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    MILO's tour, TROLL ACADEMY, begins late summer. To apply for a tour stop, visit. trollacademy.org/

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  • mallubhai0MBBS
    mallubhai0MBBS 26 days ago

    Guys please don't download this book through torrents or any type of piracy...Buy this book please...We need to make Dangerous really *VICTORIOUS*

  • Robert Parker
    Robert Parker Month ago

    I just got an email from Amazon, the book just shipped should be here in 2 days, God bless Milo for defending free speech!

  • Cheqers
    Cheqers Month ago

    Did he find a publisher or is he self publishing?

  • Number Name
    Number Name Month ago

    im ultra legal... deep. youte messing up. i looked. look again um backed by large individuals. be good milo. i. very good. focus on what i say drift but nit aginst

    • Number Name
      Number Name Month ago

      clean up fast... milo

    • Number Name
      Number Name Month ago

      and clean up lies and mistakes fast if it be ainst me

    • Number Name
      Number Name Month ago

      unfortunayely for all of reality is that you dont drive alone and it takes alot to do all of that. behave

    • Number Name
      Number Name Month ago

      dont be that ist milo

    • Number Name
      Number Name Month ago

      be intellectual

  • Mike Equis
    Mike Equis Month ago

    Is there a non-Amazon pre-order?

  • phil balcar
    phil balcar Month ago

    hope the audible one is out soon. :D

  • clarity2199
    clarity2199 Month ago

    Just remember reading a book isn't the key to fighting for conservatism. The most important way of doing that is teaching and educating your children, and not letting the government do your job and brainwash them right under your nose. Do not trust the colleges, do not trust trust the schools, and do not trust the daycares. Government has put their grip on everything. It's up to us do our job.

  • Michael1DT
    Michael1DT 2 months ago

    Hi Milo im trying to preorder ur book on Audible.com but cant find it. will it be in audio form?

  • Vercingetorix
    Vercingetorix 2 months ago

    Can't wait to buy it.

  • Rune Jensen
    Rune Jensen 2 months ago

    Milo you fucking faggot, COME BACK NOW!

  • Augusto Pinochet
    Augusto Pinochet 2 months ago

    This problems are in our country to.... Respect from czech republic!

  • Sue In Raleigh
    Sue In Raleigh 2 months ago

    Milo will make out much better financially by self-publishing if that's what he's done because people will buy it regardless. He didn't need a publisher in this instance.

  • Ryan Rafferty
    Ryan Rafferty 2 months ago

    Milo, Name the Priests? You won't do that and as I keep asking you. Please come home as we all want to have chat about your behaviour in USA. Will you come back? ;)

  • Daniel van Heel
    Daniel van Heel 2 months ago

    shiiiit, get that shit rollin' niggaaa

  • Becca Turcotte
    Becca Turcotte 2 months ago

    Will there be an audio version?! Please say milo is narrating <3

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson 2 months ago

    Get them Milo. Funny watching liberals cry.

  • Dxtyj Yftghj
    Dxtyj Yftghj 2 months ago


  • Kevin Roa
    Kevin Roa 2 months ago

    I couldn't find the audio version on Amazon. When will that be released? Thank you Milo.

  • Sam Whalen
    Sam Whalen 2 months ago

    I love you, Milo! And I'm going to try to buy your book!

  • TheGuess2D
    TheGuess2D 2 months ago +2

    0:12 MiLo lost his accent for 3 seconds. That's how much he loves America.

  • Scriptor Re Vera
    Scriptor Re Vera 2 months ago

    Hey leftists, Hitler called, he wants his ideology back apparently...

  • Dilandau Albatou
    Dilandau Albatou 2 months ago

    Thought about getting the book before. Saw it cancelled, was disappointed. Oh look, it's going to be released anyway! I'm *definitely* buying the book now. ;)

  • Vaughan
    Vaughan 2 months ago

    I had wanted to order the book before the previous publisher 'pussed-out'. Will now order. It should be an even more interesting read with all that has gone on.

