Lying Chef Threatens Gordon Ramsay - Kitchen Nightmares

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    OFFICIAL MALAKIA 24 minutes ago

    Sure is twitching a lot 😂😂😂

  • porculizador
    porculizador 28 minutes ago

    hahaha the fatass with the nervous ticks got all in ramsey's face.. my 14 year old nephew can kick his ass blindfolded!

  • Spleen McQeen
    Spleen McQeen 3 hours ago

    he sounds like scruffy

  • guy jones
    guy jones 4 hours ago

    white english son of a bitch

  • Cameron Sinclair
    Cameron Sinclair 4 hours ago

    Rami is good

  • chloe crr
    chloe crr 5 hours ago

    why? just why? just tell him the truth fricking idiot

  • Aidan Stokes
    Aidan Stokes 6 hours ago

    I actually think the owner of this one is normal because he actually wants help and is trying his best to get it

  • Tommy D
    Tommy D 7 hours ago

    Why that fat man act like the bug man from mib?

  • Deoxo
    Deoxo 8 hours ago

    That guy has a random ass eye twitch

  • Tyron Pua
    Tyron Pua 9 hours ago

    Just could you stop blinking for two seconds you fatt

  • Mads Nielsen
    Mads Nielsen 10 hours ago

    I like the part where Moe says that his friend ratted him out but 30 seconds later Moe does it

  • Allen Goldsmith
    Allen Goldsmith 11 hours ago

    happy to gob off behind his back! face to face not a work typical yank coward!

  • Nicola Pellacani
    Nicola Pellacani 12 hours ago

    I bet that Ramsay could take a swing and floor all of them at once

  • Bro
    Bro 13 hours ago

    He is Scottish you dumb fucks. lol

  • Zeratul
    Zeratul 13 hours ago

    *Its bloody dreadful*
    *its craicy*

  • Charles Whitfield
    Charles Whitfield 15 hours ago

    Yeah the eye twitching, mental instability, Duck kept for a month, you freeze, then cook, then freeze, I'm firing all of them

  • Amazing Kat
    Amazing Kat 15 hours ago

    they love to laugh

  • Isaac Allen
    Isaac Allen 16 hours ago

    Damian the head chef looks like a dead rat

  • James Standard
    James Standard 16 hours ago

    Typical Louisiana hospitality....gotta love the south

  • Jazibb Memon
    Jazibb Memon 17 hours ago

    That 'white british who can't cook' has multiple high end restaurants that have a month long reservation lines

  • Woozik
    Woozik 17 hours ago

    "White english son of a bi**h" Your white, and you probably came from a euoropean/english family sooooo yeah

  • PhoenixHunter 77
    PhoenixHunter 77 19 hours ago

    2:00 he sold you out because Ramsay knows what he's doing

  • theburners32141
    theburners32141 19 hours ago

    These fucking guys are turds. Ramsey is rich he doesn't need this shit.

  • Clark Stone
    Clark Stone 20 hours ago

    Ramis hair tho

  • Rashawn Fam
    Rashawn Fam 20 hours ago

    It's bloody dreadful 😂😂😂

  • NickTheQuick
    NickTheQuick 21 hour ago

    3:00 "You need to chill out, you cannot do that." Rami's a beast.

  • NickTheQuick
    NickTheQuick 21 hour ago

    Rami's a beast

  • Nikki Le Phung
    Nikki Le Phung 21 hour ago

    That eye twitching manatee should just fucking die
    Thank lord Rami stood up,

  • CC -5052
    CC -5052 22 hours ago


  • TheMastergabe
    TheMastergabe 22 hours ago


  • Sif Greyfang
    Sif Greyfang 22 hours ago

    poor rami. he's the only one trying to work with ramsey

  • I. WYNN
    I. WYNN 1 day ago

    Lol he made fun of him for being white when he is white

  • I. WYNN
    I. WYNN 1 day ago

    What is with that guy and the blinking eyes 👀 is it a lying tick? Maybe!

  • Sisi Charriere
    Sisi Charriere 1 day ago

    Lmao. Everybody in the comments all like "wow Gordon was so cool/brave not backing down from that dude" as if he doesn't do mma fighting just to stay fit and could probably kick that dudes ass five ways to sunday.

