ASMR Game of Thrones Roleplay: Daenerys Targaryen Heals You and Discusses War

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  • Rachel R
    Rachel R 2 hours ago

    "Stupid Lannisters. Stupid, stupid Lannisters" lol

  • tythegreatderp videos
    tythegreatderp videos 2 hours ago

    Is she playing that one girl in the first season that always naked or getting fucked

  • Rachel Reyes
    Rachel Reyes 4 hours ago

    Please do a Lord Of The Rings roleplay! It would be so cool. I love your videos by the way. They are so relaxing. Keep up the good work. 😄

  • DieCryFry
    DieCryFry 5 hours ago


  • erick cruz
    erick cruz 6 hours ago


  • Nick Cipolla
    Nick Cipolla 8 hours ago

    Time to slit the wrists

  • Grumpy Cat
    Grumpy Cat 8 hours ago

    Where tf can I learn dothraki
    Also: I can't imagine the look on my mom's face if she walked in on me whispering to a camera dressed as Khaleesi.

  • spøøky eve christmas
    spøøky eve christmas 10 hours ago

    (has someone been watching gibi's videos? 😏) no hate tho, i loved this video!

  • austin gaming
    austin gaming 13 hours ago

    My momy doent let me watch of thrones

  • Marco R. Hochmuth
    Marco R. Hochmuth 20 hours ago

    I think you (all) have serios mental issues... :-)

  • Blue ninja 786
    Blue ninja 786 1 day ago

    Omg I loved this one do more of them plz

  • houserspeed
    houserspeed 1 day ago

    Khaleesi, would you peel off all of my Greyscaly skin? On second thought, I don't think that would be very relaxing or soothing.

  • DieCryFry
    DieCryFry 1 day ago

    pls do a harry poter roleplay

  • DieCryFry
    DieCryFry 1 day ago

    i want it

  • DieCryFry
    DieCryFry 1 day ago

    ur frikin savage

  • DieCryFry
    DieCryFry 1 day ago

    lololololololololololololololololololol im dying help me im dying my hair and i dont know what to di

  • Rachel Waldrep
    Rachel Waldrep 1 day ago

    This is really soothing

  • Julianne Lacambra
    Julianne Lacambra 1 day ago

    Drogo.... -le tears-

  • Propaganda Gerbil
    Propaganda Gerbil 1 day ago

    Couldn't get immersed. The real Daeny would've taken a tit out.

  • Mia Rogers
    Mia Rogers 1 day ago

    Is it supposed to be echoing

  • Tyler Sloniker
    Tyler Sloniker 1 day ago

    You said Twyin when you meant Tyrion. Haha little mistake good job though.

  • No Name
    No Name 1 day ago +1

    Erstmal einschlafen und am nächsten Tag in den Verlauf gucken und merken das man noch weitere 4 weitere Videos angeguckt hat wegen dem autoplay😂😂😂

  • Ryan Waziki
    Ryan Waziki 1 day ago

    Omg this is the most retarded show ever really nigga dragons??? Pff give me a break

  • Jeffrey Rose
    Jeffrey Rose 1 day ago

    *Tyrion, not Tywin😊😂

    XORION 1 day ago

    And one more thing try using more of water, mixing in bowl or plate sounds, adding more liquid ingridients as if you were cooking something. I noticed that in some videos where they show you how to make fake blood also have cool asmr sounds. Check them as well please.

    XORION 1 day ago

    Anyway great vid as always Darling. You should do more cosplays. BTW cool cosplay. I slept well after watching your video. As always...

    XORION 1 day ago

    Have anyone but me noticed that the map at some points becomes tranparent? My guess is that ASMR Darling used some program to create a background. I think the room is not real and that is why smaller objects in front of the camera become transparent. Because the program she uses to create the background scene doesn't work properly with smaller objects.

  • Madison Potter
    Madison Potter 1 day ago +1

    "How are you?" -

    Dying at how perfect this is.

  • Avery Helms
    Avery Helms 1 day ago

    Denis likes you

  • FarmCrafter Mc
    FarmCrafter Mc 2 days ago

    16:03 i think you meant thyrion and not thywin😬
    (Yes im a nerd)

  • Irish girl
    Irish girl 2 days ago

    You. Are. Frikin. Awesome.

