[MV] Girl's Day(걸스데이) _ I'll be yours

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  • Ryl Julio
    Ryl Julio 4 hours ago

    im into kpop cuz of this girl's♥♥♥it all started when i watched Ahyoung in WGM i just loved her lovely and adorable side♥♥♥

  • Kenny and Proud
    Kenny and Proud 23 hours ago

    *takes two year break*

    *brings one song and hyped up everyone*

    *takes another two year break*

    Fans:🙃🙃🙃oh is that all?

  • simjangmoon
    simjangmoon Day ago

    I, a female, volunteer to be a guy in their next music video.

  • Narika
    Narika Day ago

    Ahhh I love them~~ 💖💖💖

  • kpop Trash
    kpop Trash Day ago +1

    omg i am loving girls day, can someone tell me who is who and good songs i should listen? i hope i'm not late to stan this amazing group

    • kpop Trash
      kpop Trash 6 hours ago

      NR G. thank you so much❤

    • NR G.
      NR G. 10 hours ago

      yellow skirt- Sojin, leader, lead vocal
      red dress- YUra, rapper, sub vocal
      blue dress- Minah, main vocal
      white dress-Hyeri,macnae,vocal,rap
      I recommend to listen to "Everyday5", "Love" albums...there're many amazing songs: Love again, Thirsty, Don't be shy, Feamale President, Expectation, Something, Darling, Macaron, Whistle and many more;)
      Fandom name is Daisy(Dai5y), welcome to the most peaceful fandom :)

  • Chromsy Satella
    Chromsy Satella Day ago +1

    I think I'm starting to love Girl's Day because of Minaaaaah!!! I have known her because of her drama playing Gong Shim. She's so cuteee. I'm a proud SONE btw. 😍

  • 민트초코
    민트초코 Day ago

    으아아앙ㅇ......이것두 딱 내 스타일....😍

  • weirdoclarisse
    weirdoclarisse Day ago

    im not a fan of girls day buT DAMN THIS SONG IS BOMB ASF !!! ahh hh h i wanna stan the m

  • OM ah
    OM ah Day ago +1

    2017/8/22 daisy💟

  • J e z
    J e z 2 days ago +2

    This song is literally golden

  • Emily Thompson
    Emily Thompson 3 days ago

    Hyeri what a beauty omg 💗

  • 김국현
    김국현 3 days ago

    00:17 kill me...

  • JohnJaranJan
    JohnJaranJan 3 days ago

    Can this be the first Girl's Day MV to reach 200K Likes? C'mon D5ISIES, we can do it.

  • Alfia Abd Azis
    Alfia Abd Azis 3 days ago

    Sojin Minah SLAY

  • abigail Untiveros
    abigail Untiveros 3 days ago

    👋👋👋 Best of the best

  • abigail Untiveros
    abigail Untiveros 3 days ago

    👋👋👋 Best of the best

  • giggle master
    giggle master 3 days ago

    This song is amazing:)

  • 곽해솔
    곽해솔 3 days ago +1

    이때부터 혜리가연애를....

  • Erick Almeraz
    Erick Almeraz 4 days ago

    1:44 WWE Title?:o

  • Inès berry
    Inès berry 4 days ago +1


  • Oskar Stunzner
    Oskar Stunzner 4 days ago

    I'll be yours? You mean you'll be mine 😏

  • Yi Hui
    Yi Hui 5 days ago

    Come back here because I miss my queens

  • Shipper Lor
    Shipper Lor 5 days ago

    just dropping by to say during this time, ryu jun yeol was (and still is😍) hyeri's healing pill 😉 congratulations to my faves!😘

  • Music Man
    Music Man 7 days ago


  • Haru
    Haru 7 days ago

    Congrats hyeri on your dating news! I went here immediately i dont even know why

  • Datzü Satzu
    Datzü Satzu 7 days ago

    0:20 didn't even notice that tzuyu already wore this dress

  • aznball123
    aznball123 8 days ago +1


  • Migikun
    Migikun 8 days ago

    Me punching Nazis.

  • Father Mother
    Father Mother 8 days ago

    unlike pluto style?

  • Dante ダンテ
    Dante ダンテ 10 days ago +2


  • Christina Aguilera tho
    Christina Aguilera tho 11 days ago +1

    I love these girls !! 💖 they are all so beautiful 😵😍 my favs are sojin and minah 💞

  • Jin-Rae
    Jin-Rae 11 days ago +4

    Moomoo here !! I think I fell in love with this group- can I get their names??

