Xiaomi Redmi 4X Review After 1 Month! Still a Fantastic Budget Smartphone of 2017!

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  • Xiaomi Redmi 4X Review After 1 Month! Still a Fantastic Budget Smartphone of 2017! This the review of the official Global version of the Xiaomi Redmi 4x.
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Comments: 184

  • Fluto Fanta
    Fluto Fanta 9 hours ago

    I love this phone so much ..everything about it especially its stylish design, finger print, camera, performance, battery life (very last longer)and notification led light. I made a correct choice which results in saving my money. Thz for feedback of your
    1 month experience.

  • HanayoPlease EatMe

    MIUI is kinda dhit though

  • TheTrollstigen
    TheTrollstigen 2 days ago

    What do you mean the dual sim tray doubles as SD reader? Is it possible to have two sims and a micro SD card at once?

  • H Cho
    H Cho 2 days ago

    Hi which one would you recommend between redmi 4 x and note 4x on camera and sound and also in the speed performance? Nice video👍

  • Tech Wired
    Tech Wired 3 days ago

    Great phone and great price! Xiaomi killed it! By the way great review Linus!

  • Amir Hamzah
    Amir Hamzah 5 days ago

    Nice video. Very compact.

  • Jose gonçalves
    Jose gonçalves 5 days ago

    I have one and is great keep up the good work

  • Bosera Ali
    Bosera Ali 7 days ago

    Is the interface nice on this

  • Adam Thomas
    Adam Thomas 7 days ago

    Hi what is difference between International and global version?

  • stefano giovannini
    stefano giovannini 11 days ago

    Can the battery be replaced after one year or so, when capacity declines?

  • weesay3
    weesay3 12 days ago

    does tha global version has play store already installed in it?? thanks.

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed 14 days ago

    does it overheat while charging ?

  • P K
    P K 17 days ago

    Great video thx. Bought the 16gb and looking forward to it!

    • Dainis Virvics
      Dainis Virvics 3 days ago

      I ordered this phone with 64gb a few days ago and i can't wait while i recive t his phone :)

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  17 days ago

      thanks man!

  • John Wesley Ballestar
    John Wesley Ballestar 18 days ago

    is the cpu processor fast? is that mediatek?

  • Krusher
    Krusher 20 days ago

    recently got this phone from ebay after watching your previous review of this phone, it's amazing for the price, never been on such a quick phone, battery life lasting me 3-4 days with quite a bit of usage. Since then half of my family have got them too lol, cheers for the great suggestion great work as always.

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  19 days ago

      Great to hear that! Enjoy your new phone and thanks for watching my videos

  • kazi Azmain
    kazi Azmain 20 days ago

    1:57 what's the name of the track??

  • little september
    little september 20 days ago

    great video! as always! I only watch your videos when I want to watch review of any smartphone. so detailed. TQ

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  20 days ago

      thank you so much! Thanks for watching!

  • Lucky Dnj
    Lucky Dnj 21 day ago

    1:49can any one tell me about music???

  • Jhon Jhon Legaspi
    Jhon Jhon Legaspi 21 day ago

    hi sir, I have a question does the phone support 4g LTE network or Volte? Thanks

    • Jhon Jhon Legaspi
      Jhon Jhon Legaspi 20 days ago

      TechLineHD thank you sir, planning to buy gift for my mom

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  20 days ago

      yes, it supports 4g and volte on my network

  • Fluto Fanta
    Fluto Fanta 22 days ago +2

    I just bought it (32GB) global version and it has been 3 weeks that I am using redmi 4x. It looks very stylish (the black colour), last longer battery life, nice camera performance, nice speed with no hang during browser and it saves my budget. All I want is existing in that phone and why do I purchase for iPhone 8 lol. iPhone is just for getting attention from others to show how much u can spend money on electronic gadgets. I used to have iPhone but I get bored and insert my extra money into my bank for saving lol. So, now I'm watching your review on my redmi4x and before buying it, I checked your review whether buy or not. Thanks a lot dude..it means a lot to me :) Btw are u still using it?

  • Raymark Bornales
    Raymark Bornales 25 days ago

    is it compatible with vr?

