Pokémon VS Digimon

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    It's the battle of the 90's childhood anime, we're pitting the Pocket Monsters up against the Digital Monsters to see which of these two monumental cartoons will reign supreme. Which series has the better video games? Card game? Anime? Creatures? Battles? Which is most willing to adapt? which has the biggest cultural impact? It's Agumon vs Pikachu! Greymon vs Charizard! Myotismon vs Mewtwo!

    Special thanks to our users Daniel Fong, Georgina Bransfield, and Thunder Chizz for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: www.WatchMojo.com/suggest

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Comments: 7 624

  • The Best Gamer
    The Best Gamer Hour ago

    I wonder who ripped off the other Pokémon or digimon Pokémon ripped of digimon by using the mega evouloution

  • Edgar Romero
    Edgar Romero 2 hours ago

    Pokemon stole the Mega evolve concept from digimon. At least my patamon can go back to being a cute patamon or a tokomon. Pikachu can never go back from Raichu. Suckers

  • Landon Leba vlogs

    Pokemon for life

  • Ahmed's Ultimate Gaming

    Bet he's a Pokemon fan. Okay before you guys get crazy I play Pokemon I get it Pokemon is pretty fun and the anime is nice but if digimon is in the picture Pokemon is out,gone, left, destroyed

  • Noah_ Musee
    Noah_ Musee Day ago

    Why didn't Pokemon sue digimon for the Wal-Mart rip off of pokemons whimpy cousin

    • Omegamon Alter-S
      Omegamon Alter-S Day ago

      Because the reasons used for that said "sue" makes pokemon a bigger rippoff of Digimon than vice versa

    • AnimeMasterManWND
      AnimeMasterManWND Day ago

      Noah_ Musee because just like how Best Buy can't sue Frys Electronics for there slogan "The Best Buy is at Frys" nearly everything Pokemon and Digimon have in common Digimon had first

    • Nin Shade
      Nin Shade Day ago

      Noah_ Musee because dragon quest, SMT, ultra seven, Digimon, and more didn't sue Pokemon for being a great value version.

      Most if not all is owned or works with Bandai

    • CrimsonFlare
      CrimsonFlare Day ago

      Because Digimon isn't a Pokemon rip off. If it was Nintendo would've sued Bandai already.

  • shantell jordan
    shantell jordan 2 days ago

    I love pokemon for a better reason,Pokemon games arent Shawt,Pokemon has some movies with feels.The digimon has some cute mons,But like who likes scary instead of cute?()Sorry digimon fans ()I kinda feel like pokemon had better seasons thorugh the years,Like Diamond and pearl pokemon eevee/pikachu and Xy/Xyz,So yeah.Dats why i like pokemon more.

    • RippahRooJizah
      RippahRooJizah Day ago

      Who likes scary instead of cute? That's like a cat lover saying "who even likes dogs?" If you prefer cute stuff, fine. Pokemon is more your speed. But don't be so surprised that there are people who aren't interested in how cute stuff is. I mean, what you said isn't just for Digimon fans. What about the Godzilla fans, for example? Do you think Godzilla would have the fanbase he has now if he was a cute, cuddly 4 foot tall monster?

      As for feels, no, Digimon has that as well. Granted one of the reasons I think Digimon has better feels is because there's more consequences. I haven't watched every Pokemon anime but, and call it bias on my part, I don't think there's quite anything with the buildup and payoff as, say, Leomon's death in Tamers or the ending of Adventure Tri: Confessions.

    • Omegamon Alter-S
      Omegamon Alter-S 2 days ago

      Pokemon games aren't shit, but they aren't great either.
      Digimon has significantly more emotional and impactful moments due to the nature of the show, since in pokemon, no one really dies which undermines most of the suspense that happens. even if it got to the point where someone looked liked they were really about to die, everyone knows that they will still live anyways.

