Coconut Breakfast!

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    Welcome to our new series On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and the team experience on their adventures when they're NOT encountering wildlife.

    On this first video Coyote decides to have a coconut breakfast and attempt to figure out which tastes better...a brown or a green coconut? However once he gets up in the palm tree he finds an incredible surprise!

    Calling all fans of the movie Cast Away, this video is for YOU!

    The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters!

    Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on three exciting expedition series - Breaking Trail, Dragon Tails and Coyote's Backyard - featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas...each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new!

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  • Katinator
    Katinator 15 minutes ago


  • Buckdenver's Gaming Channel


  • Marsh MellowMan
    Marsh MellowMan Hour ago

    Coyote the cat

  • Sydney Bishop
    Sydney Bishop 2 hours ago

    So what in getting from this video is if your stranded get all the coconuts and name the iguanas Wilson

  • Karina De la cruz
    Karina De la cruz 8 hours ago

    Wilson is a player lol

  • Sniper_Shot Road to 1k


  • yng_flameYT yng_svge
    yng_flameYT yng_svge 19 hours ago

    It's feeling rough on my coconuts

  • Audrie McCourry
    Audrie McCourry 20 hours ago

    "That's rough on my coconuts" I'm laughing so hard rn 😂😂

  • Mark Axel Bacalso
    Mark Axel Bacalso 21 hour ago

    Its called the Cocofruit of the Cocotree from the Cocopalm family

  • Sarah Click
    Sarah Click 23 hours ago

    This is by far my favorite video on Coyotes channel!!!👍🏼 I can't stop watching it lol

  • Tammie Herald
    Tammie Herald Day ago


  • Hamilton Obbsesssd


  • zsiceman09
    zsiceman09 Day ago


    TOBY SIK Day ago

    Noooooooooooo wilsoon

  • antoinique williams

    1000 likes if love coyote

  • Katie Bake
    Katie Bake Day ago

    Coyote: Want some Wilson          Wilson: Sure bud!         Coyote: *Eats*          Wilson: .0.

  • Baice Family
    Baice Family Day ago


  • AAbatteriesswag 2

    iv seen cast away when he crashes in the plane into the ocean

  • jackalope5053
    jackalope5053 Day ago

    Mmm... Coconuts.

  • Koen BG
    Koen BG Day ago

    hahahhaha omg i actually laughed out loud when he said "I FOUND AN IGUANA!! I'LL PUT IT IN MY POCKET!" HAHAH

  • sbi976
    sbi976 Day ago +1

    Watch at 8:52 and hear coyote

  • Harry Gaming
    Harry Gaming Day ago

    where is wilson

  • JoJo's Cultist Leader

    Brown coconuts are the old ones while green is new

  • Source filmmaker and stuff

    I am 97 000 k Liker

  • Chloe Martinez
    Chloe Martinez Day ago

    I don't think you are supposed to eat that
    You're not, I just wanted to see what it taste like.

  • Kaydee Arquisola

    4:49 dat face lol

  • Kaydee Arquisola

    3:39 I don't think you souposed to eat that lol that's funny

  • Sarina Mour
    Sarina Mour Day ago

    “Throwing the coconut at the rocks”

  • Kelley Orion
    Kelley Orion Day ago

    The meat is called coconut jelly...

  • Flower Blossom
    Flower Blossom Day ago


  • Therizinosaurolophus

    Today I learned what true victory in life is; holding a green and brown coconut, as well as an iguana.

  • Hulstar Optical
    Hulstar Optical 2 days ago

    6:13 did he slit his wrists or get into a fight with a snapping turtle

  • Coolkj 2002
    Coolkj 2002 2 days ago

    Could you possibly do a video where you go to Australia to try and find a blue tongue skink.

  • Mark Vannurden
    Mark Vannurden 2 days ago +1

    Wow that looks delicious 😋

  • Krunch V
    Krunch V 2 days ago

    I like Castaway too but I cried for Wilson

  • It's Me B
    It's Me B 2 days ago

    You are actually drinking coconut water. The milk is made from the meat

  • The Unicorn
    The Unicorn 2 days ago

    Iguana: I found coyote!!!! Imma go in his pocket!!!!!