    • Jin-Rae
      Jin-Rae 11 days ago

      S.J.K thanks !! Haha I'm gonna go drown in them now

    • S.J.K
      S.J.K 11 days ago

      They are Girl's Day!
      Fandom Name: Dai5y
      Yellow Skirt is Sojin (Oldest, Leader, Lead Vocal)
      By the piano is Yura (Rapper, Vocal)
      Blue Dress is Minah (Main Vocal)
      White Dress is Hyeri (Youngest, Vocal)

    BLACKPINK FOREVER 12 days ago

    We can see now who's the next group to disband

    • MCC
      MCC 9 days ago

      RIP blackpink we ll nevee forgot you

    • MCC
      MCC 9 days ago

      Yeah YG will disband girlgroup again :((

    • UsedTampon
      UsedTampon 10 days ago

      Go back to your 2ne1 rejects please :')

  • Rawan Ali
    Rawan Ali 12 days ago


  • Solo otra k-poper
    Solo otra k-poper 12 days ago +5

    I'm not a big fan of girls groups, but HELL THEY ARE FUCKING AMAZING!

  • Elekber Eliyev
    Elekber Eliyev 12 days ago


  • moon velvet
    moon velvet 14 days ago


  • 병신새끼나가뒤져공포형제

    소진 동안은 인정해야쥐💟

  • Mabutiful Majoy
    Mabutiful Majoy 14 days ago

    OMG Minah 😍 her high notes is standing out 👏👏

  • Marcelo Martinez
    Marcelo Martinez 14 days ago

    son las mejoresss ,no tienen comparacion con las demas <3 minah <3

  • lovelylight
    lovelylight 15 days ago

    I can't wait to see them at KCON oh my god

  • Draskdragon Gaming
    Draskdragon Gaming 15 days ago

    They so lovely 😍😍😍😍😍

  • 박동진
    박동진 15 days ago

    Beep beep Im a ship

    SAKURA CHAN 15 days ago


  • Tamara Perignon Phillips

    Too much plastic surgery already! I don't get Korean idols. They already look great before why do they need to keep getting cosmetic surgery to the point they look plastic. And they're still so young but I can definitely see that they've used Botox, their facial features look stiff.

  • taehyung's crybaby
    taehyung's crybaby 16 days ago

    This is my new jam

  • xx cc
    xx cc 17 days ago

    I want to get into girl's day can someone tell me what shows should I watch etc?

    • MCC
      MCC 12 days ago

      Their variety show as guest is always funny eg.Knowing brothwr , weekly idol , running man

      SYED HASSAN 14 days ago

      There One fine day, you can find it on youtube. Lol

  • Pikachua Amiginha
    Pikachua Amiginha 17 days ago


  • Nick-E Nicole
    Nick-E Nicole 18 days ago


  • cookiesanddiamond
    cookiesanddiamond 18 days ago +3


  • monserrat contreras
    monserrat contreras 18 days ago

    valio la pena la espera

  • S.J.K
    S.J.K 18 days ago +1

    sweet 13m! keep streaming dai5y!

  • 혜윤 %_
    혜윤 %_ 19 days ago

    한국인 어디 숨었나 나와용~

  • سارة وليد
    سارة وليد 20 days ago

    Minah is quine

  • planetcheck
    planetcheck 20 days ago +5

    Girls Day returns to Los Angeles California on August 18, 2017.

  • M'a .Z
    M'a .Z 20 days ago +2


  • BTS & HIGHLIGHT Infires my soul

    Listen im girl but Sojin and Yura made me questioning my sexuality

  • Nicolas Rossano
    Nicolas Rossano 21 day ago

    Since hyeri and yura are new member i think they will started a new beginning

    • Evol Love
      Evol Love 17 days ago

      Nicolas Rossano They joined the group in 2010, so technically they r not new anymore

  • Tu Nguyen
    Tu Nguyen 21 day ago


  • Iris Hunnicutt Bazilli
    Iris Hunnicutt Bazilli 21 day ago +1

    i love art

  • Raymond Yap Siew Hong
    Raymond Yap Siew Hong 22 days ago +4

    13 million views 😘
    keep streaming dai5ies

  • Charise Genisan
    Charise Genisan 22 days ago


  • ᄂ Baek A Yeon ᄀ ᄂ Bittersweet ᄀ

    omg queens slayy
    stan girls day stan queens

  • Daenerys Fari
    Daenerys Fari 23 days ago +5

    Makes me sad that this only has 12m views..