      DPP was a better season but it's clear you never really watched Digimon at all, since Digimon Tamers trumps all pokemon anime to date

  • digital gamer786
    digital gamer786 2 days ago

    I liked the video which u made bro nice video I here am a digimon fan always going to love that anine it is my heart

  • Subpar Monkey
    Subpar Monkey 2 days ago

    Digimon is better

  • Temi Babayemi
    Temi Babayemi 2 days ago

    I was worried this would be biased. 5 minutes in and it's pretty balanced honestly.

    • RippahRooJizah
      RippahRooJizah Day ago

      Not really, considering Pokemon won 2 points for popularity.

  • RadSan MedTrans
    RadSan MedTrans 3 days ago

    Digimon can fuise and can win any battle at Pokemon

  • Darth Games
    Darth Games 4 days ago

    me:digimon wins

    sees ending
    me:"still thinks digimon is better"

  • TheLegendaryFireCat YT

    #TeamPokémon I love Pokémon

  • UserMan
    UserMan 4 days ago

    If you are talking about the anime, Digimon is way better. Pokémon is mostly famous for the games.

  • Thomas Cruz
    Thomas Cruz 5 days ago

    Watchmojo arceus isn't a legendary pokemon it's a mythical pokemon!

  • Elijah Quicho
    Elijah Quicho 5 days ago

    Digimon sucks it's very almost a copy of pokemon but ITS ART IS STUPID

    • Nin Shade
      Nin Shade 4 days ago

      And he's out of here

    • Elijah Quicho
      Elijah Quicho 5 days ago

      AnimeMasterManWND nah jk lel

    • AnimeMasterManWND
      AnimeMasterManWND 5 days ago

      Elijah Quicho how is Digimon a copy of Pokemon neatly everything they have in common Digimon did first

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis 6 days ago

    Pokemon Go is basically the DigiQuartz with Pokemon.

  • Jason Dreamer
    Jason Dreamer 6 days ago

    One thing Digimon has that Pokemon don't. Humans become or can merge with Digimon.

    • Jason Dreamer
      Jason Dreamer Day ago

      Dang. You are right. My mistake.

    • RippahRooJizah
      RippahRooJizah Day ago


      "In Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, Bill can be found at the Sea Cottage on the Cerulean Cape, initially performing an experiment on Pokémon teleportation. However, Bill accidentally becomes combined with the body of a Pokémon and requires the player's help to fix the problem."

    • Jason Dreamer
      Jason Dreamer Day ago

      No. He was stuck in a Kabuto Costume. In the game I think it was a Slowbro though.

    • Nin Shade
      Nin Shade 2 days ago

      RippahRooJizah if memory serves right bill put his mind into a pokemon

    • Jason Dreamer
      Jason Dreamer 3 days ago

      I apologize. I forgot Pokemon Sun & Moon did that with one of the Ultra beasts & the leader of Ather Paradise who is the mom of your female companion & one of your rivals who gives you his Type: Null.

  • DevilXDan
    DevilXDan 7 days ago +1

    What's digimon..?

    • Nin Shade
      Nin Shade 4 days ago

      DevilXDan if chrono trigger was actually good it would actually be a mainstream video game with hundreds of spin-off games instead of always being in the top 10 list of every best video games ever made list, but knowing the difference between popularity and quality is none of your business.

    • RippahRooJizah
      RippahRooJizah 4 days ago

      Popularity is not a sign of quality. Marketing can go a long way and it's something Pokemon had more than most franchises, never mind just Digimon (which never had great marketing outside Japan).

       If Pokemon was "that good" then why is it that in any RPG list, unless we're talking about specifically Nintendo games, Pokemon never always gets the #1 spot (or #2 after a Mario RPG)? Why are their even Pokemon fans who admit that the anime is terrible despite it being popular? Even if you liked Pokemon Go, if it was so good why did its userbase fell like a rock after its single peak when it first started?

      On the other hand, there are plenty of Digimon fans despite it being rather obscure compared to Pokemon. There are even people who like both Pokemon and Digimon. We've heard of Digimon, it isn't negated because you haven't heard of it.

