Higher Education - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 58

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  • Cranky Jay
    Cranky Jay 23 hours ago

    "imagine if people were born with innate brilliance potential vision creativity and ability..." and they didnt go to college..

  • MauRockmez
    MauRockmez 2 days ago +1

    LOL! Loved it, way funny! :p :p

  • Nick Nicolae
    Nick Nicolae 7 days ago

    2:51 How to fight the Illuminati =))))))))))

  • JayCeeDee Jay
    JayCeeDee Jay 9 days ago

    That last joke almost slipped past me. HA!

  • Crazy Fathead
    Crazy Fathead 10 days ago +1

    This is the kind of ironic comedy that I wish I had the degree for.

  • Alina K
    Alina K 10 days ago

    Probably thinks in Celsius😂

  • Anantavijaya Das
    Anantavijaya Das 11 days ago

    I don't know how many people I have worked side by side with in the dishpit at a restaraunt who had a college degree and owed tons of money. Shit I owed less to my drug dealer!

  • Crystal Grace
    Crystal Grace 11 days ago +1

    This is so spot on. I know someone exactly like this.

  • John Orban
    John Orban 11 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant, my friend!

  • John ORourke
    John ORourke 12 days ago

    "The way to start making a lot of money is to start by getting $100,000 in debt."

    FUCKIN' beautiful!!

  • Ross Lytle
    Ross Lytle 13 days ago

    As someone who enjoyed my year of film school, but left after realizing what a monumental waste of money it was, I'd just like to say that I love how this is filmed in the style of a fledgling student's interview project and I'm really digging those awkward AF, page-turn transitions.

  • Rodrigo Conesa
    Rodrigo Conesa 14 days ago

    Hey there, Pablo Iglesias!

  • Elisha Ondov
    Elisha Ondov 14 days ago

    I got a 4 year degree in civil engineering. I am working as a civil design engineer. I am utilizing none of the material I learned in school on my job and I am still receiving on the job training. Could have skipped college. Literally anybody could do my job so long as they have the sanity. I used to be a better worker/employee/student straight out of high school too - being able to focus on a single assignment for a few hours to finish it, but college ruined me. Now i'm lazy as shit.

  • Fernando Sérgio Moreno


  • Maggie Stormcrow
    Maggie Stormcrow 15 days ago

    I almost feel guilty for having earned a PhD and paying for it by winning scholarships.

  • Evan Jerome
    Evan Jerome 15 days ago

    Genius. This guy must've gone to college.

  • Shreyas Misra
    Shreyas Misra 16 days ago +1

    in india there's so much competition that if you don't go to college, the best you can expect is to be a bus driver. and, if you never get a masters degree, then you'll hit a bar you cannot cross very quickly.
    I envy countries where you can afford to not go to college and not end up a homeless beggar.
    then again, our colleges are not Left wing hubs of political correctness. not yet, thankfully.

  • Ryder Sonthestorm
    Ryder Sonthestorm 16 days ago

    I own that exact same time, and I went to college. I feel so sheepish and exposed...

  • Nabbitch The Rabbitch
    Nabbitch The Rabbitch 16 days ago

    I'm getting a degree in a field that has one of the highest job growth rates in america. It also pays a decent amount. It's not my passion, but I will use the money I make from it to follow my passion in my spare time.

  • Victoria Morrisa
    Victoria Morrisa 18 days ago

    All of your videos are gold

  • Pat Brost
    Pat Brost 18 days ago

    This was your best one yet.

  • Chris Blankley
    Chris Blankley 19 days ago

    All the books in the background are a nice touch :)

  • Fra Gore
    Fra Gore 20 days ago

    lol university is not exactly like google

  • Christian Gingras
    Christian Gingras 20 days ago

    So true... you need a diploma to be paid to do almost nothing. Without diploma, you may get an under paid job and be bullied to do all the most important work, under the judgy eye of the highly paid guy with diploma.

  • dontlistentome07
    dontlistentome07 20 days ago

    College shows you how to be a cog in someone else's wheel.