  • Ramon MN
    Ramon MN 25 days ago

    fuck lg samsung and iphone, never getting these expensive phones again! im getting thisone! :D

  • Deo Sagaral
    Deo Sagaral 29 days ago +1

    watching it in my redmi note 4x,great budget phone..liked it

  • Tayor Abdul
    Tayor Abdul 29 days ago +1

    it's a good phone everyone is talking about it. however Xiaomi needs to watch the way they release phones. it's just too much one or 2 budget phones for a year would do

    • enyi uwa
      enyi uwa 16 days ago

      Tayor Abdul the way they release phones is crazy, almost every month lol

  • mosmo618
    mosmo618 Month ago

    Redmi 4 prime better screen and processor

  • lukas prikryl
    lukas prikryl Month ago +4

    I'd say the camera is pretty decent for the price, I'm OK even with its low light performanc. You just need to manage its camera sittings, first put on the high quality images, then you can set the sharpeness, saturation, contrast - up to your preferences, then try and choose from HDR, Night moode and Night Scenene regime - the results then differs substantially - and eventually manually tune the exposure. I tried some pictures and put them on Flicker: www.flickr.com/photos/133616662@N04/albums

    • lukas prikryl
      lukas prikryl 6 days ago

      :))) Not quite sure the shots were so good, in fact I know very little to nothing about photographing, but I'm glad you like it. Thanks for positive response!

    • Jehozaphat F. Castillo
      Jehozaphat F. Castillo 6 days ago

      lukas prikryl you know your stuff really well! You took great photos using the redmi 4x

    • lukas prikryl
      lukas prikryl 26 days ago

      You're welcome!

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  26 days ago

      thanks for sharing!

  • Aleksey Yaremenko
    Aleksey Yaremenko Month ago

    It's a third review I'm watching about this phone when I'm not like listening phone features but trying to guess where the narrator comes from according to his accent. I'm a horrible person!

  • P4ci
    P4ci Month ago

    I HAVE It, cancerous phone, very slow and lagged.

  • 3majsie maciek
    3majsie maciek Month ago

    4X made 4A obsolete imo, price difference is so little and only downside is lack of 800MHz LTE band.

    • 3majsie maciek
      3majsie maciek 9 days ago

      Didn't know of it's existence till last month and I have bought it before reading this. I bought gold colour and have a problem with the colour - the metal back cover has a pink tint to it, the plastics above and below look proper gold but the main metal back part has this weird pink tint to it. WTF? Imei on the label and box is matching and label on the box says gold.

    • lukas prikryl
      lukas prikryl Month ago

      Buy global version then

  • ah ib
    ah ib Month ago

    Can you kindly share camera samples for Xiaomi Redmi 4X? Thanks

    • lukas prikryl
      lukas prikryl Month ago

      I took a few with my Redmi 4x: https://www.flickr.com/photos/133616662@N04/albums

  • Mladen
    Mladen Month ago

    i love it,i have it for two weeks,camera is better than on iphone 5s!

  • afiq yunos
    afiq yunos Month ago

    Should i buy redmi 4x or redmi note 4? I would like to use it for heavy usage. And I love to play lot of game. Please help me which one is better for budget phone

    • afiq yunos
      afiq yunos Month ago

      TechLineHD redmi note 4 and redmi note 4x which is better?

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      redmi note 4

  • Chrish Trevor
    Chrish Trevor Month ago

    Its olny cost $89 in Indonesia

  • farbror Frej
    farbror Frej Month ago

    I own this phone and I'm generally very pleased with the experience. Especially the SOT: 10 hours with 15% left to go. 3 things can be improved though:

    1: The global ROM language-support is inadequate. In my case: No Swedish language. 2: Fingerprint-ID very responsive, but oddly enough: no Fingerprint-ID support in Google Play (Yes, I know how to enable it, but the option just isn't there). 3: Somewhat overzealous battery-saving policy.

  • しらが ふ Siraga

    i feel like the 1080p recording is better than my samsung s6's video recording.....

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      no, s6 still does better in video recording and has a better camera overall

  • Miria Frost
    Miria Frost Month ago

    Watching this on my Redmi 4x

  • Mai galbines
    Mai galbines Month ago +1

    does it have a heating issue sir?

  • XxshonenxX
    XxshonenxX Month ago +3

    if only it had a stock android ROM. miui is worse than Hitler.

    • Divy Dubey
      Divy Dubey 25 days ago

      That made sense. Thank you!