    • DevilXDan
      DevilXDan 4 days ago

      RippahRooJizah if digimon was so good it would be POPULAR and I would have known about it

    • RippahRooJizah
      RippahRooJizah 4 days ago

      I can tell you a bunch of great games that aren't popular. I can tell you a bunch of popular games that are considered trash.

      Just because *you* haven't heard of it doesn't mean it's not a good game. It means you haven't heard of it.

    • Nin Shade
      Nin Shade 6 days ago

      DevilXDan Nintendo had the company that made Digimon make pokken tournament so if you liked pokken tournament (which is basically Digimon rumble arena 3 if there was a Digimon rumble arena 3) then you would probably like the Digimon rumble arena games, next Digimon was made in 1997 after years of development just like Pokemon that came out in 1996.(I don't know how long it took for Digimon to be made but it took at least 2 years considering tamagotchi is Digimons sister product, and Pokemon was made in 1996 as pocket monsters red and green. It was in 1998 when pocket monsters changed their name to Pokemon, and it took about 4-5 years for Pokemon to be made 1992 give or take was the starting point for the game)

      Calling Digimon a copy of Pokemon is just like calling pokemon a copy of dragon quest (1992), or any of the other franchises that are simmiler to Pokemon that have been around before Pokemon.

  • PsychicEspeon
    PsychicEspeon 7 days ago

    I'm a Pokemon fan and i like Both franchise but prefer Pokemon more. However, I do agree that most people said Digimon are more Powerful than Pokemon because they have real weapons like metals or some sort, Making them to easily demolished Pokemon. However, I still disagree with the Pokemon fans who said that Digimon are just a ripoff of Pokemon because they're not Copying each other, They came in a unique style, Design, And story.

    • RippahRooJizah
      RippahRooJizah 4 days ago

      There are Pokemon with weapons. I mean, clubs, cannons, mystic bones...

      And what's the difference between firing a beam from a cannon or hands or from whatever Solar Beam is fired from?

    • Nin Shade
      Nin Shade 7 days ago

      PsychicEspeon the weapon thing always confused me. The strongest Digimon don't have any weapons.

  • Renee Eutzy
    Renee Eutzy 7 days ago


  • Joshijam129
    Joshijam129 7 days ago

    Im okay with either game i guess but even if digimon came first pokemon simply became more popular and u cant change that..(and pokemon r cuter 😉)

    • RippahRooJizah
      RippahRooJizah 4 days ago

      Pokemon have more consistently cuter designs but Digimon's designs tend to be more varied. Betsumon is uglier than 98% of the Pokemon I've seen and he's one of my favorite Digimon. But that's kind of how they work. Pokemon is meant to be simple and cute most of the time. Digimon... well, can be whatever. Cute, ugly, simple, complicated, etc.

    • Nin Shade
      Nin Shade 7 days ago

      Joshijam129 it depends on the Digimon and Pokemon.

      Caprimon, Lilimon, Lopmon, Gomamon, Raremon, Offmon, Gatomon, Tinkermon.

  • LeafStormer19
    LeafStormer19 7 days ago

    What about the merchandise

  • Alpha Olin
    Alpha Olin 7 days ago

    In my opinion digimon is better

  • Cheesy Cow
    Cheesy Cow 7 days ago

    no offense to Pokemon fans but Yugioh and Digimon have wwaaay better Monsters sorry mojo need a redux

  • Eth Awesomeness
    Eth Awesomeness 8 days ago

    Why did you have to add cultural impact?! Just, why? It's such a random thing to add that make Pokemon win!

    • Eth Awesomeness
      Eth Awesomeness 8 days ago

      PS. Almost anyone who has seen the Digimon anime likes it better

  • bio gamer in lava
    bio gamer in lava 8 days ago

    This comment section is filled with weaboos Pokemon is a video game digimon is an anime one is made for gamers the other is made for weaboos so everyone calm the fuck down

    • RippahRooJizah
      RippahRooJizah 4 days ago

      Would you call a V-Pet a "Video game"?