  • Norma Glanden
    Norma Glanden 2 months ago

    Go Milo!!!  The Left hates you because you speak the truth and they cannot stand it.

  • Jafar Abdul Kareem
    Jafar Abdul Kareem 2 months ago

    Come to New Zealand!!!!!!!!

  • Paris 1
    Paris 1 2 months ago

    just confirmed my pre-order!

  • Christian Monti
    Christian Monti 2 months ago

    "When you bury the truth long enough, it eventually explodes with relentless energy"
    Love and support fro Toronto Milo. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Ramy Sar
    Ramy Sar 2 months ago

    The only fag I don't hate.

  • fanobennemsi
    fanobennemsi 2 months ago

    OK, I pre-ordered it on amazon. Lets see.

  • Solaris
    Solaris 2 months ago

    Pre-order placed. Fuck the fascists.

  • MATTIE 303
    MATTIE 303 2 months ago

    America's freedom under attack? I guess you could argue political correctness is hindering freedom, but financial institutions have such disproportionate influence on legislation that I don't know how anyone can argue America's freedom problem is purely political correctness derived. I would argue while political correctness is definitely a major issue, America hasn't been even close to the notion of a completely free society for a long time. Sure, free from government intervention in many areas, but not free when the financial sector dominates government attitudes and results in such unjust wealth distribution.

  • Uka
    Uka 2 months ago

    Damn, I can't wait for this.

  • Shelby Brooks
    Shelby Brooks 2 months ago

    Pre-ordered your book, dad :)

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks 2 months ago

    I saw a BBQ in vegas that said "Ramadan special, muslims eat free"

    SIXPACFISH 2 months ago

    I just tried to buy the book on Amazon and they wouldn't sell it to me. Amazon claims it isn't for sale in America. They are acting like it isn't on sale for pre orders right now. I looked at their best seller list and it oddly was not there. Every bestseller search had no mention of the book. I finally had to type in his name before I finally was allowed to see the book. But when I tried to preorder it I was DENIED.

  • draco umbra
    draco umbra 2 months ago

    You sir are my fucking idol and an amazing person

  • Kevin O'Donnell
    Kevin O'Donnell 2 months ago

    Is he not a self confessed paedophile?

  • lee sherman
    lee sherman 2 months ago

    Will it be on sale in bookstores in the UK? doubt it coz they're all pro left

  • Light the Beacons
    Light the Beacons 2 months ago

    And he uses amazon to sell it...super hardcore liberal monopolized piece of shit company

  • radf 9760
    radf 9760 2 months ago

    Already ordered!

  • Jeffrey Wherry
    Jeffrey Wherry 2 months ago

    One more pre-order.

  • Jacob Pietras
    Jacob Pietras 2 months ago

    He's lived in the US only like a few months and he's already faking his accent

  • Mark Wilko
    Mark Wilko 2 months ago

    No Audiobook available for pre-order. Any date for it?

  • Rusty Razer
    Rusty Razer 2 months ago

    I do hope you can get it in audio-book format. I must have it D=

  • Vollblut Arier
    Vollblut Arier 2 months ago

    Probably a dumb question but will there be a german version of the book?

    THEROTTINGDOG 2 months ago

    Fuck Yess

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 2 months ago

    Everyone in Australia is thankful for your faggotry too! I'm so buying this book

  • JR Fitzgerald
    JR Fitzgerald 2 months ago

    Milo I live in Arkansas would you happen to be having a show or Q/A or something in Dallas or Little Rock. I'd kill to see you live!!

  • Joseph Reis
    Joseph Reis 2 months ago

    I can't wait to read your book Milo, I bought one on Amazon today. Congratulations on the amazing comeback!

  • Jamie Osgood
    Jamie Osgood 2 months ago

    I haven't bought a book in years. Time to buy one.

  • Meranda Hooker
    Meranda Hooker 2 months ago

    Come back to Colorado!!! We need you and I missed my opportunity to see you! *tears*

    • Meranda Hooker
      Meranda Hooker 2 months ago

      do a speech at Cheyenne Mountain High School!