    • Ramón González
      Ramón González 26 days ago

      Divy Dubey No but having your own UI attracts the average customer. If you are watching this video it means you are interested in technology so you know and care about these things. That's not the case for most people tho, they see icons, wallpapers, effects, etc they like and that convinces them to buy over others things they don't know about like us. My mom chose her phone because she liked the icons of the notifications and menus for example.

      I'm sure 90% of android users don't even know what stock android means and even less people would know what a ROM is. That doesn't mean they are stupid or anything, they just don't care because a phone is just a thing that works for most people, like a toaster or a TV.

    • Predrag Vilotijevic
      Predrag Vilotijevic 29 days ago

      So install a launcher. I have K launcher and it works great.

    • Divy Dubey
      Divy Dubey Month ago

      That's the only thing that I want from Xiaomi. I was just wondering if it costs more for the manufacturers to include a stock android ROM?

  • Renz Encomienda
    Renz Encomienda Month ago

    Does it support 4G LTE?

  • Marcus Lew
    Marcus Lew Month ago

    As always, beautiful presentation and great review! I already bought the Mi5 but thinking of getting this as a second phone.

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      thank you! It is a great choice !

  • Duterte Sempai
    Duterte Sempai Month ago +5

    P H I L I P P I N E S

  • Hasanar Rashid
    Hasanar Rashid Month ago

    its great just bought it

  • january mien
    january mien Month ago

    do the same video with Samsung J2 Prime.

  • Alexey Filippenko
    Alexey Filippenko Month ago +3

    The fact that they release so many phones is of course good since everybody can choose the best value for themselves. But there's a downside as well: to sell all the phones, Xiaomi reduces inner competition. For instance, 4X doesn't have customizable LED, and its ROM lacks double tap, while the cheapest ever model - 4A - has both. Do they do that so that people would actually consider buying all the products and not have just the best one? Most likely.

    P.S.: Here's just the Redmi 4 line only: Redmi 4A, 4A 32Gb, 4X, 4X Pro, 4, 4 Prime, 4 Pro, Redmi Note 4, Note 4 64 Gb, Note 4X, Note 4X 64 Gb. 12 smartphones in a time period of half a year, quite a factory.

    • Ramón González
      Ramón González 26 days ago

      Alexey Filippenko Those are only 3 phones tho, different models doesn't mean it's another phone. 4A, 4 and Note 4 are different. Maybe the Note 4X could be considered a different model because the back is a little more curved but otherwise all the others are just spec variants of the same phone.

  • Alexey Filippenko
    Alexey Filippenko Month ago

    I wish I ordered 4X instead of 4A. Sigh

  • judderico manaig
    judderico manaig Month ago

    this phone as of now 2017 is the best budget smart phone ever made at this price you wont ask for more..cheapest and yet feel a very luxurious compact phone..easily handles heavy games and battery efficient...

  • Wal Wal
    Wal Wal Month ago

    Cool 🙌

  • C.G Simon
    C.G Simon Month ago

    A very good review on the Xioami Redmi 4x. it would be nice if you can do a review based on comparison with Xioami others model such as Redmi 4A, Redmi 4 with Redmi 4x. Overall review , Well done.

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      thanks! Sorry, I won't be making that comparison

  • Bronzuo
    Bronzuo Month ago

    Great video

  • Joro Marinov
    Joro Marinov Month ago +1

    stunning low budget wonder, I am waiting mine next week.

    • Joro Marinov
      Joro Marinov Month ago

      I was in a extensive search of low -budget-ample-battery smartphone with some proper hardware and dual sim slots mainly for work, because my rebranded Gionee Marathon M3 became waaaay to dated to keep up with modern apps. I was looking at and almost bought a rebranded Oukitel K6000 Pro, mainly because previous Redmis had problems with soundrecording and mics in general. It was a pure luck I saw the 4X sooner and I am glad Xiaomi finally fixed the sound issue. How is the call quality on this one - headspeaker clarity and volume ?

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      Indeed, a fantastic budget option.

  • aim buzz
    aim buzz Month ago

    I have a heating issue, I have turn some feature off and didn't use much apps on background nor taking much time to use it for hours but it is still warm in hands and getting hot after minutes, any solution? I am using global ROM

    • Andy G.
      Andy G. Month ago

      Try having shock proof cases. Theyll probably help.

    • Andy G.
      Andy G. Month ago

      From what country are you from?

