The O'Reilly Factor with Donald Trump - SNL

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  • NoneyaBizziness
    NoneyaBizziness 2 days ago

    baldwin ... = talent..

  • felicia barnhill
    felicia barnhill 5 days ago


  • Fallen But Saved
    Fallen But Saved 6 days ago

    funny if you've never actually seen the show

  • michael sampson
    michael sampson 9 days ago

    as a trump supporter these are too funny thank you. make America great again

  • feedmemore h
    feedmemore h 10 days ago

    I voted for Trump and I am black and I think it's really funny

  • HeyDude93gt
    HeyDude93gt 10 days ago

    Trumps making everything and then some better. He's AMAZING!
    who'd of thought it would take a liberal melt down to make SNL half ass watchable Again? That's a miracle in itself.
    They really should thank Trump for the great boost in ratings.

  • Mark Owens
    Mark Owens 13 days ago


  • Boogity Boogity
    Boogity Boogity 13 days ago

    Now I'm pissed O'Reilly got fired from Fox News because SNL won't have any more O'Reilly Factor skits. This was Gold! F U Maxine Waters! 🖕

  • Nick Willcocks
    Nick Willcocks 16 days ago

    Although I do not love Baldwin's O'Reilly, props to him (and Cecily Strong) for staying committed throughout this sketch despite the low audience reaction.

  • StrnFn9099
    StrnFn9099 17 days ago

    This is all SNL has? It's pathetic.

  • Optimum Research BV
    Optimum Research BV 19 days ago

    Much better that his silly Trump imperssion

  • ShenkelMcDoo
    ShenkelMcDoo 20 days ago

    I am so glad Alec Baldwin exists

  • Carrie Doerr
    Carrie Doerr 22 days ago

    wow, he does a great Bill O'Reilly!

  • Anne Brown
    Anne Brown 25 days ago

    "Chips". Oops. LOL!

  • Kon Tiki
    Kon Tiki 25 days ago

    SNL could have twice as many viewers if they were not so bias. Jay Leno made fun of both Dems and republicans. The media today only takes aim at Republicans. So I don’t watch any late night any more.

    The biggest buffoon ever in politics is Joe Bidden(aka Clark Griswold). Where is Chevy Chase when you need him. Bring him on SNL. Let him a piece on Joe Bidden every week just like Alec Baldwin.
    Joe Bidden Quotes;

    “When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the
    princes of greed. He said, 'Look, here's what happened.” Thanks for the history lesson crazy Joe.
    Roosevlet died April 12, 1945, The first TV stations started up in 1948. Just facts.

    Another famous Joe Biden Quote. Talking trash about Donald Trump.
    His also another great quote from our former Vice President who just graduated from the 7th grade.
    “No, I wish we were in high school — I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish,” the 73-year-old said to roaring applause.

    My personal favorite was telling a crowd “Go Giants” in San Francisco right before the 49ners played the NY Giants in an upcoming NFL game. He which he was booed.

    Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) worries that Guam may tip over if the military sends more troops to be stationed there. He says: “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.” Give credit to Admiral Robert Willard, Commander of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet, for keeping his composure, saying “We don’t anticipate that.”

    Nancy Pelosi quote
    "But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy."

    In remarks earlier this month in Inglewood, Calif., Waters went after the Tea Party, telling a group of her constituents (many wearing purple SEIU T-shirts): “I am not afraid of anybody. This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. And as far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell.”

    Then there is Elijah Cummings; Hillary and Obama cheer leader in the Benghazi hearings. Pom Poms and all. What joke he was at those hearings defending the Dems at every step. Why were there? That was one of the questions asked that has never been answered.

    There is plenty of people on both side of the Isle. I guess NBC and SNL don’t want more viewers. It’s brilliant strategy for broadcasters. They certainly have convinced me that Obama giving guns to the Mexican Cartels was great and noble thing, just cause he doesn’t Americans to have fire arms. Also; giving friends of Syrian(aka Al Qaeda and Isis) weapons was a great strategy creating the Syrian Refugee Crisis. That Obama was terrific president.
    Transgender restrooms that was awesome too.

    Keep up the great work NBC and SNL!

  • Stabsnipers
    Stabsnipers 27 days ago

    You know what? FUCK IT, WE'LL DO IT LIVE!

