Gordon Ramsay Is Stunned by Farmed Caviar; Makes Lobster & Caviar Salad

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  • very burnt
    very burnt 37 minutes ago


    I cringed at that handshake the surgeon wouldn't shake his hand and the dude didn't give up 😂😂.

  • Tyton41
    Tyton41 Hour ago

    Am i wrong to assume that he needs his own travel channel show.

  • Hollybird
    Hollybird 2 hours ago

    I wish I was rich enough to eat food like that

  • Juggalo12451
    Juggalo12451 3 hours ago

    4:06 that surely can't be safe to eat straight out of the fish stomach like that.

  • Space Clod
    Space Clod 5 hours ago

    he fidgets a lot, but i do too so im in no place to be talking

  • Pusheen Cat ANIMATES
    Pusheen Cat ANIMATES 9 hours ago

    This is a guy you'd want to meet in the apocolypse.

  • Usman S. Ansari
    Usman S. Ansari 11 hours ago

    reminds me of Hannibal.

  • COSMIC 21
    COSMIC 21 13 hours ago

    Please see in 3 . 32


  • SirAwesom
    SirAwesom 13 hours ago

    How is that sanitary? He cut open a fucking fish and just eats the eggs with blood all around it??

  • Skio killzzz
    Skio killzzz 14 hours ago

    Cavior is like crack to Ramsey jessus

  • Jeff Lantz
    Jeff Lantz 14 hours ago

    "The most amazing fucking caviar."

  • RipScaper
    RipScaper 17 hours ago


  • Mays Mama
    Mays Mama 20 hours ago

    It sucks that they have the kill it :/

  • John Lina Pikachu Potato

    When can they lay the eggs?

  • King Of Tacos
    King Of Tacos 20 hours ago

    3:22 rip

  • Fluffymiyster
    Fluffymiyster 21 hour ago

    This is the first time that caviar has ever looked appetizing to me. Good job on this guy.

  • Youdigit LMG
    Youdigit LMG 22 hours ago

    i love this guy

  • Enzo Roman
    Enzo Roman Day ago

    3:20 he got left hanging 😭😂😭

  • BtsGot7Exo Trash

    I nearly threw up when I saw the caviar probably bc of something similar to trypophobia or whatever it's called

  • Grace Ford
    Grace Ford Day ago

    I don't mind him swearing, usually it's funny but in this it just sounds out of place.

  • Vincy Bro999
    Vincy Bro999 Day ago

    You do it I don't want to fuck up 10999999999999999999999988776654333213466788990987654321147890 pounds of caviar

  • Mag7 56
    Mag7 56 Day ago

    Gordon: their ugly

    Gordon: beautiful

  • Dat Boi The Meme Cop

    He gets super hyper when cooking

  • kristina schroeder

    wtf...a chef like gordon should know better than to use a metal spoon with caviar...what a moron!! mother of pearl spoon is the only way to dish caviar!!!!

  • Juggster '06
    Juggster '06 Day ago

    Now I see why people are vegetarians

  • Uncle June Bug
    Uncle June Bug Day ago

    3:21 Legends say that he still haves his hand out til this day

  • sarah li
    sarah li Day ago


  • Jim Giant
    Jim Giant Day ago

    The caviar extractors are as skilled as brain sturgeons!

  • serbia love
    serbia love Day ago

    Disgusting.. poor fish.. people so easily take life.. for what?

  • hacker hacker
    hacker hacker Day ago

    my black caviar was the canned caviar it cost 70 bucks and it was small as shit the caviar was smaller than a .117 caliber ball and the can was the most oil covered thing ever it was yucky gross and felt awful but it tasted great

  • Duke Ofhesse
    Duke Ofhesse Day ago

    Gordon Ramsay's vocabulary: Fuck, Wow, Look at that, Fucking amazing, wow, wow, wow. fuck.

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez Day ago

    It's sea crack

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez Day ago

    It's sea crack

  • 11austin3100
    11austin3100 Day ago

    i always love to think of the first person to eat certian food
    " guys this fish has eggs ! "
    " ..well should we cook them ...? "
    " NO TIME , they must be eaten NOW "
    " fuck me "

  • Zakir Hussain
    Zakir Hussain 2 days ago

    Hi same logo

  • genderless child
    genderless child 2 days ago

    never tasted Mcdonald...still wants to taste it

  • tobias membrey
    tobias membrey 2 days ago

    Black gold

  • Lazaro Rodriguez
    Lazaro Rodriguez 2 days ago +1

    " so I'm going to look for something sustainable and affordable"

    Since when does Gordon Ramsey think about something affordable

  • municorn Mallo
    municorn Mallo 2 days ago +1

    this was posted on my birthday *i know no one cares but i do so...*

  • Ivan Zhu
    Ivan Zhu 2 days ago

    Wait, why are they eating the caviar with the side of their hands?

