EXCLUSIVE: Chris Pine on 'Wonder Woman 2' and Working With Oprah Winfrey in 'A Wrinkle in Time'

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  • Kyle Hill
    Kyle Hill 3 days ago

    I don't think they should bring Steve back directly because it would take away from the impact of his death, but Chris Pine could come back to play one of Steve's relatives in the sequel.

  • Tiki80
    Tiki80 3 days ago

    man does he look tired n not giving a damn f*** I love him in comedys and as Steve trevor! so hell yeah bring him back!! he could've jumped out the plane with a parachute

  • Alma Tirado
    Alma Tirado 3 days ago


  • Tabitha Collins
    Tabitha Collins 3 days ago

    Honestly I would love for them to bring Steve Trevor back him and Diana are couple goals!! But I feel like it would work better if it was in world war 2 maybe because i really do not want an old Steve👎🏼 Or maybe he could stay dead and Diana visits the underworld often an get to chat with him idk but i think that would be cute❤️ real talk i just want to see them together without flash backs or photos🙅🏽😍

  • Rubber Ducky
    Rubber Ducky 4 days ago

    Patty hit the jackpot with the Steve + Diana chemistry, which greatly increased the movies value. Not having that in WW2 would be a loss in my opinion. They don't even need to resurrect his character if you ask me. Just have Diana visit the Underworld where they have lengthy intriguing conversation about humanity again like on the boat and the tower.

  • Lauren Brown
    Lauren Brown 4 days ago

    if they do bring Steve back it needs to be tastefully done. in other words, no inconsistencies or making him evil( looking at you Marvel) I mean it people do NOT make him evil!

    • Lauren Brown
      Lauren Brown 3 days ago

      Tiki80 yeah I see what you did there😉

    • Tiki80
      Tiki80 3 days ago

      Lauren Brown Im thinking if wonder woman 2 takes place in present time and after justice league.. he has been alive all this time but just frozen in the water all this time after he jumped out the plane.. and someone from a ship crew finds him in the cold water and the defreezes him..oh wait

  • J nid
    J nid 4 days ago

    this was marketing for disneys a wrinkle in time and all the comments are about wonder woman 2!

    haha. cant wait!

  • SNGaming
    SNGaming 4 days ago

    really like Steve Trevor's character but don't think he'll come back as his death made wonder woman who she is and realise what humanity truly is.

  • Ridha Lili
    Ridha Lili 5 days ago

    if he did survive, he'd be old :'(

    • kitty purry
      kitty purry 4 days ago

      Ridha Lili If aw I know, I kinda don't want if he survive just to die again

  • Stef Sears
    Stef Sears 5 days ago

    Chris Pine is going gray already??

    • Stef Sears
      Stef Sears 4 days ago

      Jess_Marie_G I saw somewhere that it could start as young as 10! I never knew that!

    • Stef Sears
      Stef Sears 4 days ago

      Interesting! I was just shocked because he's still in his 30s so I thought it was a little early for this to happen. I'm reading now that white people typically start going gray in their mid-thirties, so it's accurate for him. Or, it could be for a role. I didn't think of that. But yes, I agree. He does look handsome and is aging well. :)

    • Novita Sijabat
      Novita Sijabat 4 days ago

      his father also like that but to be honest he makes it looking good so we can say he's aging well because some younger men are not as handsome as he is.

    • Jess_Marie_G
      Jess_Marie_G 5 days ago

      Stef Sears It only makes him sexier!
      But really, grays have nothing to do with age. Thanks to my dad's genes, I started getting grays at the age of twelve!

  • Josephine De Vera
    Josephine De Vera 5 days ago

    OMG! It would be awesome if Steve Trevor comes back on the sequel. You may never know if he will survive the plane explosion!

  • jarednil69
    jarednil69 5 days ago

    The interviewer spoiled the ending!

    • Hannah K
      Hannah K 5 days ago

      jarednil69 it's been out for well over a month, people can start talking about it.

  • Nella J
    Nella J 5 days ago

    😂😂😂 Chris Pine is so funny. He acts like what I would be if I was a celebrity probably

    • Novita Sijabat
      Novita Sijabat 4 days ago

      lol me too, love his sarcasm kind of jokes ... its weird though in some youtube videos comments non-fans think his easy-going attitude are often been misunderstood as if he's being rude ... damn they just don't understand him at all ... meanwhile in instagram pictures he's obviously really nice to his fans

    • Jess_Marie_G
      Jess_Marie_G 5 days ago

      Nella J I enjoy his "not give a f***" attitude!

  • Lau Seeing
    Lau Seeing 5 days ago

    One of the things I most loved about Wonder Woman was that they executed the story quite greatly. And Steve Trevor was one of those characters you love and also root for because of his selfless compromise and caring concern. Loved Gal as Diana and I also loved the way Steve sort of guided her through every new thing she was facing. So, hell yeah, bring Steve Trevor back! #please

    • Hello Goodbye
      Hello Goodbye 3 days ago

      True! I really liked how Steve wasn't just a guy chasing Diana because he liked her or a stupid friend that just followed her along that didn't really do anything. He helped her just as much as helped him. Maybe they can bring him back for flashbacks or something, but I doubt they'll actually say that he survived the explosion. :(

    • Jennyfisch
      Jennyfisch 3 days ago

      Yeah, well, he exploded

    • Tiki80
      Tiki80 3 days ago

      Lau Seeing yes!! Chris was gr8 n perfect as Steve! I want him back! he could've jumped out with a parachute before the plane blew up

    • Katya Lapada
      Katya Lapada 3 days ago

      Lau Seeing

  • rainfoust
    rainfoust 5 days ago

    why is last friday night playing in the background..

  • sandra ainsworth
    sandra ainsworth 5 days ago

    do not do it. don't ruin the legend..of wonder women..

    • Summon256
      Summon256 3 days ago

      This is not the comics we are talking about! This is big screen! Public attending big screens are much less forgiving, then the one that reads comics! Lol If they go with the same toute as comic book writers went in the comic book issue with Trevor's story, then expect lots of back lash and as a result bad early word of mouth with WW2 big acreen release! It inevitably harm its box office run! Too risky! I would hate for them to ho down that route! I would rather them go with "flashbacks" route if people really really want to see Pine as Trevor again, but going as far as ressurection him altogether?! Thanks, but no! I want sequel to increase its box office run, not other way around! Lol Especially overseas! And for that to happen everything has to make sense in the sequel, including Trevor's selfless sacrifice! Its one of those cases, when staying true to comic book issue original material is not very good idea!...

    • Ramsha Ali
      Ramsha Ali 5 days ago

      sandra ainsworth the thing is that in the comics he came back a few times so he could actually

  • Maryam Zahid
    Maryam Zahid 5 days ago


  • LittleWeirdo
    LittleWeirdo 5 days ago

    *read Chris Pine and Wonder Woman 2 in the same line*
    *clicks madly on the play button*

  • Julianna Meszler
    Julianna Meszler 5 days ago

    Please, please, please make a ww2 !!!!!

    • Jeffrey Yao
      Jeffrey Yao 16 hours ago

      -said Adolf Hitler, 1939

    • mental breakdown
      mental breakdown 5 days ago

      Julianna Meszler
      ww2 sounds odd...

    • Cheyenne albrecht
      Cheyenne albrecht 5 days ago

      Julianna Meszler I'm Brett's sure they are working on the story for to 2 movie right now it's so exciting I can't wait

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