlopps
    McFlopps 11 days ago

    lets say you don't have data any more. and your buddy is in the back odding so your like fuck i cant call the cops me phone don't work so you decide to load a page on the wifi about controlling or helping someone odding but you cant cause you got to pay 19.99 for a webpage

  • MegaChickenfish
    MegaChickenfish 11 days ago

    I'd watch this video but for some reason it won't load. _Strange._

  • Melony Smith
    Melony Smith 12 days ago

    Done 😝 not so lazy after all

  • TheMarijn27
    TheMarijn27 12 days ago

    im happy to live in the netherlands :)

  • Dank Weedington
    Dank Weedington 12 days ago

    John "relative obscurity" Oliver

  • Jet Myers
    Jet Myers 12 days ago

    why isnt it called Net Neutrality II: electric boogaloo

  • strongmoon1
    strongmoon1 12 days ago

    What other reason is there to dislike this video? You guys support ending net neutrality, you motherfuckers.

  • Jack Newton
    Jack Newton 12 days ago

    Go SCC a cock

  • Garrison Christian
    Garrison Christian 12 days ago

    That's a sheep

  • Jordan DeMattia
    Jordan DeMattia 12 days ago

    Whenever i try to submit it deletes my name and says a name is required

    ZzZzTHEFLAMEZzZz 12 days ago +1

    Everyone needs to calm the fuck down. Government will not allow a theft of liberty. FCC, Comcast and the other cunts will be laughed at. Ajit Pai might get locked up.

  • TheSharpmarksman
    TheSharpmarksman 12 days ago +2

    where is Antifa and their molotovs now?
    we need to bomb the fuck out Verizon and Crapcast HQ's
    also the fucking congress for allowing this shameless reskin of Sopa

  • shino akamaru
    shino akamaru 12 days ago

    once you see how long his thumbs actually are you can't unsee it

  • D. Dickens
    D. Dickens 12 days ago

    Greasy Filth Monster and Feminism actually go pretty well together.

  • alstinson
    alstinson 12 days ago

    Net Neutrality 2 E-Netric Neutaloo

  • Nite Lite
    Nite Lite 12 days ago

    Not the kitten pictures!!!

  • n zim
    n zim 12 days ago

    I did my part.

  • mallik arjun
    mallik arjun 12 days ago

    Hey American if u want your country to be democratic First kick out Indians fron your country.They are slow poisons they slowly overtake u.They are so cunning especially those Brahmin bastards

  • mallik arjun
    mallik arjun 12 days ago

    ajit pai is indian American.Indians views are very undemocratic and selfish.This guy proves it again.leave america indians let them leave free dont impose ur fucking attitudes on them.

  • Sam Mousa
    Sam Mousa 12 days ago

    this is amazing!

  • ELM
    ELM 12 days ago

    Can i help with this even if i don't live on the U.S?

  • Stuart Van Der Merwe
    Stuart Van Der Merwe 12 days ago

    John Oliver you're really awesome, loved this vid a lot!

  • Fiachra Harrington
    Fiachra Harrington 12 days ago +1

    he recognises the greatness of 4chan and reddit, whom have been blessed by kek, maybe he can see the light of the memes soon

    • boco65
      boco65 12 days ago

      I think I lost brain cells reading this

  • Linus Newman
    Linus Newman 12 days ago

    I understand very little of this

  • Decafeiner21
    Decafeiner21 12 days ago

    WEll, 'Muricans, better step up your game before this shit splatters all over the rest of the world !

  • Homemadegameguru
    Homemadegameguru 12 days ago

    Trump's obsession with undoing everything Obama did in his 8 years has hit the height of madness with Ajit Pai and his ridiculous idea that undoing Net Neutrality will "help boost business, innovation and competition". Dem or Republican, religious or atheist - none of that shit matters if a handful of companies get to dictate how fast or slow your favorite sites work. It's called an oligopoly and it never helps out consumers. Think back - the same BS was said when the housing market was deregulated. We were told 'banks would never take advantage of consumers and the market will create growth'...while the reality showed it ultimately causing a global crippling recession based on the greed of a handful of large banks. Have we learned nothing from past mistakes?!
    Put aside petty differences and for once people need to unite against this madness. The internet is fair and balanced as it is! Fox News and MSNBC can equally attack and insult each other based on current rules - neither has an unfair advantage and their growth is based on how good they are at what they do, versus who pays more for internet speed. Without Net Neutrality, we would STILL have MySpace and Netscape as the industry leaders instead of Facebook, Twitter and Google who brought in innovation as previous small start-ups on an EQUAL playing field. Now. why innovate when you can simply outspend others. Ajit Pai - one man - is about to destroy freedom in a way we never believed was possible! I enjoy the fruits of capitalism as much as the next person, but there is a line to how far we let things go before capitalism cannibalizes the larger society for profits. Some people like Pai don't get that and that is SCARY!

  • dogishappy0
    dogishappy0 12 days ago

    I believe net neutrality should be reversed. Before the law was passed, I had multiple ISP's to chose from. So when my 480p YouTube video was constantly buffering, I changed my provider and found that my videos were no longer being buffered. Today I choose the lowest costing plan because it doesn't make any difference since all data needs to be treated the same.

    There's a catch though, my internet is considerably more expensive today than it was 5 years ago. Even for the lowest costing plan.

    I never stream in 1080 or 4k, yet the cost of my internet access has sky rocketed because of everyone else's use. ISP's should be able to charge streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Twitch, etc. more to compensate for their disproportionate consumption of band with.

    I've noticed that the companies that are most for protecting net neutrality as it is, are the companies that use the most data. they don't want to increase the price of their streaming service to pay their fair share for the internet infrastructure that they use.

    • boco65
      boco65 12 days ago

      You must realize that your internet speed will slow down and the price will stay the same. Its called throttling, and without title II, there is no one to keep ISPs from doing it.

  • Carlos A. Calderon
    Carlos A. Calderon 12 days ago +14

    Where's Anonymous when we need them the most ? XD

    • TheBedrockBuster
      TheBedrockBuster 12 days ago

      Carlos A. Calderon probably running around in the deep web looking for child porn to yell at

  • Crunchy Cat
    Crunchy Cat 12 days ago

    Ok t mobile it is

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