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  • girly forever
    girly forever Day ago

    Wow that's so cool glad too see you always smiling

  • fabulousunicorn xxx
    fabulousunicorn xxx 4 days ago

    I need that box! 😛

  • Christina Miller
    Christina Miller 6 days ago

    Bro even tho i was born in the 2000s this reminds me of my younger childhood

  • Mallerlyn
    Mallerlyn 8 days ago

    wow I didnt even know this existed

  • Grace Carr
    Grace Carr 12 days ago

    lol never heard of any of these except for rugrats

  • choclate cheesecake
    choclate cheesecake 13 days ago

    Rocket power is the best show ever like it savage

  • _Dream _
    _Dream _ 15 days ago

    This box brings back memories

  • Lily Williams
    Lily Williams 16 days ago

    Are you going to do the back to school give away

  • Juvia Lockser
    Juvia Lockser 17 days ago

    is your closet a room? or do you just have a HUGE closet in your room? #goal

  • Marcey Doyle
    Marcey Doyle 17 days ago

    Filb sang!! :) miss that show soooo much

  • The LCV Channel
    The LCV Channel 18 days ago

    I Love Hey Arnold

  • Dalila Villalobos
    Dalila Villalobos 19 days ago +1

    I just love to rewatch your videos bunny💙 Ily ✨🔥

  • Molly Tengel
    Molly Tengel 19 days ago

    There making a rocko modern life movie

  • Courtney Owens
    Courtney Owens 20 days ago

    I Don't need it.. I don't need it... I NEED IT!!!!! <3

  • Paulina Martinez
    Paulina Martinez 21 day ago

    You nails match with Tommys ball💚💜

  • jade chernecke
    jade chernecke 22 days ago


  • Annabelle Fireheart
    Annabelle Fireheart 23 days ago +1

    I miss and loved Hey Arnold and Rugrats and Wild Thornberries and Jimmy Neutron and Code Lyoko and the original Teen Titans and Catdog and Rocket Power and Totally Spies and original Winx Club and Scooby-Doo and Rockos World and Cow and Chicken and Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry and Edd, ed, and eddy and brandy and mr. whiskers and Sabrina the teenage witch and hocus pocus and lilo and stitch and Codenamed kids next door and courage the cowardly dog and the grim adventures of Billy and mandy and dexters lab and the original ppg and so many other 90s and early 2000s tv shows and movies..

  • Annabelle Fireheart
    Annabelle Fireheart 23 days ago +1

    Childhood..... I miss the old late 90s early 2000s tv shows.... nowadays tv sucks.

  • jessica ethelbah
    jessica ethelbah 24 days ago

    Omg who remembers the show you cant do that on television or hey dude. There were so many shows. I was a Nick kid for sure. Clarissa explains it all, all that n are you afraid of the dark were some of my faves

  • Sabrina Ramos
    Sabrina Ramos 25 days ago

    Bunny. I love you. I fell off from watching your videos but you helped me through a dark time. And I love you for it. Thank you so much

  • Beauty Spooky
    Beauty Spooky 25 days ago

    rocket power, used to watch it a lot as a kid. It's not a bad show.

  • Katelyn Orr
    Katelyn Orr 26 days ago

    Are you doing a back to school giveaway?

  • aesthetic yoonseok
    aesthetic yoonseok 26 days ago

    where do u get these

  • C 3
    C 3 27 days ago

    Rocket Power was the best

  • Kimmie Ash
    Kimmie Ash 28 days ago

    where's invader Zim?

  • 17 wishes
    17 wishes 29 days ago

    I'm related to buddy holly

  • shannon shankille
    shannon shankille Month ago

    Someone should send her a giant box of silica packets...

  • Valeria Riviera
    Valeria Riviera Month ago

    can someone please tell me who is the swamp family

  • kawaii_cake150 xoxo

    loved the vid

  • TATProductions92
    TATProductions92 Month ago

    I just subscribed to the nick box yesterday and I can't wait to get my first one!!!! But I was alittle sad because the shirts only go to XL and I'm a 2XL

  • DisneyMegara
    DisneyMegara Month ago

    Any chance of you doing a tutorial on how to destroy a tshirt like the one you are wearing here please?

  • Diana Weaver
    Diana Weaver Month ago

    Omg it's like a blast from the past!

  • Andrew McCormack
    Andrew McCormack Month ago

    log was a commercial parody that ran fairly often.

