My TRUE Self... | Thomas Sanders feat. Anthony Padilla!

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  • After hearing some stirring words, I begin to question the very essence of my existence... on YouTube. Am I being absolutely real and raw with my audience, or am I presenting a candy-coated version?? Is there more that I should show and be?? I seek the help of Anthony Padilla to lead me down the right path of being... me. Check out the video on Anthony's channel that precedes this one!

    Thank you so much to Anthony Padilla for joining me for this video!!! So much fun doing this with you!!

    Anthony Padilla:

    Thank you to Drew Gooden for helping with the filming and edit for this video as well as creating the thumbnail!

    Drew's Links:

    Thank you to Joan for helping to film and take part in this video!!

    Joan's Links:

    Thank you to Talyn for taking part in this video!!

    Talyn's Links:

    My Social Links:
    Snapchat - Thomas_Sanders
    Tumblr - (


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  • Runtime: 8:35
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Comments: 5 004

  • ACCFMii1
    ACCFMii1 2 hours ago

    "Don't be afraid to show those beautiful adult man nips."
    "This is the only reason why I subscribed to your channel-"

  • Arian Smith
    Arian Smith 5 hours ago

    Am i the only one who noticed the gatorade changing colours? lmao

  • MyName IsMat
    MyName IsMat 6 hours ago

    Joan's little 'I had a bad dream' is the cutest thing ever

  • Heather Krulisky
    Heather Krulisky 6 hours ago

    Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha will you please get out of my house?!

  • Noah Colas
    Noah Colas 7 hours ago


  • Gold Ninja
    Gold Ninja 7 hours ago

    Sick co-lab

  • Nicole Lopes
    Nicole Lopes 8 hours ago +2

    Where's Thomas Nobel peace prize?!???????

  • Maisy
    Maisy 9 hours ago

    Inside out but with the Sanders Sides

  • *мαяу кιтту*
    *мαяу кιтту* 9 hours ago



  • Meg R
    Meg R 11 hours ago

    "I don't think there's a video they haven't cursed in" honestly me too Joan

  • Quietcatastrophe
    Quietcatastrophe 16 hours ago

    Wait does Thomas live in Florida? I live in florida!!

  • DiamondCat121105
    DiamondCat121105 16 hours ago

    I laughed so hard when Thomas went on about good days and bad days.

  • Morgan Malcahony
    Morgan Malcahony 16 hours ago

    Why does he have pink hair?

  • Kyle Edwards
    Kyle Edwards 19 hours ago

    I watched Smosh for years. This is the funniest thing I've seen Anthony in.

  • D UCK
    D UCK 19 hours ago

    I didn't get 1:30 for a second but lol

  • Devil's Advocate
    Devil's Advocate 23 hours ago

    I feel like I'm Anthony with all of my innocent friends.

  • Bridget Forsythe

    Thomas...this video....YOU ARE SO PURE

  • Hazel Martin
    Hazel Martin Day ago

    "Then it hit me"
    More like
    "Dan had hit me"

  • Boo boo bear
    Boo boo bear Day ago

    Thomas should watch in a heartbeat

  • parkerisavampire

    "...general shenanigans."

    Thomas's channel in a nutshell

  • AnnaBananaBee
    AnnaBananaBee Day ago +1

    Thomas: "Fuuuuuuu-"
    Me: "UM EXCUSE ME"

  • Levee Cunningham


  • Tatyana Gregorio

    See, I knew it was Talyn

  • Jäger Monster
    Jäger Monster Day ago

    Total Hufflepuff.

  • Robert Does YouTube

    Who else knew it was Talyn

  • Jenna G
    Jenna G Day ago

    Thomas Sanders
    Truest Self :D

  • Nikki Jaxde
    Nikki Jaxde Day ago

    Highkey Joan and Talin live in Thomas's house

  • Cazzie and Nathan
    Cazzie and Nathan Day ago +1

    Is Anthony just collabing with everyone because he needs the subs

  • Laran Polyak
    Laran Polyak Day ago

    Thomas is too pure

  • TubbsIs MehSenpai


  • _that_girl _no_the_other_one_


  • P5-4 NG LAN XIN
    P5-4 NG LAN XIN Day ago

    you are too positive...

  • TinyWhiteTiger
    TinyWhiteTiger 2 days ago

    Why does peace always leave at the end of each video

  • Tawny Rogacki
    Tawny Rogacki 2 days ago

    Joan is so adorable when they pop up from behind the curtain and the bed. their voice is so adorable when they said they had a nightmare. Also Talyn and Joan almost look broken when you tell them to get out. My poor babies. The part when you were trying to swear reminded me of the episode of Spongebob when they made all the random noises.

