Can You Solve This Murder?

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  • It’s a real whodunnit.

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  • Runtime: 4:28
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Comments: 13 982

  • Razzie
    Razzie 6 hours ago

    Please do more! And also the sister had a cup of water she probably used that to put fake tears on her face

  • Yaneli Sanchez
    Yaneli Sanchez Day ago

    I KNEW IT WAS BOTH!😆 Heck yaa

  • Pearl Le
    Pearl Le 2 days ago

    hi idk what this is.i watched because of the thumbnail

  • Anthony Olson
    Anthony Olson 2 days ago

    Damn I did goooood!

  • Mt funnybones
    Mt funnybones 2 days ago

    Why am I thinking about unsolved, where Shane and Ryan???

  • Kara Chamberlain
    Kara Chamberlain 2 days ago

    I thought it was ray, i guess i was half right.

  • Mariah Lovejoy
    Mariah Lovejoy 3 days ago +2

    I noticed the basketball and realized it was both of them 😹😹😹💀

  • Maddie Hall
    Maddie Hall 3 days ago

    i fricking got that what up y'all

  • theREALdory
    theREALdory 4 days ago +2

    i got it correct. YAY

  • Xpert Racer190
    Xpert Racer190 5 days ago +2

    Why are these videos damm hard?

  • Okapi Luv
    Okapi Luv 6 days ago

    "Being a twin was hard"


  • kaitlyn seifert
    kaitlyn seifert 7 days ago

    ok im done

  • kaitlyn seifert
    kaitlyn seifert 7 days ago


  • kaitlyn seifert
    kaitlyn seifert 7 days ago


  • kaitlyn seifert
    kaitlyn seifert 7 days ago


  • kaitlyn seifert
    kaitlyn seifert 7 days ago


  • Carol Yearwood
    Carol Yearwood 7 days ago

    I knew it was Francine

  • ArizonaGiritina - Poketubing and more!

    *hears the name Jenny*

    *thinks about Forrest Gump*

    *smiles that I actually watched classics instead of listening to trash*

  • Taryn Robinson
    Taryn Robinson 11 days ago

    The makeup in this is awful

  • Rey Montalvo
    Rey Montalvo 11 days ago

    Lol more 1 killer i just though was boyfriend

  • Squishy the Snail
    Squishy the Snail 11 days ago

    I solved half of it. I thought it was the sis, Francine

  • BσυʝєєAѕѕFяєуα •

    So...just remember.. every person that hates you or the mean girl in school isn't always the killer

  • Loretta Neil
    Loretta Neil 12 days ago

    Ray and twin

  • Rebecca Kaiser
    Rebecca Kaiser 13 days ago

    This was so easy

  • Моника Минева


  • Everton1878 Everton1995


  • Millie Davis
    Millie Davis 16 days ago

    Love these

  • Lexipando
    Lexipando 16 days ago

    I was right

  • Roderick Corona
    Roderick Corona 17 days ago

    Oh yes her twin and her ex boyfriend wanted to kill her

  • Caster Blink
    Caster Blink 17 days ago

    His ex boyfriend dumped her for a girl who looks exactly the fucking SAME!!!!

  • harlee liddick
    harlee liddick 18 days ago

  • FOXSTAR perez
    FOXSTAR perez 18 days ago

    who has watched forensic files

  • Lè King of Random
    Lè King of Random 18 days ago

    lol I said that it was Jenny's sister and ex boyfriend

  • Melissa Stemmer5
    Melissa Stemmer5 18 days ago

    Ray also had a bandaid were the wound was!🤔

  • Wolf Girl
    Wolf Girl 20 days ago

    I knew it was Ray cause of the notepad, but I didn't notice the sister was involved as well

  • Lp Fan 1996
    Lp Fan 1996 21 day ago

    Omg I'm gonna become a detective, I guessed that they are together too and also noted that ray uses notes a lot...
    Guess playing all those town of Salem games wasn't pointless after all...

  • Zulo Galactic
    Zulo Galactic 21 day ago

    Ray because he keeps try by to change the subject

  • Trey the OG
    Trey the OG 22 days ago

    me *ya its the sister*
    narrator *it was both of them*
    me *walks out*

  • Christian Emery
    Christian Emery 22 days ago


  • Treyvon Steptoe
    Treyvon Steptoe 22 days ago


  • Ammarie  Parker
    Ammarie Parker 23 days ago

    YESS I GOT IT 😀😀😀😀

  • Jack ass
    Jack ass 24 days ago

    Ray and France

  • Barry TV
    Barry TV 25 days ago

    well Ray had a mark on his head, but sure if there's a basket ball in the twins house doesn't mean she uses it, you'd need more evidence to support that he was playing basket ball, you'd need witnesses other then your suspects, plus in 89% of murders that occur, there's usually a struggle so he could have got that mark on his head from a struggle maybe

  • haran sugahfoot sanders

    Ray looks like ryan reynolds

  • Tuxo
    Tuxo 25 days ago

    i solved this. sign me up to police academy yo

  • Joseph Lough
    Joseph Lough 26 days ago

    I knew the twin was dating the ex but I only assumed the twin because she felt Jenny was competition against her new bf so I got half of the couple

  • The Darkest of Shadows

    "... But that's not a reason to kill somebody!" *laughs and fake sobs*

  • Leya Berry
    Leya Berry 28 days ago

    Twins would never do that I think the writer of this mystery should consult twins before thinking bout that because it's a sensitive subject to me