  • Sam Dixon
    Sam Dixon 1 day ago

    All the service staff are fucking enormous.

  • Sisi Charriere
    Sisi Charriere 1 day ago

    "Chef Ramsay is clueless. I really don't think the British can cook I general." I fucking CHOKED! Is this guy serious!?

  • ryan phillips
    ryan phillips 1 day ago

    LOL they all think they're bad men, so funny.

  • max ludlow
    max ludlow 1 day ago

    Old winker Watson

  • Jonathan Wilson
    Jonathan Wilson 1 day ago

    Gordon would fuck that chef up if he really decided to fight him. I am 100% sure of that

  • CaffeineRush477
    CaffeineRush477 1 day ago

    i actually had those eye twitches for approximately a month, thank jesus they're gone. Still, fatass slobby swine thinks he can take Ramsay on. Not like he can use his hands for cooking, and his dick's covered in blob, so he can't even use his hand for that, let alone fight. People man...people.

  • dacoda666
    dacoda666 1 day ago

    They should have thanked the man, but they picked on him! fucking degenerates

  • Sonic Exe
    Sonic Exe 1 day ago

    RAAAAMMMMIIII! you fucking decent person

  • Sepratine
    Sepratine 1 day ago

    White English sob LOL

  • Ahmad Elmi
    Ahmad Elmi 1 day ago

    The nigga rami a snitch

  • Blazk0
    Blazk0 1 day ago

    these guys that work at this garbage restaurant are assholes, except for that one guy thats trying to actually work with ramsay

  • ابو سعود
    ابو سعود 1 day ago

    Moe laughs his heart out when the fat alien fuck came near ramsy's

  • Derek Franco
    Derek Franco 1 day ago

    He said he'll whip his ass in a heartbeat when he'd probably dying trying to even land a punch because he sweating so much it's like the most horrible rainstorm fucking ever

  • Derek Franco
    Derek Franco 1 day ago

    The fat guy who stepped up to the plate was sweating like he'd just ran like 100 miles lol

  • JermaineGamer Gaming,Roblox,AND MORE

    After this happened,Mr Blinky Man is now FUCKING BLIND

  • [RaZe]Michael Jordan

    Rami the homie

  • TheCanadianBacon
    TheCanadianBacon 1 day ago

    how to lose your job

  • Frankie Opens things

    Mr.Winky Mr.Winky

  • Nebelbalito
    Nebelbalito 1 day ago

    the blinking twitching chef should stay away from knives lol

  • Trap boi
    Trap boi 1 day ago

    Hay Fat guy go back to broklyn where you will be beat up you don't belong in the south you fat pice of shit #REDNECKSFUCKYEA

  • Kevin Tovar
    Kevin Tovar 1 day ago

    ranmi wants to help the restaurants and fixed there mistakes

  • Kevin Verdejo
    Kevin Verdejo 1 day ago

    Ethan bradberry

  • Jah Jones
    Jah Jones 1 day ago

    WELL THANK THE F#!$ for that

    lol im so dead 😂

  • Chris Gill
    Chris Gill 1 day ago

    I don't understand people's compulsion to lie about the obvious and those there to help. When you have the level of expertise that Ramsay has in food, hospitality, and soccer it is very easy to spot the problems with any of the aforementioned; He's asking questions that he already knows the answer to. If one is the least bit intelligent, or not a compulsive liar, they will understand this immediately and answer his questions truthfully, if not just because they don't want to be labeled a liar.
    The fat guy is a compulsive liar and, obviously, a bully with a short temper & fragile ego.

  • Charlie Lyman
    Charlie Lyman 1 day ago

    Why do all the Americans take the piss out of us brits when our forgetting your British too. You came here from Britain you fuckwits

  • Killua Zoro Zodlyck

    Rami got a good amount of awards that day

  • Hawks Nest
    Hawks Nest 2 days ago


  • Elyon Kunda
    Elyon Kunda 2 days ago

    Pretty sure that blinking guy was trying to give a code signal.