  • bcgrote
    bcgrote Month ago

    Ya turn the page, you wash your hands...

  • Jasmine Wilfong
    Jasmine Wilfong Month ago

    How do you get a nick box

  • laythan phan
    laythan phan Month ago


  • TheScorpioQueen
    TheScorpioQueen Month ago

    rocket power

  • Robert Richartz
    Robert Richartz Month ago

    Bunny, why are you so afraid of silica packets. I open them every morning and sprinkle the delightful little silica balls on my breakfast cereal. I crunch them up and eat them up with the cereal. They are sooooooo delicous. just kidding. But seriously bunny. Silica is just a mineral that was made by god so try not to freak out. They were not created by evil aliens to upset you. hahahaha

  • Brandy Foster
    Brandy Foster Month ago

    Yes I love those expanding MagicTowers too and I've got some from the dollar store they're so cool

  • Miko 1126
    Miko 1126 Month ago

    U need to cut up slime stress balls like if u agree

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith Month ago

    I have no idea what she is talking about I was born in 2006😂

  • Liz Zarate
    Liz Zarate Month ago +1

    "Is it ren and stimpy" pretends not to look at the box 👀👀👀..."oh yes ren and stimpy" 😂😂😂 3:25

  • screamforicecream3
    screamforicecream3 Month ago

    I'm so jealous of those Rocket Power stickers, omg <3

  • Jessica Bull
    Jessica Bull Month ago

    I had all those vhs's I loved the different colors 😍

  • Shannon Marie
    Shannon Marie Month ago

    that's blanket is to dang cute...loved it..

  • Ashley Cline
    Ashley Cline Month ago

    The Ahhh! Real Monsters! decal is supposed to go on the toilet lid.

  • S. W.
    S. W. Month ago

    Hold on... I need a Nick Box. Pls tell me how to do so!😩

  • Animalxingaddict
    Animalxingaddict Month ago

    Please open more of these!!!

  • Alexis Sims
    Alexis Sims Month ago

    I love when you unbox the nick box!!! I can't wait to purchase a box! This box was great!!'

  • Kim DeRemer
    Kim DeRemer Month ago

    I loved rocket power!

  • Robear Trujillo
    Robear Trujillo Month ago

    omg I want to order one of these! how much are they?

  • Jessica Lafrain
    Jessica Lafrain Month ago

    so what do you do with all the stuff u buy, get pr and subscribe to? do u have like storage? or do u give it away or collect it all?

  • CJ & Kids
    CJ & Kids Month ago

    Yes rocket power was from the 90's. I loved that show!!

  • Jade Pendleton
    Jade Pendleton Month ago

    omg this box was made for me.

  • Jade Pendleton
    Jade Pendleton Month ago

    i love rockos modern life!

  • Sarah R.
    Sarah R. Month ago

    Oh NOOOO, I'm too old for knowing what this stuff is and I'm only 32!

  • apple jack girl 345

    I LOVE rockos modern life

  • Pumpkin Piies
    Pumpkin Piies Month ago

    I so want to sub to this box! I am the same when it comes to silica packets :/

  • Bad Hombre
    Bad Hombre Month ago

    last time i checked they did not have international shipping which breaks me bc i love these boxes 😢

  • Anna Beth Smith
    Anna Beth Smith Month ago

    You just knocked us all in the head with a ball!

  • Jenna JeN jEn
    Jenna JeN jEn Month ago

    It's log! LOOOG!

  • Tana Black
    Tana Black Month ago

    i'm jelly

  • Marris Meyer
    Marris Meyer Month ago +1

    I really hope when I'm 20-30 they make these boxes for Disney, Nick, and TeenNick shows from the 2000's if they don't already. :)

  • Patti Volkman
    Patti Volkman Month ago

    Go dump the silica packet into a cup of water...better then any pop rocks! (But dont eat it) Then use the beads in your chunky slime...you love chunky slime!

  • Ella Hillis
    Ella Hillis Month ago

    rocket power was amazing!!

  • James Williams
    James Williams Month ago

    turn the page wash your hands turn the page wash your hands and it constantly makes me wanna throw up

  • NextGoodThing
    NextGoodThing Month ago

    I love Rocket Power!

  • Lalee M_74
    Lalee M_74 Month ago

    Your a child at heart...... I love it!

