What If North Korea Nuked America?

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  • What If North Korea Nuked America? Many news outlets are describing what's been happening between North Korea and The Unites States. Will this spark a fight between them. Watch to find out as we explain the possibilities.



    Landon Dowlatsingh - http://bit.ly/2bwFVhQ

    Rebecca Felgate- http://bit.ly/2c3LL8O

    Rebecca Felgate- http://bit.ly/2c3LL8O

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  • LifesBiggestQuestions
    LifesBiggestQuestions 2 months ago +438

    Your stuck on a deserted island with Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump? Who would you choose to exile?

  • Joel Jimenez
    Joel Jimenez 3 hours ago

    I hate trump so dab but your the president do something

  • Joel Jimenez
    Joel Jimenez 3 hours ago

    I think everyone will die and then some will survived and then they would start eating each other

  • Pop Amazes
    Pop Amazes 6 hours ago

    I'd exile myself

  • Creeper Universe
    Creeper Universe 8 hours ago

    The USA also has lasers and essentially space bombs that destroy bombs. So they will not do shit.

  • ThePixelleer
    ThePixelleer 11 hours ago

    Well I live in the eastern side of the USA so I'm pretty chill.

  • Hello M8
    Hello M8 20 hours ago

    No! I live 5 hours from los angeles

  • xToy_Soldier 808
    xToy_Soldier 808 1 day ago +1

    Well that would be impossible because North Korea still has 0 kills

  • Cringe God
    Cringe God 1 day ago

    What if North Korea nuked America:

    America would nuke North Korea to ashes then nuke those ashes to ashes then nuke those ashes to ashes

  • Schiavoni85
    Schiavoni85 1 day ago

    It would take very little to make Earth inhabitable. The after effects would be more deadly

  • Fat_guy 24
    Fat_guy 24 1 day ago

    If North Korea did bomb us than I guess wwIII could happen but unlikely cuz Canada most likely would NOT participate in the war however they could anyways

  • sexy sloth
    sexy sloth 1 day ago

    U.s Dont wanna anger russia and china ? hell no , we have been making them russians salty , bombing their allies and shitting down thier planes

  • Beard Baby Official

    Let's get it going baby!!!!

  • Unlawful_Pikachu
    Unlawful_Pikachu 1 day ago

    What if Britain tried to take back control of irealand?

  • Frostec
    Frostec 1 day ago

    What if trump made kim jon un eat broccoli?

  • Kakap0
    Kakap0 1 day ago

    I haven't watched this video, just read the title, here is my response:

    USA would nuke North Korea to oblivion, the end.

  • Muhammad Alif
    Muhammad Alif 1 day ago

    will began ww3

  • Austin Tippett
    Austin Tippett 2 days ago

    If NK tried to bomb the US, it would just become Korea because we would destroy the whole country... don't try us.

  • Kasper
    Kasper 2 days ago

    worst video ever

    EMC GAMING 2 days ago

    If North Korea nuked are tried to nuke the USA the USA would go a ape shit

  • Pentcho Rouynekov
    Pentcho Rouynekov 2 days ago +1

    USA since a time is no more neither a United, neither a state or a country and there are just a few amwricans over here. Sallam alekum brada and sista. Now Trump will finalize the deal at full extend, you bet on. USA is a 99% trash and more to come ordered to command and rule. Inside enemies and outside enemies together will finish the job started and can not to be stopped, no matter what. Just a matter of time, just watch.

  • artitayaporn hemso
    artitayaporn hemso 3 days ago

    Rebeca is from amazing top ten

  • Blanca Machado
    Blanca Machado 3 days ago

    I Would Leave USA

  • Indrit Peraj
    Indrit Peraj 3 days ago

    King jongun

  • Eric Harris
    Eric Harris 3 days ago

    Just send me and Dylan over there you saw what we did to columbine

  • Eric Harris
    Eric Harris 3 days ago

    Fallout 5?? IRL?

