An angry constituent confronts Tom MacArthur (NJ) at a town hall

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  • mcmahonp1
    mcmahonp1 4 days ago

    That guy should primary the hell out of Tom MacArthur. What a speaker!

  • nova00boss
    nova00boss 14 days ago


  • godisgoodallthetime
    godisgoodallthetime 19 days ago

    My problem with the ACA is the mandate. I was laid off for 8 months due to my company doing cutbacks and had to let me go along with hundreds of employees and penalized on my taxes for not having health care and it wasnt even my fault.

  • godisgoodallthetime
    godisgoodallthetime 19 days ago

    I do agree that ins companies are just out to make a buck but unfortunately healthcare and the medical field is very expensive.

  • godisgoodallthetime
    godisgoodallthetime 19 days ago

    Have you seen govt run healthcare? Look at Canada where you have to wait sometimes months to see a specialist.

  • godisgoodallthetime
    godisgoodallthetime 19 days ago

    Ok then stop funding abortions under the Affordable Care Act!

  • godisgoodallthetime
    godisgoodallthetime 19 days ago

    Is this guy bidding for an Oscar?

  • Andrew Uvalles
    Andrew Uvalles 1 month ago

    Powerful man!... Awaken Dems and run the dummies out.

  • sun dial
    sun dial 1 month ago

    looks like an Obama cocksucker someone who wants Free everything as long as other taxpayers pay for it!!
    if he wants socialism why doesn't he fuck off to Cuba or Venezuela, in a few short days he would come screaming back and hugging President Trump.

  • dustyhatkins
    dustyhatkins 1 month ago

    way to go!!

  • Howlbigbadwolf
    Howlbigbadwolf 1 month ago

    I bet many of the people clapping are the same people who voted for all of this.

  • Danilo Schöneberg
    Danilo Schöneberg 1 month ago

    You have such people in your country, but think it is clever to vote an orange-haired idiot instead. Well played, America. Well played...

  • T Funk
    T Funk 1 month ago

    this gentleman should run for office he definitely gets it and I hope they vote that Congressman out

  • Ty John
    Ty John 2 months ago +1

    Let go vote mid term 2018 kick Republican Party out the house and senate
    They are corrupt and so much scandal in D.C

  • 1ginner1
    1ginner1 2 months ago

    "You came for my wife", he scared the shit out of me, A true American patriot. more power to your elbow dude.

  • The Guy That makes you mad

    *So those who vote for Trumpcare are killing your family, even though it's indirectly. If that happens, I do believe there is a certain amendment in the constitution that another Republican once advocated available to you. Would you use it?*

  • Zach  Couch
    Zach Couch 2 months ago

    This guy is hella WOKE!

  • maklokiper
    maklokiper 2 months ago +1

    it's 2017... 1080p please wtf dude!!!

  • Entropy
    Entropy 2 months ago +1

    Tommy Boy! Oh wow, it's been too long. Winning reference right here!

  • 32shumble
    32shumble 2 months ago +7

    This man is THE man!

  • MsDenouement
    MsDenouement 2 months ago +5

    My Goodness he's spot-on!!

    • J Boyz
      J Boyz 1 month ago

      MsDenouement no shit

  • debrasimmons
    debrasimmons 2 months ago +2

    I tell you the GOP are evil 😈. They destroy people's lives in so many ways!!!!!

  • Mr. Natural
    Mr. Natural 2 months ago

    While I feel for this man and his situation, I cannot agree with him about how the state of healthcare was before Trump care (which I am also against). I have a few close friends who couldn't provide healthcare for their families because of how high the cost premiums were getting under obamacare. There were plenty of people who felt the same way as this man when Obamacare was put to work. I don't know what the answers to health care are, and I certainly don't think the government has any care about really fixing it. But wanting to go back to obamacare is like wanting to leave the fire and go back to the frying pan.

    • Purple Crimson
      Purple Crimson 2 months ago

      Mr. Natural The high premiums in Obamacare could've been fixed unfortunately republican obstruction stoped Obama from fixing it !!!

