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  • You T
    You T 13 hours ago

    love this

  • Lensflare Deviant
    Lensflare Deviant 2 days ago

    Hey! Take back that shit about pineapple!! ;)

  • Jess Bautista
    Jess Bautista 3 days ago

    Bill , you're my GOD HAHA !!

  • Mike B
    Mike B 5 days ago

    Technically the whole "no woman priest" thing is covered in the bible, but in a sweeping generalization about women not holding authority over men.

  • Cameron Reyno
    Cameron Reyno 5 days ago

    How can you watch this video and not at least question your beliefs?!

  • Coach Chris
    Coach Chris 7 days ago +1

    Athiests are angry and arrogant no nothings

  • anwar ulhuq
    anwar ulhuq 7 days ago

    Good old Bill,has no idea about muslims if what he is saying is what he believes.Muslim women are loved ,respected and honoured.there will definatly be some women you might describe as subjugated in all societies including Muslim.but on the whole the Muslim women are independent thinking and pursue career of their choosing and having just as normal a house and family life as the women in the west.I loved and lived with western woman and now married to a Muslim woman.and let me tell you they are all pain in the arise.there is no different believe me.

    • Lensflare Deviant
      Lensflare Deviant 2 days ago

      I am not defending Islam, it's teachings or it's value systems but you are correct that in the west the role of women in Muslim society is misunderstood. MOST of what they know are from poor muslim countries where because of the structure of Muslim society women can SEEM to suffer from more oppression.

  • Caitlin Brewer
    Caitlin Brewer 8 days ago

    Liberty is close to my college, Sweet Briar, and Falwell use to call Sweet Briar girls 'Harlets on the Hill's.

  • Donald Edward
    Donald Edward 9 days ago

    If atheism is a religion who do people who talk about it or write about it like Hitchens, Maher, and Harris have to pay taxes. Does Richard Dawkins the writer of The God Delusion get an exemption. Would the IRS grant that. That's laughable. But then a lot of the malarkey that is included in the teachings of "established" faiths is rubbish. I have my beliefs, not Atheism, but they are not in church buildings and I do contribute to good causes and get tax relief as are other people who do for doing so. In which country do the tax authorities classify Atheism as a religion? This is another very silly idea of the Creationists. I am not a "perfect thinker" but I do think.

  • Neiko san
    Neiko san 9 days ago

    Did anyone else instantly recognize and appreciate the Phil Collins lyrics a little after 5:12

  • Bill Wright
    Bill Wright 10 days ago

    If Bill Maher would read scripture, ponder and pray he would not so ignorant.

  • Bill Wright
    Bill Wright 10 days ago

    Maher says he does not like to talk about religion; I guess he, as most do, they all talk about the thing they know the least about.

  • Bill Wright
    Bill Wright 11 days ago

    Ican see why Maher does not like to talk about religion, he knows so little about it.

  • Honest Person
    Honest Person 11 days ago

    The only reason why people like Bill Maher continue to vent their hatred against religion is in defense of homosexuality and same-sex "marriage".

  • anton1949
    anton1949 20 days ago

    If Atheism is a Religion NOT collecting stamps is a hobby.

  • Gezelligman
    Gezelligman 28 days ago

    difference is I know when I've taken shrooms earlier.
    delusion is a choice. don't give in.

  • Vesra Valash
    Vesra Valash Month ago

    Athiest is a religion = Fire is cold

  • Atheist King.
    Atheist King. Month ago

    Religion is for the weak and stupid

  • Amy Xoxo
    Amy Xoxo Month ago

    "Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position."

  • TheDevian
    TheDevian Month ago +1

    He undercuts his Muslim argument a bit by ignoring the Christians, like Sarah Palin, who called for their "second amendment remedies" and shooting people who disagree with them, like gays, blacks, Democrats, and abortions doctors. The only difference between them is time and degree. They are still both primitive and violent, fear-based belief systems that need to go the way of leaching, phlogiston, and other myths.