  • Daniel Stratton
    Daniel Stratton 2 months ago

    Get some Milo! Take my money! I'll take 5!

  • JazzClass Symphonic Music

    I've really missed you Milo!

  • James Scott
    James Scott 2 months ago

    I ordered my copy.


  • Kmannz21
    Kmannz21 2 months ago

    a liberal friend asked me why i listen to this Faggot, i said i care more about what comes out of someones mouth then what they put in it, needless to say all he could do is walk away XD

  • Jo F
    Jo F 2 months ago +1

    preordered it on Kindle. So excited!

  • Avigayel K
    Avigayel K 2 months ago

    You look so cute with a little scruff Milo 👌🏻👌🏻

  • SpiffyGamer
    SpiffyGamer 2 months ago


  • Tappy Tibbons
    Tappy Tibbons 2 months ago

    Lets bow our heads... Dear Lord, I eagerly await the release of your scripture and I will serve you all my life. I must confess, my faith has been shaken. I humble myself before you god and ask that you carry a prop bloody head of Maxine Waters to your next event.
    In Milo's name i pray

  • Dee T
    Dee T 2 months ago

    only kindle in UK? any chance of an audio book? or even a real book in the UK??

  • ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia
    ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia 2 months ago

    Two copies please.

  • I'm inside your house
    I'm inside your house 2 months ago +1


  • Aaron Phelps
    Aaron Phelps 2 months ago


  • Aiden B
    Aiden B 2 months ago

    That feel when german amazon only has the kindle version and the american site fucks up when I try to look at the book.

  • kazuhira 777
    kazuhira 777 2 months ago

    Amazon by far is the best way to order this book. Milo we love you stay safe

  • Frazer Barnes
    Frazer Barnes 2 months ago

    When is it on amazon uk?

  • Nicholas Mihalko
    Nicholas Mihalko 2 months ago

    Just preordered it! cant wait to get it! :D

  • blair insertlastnamehere

    I'm 18, just graduated high school, and entering college in the fall. Wish me luck!!

  • Alberto Villaescusa Rico

    It was conservatives who killed your book, not political correctness, you fucking moron.

  • Holender
    Holender 2 months ago

    Im from Poland, and i feel somehow that even if i don't live in the USA i can say that im soo happy that Killary didn't win the election in USA. And im wondering, when you have those shit fat sjw feminist cunts screaming and pushing you, why don't you just K.O. those bitches? I mean YOU SHOULDN'T RAISE UR HAND AT A LADY. I do agree with that, but those creatures are just soo damn retarded that all you can do is kill it with fire, and now they are protecting arabs. YYYHHH NOT ALL ARABS ARE BAD, UR A RACIST. You god damn right i am, black people? Chill, i can hang out with them. They are normal people, asians latinos or wtf other race you have in this world? OK. Arabs? nope. Please, don't think about being called a racist, try to save ur country. Have a nice one.

  • suzannewestern63
    suzannewestern63 2 months ago

    Sugar, you know I love you more than my luggage, and that's WHY, this grandma wants to host one of your book signings! Come on, let Grandma Ugly Nazi C*nt host one of your book signings!!! :-)

  • Manav Talreja
    Manav Talreja 2 months ago

    dangerous is no no 1 on Amazon keep it up faggot

  • Leslie love
    Leslie love 2 months ago

    I love this man ❤🇺🇸🇬🇧💙 can't wait for the book Milo 😀👍👍

  • AntiIchIchIch
    AntiIchIchIch 2 months ago

    Fucking Pedos!

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 2 months ago



  • Jason InVegas
    Jason InVegas 2 months ago

    F_ck free speech. Hitler practiced it and look what happened. How about simply GOOD speech for once?

  • Matthew Fant
    Matthew Fant 2 months ago

    Good for you brother. Wish you all the success in the world. I may not always agree with your approach, but damn, sure is entertaining to watch, and fearless as fuck.

  • TheMaximumTroll
    TheMaximumTroll 2 months ago

    You know if you replace the "C" in Democrat with an "N", suddenly it all starts making sense... Mind blown.

