Steve Price (aka "Sprice") Shows Off His Complex Rube Goldberg Machine - America's Got Talent

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  • Bry Deleon
    Bry Deleon 7 days ago

    tom and jerry is real 😅

  • Ed Sheerantv
    Ed Sheerantv 8 days ago

    definitely fake, I just want to know who the hot asain girl was he was talking to in the beginning

  • Arron Miller
    Arron Miller 10 days ago

    yeah, you can say it. big deal. now to get a job.

  • keshab Crest
    keshab Crest 12 days ago

    U hav so beautiful brain *aka price...

  • Eun Jun Wang
    Eun Jun Wang 13 days ago

    If u pass the audition and make it to the judge cut, do they pay for ir transportation?

  • Pro gamer Boss
    Pro gamer Boss 15 days ago

    1year ago wow

  • Kevin Bolsajian
    Kevin Bolsajian 16 days ago

    This was pure cringe WOW!

  • Isaac Miley
    Isaac Miley 16 days ago


  • R3nagad3 Gaming
    R3nagad3 Gaming 16 days ago

    This was talent 4 years ago

  • MrKockabilly
    MrKockabilly 18 days ago

    This isn't complex.

  • hi hi
    hi hi 21 day ago

    Jemand deutsches hier? Der würde sich gut in ju's Team machen😂😂

  • Romel Alonzo Taban
    Romel Alonzo Taban 21 day ago

    Jerry the mouse from Tom & Jerry is the best in extreme rube.

  • Lukester_13
    Lukester_13 22 days ago

    This kid is so awkward w the voice cracks and the red face and the awkward high five 😂😂😂😂

  • Wairama Frankis
    Wairama Frankis 26 days ago

    Vu and thgds

  • sarah rrs
    sarah rrs 26 days ago

    Is he just going through puberty?😂😂💀

  • ICEN Bounty
    ICEN Bounty 29 days ago

    Can't lie that was amazing

  • Beau Dombeck
    Beau Dombeck Month ago


  • 847MicRoss
    847MicRoss Month ago

    "Hoping for the judge's reaction"
    Watch his eyes... clearly reading prompter

  • KBT19X
    KBT19X Month ago

    I love these. it's like watching home alone movie

  • Oiocca02 Iocca
    Oiocca02 Iocca Month ago

    so awkward

  • Will 12q
    Will 12q Month ago

    I can't get over the awkward high five 😆😆😆 ruined everything for me.. don't show this to Pewds

  • Brandon Playz
    Brandon Playz Month ago


  • Cheese Channel
    Cheese Channel Month ago

    1:07 idk why but I laughed so hard

  • Ben Jacobs
    Ben Jacobs Month ago

    Not exactly a talent, but still good.

  • William Lindley
    William Lindley Month ago

    He should've got golden buzzer

    B0RTRAX Month ago

    He is fukcing weard but i like it

  • SammyGaming90
    SammyGaming90 Month ago


  • Moe Ahmad
    Moe Ahmad Month ago

    what an awkward kid

  • Beau Dombeck
    Beau Dombeck Month ago

    Anybody could do this

  • Luke M
    Luke M Month ago

    Starts at 1:24

  • kyle jonas
    kyle jonas Month ago +1


  • supagoogypoogy
    supagoogypoogy Month ago

    Even before the video started, I started humming the Breakfast Machine song. That's pretty much the Goldberg Machine theme song.

  • Sandralina Mc Murray

    This reminds me of home alone but more advanced

  • You !
    You ! Month ago

    I miss nick

  • Moustafa El-Moghazi

    my name is price

  • Chef Confucius
    Chef Confucius Month ago +2

    Almost no charisma or emotion, I can relate to and appreciate this mans existence.

  • Regular Plays
    Regular Plays Month ago

    sprice is the most akward kid i have ever seen

  • CharmX's Shirt
    CharmX's Shirt Month ago

    3:43 Why the awkward high five..

  • TheLastNation
    TheLastNation Month ago +1

    Rube Goldberg reminded me of my science teacher. Anyone else?

  • LogsterGaming
    LogsterGaming Month ago

    Simon's my favorite judge

  • Cannonfish
    Cannonfish Month ago +1

    the poor judges have to have drinks to advertise snapple but they're not allowed to drink any because an unfull glass looks unappealing and would advertise less.

    • tjplitfc
      tjplitfc Month ago

      Cannonfish never knew that 😂😂😂 good point

  • Pitchoo973
    Pitchoo973 Month ago

    3 days for that ?

  • Brendan Wellman
    Brendan Wellman Month ago

    Wtf this dude is from my town.. Canton, Michigan. Wtttff

  • yuiopoiuy __
    yuiopoiuy __ Month ago

    3 people said yes??? Who said no? I didn't hear that

  • Mage The3DGamer
    Mage The3DGamer Month ago

    Even its the simple thing ever(kinda)people love it cus they just want to see where it ends


    3:43 XD

  • YekYak
    YekYak Month ago +1

    Is it me or he sounds a little like Unstoppableluck/masterofluck?