  • MrCraigblaze
    MrCraigblaze 27 days ago

    Over 7 million views Nice...!!..XD..

  • patriots rule
    patriots rule 28 days ago

    this is absolutely disgusting and despicable. SNL has completely turned liberal and will do anything to make the right look bad. Mr.O'Reilly was a very respectable and proffessional man who has done nothing but good things for Fox news and it was an absolute mistake to get rid of Bill. As for Donald Trump, all he is trying to do is make our country great again and all these people want to do is criticize him for every single thing. how typical. at least give the man a chance. I am absolutely disgusted about how SNL became so anti-conservative/republican. Mr.O'Reilly was set up by the liberal media because of how popular Fox News was because of him and they did this for the sole purpose of getting rid of the only conservative and no spin network.absolutely disgusting.

  • Allan Provost
    Allan Provost 29 days ago

    Have you noticed that YouTube is slipping in extra commercials and you often don't even
    get to see the video you selected.

  • Terry H.
    Terry H. 1 month ago

    I wish there was a split screen to watch the reactions of the real DT and BO as they see this together.

  • Post Poontang Stress Disorder

    Baldwin has entered the gallery of immortal actors...👍

  • Lloyd Braun (Serenity Now!)

    What a terrible crowd. More "Ohhhh"s than a bowl of spaghettios

  • margaret
    margaret 1 month ago

    Dog cocaine!

  • moose knuckle96
    moose knuckle96 1 month ago

    I have seen Baldwin on Match game,and he does come up with some good one liners on that show.However,I've yet to find anything worth the time of watching with his political figure imitations.I could care less what Hollywood actors think of the president.

  • Larry Mitchell
    Larry Mitchell 1 month ago

    Some uninformed person stated that Alec Baldwin was Canadian. WRONG! Her was born in New York in 1958.

  • Jared Dowty
    Jared Dowty 1 month ago

    Alec is way better at playing O'Reilley than Trump.

  • NUKE
    NUKE 1 month ago

    I fear the the hands joke will drive Trump crazy and post his dick on twitter to defend himself

  • Wyatt Flow
    Wyatt Flow 1 month ago

    In real life, Thank God this asshole isn't on TV anymore!

  • Zack Klein
    Zack Klein 1 month ago

    This is all SNL has. I love how trump has become the right wing's obama.

  • George Butterfield
    George Butterfield 1 month ago

    Why don't these people of SNL find some thing and someone who is actually funny.

  • Brad Jackson
    Brad Jackson 1 month ago +1

    SNL seems to have lost originality. Why do they think they have to stoop so low as to show how far to the left they really lean. SNL is now a sad and shitty shell of what it used to be.

  • Jorge Ortiz
    Jorge Ortiz 1 month ago

    Wow, you got to give it to Alec. Like him or not, HE IS TALENTED. My god, he looks exactly like Bill O. Alec was on point. Excellent!

  • Mark Arnold
    Mark Arnold 1 month ago

    SNL Need's to go, At one time it was great, Now it suck's!!

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 1 month ago

    Actually I just don't think Alec Baldwin does a good Trump impression. Being grosser than the gross is just not that funny not to mention the bad writing with half of it doesn't even connect to the source in any way. And why does Alec always puckering his lips? I never see Trump do this. I'm ready for SNL to get better writers and comedian to do the Trump bits. Heaven knows there's plenty of material to work with, How did SNL screw this easy material up so badly? Maybe SNL just trying to squeeze out humor on the cheap? Seriously does the audience simply laugh because a laugh light flashes? It's just not that good and please we must just stop lying to ourselves just because we hate Trump. SNL really could do so much better with Trump parody's.

  • Binarycodezerosandones Binary

    Excellent video!

  • J Music
    J Music 1 month ago

    Why do they replace every role Darrell Hammond plays with Baldwin? What are you gonna do now, let Baldwin play Sean Connery and Bill Clinton? I feel so bad about Hammond. He got cheated by KFC, and now this. He's the best impersonator alive, but he's seriously underrated. He does one of the best Trump impression out there, one better than Baldwin. I think he needs more recognition.

  • richard gray
    richard gray 1 month ago

    Not orange enough, otherwise brilliant and scary as hell, as usual !

