10 Best Survival Games Of All Time

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  • Gareth Kane
    Gareth Kane 10 hours ago

    No walking dead

  • EverlastingNebula
    EverlastingNebula 11 hours ago

    Well polished and stranded deep need not be in the same sentence.

  • Jwjsjhhshjs Ajdshshjs
    Jwjsjhhshjs Ajdshshjs 19 hours ago

    where is raft?

  • poopulah
    poopulah 20 hours ago

    no fallout 4 dying light or far cry primal

  • Eyeslayer
    Eyeslayer Day ago

    some on this list I don't get but state of decay should have been number 1 on the list of best survival games it is graphically superior to don't starve and well any pixel game it also has better mechanics than several on this list.

  • Redx army
    Redx army Day ago

    ark is my fav game

  • Greg Tziatzias
    Greg Tziatzias 2 days ago

    Wtf is number 1

  • adi barnas
    adi barnas 2 days ago

    defineatly dont starve

  • Gabriel Alig
    Gabriel Alig 3 days ago

    Terraria is the best fuckingggggggggggggggggg game

  • Gabriel Alig
    Gabriel Alig 3 days ago

    Terraria its really hard to survive for people who like creative mode

  • Relate Neon
    Relate Neon 3 days ago +1

    Ark is my favorite

  • Unknowinggooose3
    Unknowinggooose3 3 days ago

    u need new rust gameplay

  • Jakub Pajka
    Jakub Pajka 3 days ago

    Can I play Subnautica with HP Pavilion x360 Convertible
    Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU 4405U @ 2.10GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.1GHz
    Memory: 4096MB RAM
    Available OS Memory: 3984MB RAM
    DirectX Version: DirectX 12

  • El Loco Rift
    El Loco Rift 3 days ago

    Ark for life.

  • Alfie_kidgamer
    Alfie_kidgamer 3 days ago

    whers terirea

  • Anonamus Anonums
    Anonamus Anonums 4 days ago

    More like Fag heros

  • Nuke theps4gamer
    Nuke theps4gamer 4 days ago

    Its not a beta

  • Anwar Aryff
    Anwar Aryff 4 days ago

    Terraria -> Minecraft

  • I Like Turtles
    I Like Turtles 5 days ago

    Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator Is A Cool Survival Game Too!

  • Qispies Ps4
    Qispies Ps4 6 days ago

    I bough ark cheaper then $60. (Digital bundle with scorched earth on ps4)😂 Ark should really be #1

  • PopTartMurderer Gaming

    What about 7 days to die

  • Haidar Muchtar
    Haidar Muchtar 6 days ago

    no ark?

  • wolfmaster king
    wolfmaster king 6 days ago

    Ark is only alot if you get a bundle

  • Tech Ali
    Tech Ali 7 days ago

    Lol who else searched this on App Store

  • ewwmf michael
    ewwmf michael 8 days ago

    If only friday the 13th was out yet NO.1

    ANDREWSNINJAS 8 days ago

    I think they missed dying light

      ANDREWSNINJAS 8 days ago

      Its one of the best survival games in my opinion

  • alex valencia
    alex valencia 9 days ago

    Outlast? Or amnesia?

  • Gabriel Liebhart
    Gabriel Liebhart 9 days ago

    Ark is best

  • _Drexliz _
    _Drexliz _ 9 days ago

    My favourite Survival game is without a doubt Metro: 2033 & Last Light

  • Erick Is Bored
    Erick Is Bored 9 days ago

    you didn't even consider Starbound?

  • Emir Kaplan
    Emir Kaplan 9 days ago

    this survival games is worst
    Counter-strike 1.6 the best survival game ever !

  • itsLuis
    itsLuis 10 days ago

    In minecraft there is a minigame called "Survival games" and there are the film's maps

  • Robert Campbell
    Robert Campbell 10 days ago

    What about Far Cry?

  • Blurr
    Blurr 10 days ago


  • Spirit Wraith
    Spirit Wraith 10 days ago

    There better be ark survive evolved on here

  • Jeremy Wise
    Jeremy Wise 11 days ago

    I liked the one on the island

  • Maicol Engström 4 B Kevinge skolan

    6:19 thumnail

  • Ego Bear
    Ego Bear 11 days ago

    You missed 7 days to die

  • Nolan Voit
    Nolan Voit 11 days ago

    Dude wtf no fallout

  • skywolf milionarul
    skywolf milionarul 11 days ago


  • H u g o H e p w o r t h

    What about survival craft

  • GetRektSon NAT
    GetRektSon NAT 12 days ago

    Replace Day z with 7 days to die

    CRAFTER INC. 13 days ago

    why theres no "last day on earth"

  • Derptato
    Derptato 13 days ago

    love the story of don't starve and the amount of difficulty

  • Deezsturs 11
    Deezsturs 11 13 days ago


  • Attack Doge
    Attack Doge 14 days ago

    Stranded deal is two places ahead of ark? Need I remind you, ark is the game that have thousands of people above a thousand hours of play time.

  • Matty5 Tosh4
    Matty5 Tosh4 14 days ago

    What about Friday the 13th and 7 days to die

  • passion for games
    passion for games 14 days ago

    actually ark is worth it's 60dollars i like the game very much

  • Ștefan Dobre
    Ștefan Dobre 15 days ago

    I think H1Z1 or Battlegrounds should be on this list.

  • Alex Randel
    Alex Randel 15 days ago

    Unturned is an amazing survival plus it's free

  • XD_ Craft
    XD_ Craft 15 days ago

    Minecraft numb 1 ☝☝☝

  • Bram Steenhoek
    Bram Steenhoek 15 days ago

    Fuck stranded deep

  • Frankie boi Rizzo
    Frankie boi Rizzo 15 days ago

    None of the fallout games?