  • Awesome Austin
    Awesome Austin 2 days ago

    Damn, that fat blinking dude could win a blinking contest with a cockroach

  • dregz11
    dregz11 2 days ago

    At least chef Ramsey doesn't weigh 300 lbs

  • Callum Moloney
    Callum Moloney 2 days ago

    He'll literally have to wipe Gordon's ass cause Gordon will force him to do it when he shits out the disgusting food they try to cook

  • Anonym
    Anonym 2 days ago

    They didn't step up to save gordon from that fat fuck, they stepped up to save HIM from ramsay.

  • Why Not MN
    Why Not MN 2 days ago

    Holy shit gordon is ripped

    • Rhys Wallace
      Rhys Wallace 2 days ago

      Why Not MN probably beats the shit out of his staff on a daily basis wondering when was the duck cooked

  • marigold
    marigold 2 days ago

    I like Rami

  • Chantelle Culbreth
    Chantelle Culbreth 2 days ago

    I love how they know nothing about him. he can't cook hahaa.

  • itzSakura
    itzSakura 2 days ago


  • Abe Coulter
    Abe Coulter 2 days ago

    Rami looks like a mafia boss

  • Munchy
    Munchy 2 days ago

    That dude sounded and acted like the main character from sling blade

  • Quaglium Quagnarr
    Quaglium Quagnarr 2 days ago

    When you're so mad you forget what race you are. 4:07 😤

  • The NeXus21
    The NeXus21 2 days ago

    stop blinking so much guy

  • Carpe diem
    Carpe diem 2 days ago

    a kitchen full of terrorists and niggers what do you expect!!! Get the hell outta there Gordon!

  • Bracketmeister
    Bracketmeister 2 days ago

    I don't understand how so many of the people in this show are like "Well he's a Brit, they can't cook". Ramsay has 16 Michelin stars for fuck sake! What are they thinking?

  • Tim Sherwood
    Tim Sherwood 2 days ago

    He doesn't even know how to blink, you really think he knows how to fucking cook? lol

  • Supreme Saiyan
    Supreme Saiyan 2 days ago

    Rami the realest niqqa in the restaurant

  • gaming Invasion
    gaming Invasion 2 days ago

    Jesus this fat guy blinks to much

  • Decky Graham
    Decky Graham 2 days ago

    that twicthy motherfucker

  • George
    George 2 days ago

    "If that's what it looks going in, Imagine what it looks like coming out"Gordon Ramsey!

  • Commander in Gaming

    Is his game glitched?

  • melanie
    melanie 2 days ago

    Every girl needs a Rami 😂

  • luiscolon gaming channel

    This guy stay blinky record for most blinks in a year 😂😂😂

  • Bleach
    Bleach 2 days ago

    WHITE English son of a B*tch
    Bro ur white

    DARTH UCHIA 2 days ago

    meat riding much 😒

  • Yaboychris
    Yaboychris 2 days ago

    they're not from New Orleans. we wouldn't claim them

  • gary thompson
    gary thompson 3 days ago

    all hail lord Gordon

  • Travis T
    Travis T 3 days ago

    Gordon: you don't know when the duck was cooked?
    90s stereotypical fat bully: "no" *winks*

  • Chantelle Belonio
    Chantelle Belonio 3 days ago


  • Luna Gomez
    Luna Gomez 3 days ago

    That is very true that the guy will whip Gordon's ass in a heartbeat with the food we serve here but instead of dying of the goodness of the food he dies of a heart attack because of the rotten food.

  • Da Rage OCP
    Da Rage OCP 3 days ago

    Rami fuck you you just sold me out to fucking chef Ramsay 😂😂

  • Billy Mayz
    Billy Mayz 3 days ago


  • Christian Nicholas
    Christian Nicholas 3 days ago

    "WHITE, ENGLISH, son of a bitch"

    where the fuck do you think you came from? oh wait, he's a fuckin donkey.

  • Awesome chick
    Awesome chick 3 days ago


  • Fernan Flow
    Fernan Flow 3 days ago

    ever since I saw that guy twitch in the beginning I knew something was about to go down

  • Alessandro Agozar
    Alessandro Agozar 3 days ago

    If he blinks another time I'm going to explode.

  • nukeman1303
    nukeman1303 3 days ago

    *threatens Gordon*
    Me: don't fight yet, imma get some popcorn, your gonna get smashed by the one and only

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese 3 days ago

    I bet that chef has good pictures on Flickr

  • Joy Parker
    Joy Parker 3 days ago

    he got a glitch

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