  • valentina vicente
    valentina vicente 1 month ago


  • John Curtis
    John Curtis 1 month ago

    Time for Alec Baldwin the pedophile to be removed from this show. The latest headlines tell it all. Karma's a bitch isn't it...

  • Flounder
    Flounder 1 month ago

    This must be the fake news Trump keeps talking about.

  • Drew C
    Drew C 1 month ago

    looks like bill murray playing alec baldwin playing bill o reilly

  • geoff nason
    geoff nason 1 month ago

    SNL has gone from a classic American staple into nothing but political jokes that are not even close to being funny the whole show had fallen into this crap it's sad I used to really like and watch all the time they lost a fan here because there us more to comedy than making fun of the administration In power and no I didn't vote for trump Get back to actual funny things the trump gag is way to old get a life writers

  • Bobby Fisher
    Bobby Fisher 1 month ago

    How did they get Alec Baldwin to talk to Alec Baldwin?

  • loopy
    loopy 2 months ago

    god alec, you got these disgusting creeps down to a tee. sanctimonious fucking bill o'reilly a total abusive pervert.....shocking

  • No Punchline
    No Punchline 2 months ago

    dis isn't funn-ey

  • Kali
    Kali 2 months ago

    What was that word, "Bill-O", IMPEACHABLE?!!


  • Wasko Gaming
    Wasko Gaming 2 months ago

    Baldwin tries way too hard to be funny

  • Chris Holder
    Chris Holder 2 months ago

    Trump is starting to slide down a slippery slope. Republicans, what if DT goes off it and orders  pre-emptive nuclear strikes? For fuck's sake you defend and lie for your master. You ignore the truth before your eyes, effectively putting MATERIALISM ,power, and influence over truth. RAOK. Please, Trump supporters, defend your president inviting the Russians into the oval office and banning US media?

  • Zhou Li
    Zhou Li 2 months ago

    One down, one to go.

  • BB B.
    BB B. 2 months ago

    Incredible performance. I wish Alec would do Sean Hannity, interviewing Trump (himself) about his knowledge of the Middle East and then they would have a competition to determine who wears the most ridiculous hair or the two.

  • Bill Evans
    Bill Evans 2 months ago

    You know what? Enough is Enough! Before any of you "ANTI-AMERICAN" haters reply, no i didn't vote for President Trump, NOR DID I VOTE THE THE DIS- HONEST, NWO, ANTI-AMERICAN. HILLARY CLINTON! !!!! BUT YOUR DISRESPECTFUL AND TERRIBLY "UNFUNNY" RELENTING ATTACK ON OUR PRESIDENT IS ENOUGH!!!! I am truly addend, not that the biased based Hollywood media gives a damn about my opinion, but your "SHOW"(lol) that means not funny haha, funny thats its not a show, but an a political. agenda!!! needs to respect the office and what it means!!! OH YES "FREE SPEECH" All for it, but your 15 min are up!!!!!!!!!!!!ALEC BLADWIN FUCK YOU

  • Reilly Jensen
    Reilly Jensen 2 months ago

    This is so similar to the actual show its scary

  • Russel Mack
    Russel Mack 2 months ago

    Didn't this lame piece of shit promise to leave the USA if Donald Trump got elected ?? .. ? ..Yep

    So why hasn't the motherfucker packed his bags and split yet ?

  • jude p
    jude p 2 months ago

    baldwin's o'really is much more on target than his trump impersonation

  • Mr. Chopsticks
    Mr. Chopsticks 2 months ago

    SNL has become the Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy show. Why even have a cast? Not like its a particularly good cast anyways.

  • A Really Weird Velociraptor

    Dog Cocaine!

  • paulie dee
    paulie dee 2 months ago

    It's obvious that many of the comments below are from illegal immigrants. For those of you that are not, I'd like to tell you the story of the old man that lives in the house next to mine. He was disappointed that his Social Security was increased by only seven dollars and that last year there was no increase. Now stop being scammed by illegals and support Trump. We can't afford to support the world!

  • John Acobs
    John Acobs 2 months ago

    Finally!! A skit that is Funny by Stephin Bladwin. He does a much better O'Reily than Trump. I like this one. The Trump thing only still SUCKS. Nothing like the Original.

