Star Wars: The Last Jedi | Behind The Scenes - 13 Things You Missed (SPOILERS)

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  • Behind Star Wars
    Behind Star Wars 9 days ago +62

    A-Wing*** lol. I made this video at 3am. Sorry. :)

    • eddygoombah
      eddygoombah 5 days ago

      I was being sarcastic. Of course that is clay.

    • Bill Sembach
      Bill Sembach 6 days ago

      *L* I was stressing to my monitor "That is an!!" *LMAO* :-)

    • ThomasTheHuman
      ThomasTheHuman 7 days ago

      lmao I stopped just to comment my trigger

    • Nikola Bakich
      Nikola Bakich 8 days ago

      A wing def looks more sleek doesnt have the part behind the cockpit

    • dat581
      dat581 8 days ago

      Behind Star Wars: The A-Wings in the above trailer look like a cross between the Star Wars Rebels A-Wing which are very close to the original Ralph McQuarie concept drawing and the original A-Wing from Return of the Jedi. I was most annoyed when Disney changed the back story for the A-Wing and made them much older. I really hope they don't mess with the X-Wing back story too much!

  • Richard Lewis
    Richard Lewis 21 hour ago

    So, it is not going to be a rehash of Empire strikes back but we are getting a battle between aircraft and walkers on a snow covered planet that could be an old rebel base?....

  • Matthew Hickey
    Matthew Hickey 1 day ago

    A wing not B wing

  • William Eliyahu Grayson

    Luke will die in Episode 8

  • hondorocks
    hondorocks 2 days ago

    That is an A-Wing!

  • Francisco Mendez
    Francisco Mendez 3 days ago

    The crait part was recorded in Bolivia in south america

  • Orange Avachoo
    Orange Avachoo 3 days ago

    I wonder why rose and finn are wearing the first order uniforms. it doesn't seem like they'd be disguising as the bad guys again they just did it last year ;-;

  • spiderstingdrew
    spiderstingdrew 3 days ago

    isn't that Lando?

  • Michael Linkovski
    Michael Linkovski 3 days ago

    Rey's hair always looks wet because she sweats. Since she lived in an AT AT on Jakku, I can imagine she doesn't shower and she looks like she stinks

    • PatrickSimpson
      PatrickSimpson 2 days ago

      Michael Linkovski she probably made her own shower/bath

  • Ruben Ramirez
    Ruben Ramirez 3 days ago

    Talk about the snowflake dog!!

  • Tayni Paash
    Tayni Paash 3 days ago

    I think every time he said b-wing he meant a-wing

  • FlareWars Galaxy
    FlareWars Galaxy 3 days ago

    I wouldnt be surprised if a Casino wasnt Landos.

  • Ruby Cross
    Ruby Cross 3 days ago

    i like how you said bullshit so calm

  • David Orla
    David Orla 4 days ago

    Maybe write a script before recording the video but thumbs up

  • Ryan Forsythe
    Ryan Forsythe 4 days ago

    Dude your video puts me to sleep 😪😴

  • ecwaufisxtreme
    ecwaufisxtreme 4 days ago

    The big climatic scene will be the long awaited Rey dismemberment scene!

  • Zz-Destroyah-ZZ Brady

    The new first order officer suit is a nice navy blue

  • Dotseoem
    Dotseoem 5 days ago

    The red dust is a smoke screen.

  • CKR
    CKR 5 days ago

    Why are you whispering

  • Marcelo Luis
    Marcelo Luis 5 days ago

    It's more like red dirt than liquid. But yeah

  • Ellinor04
    Ellinor04 5 days ago

    1:49 i was in Dubrovnik today and yesterday. I'm in Cavtat rn. (I'm Norwegian, so i'm on vacation to croatia)

  • Anthony Holiman
    Anthony Holiman 5 days ago

    *A wing

    JAWA JAMM 5 days ago

    That's an A-wing not a B-wing

  • Ricardo Diaz
    Ricardo Diaz 5 days ago

    One of the biggest flaws and criticisms of TFA was the unoriginality of the movie. Specifically the stupidest idea of making a bigger Death Star that only blows up more than one planet at a time. Now we have a climactic battle over a white surface against bigger and badder AT-ATs. Smh And what is with those force Disney penguins. What the heck is that?? I didn't like TFA. I hope this one isn't another rip off

  • david fox
    david fox 6 days ago +2


    • david fox
      david fox 3 days ago

      Commander Drex TRUE DAT!

    • Commander Drex
      Commander Drex 3 days ago

      david fox ikr, plus dat jedi outfit she's wearing makes it sexier.