  • Bill Westfall
    Bill Westfall 2 months ago

    just ordered my copy, thanks for the heads up

  • jaxon fitzsimmons
    jaxon fitzsimmons 2 months ago

    Hey Milo, are you going to mention the weapons deal Trump did with Saudi, literally one of the core reasons Hillary was so bad was because of her business dealings with Saudi and literally nobody on this channel is talking about it... Unsubbed.

  • StillLife33
    StillLife33 2 months ago

    Pre-ordered it the first time and pre-ordering it again! I'm so incredibly happy you figured out a way to publish it snd super excited to read it!

  • Christopher Grillo
    Christopher Grillo 2 months ago +1

    Hi milo! You give me hope that the left can be both defied and beaten despite their numbers. Please do a book signing in Oregon! Portland may be a good choice!

  • cj azzmin
    cj azzmin 2 months ago

    My professor is so stupid and a special snowflake
    He said please do not video tape anyone in my class unless they agree to it.
    If you do not follow my rule then I will fail you and it better not end up on YouTube
    Like okay we don't pay you to talk crap about the president and be little anyone who doesn't agree with you.

  • Tvoyo Delo
    Tvoyo Delo 2 months ago

    Milo, I heard a lot about you, but started watching videos with you yesterday. You disappoint me. Why did you allow to get rid of you so easily? C'mon, you said something outrageous, apologized and.....fell of the face of the planet. Or fainted. Or melted. You are big enough to stand on your own. You don't need breitbart or anybody. After the election things have kinda calmed, so speaking at colleges is probably not going to be as fun as before. Time to find a different platform, like a vibrant youtube channel that makes a 10-min video per day. And you don't even have a decent website. I don't know the details of your life at the moment, but if you like being popular (I assume you do), you are not on the right course. Time to switch gears and use the youtube to your advantage. As you know, anything that has to do with pedophilia is the absolute favorite on the list of smear tactics. And you thought they would not come after you with it.....get real.

  • MarcAnthony Candarella
    MarcAnthony Candarella 2 months ago

    Let's Go Milo!!!!!!!!

  • nuya buisness
    nuya buisness 2 months ago

    Oh boy. can't wait to trigger sjws within fifty yards of me by just having that book I my backpack.

  • IronMike 2021
    IronMike 2021 2 months ago

    "You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months.

    The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you.

    In company with our brave Allies and brothers-in-arms on other Fronts you will bring about the destruction of the Islam war machine, the elimination of Islam tyranny over oppressed peoples of Europe, and security for ourselves in a free world."

    Edited version of Gen. Eisenhower's speech during D-Day

  • DCavalcade
    DCavalcade 2 months ago

    Milo the Great!!

  • Lindsey Cunningham
    Lindsey Cunningham 2 months ago

    People go buy this book and get Milo back to #1!

  • Trinity Metcalf
    Trinity Metcalf 2 months ago

    i'm a big fan of your work.

  • God Himself
    God Himself 2 months ago

    Why are these videos so badass? I feel like I'm going to war

  • Megaman I
    Megaman I 2 months ago

    Milo, thank you. I hold women to the utmost respect, and I thank them for their love and caring way. Feminists are an insult to women, and the real feminists from the 1910s. My conclusion: RESPECT WOMEN = HATE FEMINISTS

  • Cameron Maclean
    Cameron Maclean 2 months ago

    Will there be a hardback edition available in the UK?

  • Maximus hett
    Maximus hett 2 months ago

    Milo needs to make a video documentary.

  • Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle

    Bill Cosby touched my doodle.

    • james connors
      james connors 2 months ago

      Bill Cosby ate my strudel and petted my poodle named Noodle.

  • DianddraD
    DianddraD 2 months ago


  • Gregor Smith
    Gregor Smith 2 months ago +1

    Let the triggering commence!

  • Underman
    Underman 2 months ago

    is it available anywhere else? or is it amazon only?

  • Joshua NoneYa
    Joshua NoneYa 2 months ago

    YaY!!!! My hero is back!

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