  • Eric Harris
    Eric Harris 3 days ago

    They're Nuke can only reach Hawaii but even if they nuke Hawaii we'll nuke the shit out of them so don't be expecting any nukes soon

    SHIZA -GAMER 3 days ago

    Los angleeeeeees

  • SilverStone
    SilverStone 3 days ago

    Hopefully never happens?? Are you kidding me, I hope north Korea tries to nuke the U.S. and fails, so that we have an excuse to kick that spoiled fat kid right in his big fat face

  • Space Cow
    Space Cow 3 days ago

    North Korea would be an ocean and south would be a island

  • Dwayne Volcere
    Dwayne Volcere 3 days ago

    who ever get Russia on there team win
    Russia has the tasar bomba well I hope

  • Sities Skylines
    Sities Skylines 3 days ago

    0:48 wait, that is logitech mouse. How dis they get it

  • rapid airsoft
    rapid airsoft 4 days ago

    wanna hear a joke

    North Korea's missiles

  • Chris Gonzales
    Chris Gonzales 4 days ago

    If that happens my family will move to peru when we back to usa

  • Viruz
    Viruz 4 days ago

    I'm just afraid that it will hit since I live near LA but I also know that if it did hit North Korea would be destroyed so im happy

  • Marus Playz
    Marus Playz 4 days ago

    It isnt possible though

  • UltimoChavez14 0
    UltimoChavez14 0 4 days ago

    If at first you don't succeed blow it up again- junkrat

    COOLGAMINGSHOW 4 days ago

    The terminator is right, north Korea is skynet

  • Ishan Nyati
    Ishan Nyati 4 days ago

    What if Iran nuked, and developed, the USA

  • Fire and Ice Games
    Fire and Ice Games 4 days ago

    I feel scared and safe

  • Master vince 123
    Master vince 123 4 days ago

    I wonder if america could send a emp

  • RaidTV
    RaidTV 4 days ago

    Yeah but the U.S tested the THADD System and it is was a huge success.

  • PyrO moon
    PyrO moon 4 days ago

    If at first you don't succeed BLOW IT UP AGAIN!!!!

  • Diana Rabang
    Diana Rabang 4 days ago

    Im a filipino kid so we have to many missiles in the philippines so we like america so we need to bomb north korea 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔜

  • Ryan Tube
    Ryan Tube 5 days ago

    We're all protected by the DOD

  • windows8.1suxalot
    windows8.1suxalot 5 days ago +1

    We should do like Obama and give them some $$$ for Nukes like we did Iran. Then we can grow our economy by defense department spending.

  • Kevin Jimenez
    Kevin Jimenez 5 days ago

    i am crying and scared

  • Herecomesdatboi _
    Herecomesdatboi _ 5 days ago

    N.K: *Drops 1 nuke on the U.S*
    U.S:*Drops 100000000 nukes on N.K*
    N.K: .0.
    U.S: Get rekt boi

  • Carzybat
    Carzybat 5 days ago

    kim jung un is just big fatass man who likes to eat alot fatass nigga

  • Kyla Wiseman
    Kyla Wiseman 5 days ago

    But Donald trump is the president

  • Art Powers
    Art Powers 5 days ago

    north Korea isn't big and bad..... for those who think it is

  • Cork_killer 210
    Cork_killer 210 5 days ago

    Bruh I live in Alaska

  • TheEdgyEdShow
    TheEdgyEdShow 5 days ago

    Why don't we just got the United States, AND PUSH IT SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

  • Aniket Adhikary
    Aniket Adhikary 5 days ago

    everyone knows North Korea fakes a lot so no need to worry

  • SimonPierre810
    SimonPierre810 6 days ago

    Shit L.A? I live in the middle of Cali. No joke the actual middle.

  • Berd
    Berd 6 days ago +1

    Basically No one is stupid enough to nuke anyone - reason why the Cold War never went nuclear, so unless some dumbass gets into power, there will be no nuclear war. End of story.

  • A Wolff
    A Wolff 6 days ago

    doesn't the U.S have drones satellite and spies at their disposal couldn't they just remove him from power or have China do it

  • Jester 82
    Jester 82 6 days ago

    Japan, South Korea, Russia, and china would help America with ww3

  • Okana2up
    Okana2up 6 days ago

    Now the can do it🤔

    MD ASHRAF 6 days ago

    Definition of Dictator: A great beloved leader who's loved and well respected by his people but UNITED STATES OF ASSHOLES got jealous of this and want him dead.

    MD ASHRAF 6 days ago

    The world would be a better place if america didn't exist......... this world would feel like haven.

  • Jason Armstrong
    Jason Armstrong 6 days ago

    Part of me hopes they do jut so we can wipe them out with a ground invasion

  • anima anime
    anima anime 6 days ago

    Fatty we'll die

  • Nathan Palacios
    Nathan Palacios 6 days ago

    well we don't know anything about WW3 yet,but no matter what its gunna be HUUUGE

  • Nick Crompton
    Nick Crompton 6 days ago

    Um why don't we just assassinate Kim?