  • Curtis B
    Curtis B 2 days ago

    thomas has 2 shadows. the vashtanarada

  • Rainbowkatsudon
    Rainbowkatsudon 2 days ago

    What have we done to des ever someone as great as Thomas?

  • What is life And time

    I thought ian was anthony's best friend!

    Im offended..

  • Ta-Shawn VA
    Ta-Shawn VA 2 days ago

    I ship it

  • kitty Harper
    kitty Harper 2 days ago

    Oh god his hair is purple

  • Johnni MCRX
    Johnni MCRX 2 days ago

    anthony is me throughout this entire video.

  • Marble Java
    Marble Java 2 days ago

    You should have your next sander side represent your gay side

  • Tulay Vargas
    Tulay Vargas 2 days ago

    Thomas could you please do truth or dare

  • Rance Christensen
    Rance Christensen 2 days ago

    you are so amazing I love your videos you make me laugh so hard I love your videos they're so awesome

  • kiley sweeney
    kiley sweeney 2 days ago

    brooo I just saw a pop in the background lol im new to channek but dude u coolect? I collect em too

  • Candie Kitty
    Candie Kitty 2 days ago

    0:19 when you realize school is starting soon enough

  • Danma 24
    Danma 24 2 days ago

    Screw Anthony talking about lying he is a lie for leaving smosh

  • FernandaBean
    FernandaBean 2 days ago

    He was crying... but in a cool way

  • monster_mage's
    monster_mage's 2 days ago

    Was anyone else genuinely terrified of tallyn

  • Akeem Dukes
    Akeem Dukes 2 days ago

    this has nothing to do with the video but can you plz cover steven universe's what's the use in feeling blue

  • Hinikuna M8
    Hinikuna M8 2 days ago

    i-i was just fluffing pillows. Same Talyn p.s Thomas hair is amazing

  • JohnnyReb 83
    JohnnyReb 83 2 days ago +4

    I just figured out he is gay...

    My life is a lie

  • Phoenix Aphelion
    Phoenix Aphelion 2 days ago

    "It's adult."
    *do it*
    "It's beautiful!"
    *DO IT*

  • Brittney Ross
    Brittney Ross 2 days ago +2

    hi i am new

  • katie did
    katie did 2 days ago

    Your hairs purple!

  • Thecatthatatetoomuchandturnedintorainbows theend

    His hair is pink... how long was I out?!

  • The Classical Monkey

    sanders side?

  • Amir Ali
    Amir Ali 2 days ago

    Your comedy is amazing , keep it up Thomas!

  • Epicscottieb12
    Epicscottieb12 2 days ago


  • SPGgaming
    SPGgaming 2 days ago

    Did he just say "This is the only reason I subscribed to your channel." ???

  • K Budke
    K Budke 2 days ago

    He doesn't like tea! ANTHONY AND DAN ARE NOT THE SAME.

  • Seán O'Dea
    Seán O'Dea 2 days ago

    joan in this is so funny dndbd

  • Kaden Oliver Mays
    Kaden Oliver Mays 2 days ago

    Can you sub to my channel

  • The Master
    The Master 2 days ago

    That was pretty strange if ya ask me!!!! xP

  • Madison Auten
    Madison Auten 2 days ago


  • Living super gay
    Living super gay 2 days ago

    Ahhh look at that nice and sweet glass of grape soda

  • Minnie Kim
    Minnie Kim 2 days ago

    "more than just the good, sunshiney times"

    was it irony that put you in anxiety's place or was that intentional?

  • mistermistyeyed
    mistermistyeyed 2 days ago

    is no one gonna talk about how he said he sometimes swears

  • Cyanna Davis
    Cyanna Davis 2 days ago

    Hey can you pleeaaseee do more videos with anxity morality logic roman please!!!!!

  • GameDude Redd
    GameDude Redd 2 days ago +1

    Thomas I have a way for you to get MORE VIEWS 1st of all Dont Cuss there's a lot of little Kids so a lot of kids can see wich add's uhh about 439,999

  • two cool tweens vlogs and more!

    you live near were I live

  • Lola Spicer
    Lola Spicer 2 days ago

    Awesome video Thomas

  • Daphne Adams
    Daphne Adams 2 days ago

    Thomas can be so deep! It's awesome.

