Miley Cyrus - Malibu (Official Video)

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  • Brandon Belue
    Brandon Belue 16 minutes ago

    How is she gonna say she's never been to the beach. Like did she forget sh always went to Rico's surf shop

  • Naing Myoe
    Naing Myoe 19 minutes ago


  • Samir Tamang
    Samir Tamang 21 minute ago

    miley looks cute and beautiful in the new hair😊😊😊😊

  • M.Rizqi Renaldy
    M.Rizqi Renaldy 29 minutes ago


    ANDRESDARKNESS89 42 minutes ago

    No se porque pero desde que saliò esta canciòn me gusto y eso que nunca fui fan de Milley XD :P

  • Male Cisterna
    Male Cisterna 43 minutes ago


  • Destiny Ngapera
    Destiny Ngapera 53 minutes ago

    70000 should be lots of likes that's anazing

  • Melisa Dono
    Melisa Dono 1 hour ago

    la escucho y automáticamente me relajo. me hace volar muy lejos. me encanta

  • Dizzel
    Dizzel 1 hour ago

    Sooo your not crazy anymore

  • Santino Colombano
    Santino Colombano 1 hour ago

    Miley is very smiley :)

  • Fernanda Leon
    Fernanda Leon 1 hour ago

    wow what change !!!

  • Rika71889 Ruga
    Rika71889 Ruga 1 hour ago


  • kerchel el
    kerchel el 1 hour ago

    loving this. a simple sum up of her re-connection with liam

  • Emem Lico
    Emem Lico 1 hour ago

    hannah MONTANA 😍💓😭 even though big changes in you before but u still my Biggest idol... i missed you a lot MILEY💓😭

  • Diego Jiménez
    Diego Jiménez 1 hour ago


  • Sandile Tembe
    Sandile Tembe 1 hour ago


  • cool93 hypixel
    cool93 hypixel 1 hour ago

    She is so beautiful my God!

  • Joshua Hobbes
    Joshua Hobbes 1 hour ago

    I keep returning to this video. Something special about it.

  • Baby Rubee
    Baby Rubee 1 hour ago

    Bro this song 😭❤️

  • gwyneth jespersen
    gwyneth jespersen 2 hours ago

    You and Katy look quite alike.

  • Andromeda Gaming
    Andromeda Gaming 2 hours ago

    Am i seeing this right?! Miley Cyrus?!

  • MaggotCrotch
    MaggotCrotch 2 hours ago

    Good to see her fans happy. I started listening to miley years ago because of my daughter's and I have to say Miley is very talented.

  • Toriy Tindal
    Toriy Tindal 2 hours ago

    Idk but im getting Hannah Montana Vibes ❤✌

  • carlton matlock
    carlton matlock 2 hours ago

    Miley Cyrus is a wonderful girl I thinking I got her on I pad screen every time I see her

  • Buugg Delaney
    Buugg Delaney 2 hours ago

    I still think she didn't change 😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • roche bezuidenhout
    roche bezuidenhout 2 hours ago


  • Janaé Gittens
    Janaé Gittens 2 hours ago

    This song is so pretty

  • CoFi
    CoFi 2 hours ago

    the scandall is over xDxdxd great song :')

  • Shivam Singh
    Shivam Singh 2 hours ago

    I did not get to next smile.. TheHackerBoy !!!!! My Friend !!!!!!!!!!! He plays games i think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sharon robilotto
    sharon robilotto 2 hours ago

    Miley Cyrus beautiful like me

  • RobbieLeigran
    RobbieLeigran 3 hours ago

    10/10 she is beautiful
    0/10 She is not bad crazy ass hell as before
    9/10 She really smiles
    10/10 better than Katyperrys song

  • Frien Bleach
    Frien Bleach 3 hours ago

    this sounds a bit like American Kids by Poppy

  • Jade Fields
    Jade Fields 3 hours ago

    This is giving me Hannah Montana vibes

  • zama max
    zama max 3 hours ago

    I am really missing old Miley.

  • bakuganjake123
    bakuganjake123 3 hours ago

    When black culture doesn't benefit you anymore...

  • The Gamingtrain
    The Gamingtrain 3 hours ago

    I like this Miley.

  • João Silva
    João Silva 3 hours ago

    Love 👍 😻

  • Da john
    Da john 3 hours ago

    i love you Miley cyrus

  • killerjocker1
    killerjocker1 3 hours ago

    Fuck - now I'm in love xD

  • Gustavo Alexander Uchasara Nina

    En el minuto 2:38 parece que a miley cyrus le duele algo o le meten algo por atras 😀

  • Gisela Sosa
    Gisela Sosa 4 hours ago

    El Video Mas Hermoso Que Vi.. 😍
    Es Preciosa❤

  • Yacine Mohamed
    Yacine Mohamed 4 hours ago

    an evolved version of hannah monatana

  • febrina magdalena
    febrina magdalena 4 hours ago

    My fav song ever

  • Brittany Niemi
    Brittany Niemi 4 hours ago

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels some Nevershoutnever! vibes from this. I think this has a Christopher Drew influence. Funny since Miley's brother toured with them LAST YEAR when Metro Station was reunited they opened for Nevershoutnever! ... makes you wonder if this is about Miley and Christopher? Or maybe he inspired her? Help me out here 🤣 I can not be the only one.