  • Oz Tran
    Oz Tran Month ago

    Plot Twist: The ball misses

  • Brandon Hirst
    Brandon Hirst Month ago


  • PresidentStone
    PresidentStone Month ago +1

    I know I'm 4 years too late, but I could NOT see this as America's Got Talent winner. At least he tried though.

  • nicholas labrecque
    nicholas labrecque Month ago

    complex? not really

  • Mcmg Kill
    Mcmg Kill Month ago

    That's not even a talent :(

  • Goku Needs 1 million likes

    0:56 lols

  • Chill YT
    Chill YT Month ago

    That moment when you can do what every 5th grader has to do at the end of their school year but you get on America doesn't have talent...

  • Thebeeli Ghunter
    Thebeeli Ghunter Month ago

    The cringe high five at the end😂

  • Blake22022
    Blake22022 Month ago +1

    #bring back Howard stern

  • Dull Pencil
    Dull Pencil Month ago

    Dat voice crack

  • Charles Thibodeau
    Charles Thibodeau Month ago


  • Lukas Wickware
    Lukas Wickware Month ago

    1:08 was cringe

  • Tamlyn Cabrales
    Tamlyn Cabrales Month ago

    Lmao i love their reaction when they missed their hifive

  • Aidan Rogers
    Aidan Rogers Month ago +5

    the kid was smart, he took the judges away from their buzzers

  • GDExoTic
    GDExoTic Month ago

    3:44 lol fail

  • Dawson Boyle
    Dawson Boyle Month ago


  • Hassan Miah
    Hassan Miah Month ago


  • Raul Popa
    Raul Popa Month ago

    wtf......that's not a talent...

  • Tom C
    Tom C Month ago

    3:43 .......that ruined everything

  • Samurai Toast
    Samurai Toast Month ago

    "yeah I am sure I could win these show with my Goldberg Machine, I will beat talented singers, magicians and musicians"

  • Charlie shaw
    Charlie shaw Month ago

    That Hi-five tho!!

  • M n M Poductions
    M n M Poductions Month ago +1

    I liked my own comment cuz nobody like me

  • Jason
    Jason Month ago

    He looks like a school shooter

  • Nicholas Chau
    Nicholas Chau Month ago

    GENIUS! Take the judges away so they can't touch their buzzers!

  • Get Schwithty
    Get Schwithty Month ago

    666th comment

  • bigboss asrul
    bigboss asrul Month ago

    is this got talent? this only need science & creativity. its so simple. im expecting out of the box ideas. more unexpected material

    • Rieko Momose
      Rieko Momose Month ago

      Calculation, Estimations, resourceful, and precise building of materials.

  • Top Flight Kam
    Top Flight Kam Month ago


  • David Bobowski
    David Bobowski Month ago +1

    Well Nick is dumb.

  • IsaGamesMcDutchNL skywars & more

    3:43 sike!

  • Quoc Ngo
    Quoc Ngo Month ago

    Are we just gonna overlook sprice missing a high five w/ nick

  • sarah from kfc
    sarah from kfc Month ago

    Seen better

  • Luis Palacios
    Luis Palacios Month ago

    he so awkward hahaha😂

  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris Month ago

    That high five at the end was so awkward

  • Excalibist 2016
    Excalibist 2016 Month ago

    Nick is good at robot dancing xD

  • Rahaf Al-balawi {#1Camilizer}

    Omg someone is more awkward than me

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt Month ago

    what about someone building miniature building replica with toothpick ??? can he be on that show too ?

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt Month ago

    come on... so an engineer building a video games or a mathematician solving difficult problem can be on that show because they used their brain ???

  • museblock
    museblock Month ago

    Terribly awkward. Not an "act"... it would make a terrible show of sorts.

  • HK Studios
    HK Studios Month ago

    Woah, dude. take it down a notch.

  • Oktaviano Ihza
    Oktaviano Ihza Month ago

    but you know what thr winner is always singer / magician

  • Bad Jokes
    Bad Jokes Month ago

    asmr 5:23

  • Cris Robles
    Cris Robles Month ago

    Dayum, this guy reminds me of how I used to be, from age 12-17.

  • Cris Robles
    Cris Robles Month ago

    That ending = Illuminati confirmed

  • J Liu
    J Liu Month ago

    3:28 do you realize that there's one domino that wasn't knocked down? LOL. Otherwise, this was mindblowing!

  • Bob Dab
    Bob Dab Month ago

    Sorry my voice crack😂 LOL

  • Lauren Heather Jauregui

    this was in my recommended

  • Arnas Ubartas
    Arnas Ubartas Month ago

    Another TRY NOT TO CRINGE amirite?

  • Burnab y
    Burnab y Month ago +1

    What are the chances of that working?!?!

  • Adithya Kulasekeram

    an awesome thing he should do is to add commentary to his Rube Goldberg as it work it will be funny as well as interesting to watch

  • SourCream ._.
    SourCream ._. Month ago

    0:57 when I BHUILD

  • Liam
    Liam Month ago

    that high five though 3:44

  • Mauria Unicorn
    Mauria Unicorn Month ago

    That highfive fail tho.

  • DraxXD_ 0fficial
    DraxXD_ 0fficial Month ago

    haha that voice crack tho

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