  • TheArcheops
    TheArcheops 2 days ago

    I know we're all thinking shot it but she does not suit being blonde

  • Bleach
    Bleach 2 days ago

    lol I still luv u tho gv

  • Serial PigSlayer
    Serial PigSlayer 2 days ago

    Milk of the poppy - Heroin

  • rak jas
    rak jas 2 days ago

    it is so relax

  • Fortie Cat
    Fortie Cat 2 days ago

    Winter is coming

  • Concrete Caliban
    Concrete Caliban 2 days ago

    This...... Sure is a thing of some sort.

  • Gemini Slytherin
    Gemini Slytherin 3 days ago

    who the hell need time stamps?? watch the whole damn thing instead

  • Gabriella
    Gabriella 3 days ago

    Ok so first 13 reasons why was trending and now it's game of thrones? People stick with only one show.

  • Pls Sub.
    Pls Sub. 3 days ago +2

    *THIS. IS. SPAR-*
    Oops, wrong show.

  • Zachary Cura
    Zachary Cura 3 days ago

    You should do an ASMR talk show!

  • zompanda17/Riseingleos17

    obviously she has no idea what poppy tastes like

  • zompanda17/Riseingleos17

    she learned dothraki or how ever you spell it

  • ivann9322
    ivann9322 3 days ago

    In the star wars vid, I fell on a rock.. Here, I fell off my horse... Can I just get awesomely wounded for once?! Please?!!?

  • IntoThePast
    IntoThePast 3 days ago +1

    Pause at 0.38

  • TheDog Gaming326
    TheDog Gaming326 3 days ago +1

    This is my favorite episode from her channel. It's really relaxing and I think it's Cool!
    Edit: Please do more of these types of asmr's that have different Languages its so relaxing!

  • WoWKazo
    WoWKazo 3 days ago +1

    I was half expecting to hear "Hey, it's me... Daenerys ...Tar-GAR-yen." :)

  • Felix Ström
    Felix Ström 3 days ago

    You mean Tyrion Lannister not Tywin

  • ProjectSeptimus
    ProjectSeptimus 3 days ago


  • Sarinah Ann
    Sarinah Ann 3 days ago

    1:13 you can see her reading the lines

  • yellowsnow3000
    yellowsnow3000 3 days ago +1

    Isn't daenerys normally naked? Just sayin...

  • ASMR Darling
    ASMR Darling 3 days ago

    You wanna be my Calesi ?

  • Lanna Ulanday
    Lanna Ulanday 3 days ago

    Why u always whisper?

  • Freja Nilsson
    Freja Nilsson 3 days ago

    Can you do a Hermione Granger roleplay plz💛i love your roleplays

  • emiliavioletta
    emiliavioletta 3 days ago

    Interesting video, havent seen game of thrones tho. Didnt really like the echo

  • JDI_Vortex
    JDI_Vortex 3 days ago

    Btw I really like the eco :)

  • Andrea Garcia
    Andrea Garcia 3 days ago

    Every asmr video I watch it try to stay awake but it's very hard

  • Blyat
    Blyat 3 days ago

    your try at a british accent goes to almost a scottish one :O

  • Kylethefish
    Kylethefish 3 days ago

    W-what I-is G-going O-on W-with M-my E-ears !-!

    XBOX LIVE 4 days ago

    what did the librarian say to the youtuber?

    Read more

  • Night wolf 27
    Night wolf 27 4 days ago +3

    Do a walking dead role play

  • lolpeterparker lolson
    lolpeterparker lolson 4 days ago +1

    am i the only one that tjought season 1 of got was quite boring? few good parts but was always on the ohone because it was so boring and i also hate khaleesi or whatever her name is. pls agree with me im on season 2 btw. the show is SOOOO OVERHYPED. i would give it a 6.8/10

    • lolpeterparker lolson
      lolpeterparker lolson 3 days ago

      Adam McCluskey im watching bcuz everyone is and i wanted to see what the big deal is about

    • Adam McCluskey
      Adam McCluskey 3 days ago

      lolpeterparker lolson if you disliked season 1, only on season 2 and complaining about I doubt you should be watching it in the first place.