  • Jacob Iverson
    Jacob Iverson 4 hours ago


  • ānnālee ᗷᖇᑌᑌᕼ

    Ayyye im glad shes over her phase👏😂

  • Eliahu Costa
    Eliahu Costa 4 hours ago

    prefiro essa fase dela, calma, amor.. love nice...

  • Titin Kartini
    Titin Kartini 4 hours ago

    i m from Indonesia ,i like song

  • Dennis Schramke
    Dennis Schramke 4 hours ago

    Miley 💜💜💜perfekt in Person

  • Kerolyn Perez
    Kerolyn Perez 4 hours ago


  • Nicole Alcazar
    Nicole Alcazar 4 hours ago


  • Life With Kayla
    Life With Kayla 4 hours ago

    What understand is how my reply button got broke so fast

  • Lena S.
    Lena S. 4 hours ago


  • Ines Att
    Ines Att 5 hours ago

    Help me I can't stop to watching this video

  • Israel Abundes
    Israel Abundes 5 hours ago

    Miley Cyrus Is Beautifull❤️😍

  • Sheldon LeVeille
    Sheldon LeVeille 5 hours ago

    Still think she's beautiful

  • Ines Att
    Ines Att 5 hours ago

    She deserved 3 milions like

  • Emily
    Emily 5 hours ago

    Check out my covers!

  • John Dee
    John Dee 5 hours ago

    Check out my first upload

  • ViiP3R
    ViiP3R 5 hours ago

    Yes the old Miley is back and hotter!!!

  • Stig Black
    Stig Black 5 hours ago

    The old miley is back can I get an amen

  • Grzegorz Rogawski
    Grzegorz Rogawski 5 hours ago

    Piękna piosenks

  • So Glad Im Anonymous

    Shes changed

  • miss gabriel
    miss gabriel 6 hours ago

    i'like mumber

  • Michaela Strýčková

    Miley's good music is back :)

  • miko4220
    miko4220 6 hours ago

    go 10 mln subscribe ❤ Very nice music ❤

  • Miley Cyrus Videos
    Miley Cyrus Videos 6 hours ago

    139k people are just fucked up. Didn't y'all wanted a 'clean' version of Miley? Now y'all want back her music and style from 2013 and at the same time calling her a 'slut' with 'trash music'. Hypocrites

  • Ktoś Coś
    Ktoś Coś 6 hours ago

    IDRIS MAIMOON 6 hours ago

    She recovered well....i am happy for her

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla 6 hours ago

    I love it. And I understand wrecking ball too, you needed to find yourself first before you fell under a spell of some boy. It all makes sense. And you are pretty. Don't believe the haters. They are just jealous. You are very talented.

  • TheRavenclawRhainne TinCoyle

    Miley you're doing great! Keep it up

  • Erika Suro Suro
    Erika Suro Suro 6 hours ago

    Miley did you mixed your body with Katy Perry?

  • luis torres
    luis torres 6 hours ago

    I love u miley and fuck all the haters

  • Donald Richard
    Donald Richard 6 hours ago

    i saw her boob at the end ew

    JACKtheRIPPER 6 hours ago

    Hola hay algun habla hispana !!!!!!! Miley eres chida XD

  • Billie Din
    Billie Din 6 hours ago

    who else loves the part at 3:00 - 3:10 😍

  • Juan Ferreras
    Juan Ferreras 6 hours ago

    Por fin miley dejo la droga

  • don snypa
    don snypa 6 hours ago

    Shhhh I was never here...

  • Alexandra R.
    Alexandra R. 6 hours ago

    Waiting her 2nd single 😪 I want her to slay everyone with her amazing vocals!

  • Klaudia Tomicka
    Klaudia Tomicka 7 hours ago

    Miley ur voice is hott 😈

  • jhorjan carmona
    jhorjan carmona 7 hours ago

    who's here after watching bon appetit

  • Yacine BÉN
    Yacine BÉN 7 hours ago

    She looks so happy omg !

  • Yacine BÉN
    Yacine BÉN 7 hours ago

    My baby girl.

    SONER KILIÇ 7 hours ago

    %0 sexiest %100 real müzik

  • شهاب الاسمر

    Artwork is worth watching wonderful

  • Callum Thornley
    Callum Thornley 7 hours ago

    Malibu please capital

  • zionnah garcia
    zionnah garcia 7 hours ago


  • angela aguilar
    angela aguilar 7 hours ago

    I like her new ha ir

  • angela aguilar
    angela aguilar 7 hours ago

    I love u miley i love this song

  • Aleksandra Telążka


  • eatseokjin
    eatseokjin 7 hours ago

    I've never liked miley but this is pretty cute

  • Sandra Melnyk
    Sandra Melnyk 7 hours ago


  • LittleBrownGirl cx
    LittleBrownGirl cx 7 hours ago

    Thank god she is back 👌

  • sylviaalison
    sylviaalison 8 hours ago


  • Azure Jimenez
    Azure Jimenez 8 hours ago

    You guys should check out my vlogs 🙏🏻

  • leonard london
    leonard london 8 hours ago

    imo this song should top the charts simples

  • leonard london
    leonard london 8 hours ago

    something like this was my fav nd now this is in a par

  • Thimo Smit
    Thimo Smit 8 hours ago

    Best transformation ever

  • Leh Cyrus
    Leh Cyrus 8 hours ago

    139k haters 🙄

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