  • Chernobyl87
    Chernobyl87 21 day ago

    I find you demeaning my choice to study at college offensive

  • Nana Naema
    Nana Naema 21 day ago

    I am depressed now. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  • Michael Gusevsky
    Michael Gusevsky 24 days ago

    Too real

  • Fancy Poo
    Fancy Poo 24 days ago

    My horse n buggy rule nkaaay

  • Mariah B
    Mariah B 24 days ago

    What every teen in the U.S. needs to watch in middle school. Don't waste your money or time on a degree (a piece of paper that says that you jumped through some designated hoops like a good little monkey). Focus on trying a lot of things and figuring out what you are naturally good at. Then hon those skills so that you can market them later.
    For some people college aids in that process, but that's only true for a handful of degree programs (plus you need to plan out how to best to use that time to improve you career opportunities). Unfortunately, for most people college doesn't help much at all. No one teaches you how to use college as a tool to either​ build a network and start your own business, or gain the right skills to find a well paying job.
    Today society just tells you to get A's, but employers will never ask for your transcript because all they want to know is what can you do! Undergrad degrees mean nothing (in the U.S. at least).
    Some how universities have figures out how to make themselves look indispensable without teaching students the necessary skill set for their future career (if they get hired at all) and they also fail to provide hands on experience that you need in order to succeed.
    Society keeps spinning this web of lies making you think that college will lead to a better future, but all it takes is hard work, creativity, and grit. Just leave the debt and the piece of paper alone.

    • Mariah B
      Mariah B 24 days ago

      Clarification: This isn't an excuse to bash anyone who went to college though. How can you blame people for doing the only thing that they've been groomed to do for 12 years. Some grads just seem to say stuff like ultra spiritual dude made light of in order to dull the pain of the wasted time and money.

  • RandomSauce
    RandomSauce 24 days ago

    I'm going to community college, am I doing it right?

  • sweetone1896
    sweetone1896 25 days ago

    Having a college degree doesn't guarantee a successful future, but if you are lucky enough to get a job you are more likely to be paid more than if you didn't have a degree and have more of an opportunity to work in some fields you couldn't if you didn't have a degree. Of course, the down side is most people in United States have college loans to pay off.

  • McZidanne
    McZidanne 25 days ago

    I find it hilarious those people who say they can be engineers because all the information is available online and then give Bill Gates as an example. During a degree you log hundreds of hours of lab work and another hundreds of hours bumping around books figuring out really complicated stuff and that's with help.

    Tell you what, if you're as gifted as Bill Gates and can work out what you need to learn in a short amount of time, then you shouldn't go to college. There's a very small percentile of the population that's actually too gifted and will be held back by college. None of the people I met who said they could learn all I learned in my degree using google were one of them. Bill Gates wasn't a failed dropout. He quit because he realized he was done and had other plans.

    Nobody wants self taught doctors, engineers or chemists. Would you have spinal surgery from a self taught person? Sure, an accredited institution doesn't guarantee you'll walk after the surgery, but it damn well increases your chances.

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen 25 days ago

    Ouch. As someone living with $420,000 in school debt, this cuts too deep

  • Julio Vargas
    Julio Vargas 26 days ago


  • Nuria Madrigal
    Nuria Madrigal 26 days ago

    I am from Costa Rica and ... If you visit my country only for speaking your bad spectatives it for me and for all the people here it is better than never arrives one person like you here. ok

  • freeswimmin
    freeswimmin 26 days ago

    one of the best yet!😂😂
    keep up the good work!🍻

  • Ivy Coffman
    Ivy Coffman 26 days ago

    I'm one of those hippies that is against formal education.

  • Shadowsmiling
    Shadowsmiling 27 days ago


  • Leah Radcliffe
    Leah Radcliffe 27 days ago

    Truer words were never spoken!!!!!!!!

  • Jafar Fallahi
    Jafar Fallahi 28 days ago +1

    ...and for those who are not very good at being human, that is to say, those who don't like school or find it meaningless, intellectually insulting, depressing and inhuman - it's okay, because there is a way you can be successful too. They have doctors for that condition called "psychiatrists" who will take the rest of your money in trade for drugs which will numb enough of the life out of you so that you are mindlessly able to learn to jump through the hoops that the school you're going into debt for is forcing your to jump through like they monkey you will become.

  • Mica Curiel
    Mica Curiel 28 days ago

    these vidoes are hilarious!

  • Robert Goldman
    Robert Goldman 28 days ago

    this niggas pony-tail is too much

  • Art Maknev
    Art Maknev 28 days ago

    There is someone hiding behind him and controlling his hands movement, you can see the hair pocking out!

