Fidget Spinner Vs Face (Legit Had To Get Stitches)

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  • John L
    John L 34 minutes ago


  • Jayson Myers
    Jayson Myers 55 minutes ago

    Blood tasts amazing

  • Angel Tavarez
    Angel Tavarez Hour ago

    Did you know
    in all of mr beast videos there is that wierd sticker of a Chinese guy

  • Barbara Vuckovic
    Barbara Vuckovic Hour ago


  • Mr. Clorox McBleach
    Mr. Clorox McBleach 2 hours ago

    "Do i get a million views now?" Lmao.

  • Juste
    Juste 3 hours ago

    the loading is fidget spinner wow

  • Adam Coolman
    Adam Coolman 3 hours ago

    Paintbrush: *sees lightbulb getting hit by a Fidget Spinner* YES! ABOUT TIME!!!!!

    THE FROG MASTER 3 hours ago

    Wait he just walks out of his closet .-.


    I hate him I hate click bait

  • Noobzzz Gamimg
    Noobzzz Gamimg 6 hours ago

    HI! Iam Coyote Beats Today I'm Going to Get hurt by a Coke Bottle (Black Screen) Mr beast Screaming-Ahhhh

  • Katie Mcdonald
    Katie Mcdonald 7 hours ago +1

    Your Stupid some times

  • Ashmister27 Gaming & More

    It's so convenient that he smashed 2 coak bottles together and he was wearing a Pepsi shirt

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat 8 hours ago

    Americans wondering why they don't get free healthcare

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat 9 hours ago

    Just gotta love how his wall says no stupid people

  • Ken Musava
    Ken Musava 9 hours ago

    Coke vs Coke Who Survives? Pepsi, Because His Shirt Didn't Break

  • The bisexual Windmill
    The bisexual Windmill 9 hours ago

    2:22 no, 10 million

  • koji
    koji 11 hours ago


  • The Hung Cockroach
    The Hung Cockroach 11 hours ago

    2:29 is funny

  • MissingHam21 -
    MissingHam21 - 11 hours ago

    Coke vs coke while wearing a Pepsi shirt

  • TheCatBoy 67
    TheCatBoy 67 12 hours ago

    I hope he's ok :(

  • TheCatBoy 67
    TheCatBoy 67 12 hours ago

    Infinite lists

  • Cannonfish
    Cannonfish 13 hours ago

    your pickaxe dosen't work because it mines stone you dumb fuck

  • cookieworld girl
    cookieworld girl 13 hours ago


  • Rich Yeager
    Rich Yeager 13 hours ago

    he came out of the fucking closet. LMFAO!

  • Team 10
    Team 10 14 hours ago

    Click bate

  • Rawr_Tankerz MMG
    Rawr_Tankerz MMG 14 hours ago

    LOL it said no stupid people but you admit your a idiot xD

  • Youcef Mehazi
    Youcef Mehazi 15 hours ago

    There was a figit spine ad

  • this is not a channel
    this is not a channel 15 hours ago

    Is he coming out of the closet?

  • SarcasticNarwhal
    SarcasticNarwhal 16 hours ago

    The loading button was a fidget spinner. xD Why,

  • Jordan Franklin-Bravo
    Jordan Franklin-Bravo 16 hours ago

    Omg are you ok if you say that you're ok your not

  • j vjnFnjvfNfvgfv
    j vjnFnjvfNfvgfv 17 hours ago

    definitly the first comment

  • Quentin Ramsey
    Quentin Ramsey 17 hours ago

    Tell me these peoples channel names now.

  • espada9000
    espada9000 18 hours ago

    Fidget spinners are boring.

  • Yatorius
    Yatorius 18 hours ago

    For some reason, when I go to a different spot on a video, it shows a fidget spinner XD

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 19 hours ago

    When the video was loading a fidget spinner showed up on the screen instead of the circle

  • Nople
    Nople 19 hours ago +2

    This guy has no emotion

    • Nople
      Nople 19 hours ago

      Oh I'm bleeding

  • Rin Lex
    Rin Lex 19 hours ago

    I subscribed, why haven't I been buried yet?

  • Tough Cookie
    Tough Cookie 20 hours ago

    did you see a pattern

    they all have the fuck boyest
    hair ever

  • The40's classwork
    The40's classwork 21 hour ago

    I feel as if I've been clickbaited from afar

  • Kuba Awesome
    Kuba Awesome 21 hour ago

    lol the loading screen is a fidget spinner

  • panupong sittipanya
    panupong sittipanya 21 hour ago

    did i win

  • That One Animator
    That One Animator 22 hours ago

    Oh god, the loading screen is a Fidget Spinner. Kill me.

  • Ecofiendly
    Ecofiendly 22 hours ago

    lol I
    have that sign :O!

  • DJForeheadKilljoyFren
    DJForeheadKilljoyFren 22 hours ago

    When you get 10 million views for smashing two coke bottles and saying the fidget spinner did it

  • LeoPlayz 123
    LeoPlayz 123 22 hours ago

    Wow you hate coke. You wear a pepsi shirt and break 2 coke bottles..xD

  • Rainbowsquidacorn
    Rainbowsquidacorn 23 hours ago

    I got the fidget spinner loading thing before this...