    • Andy G.
      Andy G. Month ago

      Oh. Mine's a hard case. I ordered it online. It really repels the heat.

    • aim buzz
      aim buzz Month ago

      Andy G. I'm using softcase but the heat goes out and still uncomfortable in hands

    • Andy G.
      Andy G. Month ago

      aim buzz I used to get annoyed with the heating issue with my 4x. I did stop using heavy apps to get rid of the heat but its still the same especially when using mobile data and charging. But when I received my phone case, I wont feel any heat with it anymore. This will not solve the heating issue but it will help you think abou it.

  • Danial Firdaus
    Danial Firdaus Month ago

    hey!Can I know which version of redmi 4x you using on the video?Is it 2gbRam and 16gb Rom or 3gb Ram and 32Gb rom version? :)

  • Rmzy Zhri
    Rmzy Zhri Month ago

    Between the redmi 4x & redmi note 4x, which do you think is better?


    shaomi hahahahah

  • Brurce Muhammad Mecca

    Hi Linus. Is 4G connectivity going to be an issue with Redmi 4X in the US using mainstream netwotk provider such as T-mobile, verizon, etc? I am planning to buy one in my home country and I am moving to US in couple of weeks. Also, great video review! Thanks in advance!

  • World Traveler
    World Traveler Month ago

    Great video as always! You're very good at this

  • Marian Pelmus
    Marian Pelmus Month ago +4

    i like Redmi 4x but i don't understand one thing, why people say that Redmi 4 Prime have a better battery life compared to redmi 4x, taking in consideration that 4 Prime have a 1080p display and better processor (being better i think it will consume more battery)
    SO, why ? :) (similar with redmi note 4/4x vs redmi 4x)
    ty, great review :)

    • Ramón González
      Ramón González 26 days ago

      Yep. To be specific the 4x uses a 28nm SoC and the 4 Prime uses a 14nm SoC, so even if it's more powerful it uses less energy. That's why the Note 4 also has a 1080p screen that's even bigger yet still has way more battery life than the 4x. Still the 4x endurance is really good compared to its competition.

    • The Uploader
      The Uploader Month ago

      Marian Pelmus because the redmi 4 prime has SNAPDRAGON 625 chipset that is battery efficient and redmi 4/4x has SNAPDRAGON 435 :) hope it helps


    Linus!!! Gosh! Your videos are my most awaited one!!! BTW The reason I subscribed is that you helped me decide which phone should i choose to buy, and I just bought the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017!!!

  • Vishal Giri
    Vishal Giri Month ago

    the ultimate budget phone champion from Xiaomi, awesome review bro!!

  • Trend Tube
    Trend Tube Month ago

    It is the same phone just like the Redmi 3S

  • Ali Galal
    Ali Galal Month ago

    its good phone but its getting so hot by use what do you advice me to do because I bought it

  • John Nada
    John Nada Month ago

    This or the Note 4X? A lot of reviews claim that the note version has a lesser camera, and even claim that the 4X has a better camera... But the samples i´ve seen of the note version look sharper and colors more realistic, on the other hand the 4X seems to have better mic gain in comparison to the Note (Maybe just a software issue).

    What do you think Linus?

    • John Nada
      John Nada Month ago

      Thanks! Good to hear i am not just seeing things lol... Another thing i was wondering about, what if you use a third party camera app? Does that affect the quality of the camera on the 4X?

      Thanks again!

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      In my opinion, the Note 4X has a better camera.

  • js yoo
    js yoo 2 months ago +1

    i used to use it this 4x since people were talking about it alot and saying only good things.
    but i sold it in second hand for some reasons that i didnt like.
    i dont know how it is in other countries but in korea where i live in , speech quality was too bad on 4x.
    i felt like i was talking to someone who live in the foriegn planet over the earth or spaceship like the movie
    it may be affected by phone carriers but the one i use is the most popular one in korea.
    so it couldnt replace my former phone 6s.
    but as Linus said on video, it was extremely fast and nice screen quality, plus cheap !( i heard 16g that is cheaper than 32g is available now)
    always thanks reviews and videos !

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      thanks for your feedback and watching my videos! I didn't have those issues, however.

  • Sérgio Alves
    Sérgio Alves 2 months ago

    And the Umi Note C?