  • go away
    go away 2 days ago

    I've never tried caviar, but im pretty sure I don't want to try it either.

  • CoolXGamer15 69
    CoolXGamer15 69 2 days ago

    3:20 lol

  • Dash Riprock
    Dash Riprock 2 days ago

    I'm not going to find it in fucking Knightsbridge

  • Tristan dela Pena
    Tristan dela Pena 3 days ago

    "explodes in your mouth. absolutely delicious"

  • Sergio de Alba Sánchez

    did he just separated the tail of the lobster while it still was ?!?!

    • FlipUltraHD
      FlipUltraHD Day ago

      Nah he stabs it in the head beforehand to kill it

  • Lollipop Lollipop
    Lollipop Lollipop 3 days ago

    Fish Be Like....

    Why u fuckin eating my eggs

  • kyan biddle
    kyan biddle 3 days ago

    First time I have seen gordan happy and yet he is still cussing his ass off.

  • Curlycurls Santana
    Curlycurls Santana 3 days ago

    Guy: "so shall we process"
    Gordon: "process? Fuck me"

  • Tristan Hooper
    Tristan Hooper 3 days ago

    Its so good

  • Tristan Hooper
    Tristan Hooper 3 days ago


  • Jek0vcy
    Jek0vcy 3 days ago

    Legend says.....

    That man is still waiting for that handshake.

  • Guoenyi
    Guoenyi 3 days ago

    4:08 BLAND

  • Andreas Bonde
    Andreas Bonde 3 days ago

    i am starting in my new school in 5 hours but apperently i dobt care i just keep on watching gordon ramsey

  • jack
    jack 3 days ago

    :fish crap im dead
    guy: its not ready yet
    fish:phew im not going to die

  • FoxyBabushka
    FoxyBabushka 3 days ago

    expensive shit tasting fish eggs. yum

  • keiron mate
    keiron mate 3 days ago

    10k from one fish ? ffs

  • Call Of DutyPro10
    Call Of DutyPro10 3 days ago

    Last supper??? Not without the lamb sauce

  • Frida Nielsen
    Frida Nielsen 3 days ago

    This disgusted me terribly, I have no idea why

  • Potato Lookin' Doge
    Potato Lookin' Doge 3 days ago

    3:22 R.I.P hand shake ;-;

  • Excavalear drums
    Excavalear drums 3 days ago

    "This looks like a fucking operating theatre, hola".

  • Mads Lund
    Mads Lund 4 days ago

    Legend says that he is still looking for that handshake. 3:20

  • Josh Cooper
    Josh Cooper 4 days ago

    cheif sturgen surgen. pmsl

  • Snowpix
    Snowpix 4 days ago

    Damn I want to have a taste of those

  • Ganta Kanata
    Ganta Kanata 4 days ago +1

    3:21 feelsbadman

  • DeVonte Gray
    DeVonte Gray 4 days ago

    Has anybody ever noticed how jumpy and jittery he gets when he starts talking or cooking?

  • Lbd King
    Lbd King 4 days ago

    Z ax xxx

  • Doge GodA.k.a Anonymous Dude

    Lake sturgeons can live up to 200 years old

  • J'zargo
    J'zargo 4 days ago

    Does Gordon Ramsay control this channel

  • Pablo Grenade
    Pablo Grenade 4 days ago

    I wonder how long til he finds out about that video of his ass on the shower door in that chicks apartment

  • Adam Greene
    Adam Greene 4 days ago

    thats one expensive dish

  • Dicky Price
    Dicky Price 4 days ago

    chief sturgeon surgeon lol

  • Carlos Monroe
    Carlos Monroe 4 days ago

    DAMNNNNN... who else watched this video a 2nd time in a row

    (Edit): "row" I accidentally typed "rie"

  • Eric Beard
    Eric Beard 4 days ago

    "Process? Fuck me I'm going home fuck that" 😂😂😂

  • Evan Heintzelman
    Evan Heintzelman 4 days ago

    What you hear: WHERES THE LAMB SAWCE

    What I hear: Raise the law sauce

  • Tommy Staunton
    Tommy Staunton 4 days ago

    What do you do for living? Im a sturgeon surgeon.

  • Mexican Bleach
    Mexican Bleach 5 days ago

    The fishes mouth is kind of cute

  • MOXCRunner1
    MOXCRunner1 5 days ago

    I honestly much prefer this to mad Gordon. He's like a kid in a candy shop with the caviar itself, and the people he's interacting with seem to care about what they're doing and aren't taking themselves too seriously.

  • Creeperry Skins
    Creeperry Skins 5 days ago +1

    "Today, chief sturgeon surgeon is helping me" 3:20

  • LittleArmyNut
    LittleArmyNut 5 days ago +1

    You should try Albino Sturgeon Caviar, I am also pretty sure that it has less membrane.