  • 진주
    진주 24 days ago +4

    is it just me but i find that all of them became more gorgeous 😍😍😍😍 !!

  • Leonara Meneses
    Leonara Meneses 25 days ago

    Que maravilhoso socorro

  • BTS'in Butterfly'ı
    BTS'in Butterfly'ı 25 days ago +2

    Girls Day Fighting 😊 Turkish Fans we love you ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jiji Seol
    Jiji Seol 25 days ago

    From Frannnnce 🌅
    사랑해 사랑해 🌸

  • Indigo Pin
    Indigo Pin 25 days ago +2

    And here ladies and gentlemen we see the perfect song to listen to while exercising and the video with girls who are the perfect workout motivation

  • Visca Barca
    Visca Barca 26 days ago +1

    OMG hyeri you keep slaying me

  • ศิริวัฒน์ ขวัญศรี

    กูรักมากวงนี้ 555+

  • 01 Sight
    01 Sight 27 days ago


  • paigeypoo dacute
    paigeypoo dacute 27 days ago +1

    good morning i love yura as a home of sexual

  • Jack Hardy
    Jack Hardy 27 days ago +1

    No matter how many times I watch this, Hyeri straight decking that dude will never get old

  • Judy Li
    Judy Li 27 days ago +2

    I really like Girl's Day but I just want people to know about their deongsaeng group Map6 their really talent so please check them out too!

  • O Incrivel Mundo Dos Capopinhos

    0:47 Tao its you

  • Sunny Za
    Sunny Za 27 days ago

    GONG SHIM! 🌸

  • 쵸youtube 코
    쵸youtube 코 27 days ago

    유라님 넘나 섹시해여~

  • to die for
    to die for 27 days ago

    역쉬 걸데 춤멋지네

  • Ocongate
    Ocongate 28 days ago +2

    I thought Min Nah was no more in Girl's day!!! Great news finding her here again...

  • Cindy Hosiani
    Cindy Hosiani 29 days ago +1

    sorry but im a hard fan of reply1988

  • Cindy Hosiani
    Cindy Hosiani 29 days ago +1

    girlsday jjang

  • countrycovers
    countrycovers 29 days ago

    Girl's Day are my first bias but I really love this song and HATE the video!

  • Andjela Trubarac
    Andjela Trubarac 29 days ago

    great song😍

  • Almina Mohammad
    Almina Mohammad Month ago +4

    I regret that I didn't know them before

  • Nurul Azian Nurul Azian

    Minah 👍🏻😍👍🏻😍

  • Addie MXMB
    Addie MXMB Month ago +3

    this is such an iconic song and its only been 4 months

  • 아리
    아리 Month ago

    2:00 부터 존예♡

  • BlackVelvet With BTS and TWICE sprinkled on the top

    0:21 I swear tzuyu wore that on a concert before

  • Abigail Chidori
    Abigail Chidori Month ago

    Became another group of music kpop / North American girls that plastic.

  • ليسا ل ل ل
    ليسا ل ل ل Month ago +1

    احبكم غيزلز داي

  • Marmela Ota
    Marmela Ota Month ago +3

    I was listening to "don't forget me" and asked myself if girls day still exists after all the disbands lately and yes! They do ♥

  • dulcinea gomes
    dulcinea gomes Month ago +1


  • VINZ
    VINZ Month ago

    bruh they can't even box famz

  • 하하핳
    하하핳 Month ago

    민아 매력쩐다~~~~~♡

  • Nurul Latifah Busrah
    Nurul Latifah Busrah Month ago +4


  • irenekimxox
    irenekimxox Month ago +2

    Please help me out with the members, I'm new to this group 😅

    • NR G.
      NR G. Month ago

      irenekimxox Yellow skirt-Sojin,the leader of the group,lead vocal 31y.o
      Red dress-Yura,rapper,vocal,dancer,25y.o
      Blue dress-Minah,main vocal,also solo artist(has solo album "I am a woman too"),24y.o
      White dress-Hyeri,maknae,vocal,23y.o
      All members are also actresses

  • Heo Đất A.R.M.Y
    Heo Đất A.R.M.Y Month ago


  • 안유수
    안유수 Month ago

    이노래 도대체 뭘 설명하는거지?

  • John V.
    John V. Month ago +2

    so gorgeous and beautiful video i like so much

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