  • Kelly Forman
    Kelly Forman 2 months ago +1

    This man is stunning.

  • maveric2170
    maveric2170 2 months ago +1

    How exactly is this guy paid?

  • scorpio woman
    scorpio woman 2 months ago +1

    He is my voice too down with republicans

  • Mike will
    Mike will 2 months ago +3

    Paid off politicians will ALWAYS screw the people and support the money from Insurance and large corporations. As long as there is big money pay offs and profits in health care, the people will always get screwed and lied to by politicians and corporations. Tom MacArthur rates Number 2, in the money given/received from : Insurance $107,353 in 2015/2016 ,and number 14 from Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $32,000. Money is the only thing the politicians care about, MacArther doesn't care if this man's entire family dies.

  • Brian Kimball
    Brian Kimball 2 months ago +1

    This is what a bad actor looks like.

  • Brian Kimball
    Brian Kimball 2 months ago +1

    This is what a shill looks like.

  • EPSTomcat11
    EPSTomcat11 2 months ago +9

    1) This needs to go viral 2) This man needs to run for public office

  • Brian Kimball
    Brian Kimball 2 months ago +1

    Scrubs is a democrat party operative...a paid shill. And a lousy actor. Gimme a break.

    • Roman Val
      Roman Val 2 months ago

      Proof? I think you're choking on Trump's cock.

    • John E
      John E 2 months ago

      Brian Kimball PREACH!! 👍🏻

  • genuineuni
    genuineuni 2 months ago

    Allow me to tell you about the Willingboro scum. It appeared their black female mayor instructed police officers to allow drag racing 100 MPH and betting. I can see why they HATE President Trump, since THEIR goal is to destroy America. Don't waste time with their Satanic minds.

  • Andrew Todaro
    Andrew Todaro 2 months ago +2


  • Mary Rodger
    Mary Rodger 2 months ago +9

    MacArthur made certain that the politicians get to keep their pre-existing coverage except us.

    • Mary Rodger
      Mary Rodger 2 months ago

      I've been watching town halls all of this year around the country and it's been heartening to see more and more people waking from their slumber, and it's all seems to be centered around the possible loss of ACA and the millions of us with pre-existing conditions, while the politicians have inserted a provision that allows them to keep theirs and for their aides at our expense of course. There are 24 congress people up for re-election next year and the anger of the constituents hopefully will hold. People in the state I live in have put up a billboard for our Senator who needs an "invitation" to come back to his home state. Resist!

    • bancoran
      bancoran 2 months ago

      Mary Rodger I am. America is now becoming wide awake and angry!

    • Mary Rodger
      Mary Rodger 2 months ago

      bancorn, not just that but they get to take their coverage with them when they leave office along with the pre-existing AND we also get to pay for the aides. Go to either or both and or and just type in your reps names, and to be clear, do so even if they're Dems, many of them are way past due for going back home such as Manchin of W.Virginia. Signed: one of the millions of pre-existing cancer patients, and for diabetics, ms patients, etc. Get involved and resist!

  • Arturo Garza
    Arturo Garza 2 months ago

    Go Trump! This guy is a liberal shit bag. Nothing is free, doctors need to get paid too. This guy doesn't know how it works? You get treatment and then you get the bill.

    • Arturo Garza
      Arturo Garza 2 months ago

      Purple Crimson Shut up dumbass, you're not even making any sense. Trump is President, get used to it.

    • Purple Crimson
      Purple Crimson 2 months ago

      Arturo Garza Damn ur stupid essay !!! Trump & the republican​s are trying to creat a deportation force !!! They are trying to change the Amendment to make it where just because ur born in America you're American. You say repubs have morality, but they believe if u can't afford school u should not be able to get a education !!! The ACA was created to lower the cost of insurance, if it wasn't for repub obstruction it could of fixed its problems. Doctors get paid idiot but insurance companies are greedy & the Republicans​ supposed health law is just a tax cut for the Billionaires at the expense of families which is totally unfair & immoral. I know what this man is saying in the video & what these repubs are doing in government is something you can't comprehend. I know you're a idiot after commentating saying "doctors need to get paid too" Like seriously dude. The only cure for your symptom of Alternative Reality is for u to vote Democratic in 2018 !!!