    • Nin Shade
      Nin Shade 7 days ago

      bio gamer in lava ? They both began as video games, they both have good and bad games, they both have bad, and good animes.

  • Mary Grubb
    Mary Grubb 8 days ago

    Btw they are both awesome and perfect childhood memory's they don't need to be compared they are the great and cool

  • Mary Grubb
    Mary Grubb 8 days ago

    I didn't really like the Pokémon anime but I like the games

  • Jesse Weaver
    Jesse Weaver 10 days ago

    D I G I S U C C

  • mikkik04 mikiik04
    mikkik04 mikiik04 10 days ago

    for me pokemon 5-0 Digimon

    • RippahRooJizah
      RippahRooJizah 4 days ago

      Generally speaking, Digimon is considered to have better anime.

      And I don't know how Pokemon can win "series evolution" over Digimon. There's no real opinion to it, Digimon objectively has more "series evolution" and changes and variety than Pokemon, a series that, outside of some less popular outliers, generally has remained the same.

    • Monday shun
      Monday shun 8 days ago

      mikkik04 mikiik04 well you obviously don't know anything about Digimon.

  • Zoe Ware
    Zoe Ware 11 days ago

    I hate you.

  • Prospit MaidofBreath
    Prospit MaidofBreath 11 days ago

    pokemon multitude buddy there are only 802 pokemon vs 1127 digimon get your facts right.

  • Daddy Bielanowski
    Daddy Bielanowski 11 days ago

    faq digimon

  • Daddy Bielanowski
    Daddy Bielanowski 11 days ago

    digimon sounds like a copy of pokemon 👍if u agree

    • PsychicEspeon
      PsychicEspeon 7 days ago

      Digimon doesn't copy each other OK! They came in different kinds of way

    • Monday shun
      Monday shun 10 days ago

      Daddy Bielanowski funny how you don't have any likes. Maybe everyone knows that you don't know what you're talking about. Maybe you should try to explain what you think makes Digimon a ripoff of Pokemon, and then someone can explain how you're wrong.

    • TheJasonDragonsbane
      TheJasonDragonsbane 11 days ago

      Daddy Bielanowski bet you can't even name a single thing digimon copied. Be careful what you say because e Rey single poketard to make this claim ends up making Pokémon look like the ripoff.

  • Megan Barber
    Megan Barber 11 days ago

    If pokemon loses there will be war

  • Ricardo Oliva
    Ricardo Oliva 12 days ago


    • Monday shun
      Monday shun 10 days ago

      Ricardo Oliva I'm going to bet you never experienced Digimon before you poor unfortunate soul.

    • TheJasonDragonsbane
      TheJasonDragonsbane 11 days ago

      Let's see an anime with plot beat one that doesn't. One with character development beat one with none. One with better ratings beat one with crap ratings. And you are surprised by this? What rock have you been living under?

    • AnimeMasterManWND
      AnimeMasterManWND 11 days ago

      a world that character development, an actual story, and mature themes matter.

  • bio gamer in lava
    bio gamer in lava 12 days ago

    What the fuck is a digimon

    • RippahRooJizah
      RippahRooJizah 4 days ago

      Outside of the relative genre and some tropes associated with it Digimon isn't really like Pokemon. It's like comparing Star Wars to Star Trek. Both are sci-fi series that take place in space but are different enough to be distinct.

      And I've only seen the first season of YuGiOh but I couldn't compare it to Digimon at all. Not even Tamers, with its card use.

