He Noticed A Strange Building At The Top Of This Hill He Didn’t Expect To Find This Inside

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  • Gugi Ugi
    Gugi Ugi 7 days ago

    Man that would be a nice disco-bar

  • hello hun
    hello hun 10 days ago

    What a cool house that would make.

  • Beam Me Up
    Beam Me Up 11 days ago

    Fuck communism!!!

  • Michelle McReynolds
    Michelle McReynolds 11 days ago

    Wow! The architecture!

  • beemerchef27
    beemerchef27 11 days ago

    wasn't that building in Avengers civil war?

  • taylor page
    taylor page 11 days ago

    Lazy Bulgarian rats can not even maintain or find a use for what the communists build, that's why Bulgaria is the dirtiest and under developed country in Europe. Hungary rocks

    • taylor page
      taylor page 10 days ago

      Fuck Bulgarian dogs and your barbarian Romanian brothers. Hungary with Turkey gone take over Bulgaria and Romania to take our lands back and fuck your women curva. Our new Turko- Hungarian empire gone rule over all European faggots and turn Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia the fucking dirty Slavs into our colonies.

    • Jason DinAlt
      Jason DinAlt 10 days ago

      f***ng hungarian mangusta, that's way we're f**k gipsy Hungarian turists on the Black Sea beach....Balaton is not a sea you moron!

  • Wendell Sims
    Wendell Sims 11 days ago +1

    Oh I thought it was a flying saucer that landed.....

  • T Green
    T Green 11 days ago

    Lets all hope the New Age Nazis of the bogus ideology of Islam will also go into decay very soon. Like all rotten ideologies they simply need to just be flushed down the crapper of time.

  • Jerome Sanders
    Jerome Sanders 12 days ago


  • Stupid Man
    Stupid Man 12 days ago

    ill be glad when all these alien factions kill them selves off.

  • Rachel V K
    Rachel V K 12 days ago +1

    Why does it say "Forget Your Past" in English? Everything else is written in Russian. That looks like something that someone possibly painted on later after Communism had fallen. Other than that, this is a very interesting and historic structure.

    LEX TAYLOR 12 days ago

    Reminds me of "Alien"

  • awdat
    awdat 12 days ago

    its a temple

  • Jay W
    Jay W 13 days ago

    its a building in Bulgaria, which the government built. end of

  • Kuldeep Singh
    Kuldeep Singh 13 days ago

    This is Beautiful :)

  • Darren Wilson
    Darren Wilson 13 days ago

    looks like a ufo and a obelisk.

    FATT BASSTARD 13 days ago +2

    concrete UFO

  • bass1jd187
    bass1jd187 13 days ago +1

    that building was in a James bond movie. that's where I seen it

  • Steve Morehead
    Steve Morehead 14 days ago

    Fracking Cylons

  • Todorovf
    Todorovf 14 days ago

    This is Buzludja in Bulgaria! Symbol of Comunism!

    BLACKPOWER MELANIN TV 14 days ago +2


  • Erol Germann
    Erol Germann 14 days ago +6

    Don't worry the New World Order communism is advancing with giant steps !!!

    • Erol Germann
      Erol Germann 11 days ago

      Matt Sherwood !
      Definitely; example Monsantos, last but not least, the EU Natural gas suppliers conflict between Russia & America. & on & on, down the list we go ...!
      Erol/ Manuel

    • Matt Sherwood
      Matt Sherwood 11 days ago

      Alberto González your an edit. Being told what you should believe in and how you should live your life is communist. government needs to get out of the way and not control housing, and what foods you can grow or control what small bissnes can do. don't give up on your freedom for a promise of a government to take care of you.

    • Erol Germann
      Erol Germann 13 days ago

      Alberto González -
      I still believe the deep State is in control & not Mr. D.J.Trump.
      But I honour your opinion (!)

    • Alberto González
      Alberto González 13 days ago

      Erol Germann Trump and the republicans are proof of that!

  • Wayne Morphett
    Wayne Morphett 14 days ago

    what a shame..

  • Jason Birkenshaw
    Jason Birkenshaw 14 days ago

    been there.

  • gege mon
    gege mon 14 days ago +1

    first :D

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