  • Julia Kay
    Julia Kay Month ago

    everyone forgets about rocket power but it was my favorite :')

  • macksunnarborg33
    macksunnarborg33 2 months ago

    Love you bunny

  • Hannah Brown
    Hannah Brown 2 months ago

    I want this box!!!

  • Hippy Gypzies
    Hippy Gypzies 2 months ago

    omg girl I could relive this era forevaaaaaa! Rocko was my favorite!

  • kimi's kreations
    kimi's kreations 2 months ago

    rocket power was the bEst

  • SxcLibrarian
    SxcLibrarian 2 months ago

    I remember VHS omg

  • The Braille challenge girl

    Catdog was one of my favorite shows.

  • kels0two
    kels0two 2 months ago

    You turn the page, and wash your hands. Turn the page...wash your hands ! 😂

  • Adilene Lopez
    Adilene Lopez 2 months ago

    here is a poem.ahm hm.....beef is good beef is great

  • Adilene Lopez
    Adilene Lopez 2 months ago

    here I a poem .ahm hm..... beef is god beef is great.

  • bananakisses96
    bananakisses96 2 months ago

    I miss 90s nick

  • Ryan Collins
    Ryan Collins 2 months ago

    That Rocko shirt could make such a cute outfit!! Hardcore imagining it with clear aviators, a sassy bun, black leggings, and high tops. I don't know, I make outfits in my head all the time

  • zafwork
    zafwork 2 months ago

    rocket power and the wild thornberrys! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

  • Samantha Redick
    Samantha Redick 2 months ago

    rocket power was so good. omg.

  • Rachel Tucker
    Rachel Tucker 2 months ago

    HOW DID YOU NEVER SEE ROCKET POWER?? Oh my gosh, it was the BEST! Yes, it was a 90's show! :)

  • Kelsey Felux
    Kelsey Felux 2 months ago

    OMG! Rocko's Modern Life was my s#*@ growing up!! I miss these amazing 90's cartoons.

  • Kawaii Walrus
    Kawaii Walrus 2 months ago

    Why doesn't she like silica packets? I do sort of get it but I'd like an explanation

  • spiderfan1974
    spiderfan1974 2 months ago

    It goes down stairs alone or in pairs. Rolls over your neighbors dog.

  • prestowand the robloxian

    THIS WAS POSTED ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meaghan O'Callaghan
    Meaghan O'Callaghan 2 months ago

    Love rocko

  • Lizzy Circle
    Lizzy Circle 2 months ago +1

    I love the nick boxs

  • Shelby K.N.
    Shelby K.N. 2 months ago

    Rocket power is amazing

  • Inkavonmon2
    Inkavonmon2 2 months ago

    I'll never forget the episode where mr & mrs bigheads son was in town and they were playing the cartoon they created which the characters were deli meat and the phone rings and he goes "I hate bologna!!!" I never forget that episode ahahaha.

  • ohnozozo
    ohnozozo 2 months ago

    You get some amazing stuff in those boxes! I love the effort that goes into the packaging, that really makes a product for me! Also Rocket Power was a great cartoon!!

  • Kennedy Austin
    Kennedy Austin 2 months ago

    Ur nails matched the ball. lol❤❤😂😂😂😂

  • Ikaros Meow
    Ikaros Meow 2 months ago

    I love your personality. Literally the only reason I watch your videos is because you make me laugh. 💜

  • Micah Etherton
    Micah Etherton 2 months ago

    bunny this is so cool I remember all those shows becose I was born in the 90s and I loved all of them they where great shows 👍

  • Bronson Brown
    Bronson Brown 2 months ago

    I just signed up for the nick box

  • marina truss
    marina truss 2 months ago

    i was born in 1997 and i've watched rocket power a lot, i loved that show... but i'm brazilian and usually shows took a while to get released in here so idk if it was a 90's show or a early 2000's show

  • Jeanie Stratton
    Jeanie Stratton 2 months ago

    Log log it's big it's heavy it's wood. Log log it's better than bad it's good. Everyone wants a log. Your gonna get a log. Log.. From Blamo! Lmao!

  • Emily Keane
    Emily Keane 2 months ago

    fun fact: my friends little brother had cancer and his dying wish was to be on an episode of rocket power and they did it goddamnit

  • Jess19877
    Jess19877 2 months ago

    The second box didn't have a shirt. It had the Good Burger uniform(hat & apron) and the Pete and Pete hat.

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