    • Mike B
      Mike B 5 days ago

      It's not that he's ignoring it, it's just not good for the flow of a comedy routine to interrupt yourself and make sure everything is fair and evenly shat upon.

      And the amount of times he's gone after Sarah Palin and other Christian nuts is 1000 times more than he's gone after muslims. Shit, he made a 2 hour movie talking about how garbage christianity is.

  • Norman Neskio
    Norman Neskio Month ago

    Bill Maher for president!

  • 5179anonymous
    5179anonymous Month ago

    Isn't it funny how religious people use "Atheism is a religion" and "I don't have enough faith to be an atheist" as an insult? I swear underneath all the denial.. they really understand that religion and faith are stupid.

  • A - Zero
    A - Zero Month ago

    Fucking amazing!

  • Tintoycar
    Tintoycar Month ago

    Always funny when religious people's faces turn potatoe when they talk to someone who's not addicted to religion.

  • The Realest
    The Realest Month ago

    Religion is arrogance masked as humility

  • dan hemmerling
    dan hemmerling Month ago

    Americans treat Atheism like a religion, they spend more time discussing and proving it than is normal.

  • Nihar Pattnaik
    Nihar Pattnaik Month ago

    1:59 is that a subtle reference to Penn Gilette ?

  • DeWayne Benson
    DeWayne Benson Month ago +1

    Speaking of Zionist Maher...have you heard, Muslim men, in every nation on earth, committing every evil (imaginable)... unless you are not brain dead and brainwashed up the propaganda kazoo.

    ALAN LAWRENCE Month ago

    That's what I like to hear, religion getting a good roasting from someone who sees it clearly for what it is... Bullshit!

  • Nhlakanipho Nhlaka
    Nhlakanipho Nhlaka 2 months ago

    1st of all there's no religion better than the other, it's all bullshit. Catholics priests are known for molestation of young boys. Christians and Muslim are the same. Christians forced their religious bullshit ideologies onto many people of the world and if you don't abide they'll kill you. In fact, they still do because Muslims would've not bombed anyone if America and the rest of the western world didn't invade their countries.

  • LogicalNotes
    LogicalNotes 2 months ago

    That is only one definition of religion, money can be one's religion...and so can atheism. Maher is the Great Manipulator, many bow down and worship him.

  • Tom Fortner
    Tom Fortner 2 months ago

    as atheist, most of us was raised around the corrupted fundamentals. but now it's going too far... it's a fuckin cult. and they wonder why we don't believe

  • oswald rendon-herrero
    oswald rendon-herrero 2 months ago

    Dear Brenda Harper, Your statement about the Bible is wrong. Read the Bible, it has the power to transform a person. However, for the unbeliever, I suggest that you see what an engineer communist atheist and hater of Christianity found, when he set out to disprove the Bible; his name was Ivan Panin. Look him up on YouTube. I challenge you to debunk what he found out about the Bible.

  • Nick Gagnon
    Nick Gagnon 2 months ago

    Religion is beyond crazy.

  • Psycho Therapist
    Psycho Therapist 2 months ago

    Best view seen in a long time. Thank you Bill Maher.

  • davewalt Walters
    davewalt Walters 2 months ago

    Bill Maher can tell Jesus when he stands before Him on Judgement Day that He is not God, He didn't die for our sins, and He did not rise from the dead. Of course, Maher will fall on his knees and worship Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, but unfortunately, it will be too late.

  • wobbly 44
    wobbly 44 2 months ago

    Bill Mayer speaks the truth, whereas all religious persons lie to maintain their beliefs.

  • Chris Cavanagh
    Chris Cavanagh 2 months ago

    You have to admire this chap. Great job of showing up the self-induced insanity of believing in a Cosmic Muffin Man. That adults actually subscribe to Harry Potter stories, is an indictment on the weaknesses of the human brain and a confirmation of the power of brainwashing of children. The Herd effect. I suspect that superstition is an artefact of emergent intelligence. If the brain evolves intelligence, there will be a period when they cannot answer simple obvious questions, and so superstition fills the gaps. Hence the evolution of the 'God of the Gaps.' And little has changed. Just the 'gap' has nearly disappeared. Could you envisage a situation where we were free from the influence of gods? No terrorism, no religiously based hate and prejudices. Religion's undoubtedly positive influence is minor compared to its negative influence. Let's make belief in gods a seriously risible social admission. Up there with being admitting to paedophilia.