    • Roman Val
      Roman Val 2 months ago

      Are you saying all those countries with single payer don't pay their doctors?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago +1

    "FOR-PROFIT HEALTHCARE IS IMMORAL!" As he works for profit, at a for-profit healthcare center.

    Congratulations, you just played yourself liberal faggot.

  • Roothog Ordie
    Roothog Ordie 2 months ago


  • David Scott
    David Scott 2 months ago +17

    I love it that he called Trump and orange-haired a buffoon, not only is he a buffoon he is a bigot and Jeff sessions is to, and far as it goes about training the swamp it got worse when he got in

  • fuctifino Mcgrath
    fuctifino Mcgrath 2 months ago +4

    I would send this guy a case of 25 yr old Malt Whiskey for this ,no problem

  • fuctifino Mcgrath
    fuctifino Mcgrath 2 months ago +10

    Hi am from Europe,and this guy is AWESOME,love this guy to bits,he nailed,he has more balls than most people i know,well said sir follow this guy in what he says,and in 2018 will change for the best

  • MrCiammurro
    MrCiammurro 2 months ago +1

    I want to find out that this guy is a Republican to reagain hope that not all is lost and America can still be great again ...after Trump !

    • Purple Crimson
      Purple Crimson 2 months ago

      MrCiammurro the guy in the blue scrubs is a Democrat. Tom the Repub clown is speaking at a Democratic district.

  • ExclusiveLM
    ExclusiveLM 2 months ago +5

    This guy should run against MacArthur in the next election. He WILL win and help bring change to America !!

  • Jeffrey Bull
    Jeffrey Bull 2 months ago +4

    Good going my fellow Americans! USA!

  • Angie P
    Angie P 2 months ago +4

    buy him a CASE of beer!! saying EXACTLY what a lot of us might be unable to articulate! He should run for office, SO well spoken and articulate!

  • hawtinandclarke
    hawtinandclarke 2 months ago

    Is this guy treating this as some sort of audition?

  • Tab talks
    Tab talks 2 months ago +5

    This is hilarious this is what y'all get for letting a businessman who lies, cheat and steal in to the White House! Get what he dishes! See you in 3 1/2 years

  • Rosemary Carlyle
    Rosemary Carlyle 2 months ago +3

    It doesn't matter what kind of life these people have, they all have a democratic right to vote.  So remember that congressman.

  • mymovetube
    mymovetube 2 months ago +2

    with all due respect sir, I among millions understand and feel your frustration, Obama came up with Obama care because of the love and passion for you and me and millions. it is not a perfect law and with hard work from both sides of the Isle could be fixed. you among millions understood the law and used it in the benefits of you and your families. you sir among millions for 7 years called for repeal and replace of Obama care. you sir among millions called him a nigga, you sir among millions called him Kenyan Muslim, you sir among millions called him terrorist, you sir among millions still calling him names, you sir among millions voted for this Congressman and the man you are calling orange bafoon just like calling Obama a nigga to repeal and replace Obama care.
    why are you mad at this Congressman and 45? he and orange bafoon are doing exactly what you voted for.
    you sir among millions don't deserve Obama care.
    you sir among millions must suffer for your
    ill decisions. you sir truly deserve trump Ryan don't care bill.
    sorry to say that sir. you sir among millions don't call yourself educated.
    Obama care will soon. be gone. what ever Obama did for you sir will be gone because he is a nigga.
    when you sir among millions get sick simply lay down and die. Obama and Hillary and the orange bafoon and the Congressman that you voted for to repeal and replace Obama care have the best health care. quite frankly Obama doesn't give fuck about you and us no longer . he did . he wasn't appreciated. why would he give a fuck for you anymore. orange bafoon and your Congressman know how greedy you and millions are, they are witnessing yours and millions of you how appreciating Obama. so this is how you sir among millions will appreciate them if they give you back your health care. you are already calling them names. so why should they care for you and millions?
    sir you among millions, when you get sick lay down and die.