  • Keisha Alexis
    Keisha Alexis 2 days ago

    That's how you get into a coconut always go for the brown one

  • Colton Northcutt
    Colton Northcutt 2 days ago

    At 1:43 listen to what he said

  • Elle Jayne181
    Elle Jayne181 2 days ago

    'Have you ever had sushi from the grocery store that's like 4 days expired?'

    'Your eating the wrong sushi man'

  • Kenneth Satria
    Kenneth Satria 2 days ago

    Ah you have tasted kelapa muda...

  • 5ickD0g
    5ickD0g 2 days ago

    I guess rocks have sound

  • beachgirl
    beachgirl 2 days ago

    his voice reminds me of Charlie Day sometimes

  • Lisa Macfarlane
    Lisa Macfarlane 2 days ago

    And brown coconuts aren't ripe

  • Lisa Macfarlane
    Lisa Macfarlane 2 days ago

    Green coconuts are ripe

  • InfectedPanda 49
    InfectedPanda 49 2 days ago

    Looks like mark doesn't enjoy the coconut when he try it

  • Mya Rowlands
    Mya Rowlands 2 days ago

    *takes a huge bite*
    "I don't think you're supposed to eat that"
    *spits it out casually* "Yeah, you're not"

  • Captain 88-B
    Captain 88-B 2 days ago



  • Alex Salazar
    Alex Salazar 2 days ago


  • firmerbow vali
    firmerbow vali 2 days ago

    why does he keep on saying Criminals

  • steven42087
    steven42087 2 days ago

    Lmbo! Wilson!!

  • Bung The Booce
    Bung The Booce 2 days ago

    Quotes from Coyote
    Be brave, stay wild, eat the crab
    That rough on my coconuts
    Eat your heart out Tom Hanks
    There is an iguana, imonna put it into my pocket

  • Superman Gris
    Superman Gris 2 days ago

    Cut off the lizard skin and tail (because tail is just fat and nothing else) and fire it and eat the meat also eat the eye balls its good they are full of protein

  • Thug PugZ
    Thug PugZ 2 days ago

    i think you are supposed to go for the green ones because the browns one i think have like oil or something in it that can make you have diarrhea

  • Awesome Dude
    Awesome Dude 3 days ago

    i live in brazil, all you gotta do is open a hole on the top of the green coconut

  • Dogs ills
    Dogs ills 3 days ago

    THATS ROUGH ON MY COUNTS.....I love him...😂

  • Unicorn Power
    Unicorn Power 3 days ago +1

    I opened a coconut today and I am eating it right now😂

  • David's Channel
    David's Channel 3 days ago

    Sounds like a rock
    -Coyote 2017

  • MicroD2G_ YT
    MicroD2G_ YT 3 days ago

    Im a filipino i drank alot of coconut and the meat of the coconut is delicious

  • Gaming Master
    Gaming Master 3 days ago

    You know what's funny is when coyote was like "where's Wilson", and I was like did he just say my name. That is my name.

  • Gaming Master
    Gaming Master 3 days ago

    You need a machete to open a coconut

  • link
    link 3 days ago

    Guys look when he shows the green coconut meat look at his wrist there's cuts

  • Tolip PT. Esa Sukses Anugrah Bersama

    look at coyotes wrist 6:17

    is that on did purpose or what

  • Tony Callme
    Tony Callme 3 days ago

    Imma Name everything i found on the beach *Wilson*

  • El Diablo Sosa
    El Diablo Sosa 3 days ago +1

    One of my favorite episodes with happy surprise iguana. the jolly background music and the halrious ending. Amazing job guys

  • random stuff with braylin

    I am sad

  • PCU YT
    PCU YT 3 days ago

    Coyote brown coconut it make you more dehydrated green one make you a lot of waterrr

  • BlåMeese
    BlåMeese 3 days ago

    Wilson looks dead inside. ._.