  • Chase Kratzer
    Chase Kratzer 2 months ago

    Alec Baldwin should be acting as LBJ.

  • vida Deodato
    vida Deodato 2 months ago


  • Kiernan1230
    Kiernan1230 2 months ago

    Whatever the looney whack-job liberals need to entertain themselves from Trump Derangement Syndrome! The Banana Republic is alive and prospering on the Left! You have your uninformed sheeple Democrats - keep them entertained and in their safe space with hot chocalate and a steady stream of delusional Left BS! They'll hang with you to the very end! 50 million of you under water is a good start!!

  • bigallieal
    bigallieal 2 months ago +1

    I don't care who you are, that was funny. :)

  • Jk Kj
    Jk Kj 2 months ago

    اقای ترامپ من موندم ملت آمریکا که خودشون رو علامه دهر میدونن چطور ابله ی مثل تو رو به ریاست جمهوری خودشون پذیرفتن جناب ترامپ وقتی راجب ایران ایرانی صحبت می کنی بهتره یکم تاریخ مطالعه کنی ما ملت ایران بازماندگان نسل تمدن ساز جامعه بشری هستیم و تو و امثال تو وحشیانی که خاک ملت بومی امریکا را با کشتا ر بی رحمانه سرخپوستان گرفتید . ملت ما نسل تمدن ساز جامعه بشری امروزند و دیروز ملت ما بنای دانش و علم را نهادند و مهد فرهنگ و هنر و زیبایی . واز همه مهم تر کشور مردان بزرگ و غیور و سرنوشت ساز امید ان را تو و حامیان تو در جامعه امریکا داشته باشید که با این ملت رو درو نشوید والا تاریخ اینده خواهند نوشت که شیر مردان و شیر زنان ایرانی چه سرنوشتی را برای لشکر به اصطلاح شما نامبر وان و به دید ما ملت ایران زمین مشتی مزدور و ارفته و الوده به شهوات حیوانی . تو و تازیان عربستانی بدانید که این ملت شجاع و نترس هیچ باکی از کرکری خواندن شما نداشتن و نخواهند داشت ارزوی این که به رویاهای وهم انگیز خودتان برسید نه تو و نه شاه ابله عربستان و نه حتی تا ابد رهبران و شاهان بعد شما هم براورده نخواهند کرد که بتوانند با این ملت در بیفتند و جان سالم بدربرند بقولی گنده گوزی گویی بسه مثل بچه ادم و مودبانه نه با شاخ و شانه کشیدن که مردان ایران از حالا که هنوز هیچ گوهی نخوردین شاخ شما رو کندن بدونید بشین و حرف حسابتو بزن و گرنه تو نادان ترین رئیس جمهور امریکا خواهی شد در تاریخ چرا که هنوز نفهمیدی این ملت سالیان سال است منتظر انتقام گذشته های شما رو در سینه می پرورانند بدان و عاقل باش و هرشب قبل خواب از خداوند بخواه که اتش سینه های این ملت بر علیه تو و لشکریانت شعله ور نشود. از قول من هم که یکی هستم از این ملت بزرگ ایران به پادشاه عربستان بگو بهتره مراقب گوه خوری های خودشون باشن در قد و قواره ای نیستند که برای این ملت خط و نشان بکشن و عذر خواهی من از خوانندگان این متن اگر از الفاظ زشت استفاده کردم صرفا به این منظور بوده که دهان ترامپ و شاه عربستان همیشه پر از این کثافتها ست مگه میشه خونه بی گناهان را بریزی و دهانت بوی عطرو گلاب بده .

  • Demeitric Lymon
    Demeitric Lymon 2 months ago

    This is Alec Baldwin.

  • The Ultimate Reductionist

    1m41s "Thanks for having me, Bill" (in computer-altered voice)

  • shymickey6
    shymickey6 2 months ago

    I thought Baldwin was really O'Reilly!

  • Neejur Kryakshun
    Neejur Kryakshun 2 months ago


  • Bill Fallon
    Bill Fallon 2 months ago +1

    Could you imagine them putting in this much time for ripping obama? Yeah, me neither.