  • XdrunkyBro
    XdrunkyBro 16 days ago

    ️Im Buy ark survival Evolved

  • JustDonny
    JustDonny 17 days ago

    Not even going to watch the video. ARK is the best. Hands down.

  • Swag Master21
    Swag Master21 17 days ago

    Far Cry Primal should of been in the list it has great graphics and a awesome storyline

  • CAAPlayers
    CAAPlayers 17 days ago

    my 3 favorite survival games. (no order) terraria, ark survival evolved, minecraft.

  • Gaming mustache
    Gaming mustache 18 days ago

    Minecraft is dead

  • רונן קוגן
    רונן קוגן 18 days ago


  • Dank
    Dank 18 days ago

    I don't see Doom here. Now you can say its not a survival game but when you think about it a bit longer it actually is. The whole point of the game is to stop a demon apocalypse. Yes you can't build stuff and you do have objectives and missions but besides that its surviving...

  • Nateset
    Nateset 19 days ago

    what happened to unturned???

  • thelolman 13
    thelolman 13 19 days ago

    Where's unturned un this list

  • Darkscarlet 101
    Darkscarlet 101 19 days ago

    6:48 WILSON!!!

  • Modern Gaming123 MG123

    Really minecraft

  • imdead
    imdead 20 days ago

    Ah ark survival evolved the game where uou die over and over again and then resort to cheating

  • imdead
    imdead 20 days ago

    How is minecraft on the 9th spot

  • RedGear
    RedGear 21 day ago +3

    I play “L.I.F.E” for 22 years and I still haven’t finish it yet :)

  • Guitarz 5150
    Guitarz 5150 21 day ago

    The Long Dark has the right elements to it but the cartoon like graphics ruin it for me.

  • helopepolepie12 i
    helopepolepie12 i 21 day ago

    I've tried most of these games and my personal favorite is ark simply because it is such a simple but still difficult game

  • Ultra uber mega Mr negative

    Number9 tho so much cringe so bad shouldn't be on this

  • Microwave559 Gaming
    Microwave559 Gaming 22 days ago

    I mean Terraria is pretty fun

  • maden ninja
    maden ninja 22 days ago

    ark is great and i play it 24 7 i would give it num 1. also anyone smart enough to have got ark during alpha would have got it free and kept it

  • Earthquake Gaming
    Earthquake Gaming 22 days ago

    Last day on Earth: Survival? Anyone?

    No... just me 😀

  • Luke B
    Luke B 23 days ago

    running from bloodthirsty animes? WTF. :DD

  • 762459
    762459 23 days ago

    what about This War of Mine?

  • Paul Huffman
    Paul Huffman 23 days ago

    no 7 days to die?

  • メメK工ㄥㄥ丹爪匚ちメメ god

    uugggg so many peapels play minecraft so why you show minecraft

  • Sahil Vengurlekar
    Sahil Vengurlekar 24 days ago

    Where is farcry primal

  • Gavin mark
    Gavin mark 24 days ago

    You forgot steamed deep

    MA5TERMIND06 24 days ago

    What about DayZ like if you agree??

  • themutantlizard
    themutantlizard 25 days ago

    DayZ isn't being updated frequently

  • unsweetenedtooth
    unsweetenedtooth 26 days ago

    how about Terraria

  • LindGamingYT
    LindGamingYT 26 days ago

    Minecraft is the best one here

  • Bqd205
    Bqd205 27 days ago

    Ark should've been 1

  • Legend of Panda
    Legend of Panda 27 days ago

    Where is H1Z1?I hate this video!?

  • Bryan Lopez
    Bryan Lopez 27 days ago

    Bro wtf Man U didn't even tell us the mane of the first game

  • ProwTheGamer
    ProwTheGamer 28 days ago

    What The Hell? Where's Terraria? It's a awesome Survival game

  • Troller Jason
    Troller Jason 28 days ago


  • Mrazomor
    Mrazomor 28 days ago

    Unturned is best survival game :P

  • Gino Dermul
    Gino Dermul 28 days ago

    i wouldve tought unturned would atleast get to honorable mensions

  • Anonymous Gamer
    Anonymous Gamer 28 days ago

    rust is really bad now

  • SentryDuck 04
    SentryDuck 04 29 days ago

    I sware to fuck if ark isnt in this video

  • Baraa Ouzaa
    Baraa Ouzaa 29 days ago

    fuck you and your mather facking mama

  • Top Top
    Top Top 29 days ago +2

    All these fanboys claiming 7DTD is the best. Tf, you must've never played any other survival games if you think some shitty non-original zombie game is NO. 1.

  • Ninja spider game's
    Ninja spider game's 29 days ago

    balance list i like it

  • Not Here
    Not Here Month ago

    LOL you say woter instead of water
    Edit: Hahahaha

  • Gale Anderson
    Gale Anderson Month ago

    7 Days to Die isn't here, kinda surprising. I'd argue it's better than most of the other zombie survival games, DayZ included.


    tfw when your potato is so bad u can't run any of these

  • Kuzkay
    Kuzkay Month ago

    These footages are old as fuck ..

  • heaven Erwin
    heaven Erwin Month ago +3

    My top 4:
    4: The Forest
    3: Ark
    2: 7 days to die
    1: MINECR- Lol, Jk. Subnautica.
    And also, I don't care if you think me wrong, I didn't ask your opinion. If your reply is,"U R SO WONG!" Then shove that reply up your ASS.

    • Jay NHSOB
      Jay NHSOB 14 days ago

      heaven Erwin cool story bro

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