    • Nin Shade
      Nin Shade 7 days ago

      bio gamer in lava not exactly but it's in the ballpark kinda

    • bio gamer in lava
      bio gamer in lava 7 days ago

      so it's kind of like yi gi oh and Pokemon combined if that's what's going on than I'm sold

    • Nin Shade
      Nin Shade 8 days ago

      bio gamer in lava Digimon has games (for example digimon world next order, and Digimon story cyber sleuth) anime (my favorite is Digimon tamers season 3)and manga/comic ( I haven't read any of them)

      When I said you're on YouTube I meant for you to look on YouTube. May I recommend the Digimon tamers review by glass reflections? It was one of his first videos, so it's a little rough, but it covers the basics of the season, but leaves out a lot

    • bio gamer in lava
      bio gamer in lava 8 days ago

      I have read the wiki article and it says that digimon is an anime I'm not really into anime the last one I watched wa yi gi oh 5ds it really good and after reading the story of digimon meh looked at the monsters design I kind of actually like it a bit more than Pokemon but that's about it. Buh bye

  • Ivan Zuniga
    Ivan Zuniga 12 days ago

    pokemon op

  • Acholi Pianist & Swimmer

    I used to like Pokèmon as a kid, but then Digimon showed up and I liked it better. Then they made Tamers which I hated, so went back to Pokemon. But let's be honest, Digimon is way better. How do Pokemon even die?

  • The Amazing Decidueye
    The Amazing Decidueye 14 days ago +1

    I like both to me none is better than the other

  • Renikan 64
    Renikan 64 14 days ago

    You can't do number 5

  • Scorpio
    Scorpio 15 days ago

    Ok, I'm just make this clear so everyone knows digimon didn't rip off or copy pokemon, it was actually created due to tamagochis because they were more for girls the creator of tamagochi partnered with two other people to create digimon, the more masculine side of tamagochis were your digital pets combatted

  • KingNoob - I shall rise!

    I watched the Digimon anime (1st season only) And was not interested at all. Pokémon if preferred among many, and I have that opinion.

    • Nin Shade
      Nin Shade 15 days ago

      KingNoob - I shall rise! May I ask how far into the first season you watched?

  • Cool taco Gamer
    Cool taco Gamer 15 days ago

    Ok I'm done guys stop arguing for god sake there games who cares if there the same you guys just hate cause you just want too there is nothing similar with them stop acting like children

  • Justin TNT
    Justin TNT 16 days ago

    pokemon for life

  • Te De
    Te De 16 days ago

    Ktoś tu jest stronniczy. :) Jakbyście się lepiej przygotowali byłoby 4:1 dla Digimonów. :) Pokemony wygrywają tylko i wyłącznie marketingiem. :) Kto wygrałby w starciu Mega Mewtwo X vs (przykładowo) Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode ??? Shoutmon wciągnąłby Mewtwo nosem :) Digimony wygrywają. Nawet Dragonball nie może się równać z Digimonami. Prawda w oczy kole? ;) Pokemony są jedne ze słabszych stworków. Smutna prawda.

  • Bendy The Horror show
    Bendy The Horror show 16 days ago


  • Saul Hernandez
    Saul Hernandez 17 days ago +1

    Pokemon won

  • Ke'yon King
    Ke'yon King 17 days ago

    Digimon is better

    YOSHI GAMING 17 days ago

    I will pick pokemon over the other

  • SleepyTurtle
    SleepyTurtle 18 days ago


  • Raphael Medina
    Raphael Medina 18 days ago

    Fuck you

  • Sapphinity
    Sapphinity 18 days ago

    Ugh, cringe. People not only always have pokemon win based on opinions, but from what I have seen, the two franchises don't get mad with each other, only their fans. Then us few fans who enjoy both are just sitting there in concern as people rip each others heads off, when both are good in their own ways. STOP COMPARING THEM!

    • Omegamon Alter-S
      Omegamon Alter-S 16 days ago

      your words of compromise reach out nothing. they have failed. and before you point out my irony, yes it is ironic. I just felt like simply pointing it out.

  • Crj2002
    Crj2002 18 days ago

    I'm just here to make fun of the butthurt fanboys of both pokemon and digimon because they're all 9 years of age and have poor English. Both Pokemon and digimon copied each other in different ways. Everyone has their opinions. If you don't like one of these, that is fine it's called a opinion but I don't think anyone should just make fun of people because they have a OPINION. Don't call the people who like Pokemon retards and the same thing goes with the people who like digimon. I personally prefer Pokemon but remember, it's my OPINION.