  • MrBowl HD
    MrBowl HD Day ago

    that reaction tho

  • Dinesh Meena
    Dinesh Meena Day ago +1

    they have the another fidget spinner you have another fidget spinner

  • jeff brown
    jeff brown Day ago

    hes wearing a pepsi shirt...

  • Foxy Gameing1987
    Foxy Gameing1987 Day ago +1

    ha ha ha

  • Ryan
    Ryan Day ago

    wtf my buffering icon turned into a freaking fidget spinner! no joke

  • //Dark magic maker//

    jeez u ok?

  • James Lokey
    James Lokey Day ago

    That's infinite lists

  • Alex K
    Alex K Day ago

    U was on top5dude!

  • Vejus Kukul
    Vejus Kukul Day ago

    1:13 dude, do you even know that guy used compressed air can?!

  • Ponas Sasiska
    Ponas Sasiska Day ago

    Photoshop lol

  • Red
    Red Day ago

    6:02 this is what you get you fuking idiot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • RazerFlavourHD
    RazerFlavourHD Day ago

    if the video is rendering /loading with a fidget spinner title ,theres a fidgetspinner in screen

  • Stefano Livi
    Stefano Livi Day ago

    Sir, coke vs coke could have killed you. A small shard through the neck and Game Over. Please do not end yourself too soon

  • Antonio Allen
    Antonio Allen Day ago

    Your a suicidal version of i hate everything

  • Warframe fan
    Warframe fan Day ago


  • Emmie Clark
    Emmie Clark Day ago

    2:56 wow, he really does want to live with that creepy man in the freaking background.

  • creeperkiller124

    technically not Clickbaite

  • The Captain
    The Captain Day ago

    Those Cokes saw that Pepsi shirt and they had an immediate agreement that they had to try to destroy it. In a last-ditch effort, they blew themselves up, only to damage MrBeast instead. What a tragic story.

  • All Gamer kid plays!

    [ lol ]
    [ lol ]

  • All Gamer kid plays!

    What about this

  • All Gamer kid plays!

    Not funny bro

  • That_Slimey_Cactus

    Do you haves to verify your account to get a play button

  • Azor Mendoza
    Azor Mendoza Day ago

    The Buffering Sign IS A FUCKING FIGET SPINNER!?!?! HOW!?!?

  • JesusMaster Playz

    Haha that's what you get for making fun of intros!

  • Xero Makima
    Xero Makima Day ago

    im not sure if the face thing is real tho...

  • Xero Makima
    Xero Makima Day ago

    Now you see a asain sticker in its natural habitat (sorry my spelling I have a disorder D:)

  • alexisferrera23
    alexisferrera23 Day ago


  • Tyler Bullard
    Tyler Bullard Day ago

    Someone I know was making a fidget spinner go REAAALLLLLYYY fast with air and it flew into her face and she has a giant scrape across her forehead (or eye I forgot). So all in all, fidget spinners are dangerous

  • Spartan 360434
    Spartan 360434 Day ago


  • DaRkriEL X
    DaRkriEL X Day ago +1

    Most of the thumbnails I saw were from Infinite Lists

  • Ma Tale
    Ma Tale Day ago

    What if one his new vids only gets one comment.

  • Chipotle chip12
    Chipotle chip12 Day ago

    And yes are u even doing this thing

  • Chipotle chip12
    Chipotle chip12 Day ago


  • Chipotle chip12
    Chipotle chip12 Day ago

    Seriously dude why did u walk out of a closet that's stupid

  • Pytonz
    Pytonz Day ago

    that click bait issssssssssss cringy

  • Dragonblock78 Second


  • The_Radiated_Pear 25

    Even in the forest, he STILL has the asian sticker.

  • [{{\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ jerry the dog must have a say.}}]

    is it just me.. or does the buffer screen.. have a fidget spinner..

  • TheBoomBandit
    TheBoomBandit Day ago

    ricegums music lol

  • Ava Sauber
    Ava Sauber Day ago

    Me: I crushed...The coke...

    • Ava Sauber
      Ava Sauber Day ago

      What has youtube done...The loading icon was a fidget spinner...Help.

  • jayden lps studios girl

    AWWWWWW I'm so sorry for u I hope ur cheek is ok

  • multi mobile
    multi mobile Day ago

    You can't just use your hand for the items you have to use a air compressor but I don't give a fuck what you do


    When its buffering its a fidget spinner

  • Epitaph
    Epitaph Day ago

    why does this exist

  • LUNKz
    LUNKz 2 days ago

    guys reload the page youl see the classic buffering but then for a quick mil second a fidgit spinner will apper

  • Christian plays
    Christian plays 2 days ago +1

    1:42 top picture 10/10 ketchup

  • MikeTheUnlike
    MikeTheUnlike 2 days ago

    What made you think that was a good idea?

  • Zach Coutts
    Zach Coutts 2 days ago


  • Jackaboy
    Jackaboy 2 days ago


  • iqbfascxp8191 gamer
    iqbfascxp8191 gamer 2 days ago

    eww is that blood if is real I don't want to be real

    ZaneGAMING TV 2 days ago


    ZaneGAMING TV 2 days ago

    Figdet spinner v iPhone you have the exact same iPhone I have xd 😐

  • Dylan Orebaugh
    Dylan Orebaugh 2 days ago

    Most of the pictures were of infant list and all he does is click bait

  • thebarlettchannel love god

    THIS IS CLICK BAIT !!!!!!!!!!😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱....JK

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