  • Mr Koffi
    Mr Koffi 5 days ago

    That is indeed


  • Not Bridget
    Not Bridget 5 days ago

    Only if he found the lamb sauce

  • Vape Naysh
    Vape Naysh 5 days ago


  • Chloe's Fish
    Chloe's Fish 5 days ago

    Poor fish I don't care if they are farmed lives are killed for just eggs like wtf is wrong with people

    • Chloe's Fish
      Chloe's Fish 4 days ago

      Eric Garcia why don't we eat cats and dogs they are animals so don't get offended when someone does like the dog meat trade other animals get killed and die more horrible deaths then them like barbecues you celebrate eating pork same thing cows die in factories while being shot in the head alive and sometimes survive and get shot again do you think cats and dogs are special or something pigs and rats are even smarter than them they can do tricks and listen to their owners

    • Chloe's Fish
      Chloe's Fish 4 days ago

      Eric Garcia they kill them for it they don't kill chickens for eggs and if I at eggs I would get them from my pet chickens

    • Eric Garcia
      Eric Garcia 4 days ago

      Lmao. Fuck off. We're omnivores for a reason. I can chose to only eat plants/nuts/fruit/grain, but fuck that. I can get my protein, amino acids from other sources, but I chose not to. I'm not going to lie and say I don't eat meat for it's flavor. You should also know those caviar eggs are unfertilized. They are literally the same thing as chicken eggs. So basically there is no difference in killing the caviar fish from any other type of fish. Caviar fish consumption is just a bit different from regular fishing. In the sense that everything from the fish is used - including the unfertilized eggs.

    • Chloe's Fish
      Chloe's Fish 4 days ago

      Eric Garcia no they don't stupid and our bodies are made to be herbivorous I understand if your somewhere where you cannot eat herbivorous foods but if you can buy food at the store be a vegan and don't eat meat because not only are you killing and eating a carcass your killing yourself meat can cause diabetes,cancer, heart attacks and shorter life expectancy look it up stupid don't say anything unless you know.

    • Eric Garcia
      Eric Garcia 4 days ago

      It's been proven that some plants do send out some sort of pain signals when being cut down. So, like I said before it's literally no different. I'm also pretty sure the caviar fish itself is sold to a local fish market or restaurant afterwards.

  • Musaed Alrasheed
    Musaed Alrasheed 5 days ago +1

    holy fuck..

  • Henrique Borges
    Henrique Borges 5 days ago

    "Thats so ugly" -- Gordon Ramsay 2017

  • Louis Bosredon
    Louis Bosredon 5 days ago

    Fuck off

  • White Boy
    White Boy 5 days ago

    Thts fucked taking eggs from animals what If someone took it from ur wife

  • Moonlightpetal Cherry

    Everyone who's complaining about them extracting the caviar:
    1. The fish is dead. It's the same as killing a fish for food, but they're also taking the eggs as well.
    2. The eggs are unfertilized, meaning no fish will ever be born from them.
    3. They're using a sustainable practice. They aren't just killing random sturgeons in mass for their eggs, they're carefully selecting one at a time at a farm. The fish have good living conditions too.

  • Ellgen
    Ellgen 6 days ago

    I didn't even realise my mouth was open the whole time I was watching Gordon make that food, fucking delicious.

  • Der's a snek in mah boot

    *E N H A N C E T H E F L A V O R*

  • Der's a snek in mah boot

    I've never had caviar but now I kind of want to

  • It's Me Ricky
    It's Me Ricky 6 days ago

    That could kill them when you flip them upside down it can it causes them to lose oxegyn

    • Eric Garcia
      Eric Garcia 5 days ago

      I'm sure they know what they're doing. Each fucking fish is worth thousands of dollars. There is no way in hell they are going to accidentally any of them.

  • Je'nya Lee
    Je'nya Lee 6 days ago

    Damn I could've sold the eggs out of the preggo frog I dissected in middle school

  • Edwin Santiaguel
    Edwin Santiaguel 6 days ago

    That Handshake at 3:23 NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Anime Geek
    Anime Geek 6 days ago

    You know what is funny before this video there was an an about paste that you buy frozen and cook and all I could think about is "wtf is thiss"

  • Lola Honey
    Lola Honey 6 days ago

    is it just me or does whenever someone is filming Gordon cooking they go fucking crazy zooming in

  • jamila le
    jamila le 6 days ago

    When he taste it I was eww it has blood in it

  • Jixqa
    Jixqa 6 days ago

    Get yourself a man that looks at you like Ramsey looks at caviar

  • Butterfly Samurai
    Butterfly Samurai 6 days ago

    is it ok to use a metal spoon with the caviar?

  • SophiaIsACat ds
    SophiaIsACat ds 6 days ago

    Gordon....your favorite food is a fish's period.........

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