A wee reminder about how important education is to the SNP. #IndyRef2

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  • Tuten Vanman
    Tuten Vanman 29 days ago

    A room full of SNP supporters and only 1 brain cell between them.

  • scott uk
    scott uk 3 months ago

    Yes fuck the REAL issues Nicola !!!!

  • The Dark Lord
    The Dark Lord 5 months ago +1

    Idiots. And very sore losers the lot of them.

  • louisgunn
    louisgunn 5 months ago +1

    First minister 2014 and now on way to no 2 referendum , it would be close but the SNP could actually be defeated in its own place,but that would need a totally unified opposition, don't know what the numbers are on the population eligible to vote, wild guess  say 2,500,0000 want independence by vote, and that is a very small tail trying to wag the dog, if you think brexit would be hard, I ' like to see a  a hard separation from the Union these toxic retards seem intent on  destroying,,,,  I think Scotland  deserves better representation, wouldn't it be fun if Gnasher won by one vote, yep my guess is,,, that's it,,,, we have our majority mandate, thanks for your vote MRS Ahmed , a true Scot ?

  • bazzalad2101 !
    bazzalad2101 ! 5 months ago

    Theresa may could play a blinder here. Boot the jocks out of the union now, and hold a referendum to let them re-apply. If they did, that would kill the nationalist argument for ever!!!

  • peter j
    peter j 5 months ago

    Whoever votes for her goal are blinkered ignorant idiots

  • Martitz M
    Martitz M 5 months ago

    This proves nothing, they're excited about indyref2 but that doesn't mean they don't care about education... Such a desperate way to criticise the SNP

  • c u jimmy
    c u jimmy 5 months ago +1


    • BritishWarLord
      BritishWarLord 15 days ago

      Calm down Ned..

    • c u jimmy
      c u jimmy 5 months ago


    • keegan773
      keegan773 5 months ago

      c u jimmy
      Ever heard the expression " People may think you are an idiot but there's no need to open your mouth and confirm it"
      It certainly applies to fools like you.
      You may reply in your immature and infantile manner, as no doubt you will, but I will not be bothering to communicate with you again.

    • c u jimmy
      c u jimmy 5 months ago

      +keegan773 POTTY MOUTH, fuckin hilarious, PISS OFF WANKER.

    • keegan773
      keegan773 5 months ago

      c u jimmy
      What a potty mouth.......dirty boy.
      I'm glad you DON'T represent Scotland.

  • Rob O
    Rob O 5 months ago +1

    SNP and the government of Argentina would seem to have the same diplomatic skills, bluff, brinkmanship, threat. Nicola is a political pigmy, and has the bargaining power of a child with a parent. What happens when she does get let out - and finds what the real world is like. Like Argentina they too have oil and are also econmic basket cases...

  • is that a fact
    is that a fact 5 months ago +1

    nicola krankie

  • louisgunn
    louisgunn 5 months ago +3

    beginning to think it is inevitable,i don't want to have such a bunch of Toxic retards in the Union. got a good idea for a triumphal arch   at the gateway  to land of the sweaties blazened with the saltire and the words' ya no welcome here Arbeit Macht Frei' now please crack on.

  • Dave Fordham
    Dave Fordham 5 months ago +4

    This is an absolutely brilliant video. It just goes to show the unmitigated folly of the SNP. One track mind. One over arching policy. One aim. One purpose. Everything else can go to hell so long as she gets another referendum that the majority don't even want. Incredible.

  • ned barker
    ned barker 5 months ago +1

    God her fucking voice

  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams 5 months ago +8

    SNP would let Scotland burn to be the ruler of the ashes..

    • Terrym Scarr
      Terrym Scarr 5 months ago

      Joe Williams well thought out post like it .....

  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams 5 months ago +1

    It's hard to get the facts now days, all news is so laced with bias, trying to decipher an opinion of your own is getting impossible.. but here's mine... SNP seems to be willing to do/say anything for Scottish independents, its sole agenda... ! I'm English, but far prouder of being British.. I would not want to stop Scottish independence, but breaking up Britain seems harmful to both Britain and Scotland.. mostly Scotland.. epically so.. I'd place a wager that Scotland would be 50% depopulated of its nationals in a decade... god forbid it joins to EU, taking on the EURO would be a condition too if they even took you? .. fucked.. proper fucked..
    Britains impact on the world after brexit will be far less without Scotland.. but a United Kingdom can kick ass.. together is better... plus this is a fact.. Scotland will not lose any power from brexit.. Theresa may has said Scotland will only get more. Seems to me that, that should be the fight to have, not a referendum!!!
    being British must be better than being a dictated to European bitch puppet state.