  • noah cooper
    noah cooper 28 days ago


  • Jasbir Kaur Dhillon
    Jasbir Kaur Dhillon 29 days ago


  • werida maliyat
    werida maliyat 29 days ago

    her sister

  • RaeVynne Cabble
    RaeVynne Cabble Month ago

    help me get more subscribers i only have 1

  • Childishh Gaming
    Childishh Gaming Month ago

    I thought the sister killed her to get with ray because of the basketball

  • Bruh itz Madellen MSP

    I knew it would of been her 😈😈😈😈

  • Milk_Prune_Juice
    Milk_Prune_Juice Month ago

    Ex boyfriend because he put the note and has notes while the interview

    Edit: fuk

  • Lauren Propst
    Lauren Propst Month ago

    it's the sister

  • Areianna Films
    Areianna Films Month ago

    Yeah the sister is acting so fake

  • Ryan Marques
    Ryan Marques Month ago

    Ray also said he had been injured his wrist while writing due to carpal tunnel, Francine also has wrists. And despite her tears over her just dead sister, couldn't think straight enough to use tissues.

  • Jessica Schmidt
    Jessica Schmidt Month ago

    Her sister duh

  • K8 Rodriguez
    K8 Rodriguez Month ago

    I knew i5 was the sister

  • Peter Jacket spud
    Peter Jacket spud Month ago

    It was the twin cuz she had a basketball and is left handed and it could have been the boyfriend with her as he had the note pad

  • Treshae clarke
    Treshae clarke Month ago +2

    it was her twin sister her crying is so fake and played out

  • my life as beth
    my life as beth Month ago

    I thought it was going to be the sneakiest most unlikely answer so I estimated it was the young girl sitting beside the bully. Did Anyone Else?

  • Joe Scott
    Joe Scott Month ago

    Everyone just presumes they're a detective like my mum

  • catgirl 22207
    catgirl 22207 Month ago

    ok this neighbor guy i do not trust

  • Juliana Castillo
    Juliana Castillo Month ago

    I knew it was her sister because she tried to haunt her once

  • Randomshopsg 12
    Randomshopsg 12 Month ago

    Her face is so scaryb

  • drchen054
    drchen054 Month ago

    Those were my top two picks. Ex = too much talking and that forhead injury. Twin = too unsuspecting like too innocent and thaf sets off red flags cause u let ur trust get lazy and people use u in my experience. Too good to be true = desperation on their part.

  • Charlotte Schultz
    Charlotte Schultz Month ago

    i kmew it

  • XutiePlays ???
    XutiePlays ??? Month ago

    I just thought ut was the twin...This proves I'm be a horrible detective...

  • Foxy Bitt
    Foxy Bitt Month ago

    i think its the sister and the ex. i just got vibes. he got hurt from a basket ball. the twin had a basket ball idek why its just what i think...

  • Rrecker
    Rrecker Month ago

    I can solve it it yeah I did it hahahahahahahahhahahaha killed that gummy bear so much

  • Hero comics
    Hero comics Month ago


  • ClaireZZ Gymnast
    ClaireZZ Gymnast Month ago

    I AM HERE BECAUSE OF CRIMINAL MINDS. I have to test my abilities

  • Mario Montgomery
    Mario Montgomery Month ago

    it was her sister and ray

  • Darkmagic 2007
    Darkmagic 2007 Month ago

    Twin and ex

  • Will Lawson
    Will Lawson Month ago

    I knew it was Ray coz of the note pad, but I didn't think about there being multiple killers.

  • Leen Bakhsh
    Leen Bakhsh Month ago

    Y am I doing these at 3am it's sooo scary

  • Cassandra Puerta saavedra


  • Wesley Khamphouy
    Wesley Khamphouy Month ago

    Finger prints

  • Benito Ramos
    Benito Ramos Month ago

    So I guess I've watched enough Detective Conan to figure this out pretty easily 😁 I missed a few points, but my clues were enough.

  • Maria Fort
    Maria Fort Month ago

    Her boyfriend I knew

  • Jade Hoffman
    Jade Hoffman Month ago

    Who else was looking for the most lowkey clues?

  • unknown player
    unknown player Month ago

    its never the weird guy tbh

  • Alison Carroll
    Alison Carroll Month ago

    I was right -)

  • Alice Huh
    Alice Huh Month ago +2

    The people that killed you are meen

  • Jessica Parra
    Jessica Parra Month ago

    her sister wanted to kill her because she wanted to be an only child

  • Bri's ur girl
    Bri's ur girl Month ago


  • Massa Jabateh
    Massa Jabateh Month ago

    I shouldn't have read the comments omg 😲 I feel sooooo sad 😭 now I can't I know who it is now without reading I don't even know wat to say uhhhhhh

  • I love Alpha Senpai

    I thought it was the twin so I was half right XD

  • Alana Green
    Alana Green Month ago

    Why you don't go through comments on mysteries:spoiler alerts ;-;

  • Yelena Diaz
    Yelena Diaz Month ago

    my opinoin is her twin

  • Yelena Diaz
    Yelena Diaz Month ago

    that was my sisters opinoin

  • Yelena Diaz
    Yelena Diaz Month ago

    i think it was her bully 😷😱👿💀

  • Shelby Damron
    Shelby Damron Month ago

    Lmao I got it right 😂😂

  • Random Arcana
    Random Arcana Month ago

    me: it's between her ex and her twin, but who..
    video: it's ray and Francine

    what? okay 😂😂

  • Saul Lopez
    Saul Lopez Month ago

    ik it bro u swear to god i did i noticed the basketball 😊😊

  • Kayla Gonzalez
    Kayla Gonzalez Month ago

    I can't even solve a simple math equation how do I figure out a murder mystery 😂

  • Jayden Lawless
    Jayden Lawless Month ago


  • Sugar Cubic
    Sugar Cubic Month ago

    Lmao i got it right hahaha

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