  • Trident 1117
    Trident 1117 19 days ago

    What, digimon is just better in general. I mean Pokemon has more games but anyone who played digimon masters online knows that this game has more content. At the end i love digimon and hope that people would just realize that there not really the same. Though it i do pick digimon is just better. No ash every five seconds of my life. :)

  • GrimangelX4
    GrimangelX4 19 days ago +1

    Digimon will always be better and will have a longer life span than Pokémon. Simply because Nintendo and GF don't care about it

  • InsaneTedTron X Studios

    Pokémon sucks

  • Lochlan Batson
    Lochlan Batson 20 days ago

    its so obvious that digimon is a ripoff of pokemon, because number 1: pokemon means "pocket monsters" and digimon means "digital monsters", number 2: digimon made their anime and games after the pokemon franchise, number 3: digimon evolve just like pokemon do.

    • Digimon&More!
      Digimon&More! 18 days ago

      Crj2002 So you make fun of people for their lack of grammar? To me that's just a bully.

    • disneyuk2000
      disneyuk2000 18 days ago

      Do you want something to go with your salt lol. Maybe you should learn how to use full stops? Still a hypocrite though. High school drop out? What does that make you? You seem to be a loser without a life.

    • Crj2002
      Crj2002 18 days ago

      disneyuk2000 you literally said "such as hypocrite" not such a hypocrite. Are you dumb?

    • Crj2002
      Crj2002 18 days ago

      Digimon&More! Nope just making fun of the high school drop outs

  • Brady Kim
    Brady Kim 20 days ago


  • Mike Mercado
    Mike Mercado 20 days ago +1

    digimon still the best for me! for life;-)

  • Snatch 15
    Snatch 15 20 days ago

    To me it´s similar than the Simpsons-Family Guy comparison. The Simpsons have more episodes and are more popular, have sold more stuff, etc, but still I like Family Guy better. Digimon is better to me as well (overall)

  • Brigade Leader Haruhi Suzumiya

    Also Digimon was created based off of the Tomodachi toys. Hince the Digidevices look like Tomodachi toys. Pokemon fans always saying Digimon Ripped off Pokemon is false. Cause Digimon was never created too be anything like Pokemon. Besides similar character designs. And the Mon part in the name. Duh everyone! It's comman since. I seen a 107 Digimon facts video on YouTube that showed what I'm talking about here.

  • Brigade Leader Haruhi Suzumiya

    Pokemon can learn how too get stronger from Digimon. And Ash can learn how too grow up from Tai and the gang. Digimon Adventure, Adventure 02 and Adventure Tri where they are now collage age. I like both Pokemon and Digimon. But now Digimon Video Games are getting way better than Pokemon video games. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth,Digimon World Next Order,Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker's memory. And Digimon World Data Squad. I wish Pokemon games would of stayed as Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. Those are great Pokemon games.

  • TF you lookin at
    TF you lookin at 21 day ago

    No hate at all because I grew up with both

  • Nathan Atkinson
    Nathan Atkinson 21 day ago

    Digimon is fucking shit idc what retarded digimon fans say digimon is shit Pokemon is so much better. What digimon fucking murdering killing everything . You actually have friends in Pokemon Pokemon are your friends and digimon are being like random things that try murdering

    • disneyuk2000
      disneyuk2000 19 days ago

      Pokemon is pure shit lol.

    • RippahRooJizah
      RippahRooJizah 20 days ago

      You basically just said you have no idea what Digimon is. It's like me saying "Idc what Poketards say all trainers abuse their Pokemon 100%"

    • Mr. L The Green Thunder
      Mr. L The Green Thunder 21 day ago

      Nathan Atkinson Care to explain why Digimon is bad?