  • Whammy Cow
    Whammy Cow 7 days ago

    I LIVE 6 HOURS AWAY FROM LA!!!! I dislike TRUMP but if it was TRUMP or Kim TRUMP all day

  • StreetLord 413
    StreetLord 413 7 days ago

    The days the bombs drop is the day the world ends

  • Moritz Lessing
    Moritz Lessing 7 days ago

    you can't shoot down icbms

  • Depressed Person
    Depressed Person 7 days ago

    Why doesn't the world get along??

  • Jay Bush
    Jay Bush 7 days ago

    In the present, they can reach Alaska

  • MexicanHammer
    MexicanHammer 7 days ago

    my favorite america is the Atlantic Ocean

  • Nickolai 2025
    Nickolai 2025 8 days ago

    Instead of nuking us why don't they just drop Kim Jong Un on a city. His father ass will have a greater effect then any of there shifty, paper Mache bombs.

  • Dlard
    Dlard 8 days ago

    Jesus, why does everybody hate each other so much?

  • Brian Rodriguez
    Brian Rodriguez 8 days ago

    japon I love you keep protecting

  • NONstopGAMER
    NONstopGAMER 8 days ago

    I think every nation should be friends of each other

  • swift slick
    swift slick 8 days ago

    Drop a couple m.o.a.b's and we should be fine

  • zombiepixlez gamer
    zombiepixlez gamer 8 days ago

    so even a brit agrees the worst possible desicion as a country is bomb the us cause if so being a small country like nk youd no longer exists no nukes necessary

  • The jays Fan
    The jays Fan 8 days ago

    It would be easy. Don't under estimate. The usa is not as strong as you think.

  • Jojo Palumpong
    Jojo Palumpong 8 days ago

    What if Phillipines Nuked NORTH KOREA?

  • Ambastr
    Ambastr 8 days ago

    Eh, who needed California anyways?

  • Skittle.Gimmick
    Skittle.Gimmick 8 days ago

    I live in la help me I'm scared and I'm only 11

  • BedHeadMarker
    BedHeadMarker 8 days ago

    If NK nukes the US South Korea would become an island

  • crazy godzilla
    crazy godzilla 8 days ago

    at least trumps better than that idiot

  • Rays OffRoad Videos
    Rays OffRoad Videos 8 days ago

    goodbye north korea..trump would whip that little punks behind..

  • gRowl
    gRowl 8 days ago

    Junkrat: If your first don't succeed, blow it up again

  • Jack Foley
    Jack Foley 8 days ago

    They've an ICBM now

  • Gubuyguy
    Gubuyguy 9 days ago

    can we just ally with russia and gangbang russia

  • Fri 2016
    Fri 2016 9 days ago

    Kin jong is is stupid all north koreans is dum America is more powerful😈😈😈😈👺👺👺👺👺

  • TheGoldenGrave YT
    TheGoldenGrave YT 9 days ago

    If North Korea nukes the US they would have a problem

    With ME

  • space3010 gamemaster

    trump is a power house and open minded, that's what makes him a good president ;3

  • BaBa Yaga
    BaBa Yaga 9 days ago +1

    Either way North Korea loses Kim dies and America gets to dance on the ashs

  • DannielTheGamer
    DannielTheGamer 9 days ago

    Kim Jong

  • That one sperm from a ball sack

    Maybe America should use the 2nd nuke on North Korea instead of Japan again

  • Ami Smigel
    Ami Smigel 9 days ago

    North Korea it not a peninsula it's part of one but not fully a peninsula like the gulf states (Saudi Arabia and Yemen....)

  • Space jam Pokemaster

    First of all Kim's coumpters technology aren't powerful to handle and multiple nukes

  • Shaise Mughal
    Shaise Mughal 9 days ago

    Why do some people pronounce it as "Los Angeleeez?"???

    It kinda annoys me.

  • Ha Wk
    Ha Wk 9 days ago

    I wonder if I would be safe from a North Korean nuke in Pennsylvania?

  • Nattt02
    Nattt02 9 days ago

    What is you're voice 😢

  • feel_the_ sal1
    feel_the_ sal1 10 days ago

    incase you didn't k ow the death toll to north Korea if we nuked them would be 2mil and almost doubles that from nuclear poisoning and it could effect south Korea as well

  • Derrick Jackson
    Derrick Jackson 10 days ago

    I wouldn.t nuke North Korea because of South Korea if there was no such thing as South Korea I would attempt to nuke Korea if they would even dare mess with us Americans.

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