  • HdRbasteln
    HdRbasteln 6 days ago

    Why do you talking like youre stoned af ?😂

  • Aiden4Jesus2017
    Aiden4Jesus2017 6 days ago

    What if the Knights of Ren scene in Rey's vision takes place AFTER the Battle of Crait, and is on Crait with the dead bodies being Resistance Fighters and First Order Stormtroopers?

  • TheStgmp44
    TheStgmp44 6 days ago +1

    at 10:35 the puppet sat at the centre of the table looks like a baddie out of the original Thunderbirds.

  • Raptor One
    Raptor One 6 days ago +1

    Bruh the ships on crait are trying 2 make a smokescreen

  • greatskyriver
    greatskyriver 6 days ago

    was lara dern talking to lando? that profile....

  • Clint Sutton
    Clint Sutton 7 days ago

    Is it me or does Captain Phasma's armor look bitch . I hope she has a bigger part in this film ,which to me looks to be true. She should be called Captain Bling. Also on another note, I know its cool that Rey has the family lightsaber, but i still have my fingers crossed for her to sporting a double blade.

  • Adrian Flores
    Adrian Flores 7 days ago

    why are you whispering

    • RU469 IAm
      RU469 IAm 6 days ago

      Adrian Flores because he's a douche

  • StevenC32
    StevenC32 7 days ago +1

    Will Finn and Rey finally kiss?

  • woodyobi
    woodyobi 7 days ago

    Not a frisking liquid...stop saying liquid ya boon

  • Randelius
    Randelius 7 days ago

    red liquid? Looks like dirt to me...

  • Klee Bro
    Klee Bro 7 days ago

    red liquid!? seriously dude, you think that's liquid?

  • TheMaleRei
    TheMaleRei 7 days ago

    Wait - wait, they were worried about the goofiness of the scar based off the injury inflicted upon Adam Driver in the previous movie?
    They cast a goofy looking person in the role, and they're worried about the scar?
    Talk about missing the forest for trees...

  • sL Revelation
    sL Revelation 7 days ago

    Can you talk with more enthusiasm you sound like your on the verge of suicide liven up a bit

  • porkkingdomextra
    porkkingdomextra 7 days ago

    that might have been Kenny Baker. He died after shooting finished.

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B 7 days ago +2

    at this point, the film looks more like episode 2 than episode 5. climactic AT battle, wealthy planet like coruscant, etc... I love it.

    • POTV Yu
      POTV Yu 7 days ago

      Mega Faggot me too

  • Director Krennic
    Director Krennic 7 days ago

    Red dust=red stone ... JK

  • yea02
    yea02 7 days ago

    Rey gained up some weight? Very good, very good... <Palpatine's voice>

  • Xander Theunissen
    Xander Theunissen 8 days ago

    The buildings in the beginning is actually the first Jedi Temple... it's in the script

    BABY TOYS and VIDEOS 8 days ago +3

    Star wars is the BEST

  • Jekub Fimbulwing
    Jekub Fimbulwing 8 days ago

    A quick look at the Aurebesh font gives the words above the praetorian guard as "Crush The" what ever that's supposed to mean.

    P.S. no love for Poe Dameron in an A-wing at 10:21?

    • Jekub Fimbulwing
      Jekub Fimbulwing 4 days ago

      Yeah, just looked at the toy and the picture again. Looks like a "Ski Speeder", Shame really. Would have loved to see him in an A-wing. Still might though, It looks like his X-wing gets blown in the teaser, so here's hoping! (fingers crossed!)

    • Sooth Sayer
      Sooth Sayer 4 days ago

      It's a ski speeder, not an A-Wing.

  • Carlos Aguilera
    Carlos Aguilera 8 days ago +4

    3:21 THis was filmed in Bolivia. In the biggest salt ocean.

    • Zaczus 333
      Zaczus 333 3 days ago

      Carlos Aguilera Old good times in Ghost Recon : Wildlands

  • Xavier Sorrent
    Xavier Sorrent 8 days ago +5

    Kylo Ren is fighting against 2 light sabers because he is fighting against Luke and Rey.

    • ecwaufisxtreme
      ecwaufisxtreme 4 days ago

      Kylo is going to chop Rey's arm off at the end of this episode. Rey will be building and fitting her new robotic arm.

    • GrandPapa16
      GrandPapa16 5 days ago

      Indeed, he's fighting 2 guys with sticks and then we see Rey fighting 3 guys with sticks. My bet is that he'll be redeemed by mommy and then team up with the invincible Rey (after learning she's his sister or cousin) against the knights of Ren. That would fit an Avengers kind of story since Rey is simply a Marvel superhero in a SW OT set.

    • Derek Ford
      Derek Ford 6 days ago

      I'm with Xavier on this. Really not interested in seeing Darth Vader redemption 2.0: now with more emo haircuts!

    • Benjaman2000
      Benjaman2000 8 days ago

      Xavier Sorrent or he turns to the light after a big revelation and fights the red guard with rey.