    • Purple Crimson
      Purple Crimson 2 months ago

      mymovetube dude, Tom is speaking at a Democratic district, the guy in the blue scrubs is a democrat, the only repub-repuke is Tom the Clown !!!

  • amazed totally
    amazed totally 2 months ago +10

    A True American hero, you should all go and buy him a beer. He cares more about America then any of the Trump-shitheads in power.

  • Pink Panther
    Pink Panther 2 months ago +7

    The shit has hit fan and look at what Tom MacArthur is getting.for supporting the immoral health care bill and the orange ape in the WH.Dishonesty and lies will cause your downfall , bye,bye bullshit.

  • N EyesOfTheTiger
    N EyesOfTheTiger 2 months ago +3

    Republicans they don't give a damn about your help they don't give a damn about you we the people have to surpass these Republicans an election in 2018 why don't we as American people drown the streets with people protesting I can't these pussy ass Republicans. if you're Republican we're not asking you to change to being a true Republican but let's hold these Republicans feet on the fire because where it belongs. it's not about Democrats and Republicans and liberals anymore it's about human life your family my family's human life like he said that pumpkin fucking head in the white house isn't doing shit for anyone people wake up it is time for Americans to stand together as one not as Republicans not as Democrats and not as liberals let Stand Together as one to bring these Republicans in the White House Down just like he dropped the mic at the end can I hear a amen. their families are okay their multi-millionaires billionaires but for us at the bottom we're not going to get no doctors we're not going to get shit we're going to have to pay you for getting seen by any doctor and this is true if not you dying, or your loved one dying and this is the truth for you to face as an American we have the right to shut these people down let's use our voices let's use our connections and let's light up those funds everyday and Congress

  • Fobert Gacula
    Fobert Gacula 2 months ago +3

    WOW 😂 But you did not learn the lessons they trying to Teach YOU! 🤔🤗🤗🤗🤗🙁

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago +1

    "You came for my kids"

    What the fuck is this stupid piece of shit talking about? He's got a great jobs and his wife beat cancer, but if everyone else doesn't pay for his shit then we're attacking his kids? Typical liberal douche.

    • LJ Hansmyer
      LJ Hansmyer 1 month ago

      +John Doe make. More. Money. Problem solved

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 months ago

      I lost my healthcare because of democrats, they made insurance premiums too expensive and I love my plan and my doctor. Please help me, I need money.

    • Purple Crimson
      Purple Crimson 2 months ago

      John Doe "Try proper punctuation" "Obongocare". Contradictions are 1 of the symptoms of "Alternative Facts". Like seriously Johnny Boy !!! Douche, ur Alternative facts are what's behind ur mental instability. The only cure for "Alternative Facts" are to Vote Democratic in 2018.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 months ago

      Try proper punctuation. I see liberal state education has failed you. I wish I could afford Obongocare, but after the democrats had their way, premiums and deductibles skyrocketed while insurance companies made insane profit.

      Funny how the democratic presidential candidates even said Obongocare is a disaster and needs to be fixed :D

    • Purple Crimson
      Purple Crimson 2 months ago

      John Doe John we all get it !!! You watched the video, read the bill & took the CBO analysis into consideration & unfortunately you where unable to grasp nor comprehend the material available to you , you where unable to cognitively digest the information available to you & out of pure ignorance, confusion & incompetence you brought forth your goofy ass repuke-it-tard opinion. You could of been a gentlemen about it & just spared us from your alternative universe of ignorance buy being up front about being a idiot !!! You, Dump & those repunks need to find ur way out of that alternative facts world & join the rest of the real world. U Sir are the true definition of a MORON !!!

  • Mohamed Hassan
    Mohamed Hassan 2 months ago +6

    take away his seat in 2018. GOP does not understand , how the people are suffering with out insurance.