  • Alphonsus Jr.
    Alphonsus Jr. 28 days ago

    Real education is now rarely to be found. It's hardest to find at prestigious places like Harvard etc., which through Cultural Marxism have been politicized and dumbed down. Real education is possible today through such places as Thomas Aquinas College, Christendom College, and Hillsdale College. And real education isn't for everybody. Most are better suited for vocational training. But sickeningly, automation is set to increasingly destroy the jobs of manual laborers. Otoh, automation will entirely negate any justification for the importation of third-worlders. In any event, see this book to learn what it means to be truly educated: The Great Tradition: Classic Readings on What It Means to Be an Educated Human Being, by Richard Gamble https://www.amazon.com/Great-Tradition-Classic-Readings-Educated/dp/193519156X

  • Bitch-sama
    Bitch-sama 28 days ago

    When some ass-hats put their foot in college after 5 minutes.

  • Frodo Underhill
    Frodo Underhill 29 days ago

    Took a year after high school to plan my education and career path.
    Took a program geared to a practical job I had an aptitude for and that had a good range of opportunities.
    Graduated, paid off my loans in 1.5 years.
    Still admire the entrepreneurs who started work 5 years before me, never took big loans, and built successful businesses, but let's face it, those are not most of the kids I knew who finished their schooling at (or before) the end of high school.

  • Monica Tovar
    Monica Tovar 29 days ago


  • Romeo Reyes
    Romeo Reyes 29 days ago +1

    student loans can garnish your wages, Income tax and social Secruity. the loan can Ballon due to the interest rate by putting it off for later thus hard/never paying it off. if you default on your loans you can lose your license to practice. A lien can be placed against your home. you can not file bankruptcy to get rid of them. student loans can ruin your credit but student loans can also be taken off your credit at the same time. I started asking questions after watching this video Www.fesconnect.net/breyesjr and got major answers. knowledge is power kids ! at least restore your credit and get those loans off!!

  • Grace Chu
    Grace Chu 29 days ago

    I like this vid when he says "so I decide to go to college", that really sounds like an opening for a horror movie LMAO

  • Dave Pallant
    Dave Pallant 1 month ago

    your a funny guy

  • GayPolarity
    GayPolarity 1 month ago +1

    "I know the most intelligent way to start making a lot of money is to find a way to get into 100,000 dollars of debt before making a lot of money."
    God, that hit straight home in my nuts... and I don't even have nuts.

  • Balletomane M
    Balletomane M 1 month ago

    I'm just curious how he got the number $100,000 in debt? The average bachelors degree loan is $37,000. I'm not salty, I'm just curious.

    • Romeo Reyes
      Romeo Reyes 29 days ago

      Maybe because of the interest rate and people putting off their loan for a later time balloons the loan . Yes the average is 37K

  • evnickols
    evnickols 1 month ago

    Video rental is the future. And with an MBA I'm sure it will be very successful

  • DaytoDayTraining Isley

    Hahahahahhaha I'm subbed dude! AMAZING.

  • Richard Lane
    Richard Lane 1 month ago

    Christ this is satisfying.

  • Ronia Herdesang
    Ronia Herdesang 1 month ago

    Oh my goodness. Yes. I love this! Thank you.

  • Vicky Bryan
    Vicky Bryan 1 month ago

    I dropped out of highschool had a child at age 16, met my husband who had a really good job, convinced him to quit and start our own business now we make 3xs more than our college educated friends. I grew up dirt poor and decided that I didn't want to be that anymore

  • Vicky Bryan
    Vicky Bryan 1 month ago

    omg this is exactly my thinking. love this!

  • itsohya
    itsohya 1 month ago

    I feel such a jerk making college because people are so like this character. But I wouldn't have my job if wasn't my college and I'd be working at the telemarketing one more time.

  • Nita Jacobs
    Nita Jacobs 1 month ago

    lol I love you man

  • Kush Kylie
    Kush Kylie 1 month ago

    People go to college these days to learn how to be misandric racists.

  • knocknockify
    knocknockify 1 month ago

    This video's contents delivered on all of my expectations when I saw the video's title lmao

  • Eugenia Mikulan
    Eugenia Mikulan 1 month ago

    I fucking love you man. thank you so much for this video, it soothes me to see a person like you who thinks like me. my parents put a lot of pressure into me having a degree, but I want to study a different way. this makes the road a little easier now. I love your sense of humor, you should be praised more often and much more famous

  • alyssa g
    alyssa g 1 month ago

    hahahhaha lol I love this guy lol

  • Wall Street J0urnal
    Wall Street J0urnal 1 month ago

    you should call your store "Blockbuster" Netflix won't see it coming.