  • Daniel Beeler
    Daniel Beeler 8 days ago

    Just found your channel today, nice find and subscribed 👍🏻

  • Tamas Karp
    Tamas Karp 8 days ago +1

    Look at the shot of Daisy jumping in the water,the only part that's being filmed is the underwater part.Her legs and arms don't act like normal swimmer's.And think about it Rey lived on jakku there isn't any water on there,where she could learn to swim,and I don't think Luke will be teaching her.

  • zgoncougar
    zgoncougar 8 days ago

    It's not a "space horse" it's just a fucking horse, that no about it, do we call our horses " space horses"? We are just as much in space as those stupid things, it's a god darned horse

  • PidLive
    PidLive 8 days ago +4

    I don't like red sand...

  • The ABC Jug Band
    The ABC Jug Band 8 days ago

    Imagine being that camera man with all that red dust flying all over you.

  • Dark Master
    Dark Master 9 days ago

    do some research, man. The answers you seek lie within the books

  • SMK
    SMK 9 days ago

    within the last 15 seconds of this video i saw General Hux. which was not mentioned in this video

    • Sooth Sayer
      Sooth Sayer 4 days ago

      It's just a chauffeur driving one of the Canto Bight 1%ers. Totally different cap and some weird body-armour type thing right his chest and shoulders.

  • Rebel Scum
    Rebel Scum 9 days ago +1

    kylo is wearing what appears to be a Vader cape

  • neclord 88
    neclord 88 9 days ago

    yeah that's Rey diving into the water even though she grew up on a desert planet she's knows how to swim!

    • POTV Yu
      POTV Yu 7 days ago

      neclord 88 just like how Luke grew up on tattooine but all of a sudden knew how to swim on Dagobah

    • Benjaman2000
      Benjaman2000 8 days ago

      neclord 88 the excuse is gonna be: she learned from luke. lol

  • justice j
    justice j 9 days ago +2

    You missed something!!! #14: If you look at 2:00 the helmets spell out "CBPD" in Aurebesh! perhaps this is something along the lines of "Canto Bight Police Department" considering it comes right after the image of people on Canto Bight.

  • Andy Montechiarini
    Andy Montechiarini 9 days ago

    The part with the walkers remembers me too much of the battle of Hoth

    • Andy Montechiarini
      Andy Montechiarini 9 days ago

      And the part where Rey and Finn dance remembers me too much of the end of episode 6

  • Thomas h cullen
    Thomas h cullen 9 days ago

    Can movie reviews become politicians?

  • Lisa Solo
    Lisa Solo 9 days ago

    Thats an A wing not b wing

  • Adam Mickles
    Adam Mickles 9 days ago

    does anyone else want the naboo starfighter back

  • FallenSecrecy Studios

    this is gonna suck so bad this is just empire 2.0

    • POTV Yu
      POTV Yu 7 days ago

      ed1rko17 right

    • ed1rko17
      ed1rko17 9 days ago

      you are such a fucking retard.

  • L DZ
    L DZ 9 days ago

    Casino planet= Vespine, so who will be the lando? Lando him self?
    The landspeeder battel will be hoth.....

    They do it again......ctrl+c ctrl+v star wars.

    • Preston Ellis
      Preston Ellis 9 days ago

      L DZ But Bespin was a mining colony and Canto is a gambling planet. Almost complete opposites in their functions.

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 9 days ago +3

    i didn't miss A-WING

  • apanda02
    apanda02 9 days ago +4

    lol b wing its an a wing

  • Thomas Koloski
    Thomas Koloski 9 days ago +23

    Instead of you guys being so rude, haven't you ever heard of a simple mistake?

    • Panzar General
      Panzar General 8 days ago

      @Douglas Stephens U know ur not a real fan bitch ass and u still suck yo mommas tittis

    • reimondo mateo
      reimondo mateo 9 days ago

      Douglas Stephens

    • Douglas Stephens
      Douglas Stephens 9 days ago

      Thomas K+for the internet, this is mild. And that's what a lot of us SW hardcore fans do, pore over details, and this is a pretty big mistake actually if you want to tell Star Wars fans about Star Wars. Sure it's a simple mistake, but this plus calling the Crait dust "liquid" kind of blew the guy's credibility a bit, but nobody's calling for his head. Nobody should take it too personally. Just saying

  • Aunt Vesuvi
    Aunt Vesuvi 9 days ago +9

    Loved your video. I'm fairly certain the vivid red substance on planet Crait is more of a powdered mineral (as opposed to a liquid). Keep up the fine work!