  • Pancake Face
    Pancake Face 3 days ago

    That's rough on MY coco NUTS XD

  • Tristan Frye
    Tristan Frye 4 days ago +1

    Da Coconut Song

  • little gamergirl
    little gamergirl 4 days ago +1

    Coyote:lets open the brown one *rips off husk* now that looks like a coconut

    Me:because that is a coconut

  • Chronic Danica
    Chronic Danica 4 days ago

    Coyote *asks iguana for kiss*
    Iguana *sticks out tongue to give kiss*


  • Aaron Shaw
    Aaron Shaw 4 days ago

    Coyote : Give some coconut to Wilson
    Gives coconut
    Wilson : (spits coconut out, runs away)
    Coyote : Wilson , Wilson i`m sorry!

  • antoinette carey
    antoinette carey 4 days ago

    I subscribed.

  • Jigglers
    Jigglers 4 days ago

    Cytnix Gaming lol

  • Kurnia Dwi Putra
    Kurnia Dwi Putra 5 days ago

    You should've to come to Indonesia. We have a better way to drink the coconut. Trust me in indonesian way green coconut becoming the best drink that'll give you more energy when you need it. We call it "es kelapa muda" which mean "young coconut ice" in English

  • OCYFL Cheerleading!
    OCYFL Cheerleading! 5 days ago

    I've seen the movie

  • OCYFL Cheerleading!
    OCYFL Cheerleading! 5 days ago


  • Buk Lau
    Buk Lau 5 days ago

    6:15 he is trying to kill him self

  • Gabriela Lebedeu
    Gabriela Lebedeu 5 days ago

    brown cocanut its gor cooking

  • Gabriela Lebedeu
    Gabriela Lebedeu 5 days ago

    i love igunna i was born and they where my favrite to playbwith

  • Michelle McCullough
    Michelle McCullough 5 days ago

    That's a cool video

  • John Worrell
    John Worrell 5 days ago

    i like coconuts

  • Joy Yang
    Joy Yang 5 days ago

    I'm so dying of laughter! Too cute hahaha
    And can't believe he said that hahahahahah

  • Vincent Sorn
    Vincent Sorn 5 days ago

    You are one of my most favorite YouTubers

  • BlueWolf Productions

    I love this guy because he never clickbaits and it's always an interesting video

  • Nina Coutu
    Nina Coutu 5 days ago

    lol that's rough on my coconuts..

    Coyote: 2k16

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf 5 days ago

    Coyote: Gimme a kiss
    Iguana *licks*

  • Juanmanuel R
    Juanmanuel R 6 days ago +1

    wiLDERNESS you ore the best youTuber

  • Tropical Anime
    Tropical Anime 6 days ago

    If I get 1 dollar every time he says coconut I'll be above donald trumps level 😂

  • Tropical Anime
    Tropical Anime 6 days ago

    Wanna try my banana 🍌 milk 🍼 if you know what i mean 😉😏

  • Dylan the Villain
    Dylan the Villain 6 days ago

    That tom hanks impression was top notch 👌👌👌

  • The DiamondEnderman
    The DiamondEnderman 6 days ago

    I bet I can fool you

    Read more

  • Fshine Imation
    Fshine Imation 6 days ago

    *i gOt aN iGuaNA i puT iT iN My pOcKeT*

  • OP-UUK level 40
    OP-UUK level 40 6 days ago

    I Guessed that the Green coconut was Not ripe yet

  • John Heichel
    John Heichel 6 days ago

    Well you had a knife so kinda cheating dude

  • Elissa McAnelly
    Elissa McAnelly 6 days ago

    I would love to meet you, come to new Zealand!!!!!

    TACO KITTY 6 days ago

    "that's rough on my coconuts!" Dude....

  • Godzillasuperfan 1123

    You want some? *immediately eats coconut*

  • Abigail Samaroo
    Abigail Samaroo 7 days ago

    You're supposed to eat it green

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