  • Adam 1
    Adam 1 2 months ago

    Yes, Bush and Palin are both believers. So is Obama, Clinton...

  • Kindle Faith
    Kindle Faith 2 months ago

    A reprobate piece of trash by choice! Hell awaits this fool!

  • Migraineboy 420
    Migraineboy 420 2 months ago

    I'm born as a Roman Catholic, as I grew up, I begin to question the credibility of the bible. I'm also beginning to realize that most wars are caused by religion.

  • oswald rendon-herrero
    oswald rendon-herrero 2 months ago

    Mr. Maher, when you are in Hell, you will realize how ignorant you are. Its sad that you will die within at most 60 years. Then at a twinkling of an eye, you will be at the judgement. And you will know how wrong you were. Yes the Bible is true. Its so sad what your fate is.
    Hell is real.

  • Karen Wickman
    Karen Wickman 2 months ago

    Love this man; a warrior of the truth!

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price 2 months ago

    "Ayn Rand was an important thinker"
    She's been dead for decades and you had to mention her. so yeah, like it or not she's important.

  • Leland Raymaley III
    Leland Raymaley III 2 months ago

    Oops Bill, wrong! Jesus said every one of those things

  • Sandy P
    Sandy P 2 months ago

    this is hilarious.....

  • Facts Speak
    Facts Speak 2 months ago

    God is somewhere but Jesus is not god. camon folks .
    But christians are better than muslims far better.
    But everywhere is something good
    For example muslims respect their parents and keep them at home until they dye this is fucking best.
    Christians vet good education and they are sucsesfull.
    But muslims are so wrong in many things and the worst is that religion is law.

  • Alex Rees
    Alex Rees 2 months ago +1

    I never knew that shit about Romney's father. I don't care what his son believes, the fact that he would disrespect his father's atheism by baptizing him after death is disgusting. That's like him taking a big shit on his father's legacy and life's work. What a Cunt.

  • Debbie R
    Debbie R 3 months ago

    Watch THE ATHEIST DELUSION. See full length movie on youtube. AMAZING !!!!

  • Mary Millar
    Mary Millar 3 months ago

    I am laughing so hard... Bill you are so right !

  • Donna Pickens
    Donna Pickens 3 months ago


  • Dan Adcock
    Dan Adcock 3 months ago

    Sorry Bill but you are wrong with your many examples that the Muslims being worse than American Christians, e.g. "Their religious whackos are a lot more whacko than ours." (5:42)

    You say that "Our culture isn't just different than one that makes death threats to cartoonists. It's better" (6:10). You are correct there. But that is ONLY because of the protection afforded by the authors of our Constitution, particularly through the First Amendment "establishment clause," which provides that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;, . . ." The American religious whackos are busy right now doing everything they can to turn the USA into a theocracy run by some kind of idiot they would believe to be a surrogate for, or to be chosen by, Jesus himself to take care of the whole world until Jesus gets around to coming back to earth to slay all of the nonbelievers. Meanwhile, they are destroying civil liberties, abandoning the poor, giving our remaining wealth to the already wealthy, trying to take over the rest of the world in the name of God, and otherwise just fucking things up here "on earth as it is in heaven." Just look at what has happened in the first 100 days of the reign of Trump (who calls himself a Christian and would never have been elected without their support). The "Dark Ages" you mentioned may be returning right now! You say that "Civilized people don't threaten each other." (9:55) "Some things about our culture are non-negotiable and can't change. And one of them is freedom of speech. Separation of church and state is another. Not negotiable. . . . This is why our system is better." (10:23) I agree that our system is better in theory and so far mostly in practice, at least until the religionistas manage to take over. And if you don't think that is a possibility, you must not be paying attention, although I have to realize that the recording which I am critiquing is three years old.