  • Haykal Hilman
    Haykal Hilman 2 months ago

    kewl review mate

  • Hamizan Rizal
    Hamizan Rizal 2 months ago

    redmi note 4 vs meizu m5 note. which better?

  • Ad Krishna
    Ad Krishna 2 months ago

    Why xiaomi skips fast charging option in budget segment? They disable it on hardware which i fell bad.

  • Anoop CBose
    Anoop CBose 2 months ago +3

    Redmi 4x is a best phone. I'm watching this vedio in my 4x
    I'm from india.
    In india this phone is called redmi 4, and priced 8998 INR.
    By tha by Where are you from tecline..

  • Ujang Boyor
    Ujang Boyor 2 months ago +6

    in our country this thing is "HP sejuta umat" or "phone for million people"
    note : "million" can be meant "many" or "majority"

  • Roy Gary BoomBoxx
    Roy Gary BoomBoxx 2 months ago +6

    Great video Linus. Watching this on the Note 4X..

  • infera1
    infera1 2 months ago +8

    Yeah seems weird that they released so many phones, seems it might dilute the market: making people more confused what to choose

    • Divy Dubey
      Divy Dubey Month ago

      They don't release much phones outside of China.

  • kabeer hanif
    kabeer hanif 2 months ago +1

    Can't wait for the video on the doogee mix

    • kabeer hanif
      kabeer hanif Month ago

      Marvin M I realised an unboxing come check it out

    • Marvin M
      Marvin M Month ago

      kabeer hanif
      My doogee mix arrived today and I'm impressed with the build quality. Screen is very nice even though it's 720p. I've got nova launcher installed which I like. Games play fluid and video's look great. Speaker isn't the loudest and camera can be better. I have a Xiaomi Mi MIX and yes those bezels are smaller and overall a better phone but it's much higher priced and I like the smaller formfactor of the doogee mix better.

    • kabeer hanif
      kabeer hanif 2 months ago

      Marvin M I ordered mine about 2 weeks ago and I'm excited but scared

    • Marvin M
      Marvin M 2 months ago

      kabeer hanif me too, ordered one a week ago.

  • Redskull
    Redskull 2 months ago +30

    I got 12h of SOT from this phone! Good review Linus! I wish i could record the voice outside. Just too much noise where i live

    • Franco
      Franco Month ago

      Redskull its really fast to heat up right

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      awesome, thanks! yeah, it's not always easy to do that outdoors

  • Ahmed Shams
    Ahmed Shams 2 months ago +1

    Loved it ! The problem with Xiaomi phones are they look and feel really premium but actually not that well built. Saying that from my experience . :)

    • Mei 秀
      Mei 秀 Month ago

      Ahmed Shams
      Oh, I see. They are not made well and cases for Xiaomi are difficult to find. That's not good. haha.
      Thank you. (:

    • Ahmed Shams
      Ahmed Shams Month ago

      Mei 秀 Depends on how careful you use it . I use a spigen (chinese) case for it . for no reason, there is bad bent on my phone . Probably it happened in my pocket but i am also using s7 edge as a primary device for more than a year and that never bent on me . :)

    • Mei 秀
      Mei 秀 Month ago

      Ahmed Shams
      Hi Ahmed, so would you say that they aren't long lasting?

  • TheoJabroni
    TheoJabroni 2 months ago +6

    this is pretty much my phone for the next two years. battery life is fantastic.

  • Ace-ZK
    Ace-ZK 2 months ago +1

    guys seriously this phone i soo much for it's price i've had it for 1 month too and i have no complaints... the battery can literally last 4 days lol, the camera is good compared to other phones, and for it's price you can say the camera is GREAT. This phone is very quick and everything runs smoothly, i see no better phone out there as good for the price.... Great review

    • chocombo lord
      chocombo lord 20 days ago

      Ace-ZK yea its very good for its price i play games like hearthstone and seven knights unstop on it its a beast xD

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      Awesome, thanks for the input!

  • Joseph Fernandez
    Joseph Fernandez 2 months ago +3

    Congrats Linus for excellent review! I bought redmi 4x last two months honestly I enjoyed using it and highly recommended to anyone looking for budget phone. I have also mi max which also performing well, xiaomi is the beast.

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  2 months ago

      Thanks, Joseph! Glad you enjoy your phone!