    • Bill Fallon
      Bill Fallon 2 months ago

      Actually, he has, you think they covered it on libtard news channels? Yeah, You KNOW not! Corpse men? What's THAT? I see the dead veterans in the audience here today? WHAT? 1.7 billion dollars to Iran for what reason?
      Stop libtard, you're killing me with hypocrisy. Not that I think Trump is even CLOSE to Reagan because he isn't.

    • olskoolbassterd1972
      olskoolbassterd1972 2 months ago

      Could you imagine Obama conspiring with Russians, Sexually harassing co workers or looking like a general buffoon anytime he made public statements? Yeah me neither.

  • Emeli Mina
    Emeli Mina 2 months ago +1

    effing just straight up lost it at dog cocaine. 😂

  • Elaine Mitchell
    Elaine Mitchell 2 months ago

    Thank you Alex for emphasising with the normal people....I love it ....don't stop

  • eric pigg
    eric pigg 2 months ago

    After 8 years, SNL must be so relieved to be able to make fun of the White House again!

  • margaret thomason
    margaret thomason 2 months ago

    I love SNL, the real news.

  • S Li
    S Li 2 months ago

    I can't even imagine what's going on in the White House since Donald "grab her by the pussy " Trump is there...👐

  • TheWhat667
    TheWhat667 2 months ago

    Alec Baldwin and "O'Reilly" and "Trump" 😂

  • those1kidds
    those1kidds 2 months ago

    he should stay being trump he's at least kinda good at that. Horrible O'Reilly impression.

  • Will Thompson
    Will Thompson 2 months ago +1

    this is brilliant! bill o reilly is HILARIOUS!

  • Andrew_Owens
    Andrew_Owens 2 months ago

    Almost worth to bring O'Reilly back just to see more of this impression. Brilliant.

  • Lorenzo Williams
    Lorenzo Williams 2 months ago

    Alex Balwin is a very versetile comedian

  • Sassy Cat
    Sassy Cat 2 months ago


  • MissNWO
    MissNWO 2 months ago +1

    Wow he even looks like O'Reilly to lol

  • Rob W
    Rob W 2 months ago


  • Peter Rivera
    Peter Rivera 2 months ago

    Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly. Can we just give Alec Baldwin his own sketch comedy show?

  • al bryant
    al bryant 2 months ago

    LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dumpthe chump
    dumpthe chump 2 months ago

    Did you hear Martin Sbhort? He said Bill thought herrass was two words! Hah!

  • mussman717word
    mussman717word 2 months ago

    Baldwin is actually better at doing O'Reilly

  • Brandie Campbell
    Brandie Campbell 2 months ago

    Malia, Malia! so cute

  • Rick James
    Rick James 2 months ago

    People think they actually know politics because they didn't vote for Trump... SAD!

    -I have a great brain

  • Brute912
    Brute912 2 months ago

    Wow that was horrible. You have to be major idiots to like this.

  • Derek Anthony Suddreth II

    seeing the small thumbnail, I thought the pics were really of O'Reilly and Donald Trump. That is some great make up effects

  • Nick Martinez
    Nick Martinez 2 months ago +1

    I can't believe that I am just now discovering Alec Baldwin's Trump! Incredibly accurate, it's good to laugh at these two.

  • lost2darkness
    lost2darkness 2 months ago

    Eliquis is actually a real drug used for anticoagulation lol

  • Jacob Cleveland
    Jacob Cleveland 2 months ago

    just one question were can I buy dog cocaine I really wanna see if my dog can learn.

  • jeanpierre rivera
    jeanpierre rivera 2 months ago

    LMAO :D

  • BXGUY73
    BXGUY73 2 months ago

    9,231 people must be FAUX VIEWS loyalists and didn't like how SNL portrayed the 2 clowns they portrayed in this skit.

  • Rift Shredder
    Rift Shredder 2 months ago

    I knew SNL wasn't really live, how do you expect us to believe you when your lies are so blatantly obvious? lol

  • Izgoreo mi Oreo
    Izgoreo mi Oreo 2 months ago

    I ask samsung assistant for funny video and she send me this hmmm

  • mich miranda
    mich miranda 2 months ago

    baldwin has o'reilly's weird facial tics pat DOWN it's kind of scary lol

  • shigsho
    shigsho 2 months ago

    Fuck SNL racists. Fired Jay Pharoah because he be black. Racist fucks.

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