  • Squidward
    Squidward 1 month ago +1

    This is the matrix.

  • Squidward
    Squidward 1 month ago +2

    I feel as if colleges and universities are burying their own graves, and in the future, there will be no more colleges.

  • Sarah Richards
    Sarah Richards 1 month ago

    are those Tim Ferriss books on the bottom shelf? cause, college.....

  • Shannon Overstreet
    Shannon Overstreet 1 month ago

    The thing about a lot of the very famous or successful people that don't have a degree is they're exceptional personalities or intellect. However, not everyone needs a degree to be successful or a standard degree. There are trade schools, not just bachelor's degrees. It just depends on the person, their skill set, their drive, and their goals.

  • Wynter Fox
    Wynter Fox 1 month ago

    Depends what college degree. It would be very different if you got a STEM degree vs. a liberal arts degree.

  • B Gail
    B Gail 1 month ago

    as a parent, I was disappointed when my adult child left university without at least a BA but child ended $15K in debt in student loans and finally paid it off while working at a job that pays her very well for the past five years, all her friends coming out of school with degrees cannot find jobs and the jobs they do find do not pay well even with a degree; so, I finally agreed, just take a course a year in whatever you like and keep your well paying job - my child summed it up "going to university on student loans makes one an indentured slave"

  • Monica Horton
    Monica Horton 1 month ago

    Oh boy it's the "pull yourselves up by the bootstraps" crowd. They are a fucking classic.

  • 111455
    111455 1 month ago

    no one looks at the fact that college targets high end jobs. everything in the world seeming to be a hierarchy, there's a wide base of labor and a narrow "point of the pyramid" of higher tier jobs meaning far less of them. want to be an engineer, GREAT DO IT! but remember a factory may have a dozen engineers for 400+ workers.

  • Ashlynn Michelle
    Ashlynn Michelle 1 month ago


  • Katherine S
    Katherine S 1 month ago

    Ouch some of these hit home

  • airplaneoverhead
    airplaneoverhead 1 month ago

    Haaaa! Love it!

  • Sodium Fine
    Sodium Fine 1 month ago

    college is only useful if you wanna be like a doctor or a lawyer

    • Romeo Reyes
      Romeo Reyes 29 days ago

      Even lawyers are having a tough time finding jobs. It's tough to pay off 100K when your only making 40K and that's if you find a job that requires a JD

  • Jay Bartgis
    Jay Bartgis 1 month ago

    When I was an uber driver, people would ask me where I'd go to school. And when I told them I didn't go to college, they would literally start an argument with me and I'd get sucked into a DEBATE with the customer on why I chose not to go. So I would pretty much just lie

    • Humming Birder
      Humming Birder 1 month ago

      I lie, too, because even though I'm old enough to be JP's mother, everyone thinks that because I've advanced in my career, I have at least a BS. I have lots of BS, but that's another story. They think that because I'm a peer, and they have a BS or higher, I must have gone to college. They drank the Kool-Aid. I just happen to be a self-starter, and willing to do anything honest as a job. And I just shut up about the whole college thing, because they think it's impossible to succeed without it.

  • Robbie
    Robbie 1 month ago

    I feel SO stupid... All my life I have been paying for my education as I go. Now I see that it means nothing because I failed to go into debt. Thank you SO much for showing me the error of my ways. I would type more, but I am late for my shift at the video store.

  • Gary Pierce
    Gary Pierce 1 month ago

    Thank you ,wise sage JP!

    I've decided that since I would most likely choose a degree that wouldn't lead to a real job, (Internet Addiction Counseling or French),  I would just take out a loan for $100,000 from Payday Express or the Federal Government and give the money to random professors and gurus, thus freeing me to start an occupation like truck driving or mountain railroad track gang spike machine operator that would allow me to easily pay the loan back in a short amount of time.

    Also, I'm still sending thoughts to the Thinkmaster regarding your lack of protection from hatchet murderers.

    • Gary Pierce
      Gary Pierce 1 month ago

      I've decided to recant my thoughts to Thinkmaster......he, she, or it has never really done a damn thing for anybody and most likely is coopting the praise that belongs to skilled people who are getting their hands dirty. Thinkmaster can just go suck it!