    • louisgunn
      louisgunn 5 months ago

      sorry JOE you are being  too sensible and logical

  • keegan773
    keegan773 5 months ago +3

    That's not a "Noiseometer" it's a "Hysteriometer"
    It measures the hot air and guff that engineers the hysteria whipped up by the SNP.

  • Duncan MacDougall
    Duncan MacDougall 5 months ago +9

    Scott Arthur your so demented and desperate. It takes a 16 year old (who was inspired by Nicola Sturgeon to get engaged with politics) to say this but the Labour Party which you desperately cling on to is dead and will be forever because they're condemning Scottish nationalism while encouraging the unelected thatcher mk2 to implement brexit and ultimately British racist nationalism to the entire 'United Kingdom' which is a disaster as Scotland thinks differently as a whole (maybe not the right wing like yourself) and we need to move away from the racism asap

    • alimac269
      alimac269 5 months ago

      stuart Nicklin i would describe myself as a Marxist I actually only support the snp because I know it's the best way to gain independence but in terms of ideology I'm far further to the left

    • Hugh Jarsecrack
      Hugh Jarsecrack 5 months ago

      alimac269 unelected prime minister? Unelected government? I don't think you've grasped how elections work

    • alimac269
      alimac269 5 months ago

      stuart Nicklin I'm mainly talking about the unelected government and the Labour Party in opposition has some degree of power to oppose the anti immigration and destructive British nationalism overcoming the government but its failing to do so because the party is so divided

  • Scott chalk
    Scott chalk 5 months ago +7

    don't panic she just said on sky Scotland will be applying to join the eu and i thought you wanted independence lol

    • Barbarossa
      Barbarossa 5 months ago

      "You can be independent and be an EU member state" lol c'mon tae fuck being independently dependent? How independent was the UK in the EU? Jeez is it the water up here or something her rhetoric is nonsense, do you understand the words sovereign state? Let me educate you... Internal sovereignty means supreme authority within one's territory, while external sovereignty relates to the recognition on the part of all states that each possesses this power in equal measure... When within political unions you are not sovereign...UK and the EU are both as corrupt as each other and one corruption, Westminister(UK parliament) lead to an even bigger corruption the political union (giving away of sovereignty) to the EU!

      If you claim to want real independence that means standing up and taking full accountability, nae half measures! To be in a political union and claim to be independent.. well .. you either must be deluded, illiterate or stupid, it's the highest degree of ignorance and a true definition of bastardizing words.

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name 5 months ago +5

    They don't "only care about one thing", you bias tool.

    This entire question could've been avoided, If Thacher 2.0 had bothered reading the list of harsh Scottish SNP concessions we made, to avoid the Ref2.

    All Thatcher 2.0 would've had to do, was include Scotland in their Tory only, secretive EU negotiations.

    • Fake Name
      Fake Name 5 months ago

      +stuart Nicklin

      How exactly is it a "barefaced lie"?

      Did the SNP not send a list of harsh concessions??????????

    • Michael Morgan
      Michael Morgan 5 months ago

      The SNP love the BLAME GAME. All that has gone wrong in Scotland in the last few years is down to the English/Tories they bleat. If the SNP, by some miracle or fiddle get independence and it all goes wrong it will be because of the English/Tories.

  • tom thompson
    tom thompson 5 months ago +5


  • Aaron Lukas
    Aaron Lukas 5 months ago +1

    Considering I am going to a university from an underprivileged single parent family, you are wrong. Can we answer the constitutional question beforehand. Very desperate you even discussing education when you can't even sort it down in England. Oh I am sorry £9000 per year isn't worth talking about, apparently!

  • dunholm1
    dunholm1 5 months ago +4

    I seem to have missed the governance of the UK moving from London to Edinburgh. Perhaps I dozed off.

  • The Poet McTeagle
    The Poet McTeagle 5 months ago +4

    Some very unconvinced audience members ! Incompetence at its best , the whole bunch f them !

  • wolfy3600
    wolfy3600 5 months ago +8

    Vile disgusting woman and her equally vile racist, separatist supporters

  • Carl os
    Carl os 5 months ago +11

    SNP are so tunnel visioned, Nicola will certainly be remembered in history.....not in the way she wanted

    • louisgunn
      louisgunn 5 months ago

      I was thinking she will be remembered as'' Gnasher Bit off more than she could chew''

  • Stuart Robertson
    Stuart Robertson 5 months ago +9

    She is desperate, have to agree.

  • Dave Sutton
    Dave Sutton 5 months ago +12


    • RandomlyGraceful
      RandomlyGraceful 4 months ago

      Dave Sutton Paint some more blue on that mug, that'll show your patriotism from Braveheart. lol

    • Karvak
      Karvak 5 months ago

      You cannot be serious, the cold hard facts are right there above you. Although, with a profile picture such as that is it any wonder why your cause is failing to gain any ground.

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