    I do not believe in a God or gods or other supernatural entity, but I consider myself to be a Secularist rather than an Athiest. The distinction to me is that I believe that with the evidence now available, the possibility of the existence of a supreme being cannot be disproved. And in most of the so-called "Western World." the separation of church and state is generally supposed to be the law of the land. But I fear for the future of the world because right now our "liberal" culture is threatened by religion more than I can remember seeing. Look at the current Supreme Court: a 5-4 right wing majority, two old justices, and a republickan president and Senate.

    "Folks! This is our country. We've got to get it back from the forces of organized superstition." (24:42) To that, I say Amen!

  • Ron Willis
    Ron Willis 3 months ago

    Bill is a shameful man. you don't mock God or Christianity!

  • Joseph Nordenbrock
    Joseph Nordenbrock 3 months ago

    Every time you read it or say it, you make another copy in your brain. Every time you say it or read it, you make another copy in your mind. Every time you recite it or read it, you make another copy in your head. Psssst...pass it down and don't forget to say this is perfect and true to your children. This is how all religions evolve over deep time and the one thing that doesn't change is that god has a nut sack and a huge hard on for uncritical praise. I doesn't even make me nervous when a young child wants me to believe their invisible friend is real and would be upset with me if I didn't care or believe.

  • Leonard Niedermayer
    Leonard Niedermayer 3 months ago

    The anti-vaccine movement is a sort of religion however. It is non-evidence based and largely relies upon faith. By this standard, Trumpism is also a religion. His followers also refuse to bow to any evidence to the contrary.

    MAGA BABY! 3 months ago

    BilL Maher is soooooooooo ugly and stupid......what a TRAITOR......he's just angry that he is so little and UGLY. I saw him in Aspen and couldn't believe what a little TROLL he is. He was with a tall Asian chick (of course) in the Jerome Bar....what a loser. My friend said hello and said his breath was horrible....his sewer mouth literally smells like sewage!!

  • JulianChee
    JulianChee 3 months ago +2

    I died at the Unbaptism ceremony HAHAHAHA

  • JT Man
    JT Man 3 months ago

    I want to be unbaptized by bill lol

  • Asrat Mengesha
    Asrat Mengesha 3 months ago

    Bill Maher does not understand that creatorless philosophy is meaningless laugh source.

  • Bork Lensar,Mayor of Suplex City,Kekistan

    i think this should not be a live show, his audience is almost always idiotic and applause everything

  • 48acar19
    48acar19 3 months ago

    I really thought like Bill Maher that nobody could be stupider than Sarah Palin. Obviously I was wrong, The American people at large are far worse. They have elected a totally ignorant sociopath as their president.

  • 48acar19
    48acar19 3 months ago

    What is Trump's alternative reality? He will get rid of the first amendment?

  • John Stewart
    John Stewart 3 months ago

    LOVING JESUS (10*Love-Study)

    We have a revelation of God's personal feelings in the first commandment. We are to love Him with all our heart! The complaint that Jesus had against the Church at Ephesus was their lack of fervent, personal love for Him; they had "works" and "labor" and "patience," and great zeal in searching out heretics, and in bearing persecution and the scorn of their neighbors, and had not fainted under hardships.

    If such a list of graces were now found in one person, he would be esteemed a great saint ; and yet the infinite Searcher of hearts saw the lack of something for which all these noble virtues could not atone; and that was a warm, deep, incessant, cleaving, tender passion of soul for the person of the Lord Jesus.

    Very few Christians reach such an intimacy with our dear Lord as to receive and appreciate His individual feelings. Jesus is an infinite lover, and nothing will satisfy Him but a pure, sacred, passionate, and personal love.

    He loves to be loved. He loves those most who have the most personal affection for Him. There are so many things that are eminently religious, and brave, and enterprising, and reformatory, which display great zeal and orthodoxy, but which do not satisfy the longings of our Savior's heart. There are so few Christians that are positively affectionate with Jesus. Personal love of Jesus is marked by several characteristics.

