2017 Subaru WRX STi - Big Crash on Winding Road!

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  • FPsGameFreak
    FPsGameFreak 20 days ago

    He lost traction on that turn

  • Nicholai Isaac
    Nicholai Isaac 23 days ago

    he looked for that.
    went way to fast around the corner

  • subieguymark68
    subieguymark68 24 days ago

    I always think of Travis Pastrana when he crashed rally racing. His line was... "I just ran out of talent"

  • jordan aviano
    jordan aviano 24 days ago

    Nice job totaling a car!!! If not racking up at least 5k in repairs hahahah. That's exactly why you keep it on a closed course or empty parking lot at least you would have only spun out. I know it's not the same as driving on the actual road but would have saved you a lot of heartache.

    • Raef Jay
      Raef Jay 10 days ago

      jordan aviano hey what garage do you go to "5k" repairs how much for a full respray like 500?

    • victor ST
      victor ST 22 days ago

      jordan aviano 5k for that ?? No way atleast 25k in damage , but I think it safe to say totaled

  • I eat ass
    I eat ass 24 days ago

    Hey if you still have it lemme cop that tranny and that ej off you. You're gonna need the cash for your next insurance policy

  • Donny Hy
    Donny Hy 25 days ago

    perfect! I do need a eg25 Sti motor swap badly in my rs.

  • lightfighter540
    lightfighter540 29 days ago

    Take advanced driving courses. Nobody is a natural.

  • Conor K
    Conor K 29 days ago

    It's called STOP DRIVING CARS YOURE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH, that's it stop playing need for speed or watching fast and furious and assuming you can do what they do it's an act bro

  • u238fist
    u238fist 1 month ago

    Took that curve too hot

    • Manny787
      Manny787 23 days ago

      u238fist nah man... he took that curve like a champ..

  • ZAKA
    ZAKA 1 month ago

    How much for the wing

  • G H
    G H 1 month ago

    @3:-01, real Exo-TicK  " Now Rear Turning wheels option available on request "

  • Suat T
    Suat T 1 month ago

    What's the song that playing?

    Lan keko anasını siktin arabanın.. şarkı ne şarkı

  • CJ L
    CJ L 1 month ago

    Good car - Idiot Driver!

  • miguel guerrero
    miguel guerrero 1 month ago

    Should of braked, pulled ebrake counter steer lock all 4 tires in general he should of know that he would of had understeer its awd plus the differential was probably set differently

  • shinji ito
    shinji ito 1 month ago

    GOOD job!

  • cradlerofdeath
    cradlerofdeath 1 month ago

    What you get for driving like a asshat on public roads moron.Nice job hitting your windshield wipers to help you "brake" idiot.

    BIG TATA LOCO 1 month ago


  • Edward Nelson
    Edward Nelson 1 month ago

    What a dick for driving so recklessly! Could have killed some innocent driver by crossing a double yellow.. Asshole..

  • C Lee
    C Lee 1 month ago


  • master power
    master power 1 month ago

    so much for the, built for the corner yo. oh, wait. the car is, but not the driver. i see.

    stick to hi way roll and stance out like everybody. it's much safer and good on the insurance. let the anime drifter do all the corner, yo.

  • Happy Poop
    Happy Poop 1 month ago

    2:20 .youre welcome..

  • carlmanu
    carlmanu 1 month ago

    And this is why insurance prices on the sti are so ridiculous ... thanks

    • Happy Poop
      Happy Poop 1 month ago

      carlmanu how much for wrx you have any idea? thanks..

  • skyseersti
    skyseersti 1 month ago

    That's what I call toe out

  • lifenz1
    lifenz1 1 month ago

    taking such corner at 100 km/hr !! dude its not a bugatti

  • Van Kham
    Van Kham 1 month ago

    This idiot deserved what he got. Public road isn't your playground, could have killed someone.

    • Van Kham
      Van Kham 21 day ago

      Manny787, Yeah, he sure did killed that beautiful red car.

    • Manny787
      Manny787 23 days ago

      Van Kham he didn't kill nobody but he sure did kill that Subi..

  • str8 hxc203
    str8 hxc203 1 month ago

    This is why people like you shouldn't have theses cars.. you drive like an asswhole

    • cradlerofdeath
      cradlerofdeath 1 month ago

      He shouldn't be driving in the first place but Dmv gives liscenses to anyone who can turn a key and create this problem.

  • Omar Cheevers
    Omar Cheevers 1 month ago

    what a waste.. that car cost 8 million ja dollars... my God what a waste

  • Chicken Chauffeur
    Chicken Chauffeur 1 month ago

    look at that 4 wheel steer!

  • Gladiator Bull
    Gladiator Bull 1 month ago

    total lost 😞

  • Thad
    Thad 2 months ago

    The car he just passed had to be laughing their ass off as they drove past him spun out off the road 30 seconds later.

  • John
    John 2 months ago

    Good. One less idiot potentially coming the wrong way killing a few.

  • E.A. N
    E.A. N 2 months ago

    Slightly used STI for sale, never raced 😂😂😂😂

  • K OB
    K OB 2 months ago

    2 cars that Scooby passed probably came to his rescue and they were pissing themselves laughing

  • Subie Jason
    Subie Jason 2 months ago

    Oh man, that hurts to watch. #rip that subies life was short lived. At least she went out doing what she loved XD

    • Subie Jason
      Subie Jason 2 months ago

      I mean I guess if that's how you see it.

  • Mustif Jabbar
    Mustif Jabbar 2 months ago

    megérdemelte a fasszopó

  • hardertom
    hardertom 2 months ago

    hit the windscreen wipers! It might help : :D :D :D

  • Josh Petit
    Josh Petit 2 months ago

    This dood doesn't know how to steer/ drive

  • Benjamin Gombos
    Benjamin Gombos 2 months ago

    Money---> Fast car
    Money-/-> Knowledge

  • Man hunt
    Man hunt 2 months ago

    Úgy kell neked te segg,picsa,majom :D Gyerek kezébe nem való

  • Attila Márkus
    Attila Márkus 2 months ago

    GG... :)

  • Marcus Andersson
    Marcus Andersson 2 months ago


  • ImRIckJames
    ImRIckJames 2 months ago

    reaction time of a potato, probably braking instead of powering out.

    • MoppyS La
      MoppyS La 2 months ago

      ImRIckJames Maybe his car first left wheel run out of road he trying fix it ,but look the kilometerhour. 100+km/h when his first left wheel run out of the road and kilometerhour get slowly. I think not to easy make good reactiontime on 120km/h ( 82mp/h ) ,but maybe u have right and his reaction time just slow.

      ( Sorry for my english i learn german this english have only from CS:GO and little bit teacher. Thank you. :D )

    • Taylor Menezes
      Taylor Menezes 2 months ago

      I think he forgot to brake, in general.

  • ImRIckJames
    ImRIckJames 2 months ago

    VTEC kicks In yo!

    • Conor K
      Conor K 29 days ago

      Again please sit down, your opinion or comments are invalid no matter what you say you're defending a joke of a engine and car bye 👋🏻

    • Conor K
      Conor K 29 days ago

      Chris Kiss sorry I'm use to all your vtec friends having a hard time catching up, sorry you can't afford this car or be able to drive it just calm down with your moms honda please

    • Conor K
      Conor K 29 days ago

      Can't handle a car that's the same horsepower as a Honda Accord sit down nigga

    • Conor K
      Conor K 29 days ago

      Chris Kiss 😂😂😂sit down with your dumbass Honda si self

    WRX SNOWBOARDER 2 months ago

    just a few scratches to buff out.

  • mat41174
    mat41174 2 months ago


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