  • Ginger Paw
    Ginger Paw 2 days ago

    thomas is so positive i love it

  • Marcos
    Marcos 2 days ago

    #Sandilla is sailing; its on calm seas currently. I hope the best for this ship.

  • Patrick Thompson
    Patrick Thompson 2 days ago +1

    Get Jon cozart

  • Savvy Phelps
    Savvy Phelps 2 days ago

    I love this, Thomas!! You are my favorite youtuber to watch. You are so creative, intelligent, talented, and inspirational. Stay you forever! You are so special 💕

  • Trashy Stuff I Call Animations

    Uh, I know this seems weird, but I need help from... Someone. Just- There is such a nice community on Thomas' channel, I wanted to ask here since I don't know people. Even though nobody will probably bother to read this...

    I was just talking to my friend because I was upset for no reason like always, and she was just trying to help. I acted like a five year old and didn't even listen to her. I pissed her off so bad she left every chat I was in. I can't say anything to her because she'll just ignore me or yell at me. I don't know what to do, I just- I need help. I don't even know how someone could even help with this, but just... Please.

  • MoMo Kitty
    MoMo Kitty 3 days ago +3

    Okay what's his
    Snapchat ( if he has one)
    Instagram ( again)
    I don't know anything else

    • MoMo Kitty
      MoMo Kitty 2 days ago

      Thank you two I found him on snap and insta as soon as I got his insta every other YouTubers I new was there!!!

    • Luna Loo
      Luna Loo 2 days ago

      His instergram is thomassanders

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine 2 days ago

      All in the description I think :)

  • Emma Louise Miller
    Emma Louise Miller 3 days ago

    What is the name of the music that plays at 6:05? It's so dramatic and beautiful:)

  • Waffles are better than Pancakes


  • Kirstian Burton
    Kirstian Burton 3 days ago

    You help me keep on going with snowboarding and I love it and I used to hit the ground and I got right back up and keep on going with your videos and thank you so much good work

  • Diamond X Slayer
    Diamond X Slayer 3 days ago

    Can u pls go back to ur vine they were funny like u u agree pls Thomas

  • Asher Henderson
    Asher Henderson 3 days ago

    wow anthony's nipples point straight down! what the heck

  • Jeremy Pape
    Jeremy Pape 3 days ago

    Take it easy guys, gals, and non binary pals, peace out! I love that so much!!! :):):)

  • Abbey L.
    Abbey L. 3 days ago

    Y'all see the head in the bathroom at 4:06??? If not it's 3am here and I'm so tired lol

  • Help Me
    Help Me 3 days ago +1

    i've been dreaming of dan howell and thomas sanders collabing for SO LONG and it finally came true

  • Maskedrobloxian
    Maskedrobloxian 3 days ago

    Thomas do you have kids

  • 2061681
    2061681 3 days ago

    Do you think you could ever post a recording of Ultimate Storytime for the people who couldn't be there?

  • Maansi Deswal
    Maansi Deswal 3 days ago

    "Oh talon!" 😂😂😂

  • Alexander zero
    Alexander zero 3 days ago

    dear Thomas sander do you know that people ship your personalitys and if not can you make a video reacting to it plz

  • Endlessocean8
    Endlessocean8 3 days ago

    "Adult language" isn't adult language. It's trashy language. Words people use because it's all that's in their vocabulary 😓

  • Playing with the wolf Lover

    Thomas you were on Bizardvark!!!!!

  • CookieGamePlays
    CookieGamePlays 3 days ago

    are you adam sanders son

  • Raven Alkerton
    Raven Alkerton 3 days ago

    You are on my favourite show bazaar BART omg I am deading

  • Taylor Douthit
    Taylor Douthit 3 days ago

    Okay but the info card thing was clever as hell

  • Zach Mcclure
    Zach Mcclure 3 days ago

    is he gay?

  • Little Mac Punch Out Boxer

    Thomas, you are your true self when you do your videos and that's great. You are the nicest, finniest, and most creative YouTuber in the world and we need more people like you.

  • Luisa Apolaya
    Luisa Apolaya 3 days ago

    Thomas, I love youuuu!! 😊💙 In a world where sometimes being wholesome is seen as fake/naive/unacceptable, you always inspire me to be true to my Disney loving, kind, warm, peaceful self 😊❤

  • Daytona TV
    Daytona TV 3 days ago

    Thomas sanders are you left handed?

  • DarkMint
    DarkMint 3 days ago

    I'm Brazilian and i love Thomas' videos, He is amazing xD :3

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