  • sammyclaws12
    sammyclaws12 4 days ago

    I love how she goes to the side to read the lines. Like you can just see her eyes following the words.

  • Im a Fu**ing Poney
    Im a Fu**ing Poney 4 days ago

    not a good roleplay daenerys was not naked

  • Samantha Persaud
    Samantha Persaud 4 days ago

    did anyone said anything about her language

  • yadiel nevarez
    yadiel nevarez 4 days ago

    if i fell off my stalion then why am i in a room??

  • Lucy Ely
    Lucy Ely 4 days ago

    What language was she speakung

  • Cat23
    Cat23 4 days ago +3

    Somebody snatch that weave..

  • PurpleCat
    PurpleCat 4 days ago

    Is it a bad thing that i dont watch Game Of Thrones?

  • terminater 1211
    terminater 1211 4 days ago

    Why is she just saying random stuff in the beginning

  • samuel killick
    samuel killick 4 days ago

    You sound like you have read the books ?

  • Daniel Männikkö
    Daniel Männikkö 4 days ago

    lol got fkn game of trhones ad befote the vid

  • VanillaJokes
    VanillaJokes 4 days ago

    Winter is coming, and so am I.

  • Barry Badkuip
    Barry Badkuip 4 days ago +1

    Emilia clarke looks 1000x better ;/

  • Ta Totora
    Ta Totora 4 days ago

    Hey Asmr darling du machst das sehr gut 😊

  • Jacky V
    Jacky V 4 days ago

    Can u do a Divergent role play

  • Vedika rana
    Vedika rana 4 days ago

    Can we just appreciate that she took the time To learn Dorthraki language

  • Andrea Garcia
    Andrea Garcia 4 days ago

    Plz do a Harley Quinn role play

  • Alexi Dolan5SOS
    Alexi Dolan5SOS 4 days ago

    Who did it better gibi asmr or asmr darling🤔that's a hard 1😂

  • arcan501
    arcan501 4 days ago

    blond hair is not for you, definitely

  • EsoRimerCz
    EsoRimerCz 4 days ago

    Great video, but Daenerys Targaryen would never do that: 11:26

    xX_FINFREEZY_ Xx 4 days ago

    nose whistle

  • Marco Bijl
    Marco Bijl 4 days ago


  • Juan González Pérez

    Please, make the next roleplay about Harry Potter! *_*

  • brennanchris252
    brennanchris252 4 days ago

    i think you would do an even better margaery

  • Eric Louis
    Eric Louis 4 days ago


  • Ed B
    Ed B 4 days ago +1

    Omg this is autistically cancer 😶🔫

  • Χρηστος Σταυρακας


    A.R.M.Y BUNNY SMITH 5 days ago

    I got a how to play piano game of thrones advertisement

  • Zombie3beast
    Zombie3beast 5 days ago

    I don't watch Game of thrones The waking dead is better

  • night flash
    night flash 5 days ago

    wheres the nudity there NEEDS to be nudity thats the whole reason why people watch it

  • Chrispy
    Chrispy 5 days ago

    Ah, yes! Discussing war! My favorite thing to do!

  • Sarah Gershik
    Sarah Gershik 5 days ago


  • Devon Friedman
    Devon Friedman 5 days ago +2

    You guys I literally just sat through a 4 minute ad about a purple brand bed and now I'm really interested and want one of those now

  • Daenerys Targaryen
    Daenerys Targaryen 5 days ago

    this is nice

  • PhoenixDjinni96
    PhoenixDjinni96 5 days ago

    omg...your ex is gonna have the rock people disease...

  • jake the pyro459
    jake the pyro459 5 days ago +2

    Am I the only one who notices that a couple days after asmr gibi makes a video asmr darling makes a video similar to it

  • Stefani Darrer
    Stefani Darrer 5 days ago

    Enyone Croatian,because Game of Thrones was filmed in Croatia.

  • Scott Burns
    Scott Burns 5 days ago


  • Diego Delle Donne
    Diego Delle Donne 5 days ago

    Amazing video

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