    • Tom Wostoncroft
      Tom Wostoncroft 2 months ago

      Mohamed Hassan they understand, they just don't care. They represent their donors, not the people who they supposedly represent.

  • john johnson
    john johnson 2 months ago +1

    And 60% of the people never wanted it in the 1st place

  • deepfreezevideo
    deepfreezevideo 2 months ago +24

    Who IS this guy??
    I will vote for him for ANY POLITICS JOB he wants, any place, any time.

    • deepfreezevideo
      deepfreezevideo 1 month ago

      Yaaay thank you for the ID, going to look him up right now!

    • S Jinn
      S Jinn 2 months ago

      He's Geoff Ginter. Lots of people are asking him to run for office. I'd vote for him in a heartbeat.

  • Truth Evidence
    Truth Evidence 2 months ago +3

    That dude is.....MOTIVATED.

  • bboythekidstudios
    bboythekidstudios 2 months ago +1

    No mic drop? What a missed opportunity.

  • Nick Gilbert
    Nick Gilbert 2 months ago +2

    this guy knows how to cut a mean promo... WWE sign him up!

  • Arthur Anderson
    Arthur Anderson 2 months ago +2

    This is why the GREED OF CAPITALISM not Capitalism in and of itself will be the end of America if that greed is not killed!!!

  • Arthur Anderson
    Arthur Anderson 2 months ago +1

    Ppl Republicans don't care about you citizens ON ALL FRONTS!!!! Not just healthcare!!! You all need to know and understand this TRUTH!!!!

    • Arthur Anderson
      Arthur Anderson 2 months ago

      Dan Doyle
      Your Father may he rest in peace was correct.

    • Dan Doyle
      Dan Doyle 2 months ago

      Arthur Anderson as my father who died because of exposure to dangerous chemicals his whole working life often said, "the only good republican, is a dead one", I say touche.

  • Jules Love
    Jules Love 2 months ago

    LOL, pathetic acting from a paid protestor at a town meeting. This is all fake outrage, just look at the way he's dressed, like's he's a nurse or someone who works in the medical field. HAHA, and the blond behind who starts to cry. This is all propaganda and made to make you "feel" sad. It's fake, all of these town meetings are fake. The acting is so bad bad bad, it's just so cringe worthy.

    • Roman Val
      Roman Val 2 months ago

      Prove it. fucktard.

    • Carol Mahoney
      Carol Mahoney 2 months ago

      There's no point in having a conversation with jules love, just like all the rest of the orange asshole worshipers, they are incapable of critical thinking of any kind which is actually why the trump administration can continue conning them and telling these absolutely grotesque lies over and over again, and the dummies keep believing it. I know, the stupidity of his supporters baffles the mind!

  • Billy Cole, Jr
    Billy Cole, Jr 2 months ago +2

    Check his bank account for that George Soros donation.....

    • 32shumble
      32shumble 2 months ago

      You should keep quiet about Soros or people might hear more about Kushner's 1 billion $ dept to him and the favors that are being rumoured

    • Billy Cole, Jr
      Billy Cole, Jr 2 months ago

      Soros only one funding libtard ANTIFA and Fake you're telling me there's no billionaires in the Democrat party...let's see Hillary's transcripts to the Wall St folk...please

    • jrasicmark1
      jrasicmark1 2 months ago

      Billy Cole, Jr, isn't Chelsea Clinton besties with Ivanka Trump? OMG! What if Trump really IS a Clinton plant? What then? OMG! You really have been conned, haven't you?

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez 2 months ago +1

    The problem is that health in America became a business of millions of dollars for insurance doctors and hospitals. In other countries, politicians do not do business with people's lives only in America, Republicans make you believe that your health costs thousands Of dollars.republicans only care that the insurances make millions. Do not care about people

  • SuperDj512
    SuperDj512 2 months ago +2


  • Scorp308
    Scorp308 2 months ago

    And I bet the guy in the blue shirt voted for Trump. Idiot!

