Hailee Steinfeld Performs with Shawn Hook at MuchMusic Video Awards 2016

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  • Hailee Steinfeld shows off her red carpet look at the 2016 MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday night (June 19) at MuchMusic HQ in Toronto, Canada.

    The 19-year-old entertainer performed during the show with Shawn Hook!

    Shawn kicked off the performance with his song “Sound of Your Heart” and then Hailee joined him as they segued into her current single “Rock Bottom.”

    FYI: Hailee is wearing a Rodarte top, skirt, and scarf, Jimmy Choo shoes, a Tyler Alexandra bag, and Jimmy Choo shoes on the carpet. She is wearing a Balmain dress, Vetements shoes, and Dauphin jewelry for the performance.

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  • Hailee Steinfeld  Shawn Hook  MuchMusic Video Awards 2016  MuchMusic Video Awards  Video Awards 2016  The 19-year-old entertainer performed during the show with Shawn Hook!  “Sound of Your Heart”  

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  • cocosheesh
    cocosheesh 2 months ago +1

    I was there! Just got the email that I'm going again this year!!!

  • twenty one kittens
    twenty one kittens 3 months ago +6

    who else was trying to press the skip button 😂

  • Chejairah Tee
    Chejairah Tee 7 months ago

    don't like it she is trying to be too grown and those clothes are no good😑

  • Shabee Zainab
    Shabee Zainab 8 months ago +4

    She was good

  • Esmae Stockley
    Esmae Stockley 9 months ago +4

    hailee is a little bit wobbly but I'm pretty sure it's from anxiety and nervousness

  • Esmae Stockley
    Esmae Stockley 9 months ago +1

    Hailee steinfeld and Shawn hook

  • Esmae Stockley
    Esmae Stockley 9 months ago +2

    Tyler posey and gigi Hadid

  • Alanis Posey
    Alanis Posey Year ago +23

    It's should have been Shawn Mendes 😭

  • Tiffany Cai
    Tiffany Cai Year ago +1

    The way they look at each other, I ship it❤️

  • twdfan 3
    twdfan 3 Year ago +1


  • Laura Ochoa
    Laura Ochoa Year ago +5

    I love her ❤️❤️

  • angelique navarro
    angelique navarro Year ago +1

    whats the title?

  • Ashleigh VillaCast
    Ashleigh VillaCast Year ago +8

    ugh no matter how much I try to give her a chance I cringe at the sound of her trying to sing... can she just stick to acting please..

    • Briley Childers
      Briley Childers 2 months ago

      celia lin thank you I hate when people talk about hailee about how bad her performance was it was good

    • celia lin
      celia lin 5 months ago

      You better catch these hands hoe because no one takes shit about my idol

    • no one
      no one 8 months ago

      Ashleigh VillaCast why dont you sing,and if you popular..ill will be suprise..

    • Ruth Boateng
      Ruth Boateng 9 months ago

      Ashleigh VillaCast wat is ur problem

    • soundofheaven19
      soundofheaven19 10 months ago

      Jade Bale there are plenty of people who can sing on key when sitting in one spot. Hailee is a performer and is therefore held to a higher standard than just sitting in one spot singing acoustic. S WAS wobbly and off key in this performance. And Shawn Hook totally had to quiet himself down once he started singing with her so that he wouldn't sound way more powerful and better with her because he knew she wasn't as strong a singer as he is.

      To be fair, i have seen other performances that were much better than this of hers. But I also don't think she is going to be the next Beyonce (who, FYI, can dance and sing and not sound wobbly and off key, as can many other performers). And if you hate Beyonce (honestly, I don't really listen to her music), insert any other artist who has a well established 10+ year career.

      If Hailee can't dance and sing on key and consistently she shouldn't be dancing in her concerts/performances (many artists don't and still put on great shows). Hailee's still young, I'm sure she'll improve over time (Taylor Swift's live performances used to be hit and miss as well). All of that said though... I find her voice to be relatively mediocre.

  • pde12660
    pde12660 Year ago +4

    Lovely performance by Hailee and shawn!

  • Lori M
    Lori M Year ago +5

    Hailee is offkey and wobbly sounding for most of this performance. Not good.

    • pearl marie
      pearl marie 7 months ago

      Lori M. girl u probably never on key if u dont like her singing stop watching her videos

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