  • Андрей Заборский

    Damn, your voice is SO annoying

  • Res
    Res 9 days ago +2

    I enjoyed watching this. Oh btw, those are A-Wings not B-Wings 😉

  • Stu Burnell
    Stu Burnell 9 days ago

    Your voice is so mono tone.. Put some emotion into it!

    • Lizard McPervert
      Lizard McPervert 9 days ago

      Stu Burnell im so sorry im just to hyped for the live action Gwenpool show!

    • Stu Burnell
      Stu Burnell 9 days ago

      Rachel Orenday I think someone is drunk? Your response makes no sense

    • Lizard McPervert
      Lizard McPervert 9 days ago

      Stu Burnell Look i want you to do me a favor,stfu plz,im hyped for this movie and im also hyped for the 2018 Gwenpool show that has no connetction to the MCU or X-men films

    • Stu Burnell
      Stu Burnell 9 days ago

      Rachel Orenday at least you have emotion!

    • Lizard McPervert
      Lizard McPervert 9 days ago

      Stu Burnell nigga plz

  • Edwin Khoo
    Edwin Khoo 9 days ago +4

    It's an A-Wing...

    • David Pemberton
      David Pemberton 9 days ago

      Edwin Khoo yes, A-wing, the B-wing is totally different lol

  • me ogden
    me ogden 9 days ago +2

    I hate red clumpy dirt liquid!

  • MRLein93
    MRLein93 9 days ago

    Hoth deluxe, Yoda deluxe, and Bespin Deluxe. oh joy

  • me ogden
    me ogden 9 days ago +3

    the force awakens distanced itself from the originals as about as much as shit and toilet paper. really hope this next one is money

  • Samuel Porter
    Samuel Porter 9 days ago +2

    I was so close to subscribing to this channel until he called the red dust/dirt a liquid and he clearly doesn't know the difference between a A-wing and a B-wing. I kills me when people claim to be a Star Wars fan (or a fan of anything for that matter) yet has no clue what they are talking about nor do they bother to do research so that they do know what they are talking about.

    • David Pemberton
      David Pemberton 9 days ago

      Samuel Porter I wouldn't go that far, but I have to agree with the A/B-wing mistake, not sure how you can mix the 2 ships up, there utterly different lol, plus the (dust/dirt)/liquid mixup. It does look liquid like in some places, but it still looks very much like dust to me.

    ANTI HERO 9 days ago

    gonna be a doubt

    • hellokouk kouk
      hellokouk kouk 9 days ago

      ep 7 was a nostalgia trip..ep 8 is going to be a mindblown trip

  • holesintheground38
    holesintheground38 9 days ago +43

    this guy really knows his shit when he can't tell an A-Wing from a B-Wing

    and that red liquid? it's called dust. red dust

    • James Spencer
      James Spencer 8 days ago

      holesintheground38 no subs

    • James Spencer
      James Spencer 8 days ago

      holesintheground38 yeah which only shows your lack of success

    • holesintheground38
      holesintheground38 8 days ago

      I don't have a star wars channel NERD :P

    • Mr Peabody
      Mr Peabody 8 days ago

      not only does he call it a b-wing,,,,but he says it twice,,,,I just slapped my forehead

    • James Spencer
      James Spencer 9 days ago

      holesintheground38 he corrected his mistake in the comments if you know how to read.

  • eddygoombah
    eddygoombah 9 days ago +9

    Please don't call yourself a star wars channel and not know what an A wing is

    • gasaholic47
      gasaholic47 12 hours ago

      Grow the fuck up people. If you read his first post, he explained the mistake. Let's hope you're all as coherent at 4am, so stop whining or make your own video.

    • eddygoombah
      eddygoombah 9 days ago

      Absolutely. One of the reasons I love star war so much is unique the ship design. Even though I love the A-Wing (especially from my days on X-Wing vs Tie Fighter), I really want to see a bran new snub fighter we have not seen yet. Not a remake. I'm hopeful for the new skimmer-speeder on Crait. But where's my S-Wing at?

    • Clark B.
      Clark B. 9 days ago

      eddygoombah I wish it was a B-wing. But I'll take an A-wing. It's better than what limited ships they had in TFA.

  • Yoda
    Yoda 9 days ago +3

    I want you to tell me my life story

  • Max
    Max 9 days ago +52

    The red stuff on Crait looks more like a red dust rather than a liquid to me.

    • Klee Bro
      Klee Bro 7 days ago

      Max i was thinking the same thing, like who would think that its liquid i mean come on are doing an in depth review and cant even tell the difference between liquid and dirt

    • Max
      Max 8 days ago

      Jmgjgdjd5 lol sorry, meant Crait (the planet) but autocorrect changed it

    • Jmgjgdjd5
      Jmgjgdjd5 8 days ago

      who is Craig? Daniel Craig?

  • GAINAX01
    GAINAX01 9 days ago +20


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