    • Purple Crimson
      Purple Crimson 2 months ago

      Scorp308 Tom is in the Democratic district speaking with Democratics. The guy speaking is not a Repub. Tom the idiot is the Repub

  • Christine Parks
    Christine Parks 2 months ago

    Yes!!!! Yessss!!!!

  • Connie Cook
    Connie Cook 2 months ago +11

    Republicans comfort themselves with the myth that angry voters are paid liberal actors. But the more we make our voices heard, the weaker their excuses are.

  • S. Pierce
    S. Pierce 2 months ago +21

    Where way these guys at last year during the presidental elaection?? I wish we had someone like that in our townhalls in Pennsylvania. He is so passionate.

    • slick1ru2
      slick1ru2 2 months ago

      Courtney Durham if Hillary won the republiturds would continue to let people die as they continued to obstruct fixing Obamacare or move to single payer. The Republican Party is the biggest threat to Americans and America.

    • IizUname
      IizUname 2 months ago

      Hear hear!

    • Courtney Durham
      Courtney Durham 2 months ago

      Only horrific legislation like the AHCA will wake people up. If Hillary had won, we would've gotten more incrementalism and more slow decline. Trump or something like him, was an inevitability because Democrats have been bought. Nancy Pelosi is Republican light. Hillary Clinton is Republican light. But because they have D next to their name, people like this guy would have gone to sleep. The silver lining in the horror we are currently enduring is that it exposes the Republicans for what they truly are. People who normally don't watch the news, don't care about politics are paying attention because their lives are on the line. Americans have finally realized that politics matter.

  • cjsligo Jones
    cjsligo Jones 2 months ago +4

    This guy for president!

    • Dean Franz
      Dean Franz 2 months ago

      Dude, come on...he already has a job and a family to worry about (not to mention a job).
      Don't complicate his life further by making him worry about ALL of us...he's just worried about his own family.

  • Purple Crimson
    Purple Crimson 2 months ago +61

    Well Said !!! Somebody buy this Man a Beer !!!

    • Mary Rodger
      Mary Rodger 1 month ago

      sun dial, no the orange shit gibbon sniffs.

    • sun dial
      sun dial 1 month ago

      Disgusted1 48
      I think all democrats and liberals scumbags like you and that freeloader should be jailed in Gitmo or deported to Cuba or better still be shot at dawn for being traitors to the USA Constitution.

    • sun dial
      sun dial 1 month ago

      salma ali
      he should be deported to Cuba where they have free healthcare but nothing else!!!
      he would come screaming back and hugging President Trump!!!

    • sun dial
      sun dial 1 month ago

      Purple Crimson
      President Trump doesn't drink !!!

    • Brian Kimball
      Brian Kimball 1 month ago

      Traci Robarchek On your best day, you're not as informed as I am on my worst day. You want the here and now? Try this: Donald Trump is the President of the United States and our laws will be enforced; and criminals like Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch will be prosecuted. You should stop watching Oprah, by the way.

  • Justin W
    Justin W 2 months ago

    Just let Obama care fail like it was designed.

    Let's just get gov run health care. That's what everyone wants, so they can worry about what really matters....American Idol, dancing with the stars, Monday night football, and which Hollywood Star is sleeping with who.....

    This country is doomed.

    My insurance sucked less before Obamacare. Now it still sucks, but I pay a hell of a lot more for it to still suck. Thanks democrats!

  • Marilyn Simmons
    Marilyn Simmons 2 months ago +5

    Well said sir!!

  • Bob Gormley
    Bob Gormley 2 months ago +10

    Single Payer Now!

  • Bob Gormley
    Bob Gormley 2 months ago

    Get rid of the fucking politicians!

  • Bob Gormley
    Bob Gormley 2 months ago +1

    This guy speaks the truth.
    Healthcare in the US is a fucking disaster.

  • Patrick Asselborn
    Patrick Asselborn 2 months ago

    his balls are on fire!!! l

  • Justin D'Affronte
    Justin D'Affronte 2 months ago

    Like the Soviet Union and communism in1991, Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight. I'm sincerely sorry this guy has a sick wife and children and I pray for his family, but communism doesn't work... Obama stole $300B from Fannie/Freddie for Obamacare and severely raised taxes and it still wasn't enough. Let's not model our country after Venezuela it doesn't work. Also I am under the impression the new GOP plan will cover pre-existing conditions, and I will research this on my own.