      Because I'm pretty sure we know how atrocious Pokemon is because they're been milking themselves by sticking with the same plot. (Including the games)

  • Nathan Atkinson
    Nathan Atkinson 21 day ago

    Digs on if fucking shit idc what retarded digimon fans say digimon is shit Pokemon is so much better. What digimon fucking murdering killing everything

    • disneyuk2000
      disneyuk2000 19 days ago

      lol I don't think so. Pokemon is just pure shit.

  • pokemon Gus
    pokemon Gus 21 day ago


  • poke ball
    poke ball 21 day ago

    This youtuber just like pokemon so unsub I like both anyway I'm just 9 years old

  • MRCharmanderGaming
    MRCharmanderGaming 21 day ago

    I prefer Pokemon over digimon but I respect digimon enough to not talk trash about them

    • MRCharmanderGaming
      MRCharmanderGaming 20 days ago

      Mr. L The Green Thunder Ya even though I like pokemon more I do feel digimon does a better job on making a new story for their anime (I dont know about games I havnt played them)

    • Mr. L The Green Thunder
      Mr. L The Green Thunder 21 day ago

      MRCharmanderGaming Ikr? This is how I see on how immature beings Pokemon Fans can be. Like talking trash about Digimon when they can bearly take 1 minute of research to verify themselves.

  • Rubert
    Rubert 21 day ago


  • Shadow Ninja xx1
    Shadow Ninja xx1 21 day ago

    The video is clearly trying to compare things that pokemon can have an advantage at so this video does not count. If you want to make a battle out of these 2 anime. Do a fair battle with more comparisons.

  • marve balyos
    marve balyos 21 day ago +1

    You're really saying that pokemon has the better monsters hahahahhah

  • mr scott gaming
    mr scott gaming 21 day ago

    I'm open to digemon but I grew up with charizard as my favourite everything

  • TBGeek
    TBGeek 22 days ago

    Ok I'm Team Digimon all the way and tbh I'm kinda happy about this because WatchMojo clarified that in terms of the Digimon show compared to the Pokemon show Digimon is way better which I totally agree with the show is far more superior compared to the "anime" that calls itself Pokemon. However in terms of popularity Pokemon wins, but its popularity is mostly due to its successful video games and collectables.

  • Samuel Kolařík
    Samuel Kolařík 22 days ago

    I dont know anything about digimon. Im a fan of pokemon. But why compare them when the only shared feature are the monsters. For fuck sake. And also it just triggers so many people its annoying.

  • Samuel Kolařík
    Samuel Kolařík 22 days ago

    Ready for triggered digimon fans.

  • Miles Targosz
    Miles Targosz 22 days ago

    Huh... this was honestly a closer match than I thought. I never would have thought about franchise evolution as a round.

    • the king
      the king 22 days ago

      Miles Targosz that's the thing about the two

      Pokemon is consistent which gets stale for some.

      And Digimon has a large amount of variety which is confusing for some.

  • Doge Ee
    Doge Ee 23 days ago +1

    Digimon serve Justice

  • Doge Ee
    Doge Ee 23 days ago +1

    Pokemon is about being best

  • Doge Ee
    Doge Ee 23 days ago

    no! Digimon they have a better story

  • Taha Haqro
    Taha Haqro 25 days ago

    Bull shit digimon are more than poke-fucks so to ash and the gang fuck u all..................Results digimon bad ass....pokemon r u fucking kidding me

  • Owen Warner
    Owen Warner 25 days ago

    Pokemon wins every category

  • Nicholas Chittum
    Nicholas Chittum 25 days ago

    What this is a battle between the trainers not the mons so red sood have 5 more Pokemon

    • AnimeMasterManWND
      AnimeMasterManWND 25 days ago

      I think you commented on the wrong video and also Wargreymon has a good chance of beating Red's team and even if he lost it makes Pokemon look weak

  • ehabs saqib
    ehabs saqib 26 days ago

    both are good but pokemon cant never beat digimon

  • suresh kumar
    suresh kumar 26 days ago +2

    digimon should be the winner

  • this_IS_ pug
    this_IS_ pug 26 days ago

    Pokemon by far.....