  • Florian Progri
    Florian Progri 2 months ago +1

    A review done well. Subscribed

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  2 months ago

      thanks a lot and thank you for the sub!

  • Daniel Esimu
    Daniel Esimu 2 months ago

    Great intro with a new scenery but epic mic. Hihihi.
    But I think it's high time budgets phones started embracing USB type-C.
    Great video.

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      I just missed your comment about the mic :D it's a windshield used if you use it outdoors. I know, it looks funny :D

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  2 months ago

      thank you!

  • Lawliet
    Lawliet 2 months ago

    you are a cool guy, great review

  • Effi Khan
    Effi Khan 2 months ago

    which one is good and powerful mobile samaung j5 prime j7 prime huawei nova plus oppo f3 black plz give me ans l want to buy new mobile..

  • 3dkiller
    3dkiller 2 months ago

    lol my 801 snapdragon LG G3, performs way better in geekbench. (And the 801 is ancient )

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      it's not all about the benchmarks but the 801 is still a good chip

  • Scott Mannear
    Scott Mannear 2 months ago

    Nice review. My latest budget phone is Blu R1 Plus, 3gb 32gb 4000mah battery 8+ hrs screen time 5mp 13mp, decent screen and great speaker, dual Sim, 128gb SD card. It gets 4GLTE in US and has bsnd 12 on Tmobile. I bought at one day sale price of $109 and used a $30 credit at Amazon so net delivered was $89. Price is$159 currently

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      thanks! sounds like a great value too!

  • Hicham Gouchida
    Hicham Gouchida 2 months ago

    send it to me

  • Nikolas Darsavelidze
    Nikolas Darsavelidze 2 months ago

    i bet you are getting money or something from xiaomi u always do positive reviews about xiaomi devices and most of your videos is about xiaomi devices

    • Marphale
      Marphale Month ago

      TechLineHD Did you actually buy yours from banggood? Are they OK?

    • Marvin M
      Marvin M 2 months ago

      Well Nikolas, I see Linus making very honest video's and if you take a look at other reviews, you'll see that most of them are very positive.

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  2 months ago

      Thanks, Daniel. You are always here!

    • Daniel Esimu
      Daniel Esimu 2 months ago

      Actually I think there is no question about Xiaomi's performance in the mid-range category. It is simply outstanding therefore Linus is not biased here. Xiaomi only fails on their flagships by delivering mediocre camera performance.

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  2 months ago

      Youtube comments classics. Do I need to show you a receipt that I bought the phone myself, Sir? LOL

  • Rok McDonald
    Rok McDonald 2 months ago

    Apsimoka šitą telefoną pirkti už 200 euru iš telia, žmogui kuriam svarbiausia, kad nelagintu paprastos programos ir baterija gerai laikytu? Ar yra geresnių variantu?

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      Telia.... As tikrai nemokeciau 2x daugiau uz telefona, kad ir koks geras jis butu. Vis delto, programos nelagins, o baterija yra viena geriausiu rinkoje

  • Marvin M
    Marvin M 2 months ago +1

    for that price, wow! read some very positive reviews. thx for this video.
    i almost bought this one but i was more curious for the Doogee mix. hopefully you'll do a review on that one too. :)

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      haha yeah :)

    • Marvin M
      Marvin M 2 months ago

      TechLineHD Why am I not surprised? ;)
      Can't wait to see it!

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  2 months ago

      thanks! Yes, I will do that review soon!

  • TechLineHD
    TechLineHD  2 months ago +14

    I just love the Redmi 4x. You get so much value for the price. Here is the product link if you want to check it out: goo.gl/XATxGL

    • Ian Pearson
      Ian Pearson Month ago

      i received the phone yesterday.happy with it but the screen definetly isnt as good as my redmi note 4.small form factor and very quick.The band 20 makes a difference indoors with more consistent 4g reception.

    • TechLineHD
      TechLineHD  Month ago

      not really. Very high-quality HD display

    • Ian Pearson
      Ian Pearson Month ago

      did you notice a big difference in the screen quality between this 720p and the redmi note 4x which is 1080p as i prefer 5inch phones.

  • Jerry Tan
    Jerry Tan 2 months ago

    Great review, I enjoying watching your videos!

  • Tony And
    Tony And 2 months ago +22

    Great phone and even better review!

  • usman abdulkadir
    usman abdulkadir 2 months ago

    Great review Linus

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