    We can love Jesus with more different kinds of affection than any other person in the universe. Look at the number of tender relationships that He sustains toward a soul that is perfectly wedded to Him by the Holy Spirit.

    As our Creator, we adore Him; as our Redeemer, we boundlessly trust Him; as our King, we obey Him; as our Judge, we fear Him; as our Master, we submit to Him; as our Savior, we praise Him; as a little infant, we feel a fatherly and motherly love toward Him; as a Brother, we feel a brotherly and sisterly love for Him; as our spiritual Bridegroom, our hearts are passionately devoted to Him.

    Every relation that He sustains to us calls forth a new form of love. There is no kind of affection possible to the human soul which Jesus should not receive. See in how many ways Eve was related to Adam; being built out of his rib, she was his own daughter, and at the same time his own sister, and at the same time his bride; and he being the lord of the human family, she was his servant, and all these relations entered into her affections for him.

    Jesus is to us, in a similar way, all that Adam was to Eve, with a great deal more besides. Now do we love our precious Lord in all these relationships! Is our love for Him an ever-flowing stream, which is made up from all these several rivulets? There is no one in the universe, to a divinely-illuminated mind, so lovable as our blessed, Divine Jesus.

    Personal love for Jesus has in it the extremes of the most sacred fear and the most child-like familiarity. Some people think that those who have much sacred fear can not have much love; and, on the other hand, that those who have a found familiarity of love can not have a reverential fear; but such people are greatly mistaken. Fear and love are the two equal wings to this soaring devotion.

    Those who have an awe which in the least hinders their love, have a slave's awe, and not that of a child. There is nothing more beautiful in the interior life than that sacred awe, that sweet and sacred dread, which the soul feels in the presence of the Lord.

    When we gaze at His beautiful and blazing majesty, when our whole soul feels a gentle trembling before Him, there is something in the very holy dread that draws us to a deeper and more tender love.

    And, on the other hand, there is a spotless familiarity which the soul can take with Jesus - a boldness and liberty of thought and speech - which only serves to make our worship more true, so that, in reality, sacred fear and familiar love act and react on each other.

    Personal love of Jesus is indicated by an extreme sensitiveness for His honor. The soul feels an insult at every dishonor that is shown to its Divine Husband. When Jesus is wounded, His name lightly used, His majesty disregarded, His precious blood ignored, this hot personal love will feel a delicate, divine indignation.

    The heart is as sensitive to the preciousness and honor of Christ as the apple of the eye. The truly wedded soul is very touchy as to the glory of its husband. And, on the other hand, this kind of love is always elated and happy at every advancement of Christ's glory. It loves to see Him extended; it glories in the spread of His glory.

    This kind of love has an incessant yearning for all the dispositions manifested in the life of Jesus. This personal love of Jesus has large, bright eyes, and, from the New Testament records, it can see marvelous things in the Christ-life.

    It has vast and penetrating visions into the depths of His lowliness, the vastness of His charity, the tenderness of His Spirit, the perpetual self-sacrifice of His will, the absolute courage of His obedience, the everlastingness of His kindness.

    It sees His whole inner life, like a magnificent city, all lifted up with unspeakable attributes, and all bespangled with majesties and virtues and graces and sweetness, that charm and bewilder the soul, and make it leap with intense desire to possess everything which it sees in its lovely Lord.

    No splendor in creation can compare with the dazzling charms which an ardently loving soul perceives in Jesus. It cries out, with apostle Paul, "Oh, the depth of the riches!" It is this vision which makes the soul pine and pray, and weep loving tears, and dream over and over of the ineffable transformation of being made just like its heavenly Bridegroom.

    This form of love is strongly attached to the possessions of Christ. There is a peculiar attachment which always goes with the possession of a thing. It is the affection of ownership. As soon as anything becomes our property, we have a peculiar attachment which never could exist previous to ownership.