  • AwesomeDragonEX
    AwesomeDragonEX 27 days ago +1

    i swear if pokemon starts copying the fusion like they copied mega evolution which is just warp digivolve or burst mode digimon fusion better start a law suit

    • RippahRooJizah
      RippahRooJizah 27 days ago

      Please, all these threats over lawsuits are silly.

    • Nin Shade
      Nin Shade 27 days ago

      AwesomeDragonEX pokemons mega evolution is like burst mode, and 5th gen had some Pokemon that you could DNA splice together.

  • Soul Eater
    Soul Eater 27 days ago +1

    I love both digimon and Pokemon, but digimon is a lot better. Pokemon has the same old story of a 10 year old fucking time in it's ass and trying to become a Pokemon master then being so upset that he isn't he abandons his friends and goes to a new journey. Digi destines on the other hand there job is to try to save both there world and the digital world. Digimon has better Pokemon than digimon, Digimon have characters with stories, and great looks, Pokemon well it's obvious that there running out of ideas i mean a broken garbage bag....REALLY?! Not only that but in the video games it's easy to Bond with the Pokemon but the anime it's tough even the protagonist only gives a shit about a little rat, the other Pokemon are like how they said in the video bland, and no personality, whenever a kid comes up to me and tells me they hate there parents cuts they only know Pikachu, well no duh *slams a Pikachu at the screen* this is our mascot, it's on all the fucking merchandise as well it's gotten to the point were when ash has a sad look on his face and said bye to friends or Pokemon i say "go get lost shoo you'll be replaced" I'm only sad when ash said bye too misty and brock. Digimon we see them even after there done it's not like they vanished into nothing, no we see them again, lastly evolution is a bitch in Pokemon it took them 50 billion years to think of mega evolution, and it's bad cus we may wanna keep our vanillite or something the way it is (and if any of you who see this tell me to just get a everstone I'll eat your souls) digimon we can see there evolution any way we want we could have a level 500 agumon, and digivolve him into greymon if we needed.

  • Jaimegabriel Duarte
    Jaimegabriel Duarte 27 days ago

    lol  just noobs idiots who like that stpid pokeclone

  • Poke Gamer
    Poke Gamer 27 days ago


  • Tyler Kuzava
    Tyler Kuzava 27 days ago

    I think Pokemon wins the game point, Digimon wins anime, A tie in monsters since both did what they were trying to do well like Digimon used ferocious looking monsters since they are digital while as Pokemon uses real life inspiration for their creatures so they aren't supposed to be as ferocious looking but both do their job well to develop the world

  • RedJacketCapcomKid
    RedJacketCapcomKid 27 days ago

    I went into this already knowing who would win, kind of sad really :/

  • Marcus XD Marcus XD
    Marcus XD Marcus XD 27 days ago

    Digimon sucks

  • Garrett Pierce
    Garrett Pierce 27 days ago

    I thought you were sane

  • Kevin Zhang
    Kevin Zhang 27 days ago

    Well finnaly pokemon wins I just watched pokemon lose against digimon

  • Glaceon The Ice MasterYT
    Glaceon The Ice MasterYT 27 days ago +2

    Um I would say digimon is better because most digimon can talk and barely any Pokémon can talk

  • Zari Maleki
    Zari Maleki 28 days ago


  • Hawk Hawk
    Hawk Hawk 28 days ago

    3:16 I swear to god if digimon wins this catagory.
    4:30 yeah, i thought so

    • RippahRooJizah
      RippahRooJizah 28 days ago

      Both series have its share of cute monsters. It's just that Pokemon's mosnters are more made to be marketable while Digimon tend to go for variety.

      I mean, I like Betsumon and he's horrible looking. That's part of the reason why I like him.

    • Hawk Hawk
      Hawk Hawk 28 days ago


  • Abe Agler
    Abe Agler 28 days ago

    No for. The monsters actully yea pokemon

  • amv's daily
    amv's daily 28 days ago +1

    I still think Digimon is WAY better than Pokemon😜

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