      (I'm pretty confident my recantation will not cause you to get chopped up....if you do then I'll have to rethink the whole thing.)

  • michaelgrella
    michaelgrella 1 month ago

    That crazy moment when your ad is a JPSears ad on a JPSears video and you're not sure if it's the actual video you clicked on or an ad.

  • mrspoer
    mrspoer 1 month ago

    I find it hillarious that when JP makes fun of Education people get offended, more than any other thing :) Like it is the key Value of Their life to Read books and File assignments, ONLY from people who are working in Colleges :D

  • J Higginbotham
    J Higginbotham 1 month ago


  • Steve Fink
    Steve Fink 1 month ago

    movie rental stores should be lucrative. it's all about supply and demand. the supply is low, therefore demand must be high, therefore you should be able to charge a premium to rent movies

  • Steve Fink
    Steve Fink 1 month ago

    many of your points I made to my grandparents. Interestingly they pushed way harder than my parents to keep me in college when I had no clue why I was there. I think my parents may have understood the modern world and what a terrible return in investment most college degrees are. Grandparents only understand the horse and buggy.
    These days in most cases you are worse off with a college degree due to the debt and nothing gained. The word is finally out, college is a scam except for those that truly excel at academics in high school.
    The rest of us can make a perfectly good living, be happy, and even become wealthy with the MANY options beyond college.
    I own two small businesses and never stepped foot into a college business class. I have a wife and two kids and above average income most of my life with no college debt in fact very little debt. cash is king.

  • Ivan Polenski
    Ivan Polenski 1 month ago

    Hey f*cktard, just wondering... can this be done without going to school? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aZbJS6LZbs

  • Jordan Oroshiba
    Jordan Oroshiba 1 month ago

    Hits so many great points and yet people with 20 years experience don't get through resume screens when some new grads do because they spent 100gs on their sheet of paper.

  • Dennis Clark
    Dennis Clark 1 month ago

    Great... I love it

  • b tippa
    b tippa 1 month ago

    Starting your career 4 years later than your competition with a $100,000 debt that you'll never use... yep, just like almost all of my school mates who went to University.
    Next week I might be renting my 3rd investment property to one of them too.

  • Ana Lozada
    Ana Lozada 1 month ago

    I totally agree... one doesn't need a college degree to succeed, yet some careers require such. Ex: medical field. You will not be able to become a doctor, nurse, PA, surgeon, without college, so... there you go! Lol

  • Tineke Smit
    Tineke Smit 1 month ago


  • Sid Clark
    Sid Clark 1 month ago

    I love that someone is speaking out about the over-education pushed on everyone. The one part of this video I didn't agree with was the bit about not needing an education to be a great over-achiever. Who needs that? I'd like to see a video on the over-emphasis of achievement as defined by modern social values. Why can't people be content with normal down-to-earth lives? Why must we be tormented by the fact that some people have special mutant mental abilities?? You also ought to do one about how everyone expects to live to be 100 nowadays. Great videos, though. Great to see someone speaking out about how over self-conscious and alienated we're all becoming. Dare to be animalistic, to just have dumb, 'retarded' fun.

    • Delbert Frost
      Delbert Frost 1 month ago

      Sid Clark Thanks for the comment. I agree. The only one fearing me being poor for not going to college is the people pushing me to go. I'm fine working minimum wage as long as I am content with myself.

  • Vee K
    Vee K 1 month ago

    wish I'd seen this 8 months ago!

  • Isaac Kotlicky
    Isaac Kotlicky 1 month ago

    proving that college doesn't fix stupid. It just accredits it.

  • ExiledStardust
    ExiledStardust 1 month ago +4

    Or you could go to a community college and an inexpensive state university with Pell Grants and state aid, and spend four years learning and growing, and emerge with no debt. College may not be for EVERYONE, but that's no reason to shit on the entire idea of higher education. I've benefited greatly from mine, and I was a low-income student, so it cost me nothing but time.

  • d3rkaderk4
    d3rkaderk4 1 month ago

    I have a degree and I work at something completely different from my degree that I learned after I graduated. Probably wouldn't have been hired at my current job without a degree though.

  • JoJo Wallace
    JoJo Wallace 1 month ago

    I have just 2 years of college and decided to go into medical editing. Now, our jobs are heading overseas. My friends in coding are losing their jobs too. There is no such thing as job security these days. Thanks for sharing, J.P.

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