    This is; why Jesus said, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also," He does not say the possessions will go where the heart is, but the heart will go where the possessions are. Hence the soul in perfect, loving union with Jesus will find itself taking hold of all His personal kingdom and all His property, as a young queen finds the affections of her heart stretching out to all the subjects and enterprises of her King's dominion.

    I should not omit to say that this personal love for Jesus has in it a fond, caressing spirit for Him. It twines its thoughts around Him. It folds Him round and round with the delicate embraces of the Spirit. It often finds itself, like John, leaning on His breast; or, like Mary, sitting at His feet; or, like Magdalene, bathing His feet with tears; and whatever posture the body may be in, the soul is often on its face before Him in perfect, repentant tenderness.

    The love of Jesus would not be complete if it did not include a longing for His personal appearing, and to see Him come in the glory of His kingdom. The Holy Spirit loves Jesus with an infinite love, and He alone can flood our being with fervent love for Christ; and the Holy Ghost has told us that we are to "love Christ's appearing." The word of God speaks of a "crown of righteousness" for all those who love our Lord's appearing.

    Any love for Jesus which does not include an intense desire to see and be with Him is below the standard of affection which He requires of us. They please Him most who love Him personally and ardently up to their capacity.

  • etmax1
    etmax1 3 months ago

    I beg to differ on the statement that the bible says nothing about woman priests, it doesn't say it outright but it does elude to it. Have to agree in part on the celibacy, yes they could marry, but no, they were allowed to have sex.

  • chris grammatica
    chris grammatica 3 months ago

    pineapple is delicious on pizza thumbs down

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte 3 months ago +1

    I love this guy

  • QueenBoadicea
    QueenBoadicea 3 months ago

    13:42 I believe the idea that women couldn't be priests was a distortion of a Biblical passage 1 Corinthians 14 : 34-35. It stated that women should be silent in church. So the church officials seized on that as an excuse to keep women from being priests. Very neat, that.

  • Denise Murray
    Denise Murray 3 months ago

    You are a pathological disbeliever............

  • Diana Zimmerman
    Diana Zimmerman 3 months ago +1

    Bill Maher is simply awesome.

  • Paulo Teixeira
    Paulo Teixeira 3 months ago

    if you still think they are just like us, please, please just take a good look at this: Revolting, disgusting, imoral, simplywrongsnc

  • Cid B.
    Cid B. 4 months ago

    I love this guy!! If he wasn't a Satan-spawned homunculus...I'd marry him.

  • Ahmad Zaki Khairul Anuar
    Ahmad Zaki Khairul Anuar 4 months ago +3

    Religion is our real enemy

  • C Brown
    C Brown 4 months ago

    Religions are a man- made concept. It coats the Manipulators pockets with the world's jewels of all shapes sizes and forms! They always need more money. I say get a better Book Keeper, not a Bookie! Money is still needed for a great plot, inside the Pearly Gates!

  • barbara carson
    barbara carson 4 months ago

    I love Bill Maher but I believe that he has never really Loved and Lost. I like when he has Andrew Sullivan on to discuss faith, not religion.

  • Sarissa
    Sarissa 4 months ago

    Education, we also lag years behind in education. On the dark ages, "Good Christians" were dying in the streets of plague while the Muslim and Chinese worlds were fucking flourishing.

  • David Fahey
    David Fahey 4 months ago

    I love it. "Old school desert shit!"

  • kevin taylor
    kevin taylor 4 months ago

    First example . Evolution , Darwinism .The only correct thinking in that is that it happens . The how is a species wide delusion based on our expectations of what we are . Think for a minute . Does the evidence say you evolved deliberately to be exactly what you are ? No , it actually doesn't . If you start looking at how life started and where it is now , the path you trace between the two is this . From the beginning organic materials joined together in a way that created more evolved organic material . random changes happened , some organic material evolved further , some didn't .  Cause and effect . Over time things got added and added and in some cases , something new evolved through multiple steps of additions in specific directions . And some didn't . The first cell came into being . What happened then ? Somewhere down the line cells created social behaviour between themselves . Over time this social behaviour expanded to create the first generations of a multicellular organism . That organism evolved because of the social and behavioural interactions between cells and cell populations . That is what evolution is . A multicellular organism doesn't have eyes because it needed them . A cell population change occurred somewhere down the line that created eyes and the genetic patterns of those cell populations persisted . We didn't get hands because we needed them . Cell populations changed to create a structural representation of themselves that we managed to use effectively and again perpetuate . Look up the true story of evolution here by kevin taylor you'll understand what I'm saying . We don't HAVE to stay delusional about what we are , or what life is , or how it happens .