    • Paul Luna
      Paul Luna 2 months ago

      Justin D'Affronte you did not do your homework on Venezuela. There are successful socialist countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland ect. Did you know the Venezuela sole industry and investments are in oil production? Did you know they have zero domestically produced industry like no agriculture, no manufacturing either? All of their goods are imported. You so intelligently found the single reason why Venezuela is failing when in reality it is multiple reasons. Trump can easily make us the next Venezuela and we are not even communist. Take note and don't repeat mindless talking points by your party.

    • Bob Gormley
      Bob Gormley 2 months ago

      I agree!

    • Melissa H
      Melissa H 2 months ago

      No, it's are....libraries, fire departments, police, state and national parks, schools, state and interstate roads and highways, Medicare, Medicaid, Vet Benefits and the military. Even if you don't want to count the military, we already benefit from many, many socialist programs. Why should heath care be any different?

  • cosmoissleeping
    cosmoissleeping 2 months ago +5

    this guy for president

  • VampirellaPR
    VampirellaPR 2 months ago +45

    "when I am drowning, and you insist of of getting paid before you save me, THAT IS INMORAL!"

    • LJ Hansmyer
      LJ Hansmyer 2 months ago

      Love it!!! "You want to make money off of me!"

    • Purple Crimson
      Purple Crimson 2 months ago

      VampirellaPR Absolutely Right !!!

  • VampirellaPR
    VampirellaPR 2 months ago +6

    This guy is the best.

  • Barry Larry
    Barry Larry 2 months ago +1

    Spend spend spend.

  • Barry Larry
    Barry Larry 2 months ago +2

    This gentleman looks like he is doing an audition. He needs to be an actor

  • jer bo
    jer bo 2 months ago +12


  • Derrick Burgess
    Derrick Burgess 2 months ago +6

    +JohnEustace shut the fuck up! I wonder how many of your family members and friends will be affected by this. You may need to delete your ignorant comment! By the way, you have some of Trumps disgusting orange pubic hair in your teeth you buffoon!

  • Williiam Windsor
    Williiam Windsor 2 months ago +6


  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 2 months ago +15

    This guy is a terrific orator. He should run against that corrupt representative..

  • Rob Turner
    Rob Turner 2 months ago +12

    An American hero

  • YoukaiSlayer
    YoukaiSlayer 2 months ago

    This guy sounds like he is trying out for a role on a soap opera.

  • Barry Nichols
    Barry Nichols 2 months ago +6

    Medicare for all now because #alllivesmatter

  • A P
    A P 2 months ago +14

    Absolutely fucking roasted

  • Julius Smith
    Julius Smith 2 months ago +9

    Take that you Fuchsias. Ladies and gents this is a real American !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barry Nichols
    Barry Nichols 2 months ago +7

    People are onto your bullshit Tom MacArther

  • John Hennry
    John Hennry 2 months ago +3

    Oh yeah .

  • T L
    T L 2 months ago +5

    This is real life Purge Election Year movie. Big Corporations want the poor to die. (Michael Moore-"Capitalism a love story" - dead peasant insurance). The people who believe in "trickle down economics" or believe that are one of the elites and or the elites give a Hershey squirt about them are committing suicide and just are too blind to realize it.

  • John E
    John E 2 months ago +2

    I can't stand these angry guys who get up and take their crappy lives out on congressmen / congresswomen to get their 15 minutes of fame. There are ways to address your issues without the disrespect or added drama.

    • Carol Mahoney
      Carol Mahoney 2 months ago

      John Dum E- Question for you - is it painful being so stupid?

    • Purple Crimson
      Purple Crimson 2 months ago

      jrasicmark1 Absolutely Right !!!

  • Heartagram
    Heartagram 2 months ago +45

    Super fucking powerful

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