  • Sandra Molnar
    Sandra Molnar 4 months ago

    The celibacy rule was to keep priests from leaving their stuff to their families instead of the church.

  • Beenthere Donethat
    Beenthere Donethat 4 months ago

    If you would see Christ come down during Super Bowl halftime and change all the nachos into loaves and fishes to feed the whole Super Bowl audience, there is still no guarantee that you would even believe what you saw, let alone have the faith to give your life for Jesus Christ. That's why it's set up so that you must show some faith before any proof can even benefit you! And in time you will receive plenty of proof if you prove your faith to God.

  • byron2521
    byron2521 4 months ago

    I would be all for the classification of atheism as a religion, if we atheist got all those juicy tax breaks religions get. P.S. I'm an atheist, and I think Ann Rand sucks!

  • Asrat Mengesha
    Asrat Mengesha 4 months ago

    Remember: if you are an atheist then " it is okay to murder" is n't it? So, you feel nothing for killing somebody if necessary to kill, for you, if you are an atheism believer. right? i just red that yesterday from you tube.

  • Lewis Murphy
    Lewis Murphy 4 months ago

    the new testament does endorse slavery

  • Lewis Murphy
    Lewis Murphy 4 months ago

    the bible actually forbids women being priests

  • HAZELt47mp8ßàdirtsnotbag HOLMES

    I love bill maher  he should run for president

  • Judy joy!
    Judy joy! 4 months ago

    bravo..really enjoyed! also loved reading the comments.....

  • Steve Folsom
    Steve Folsom 4 months ago

    Bill Maher is a comic on politics, religion and current news, so stay cool and just change the channel if you don't like him but he does have a major part of viewers that love him or he would not be on TV. Personally I love his show because he tells it like a lot of people want to hear it and that gives the viewers a change to laugh off their anxiety about current topics being described so seriously in the daily media we have today that is causing more harm than good.

  • PRHILL9696
    PRHILL9696 4 months ago


  • John Linden
    John Linden 4 months ago

    finally Hitchens got Stumped ! Ha, Ha , just kidding ! He's the greatest !

  • j Anderson
    j Anderson 4 months ago +1

    no wonder I feel stupid...
    I'm here...on Earth...

  • KiloWhat? 44
    KiloWhat? 44 4 months ago +1

    Offcourse God is real and Atheism is a religion. I love jesus. We christians have the best evidence ever...the bible. Atheists only have science.

  • Gege Andersen
    Gege Andersen 4 months ago

    Thank you for waking me up with a shot of pure, clear high power arguments, just found a new God! Bill Maher.

  • faustus999
    faustus999 4 months ago

    Excellent stuff. All religions are man made... All religions think other religions are crazy... They just don't get it do they?

  • Richard warren
    Richard warren 4 months ago

    Bill if you are one fucking idiot! POSER! LOSER! I hate YOU !!!

  • FactsCount 2015
    FactsCount 2015 4 months ago

    Equally brilliant, brutal and funny!

  • MegaLangosta
    MegaLangosta 4 months ago

    Atheism is the religion of just cuz.

  • thv2101
    thv2101 4 months ago

    Bill Maher is a tremendously intelligent, ugly guy. Ah! That should stick...

  • thv2101
    thv2101 4 months ago

    Bill Maher is tremendously intelligent because he's a very ugly guy.

  • thv2101
    thv2101 4 months ago

    Bill Maher is tremendously intelligent, but a very ugly guy.

  • thv2101
    thv2101 4 months ago

    Bill Maher is tremendously intelligent, and a very ugly guy.

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