What Was I Just Talking About? | CHRIS & BRITTANY

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  • sahil gangwani
    sahil gangwani 4 days ago

    I honestly thought that the video would play a full loop and end at 420 where they begun. Still loved it though!

  • Kathleen Rose
    Kathleen Rose 10 days ago

    Love the editing. This is gold

  • Arsenics Ocampo
    Arsenics Ocampo 13 days ago

    More Brittany pleaseeee :)

  • twenty øne piløts stan

    Yooo dude when the title of this video pops up in the "why I left buzzfeed" video it looks like it's referring to what happened in the video when he was talking about his friend getting fired, you come to this one and it's a completely separate video that if you watched first would be just as good but seeing how he connected the videos, that's crazy smart man

  • Minh Pham
    Minh Pham 25 days ago

    I gained nothing from this but thoroughly enjoyed it

  • annadoubtaboutitimbasic
    annadoubtaboutitimbasic 27 days ago +2

    this honestly is the best "after buzzfeed" channel out there. i really hope chris' career goes somewhere because he seems like the kinda guy who does and would make actually decent content. you've got a fan in me man keep doin what you do

  • Shaie Butta
    Shaie Butta 28 days ago

    how the fuck can yall smoke weed and still remember all this shit?😂😂😂 I smoked 30 minutes ago and cant even remember what time is was back then

  • Queer Abacus
    Queer Abacus Month ago

    so much creativity!!!! love it

  • it's Kiersten
    it's Kiersten Month ago

    i feel like the security camera thing is a really cool thing that is gonna be foreshadowed on later.

  • ADarkGalaxy 272
    ADarkGalaxy 272 Month ago +1

    The whole time I was just thinking of MCR... my other Killjoys shall understand thy...

  • Can we get 1000 subscribers with no videos?

    Make more videos with Britt please !!

  • - Dabbing-In Making-

    ❤️ your awesome ❤️

  • mclovin n
    mclovin n Month ago

    did anyone else notice the uncleared bong?

  • Cathy A
    Cathy A Month ago

    more Brittany videos!!!

  • Ella Ansbacher
    Ella Ansbacher 2 months ago

    This is awesome!

  • Cedes henney
    Cedes henney 2 months ago +1

    I love these two! I'm glad they created their own channel to let their creativity flow instead of having a filter based on a money hungry company. You're the best guys!

  • Aimee Elisha
    Aimee Elisha 2 months ago

    Most people get plastic surgery because they have an insecurity that they want to fix so they will feel better about themselves not because society is telling them they need to have it. It's a personal choice, I hate when people contribute it to societal pressure when it's a personal choice, although a few people get it because of society it doesn't mean that everyone who gets it does.

  • H. Sowande Gray
    H. Sowande Gray 2 months ago

    Much respect for having a credits section.

  • Akemono
    Akemono 2 months ago

    The editing is freaking amazing omg omgggggg

  • Sarah Masih
    Sarah Masih 2 months ago

    that security camera is just plain creepy. following u like that....

  • chillchillpill
    chillchillpill 2 months ago

    Loved you guys ever since that "shitty beards anonymous" video :)

  • Brooke
    Brooke 2 months ago


  • Cat Cat
    Cat Cat 2 months ago


  • Zoe Nengite
    Zoe Nengite 2 months ago

    Chris and Brittany again!!! Yess

  • Bree Baby
    Bree Baby 2 months ago


  • blaze084
    blaze084 2 months ago

    Videos with Chris+Brittany are so good!

  • Sauce Saige
    Sauce Saige 2 months ago

    You deserve more subs.

  • xXxCherylxXxMoxXx
    xXxCherylxXxMoxXx 2 months ago

    I'm actually high right now and this really messed with my brain

  • Marki Swigert
    Marki Swigert 2 months ago

    Hey, Brittany. ;) Wanna indulge in some ADD bullshit and talk about everything in 5 minutes?

  • Angeleen Cruz
    Angeleen Cruz 3 months ago

    Did Britt leave buzzfeed too?

  • Eeedeee 666
    Eeedeee 666 3 months ago

    You're amazing

  • oldpennyloafers
    oldpennyloafers 3 months ago

    I came into this video thinking I wouldn't crack a smile. 30 seconds in; I got depressed knowing I was right. Brussels game me a smirk, but at 2 mins, I gave a snort and was re-sold on you, Chris. Thanks for putting out some of the best, most subtle, hilarious shit on youtube. I like you a lot

  • XDiLaughAtYou1
    XDiLaughAtYou1 3 months ago

    honestly I want to see a film done by Chris now

  • ariana mejia
    ariana mejia 3 months ago

    i love the security camera thing

  • catsncilantro
    catsncilantro 3 months ago

    so..does that bong need to get cleared or it is just designed that way

  • UnknownPerson
    UnknownPerson 3 months ago

    wait isn't 98 degrees an obtuse angle? I'm confused

  • delaney phelan
    delaney phelan 3 months ago

    you are SO good ily

  • Grace Lim
    Grace Lim 3 months ago

    Really love your stuff Chris!!! Interesting and fresh

  • SurrealSentiment
    SurrealSentiment 3 months ago

    whats the name of the bgm

  • sofi san
    sofi san 3 months ago

    damn... why can i relate too much to this? except... i have this conversation with myself 😂😂😂

  • Foolish Bastard
    Foolish Bastard 3 months ago

    Funny and creative

  • That Anxious Girl
    That Anxious Girl 3 months ago

    Love this!

  • VibewithDiggi
    VibewithDiggi 3 months ago

    i really love your film/editing style

  • Yanelly Leota
    Yanelly Leota 3 months ago

    i love this

  • felicity cavazos
    felicity cavazos 3 months ago

    the fuck more people need to see this

  • Lee Milby
    Lee Milby 3 months ago

    amazing editing

  • dearfinch -
    dearfinch - 3 months ago

    can somebody start conspiring w me about what the heck these security cameras are adding to this rolling plot? i'm fixing to go all 'don't hug me i'm scared' on this entire sequence.

  • Kat311
    Kat311 3 months ago


  • Ann Howard
    Ann Howard 3 months ago

    are Chris and Brittany together I'm new

  • Hannah Hurley
    Hannah Hurley 3 months ago

    Because of this video I learned that the food pyramid is propaganda created by the government....

  • Grazi Mousy
    Grazi Mousy 3 months ago


  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Ryan Higa anyone?

  • smol urie
    smol urie 3 months ago

    1:58 lol for a moment i thought that drawing was p!atd

  • papacap727
    papacap727 3 months ago

    I usually think youtubers are cringy and unoriginal as hell, but this is really good.

  • shruti ravi kumar
    shruti ravi kumar 3 months ago


  • Angela Galeano
    Angela Galeano 3 months ago

    Wow, Chris. Your work is amazing.

  • Tatiana Grimm
    Tatiana Grimm 3 months ago

    This video was amazing! I hope you upload soon cx

  • Amar B.
    Amar B. 3 months ago

    Getting 'Irreversible' vibe. What directors inspire you, Chris? I'm guessing Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, am i right?

  • Burntmarshma
    Burntmarshma 3 months ago

    This is so creative! I love it so much!

  • AwkwardOrphanAnnie
    AwkwardOrphanAnnie 3 months ago

    Chris, you are KILLING it! Can't wait to see more.

  • Gabriel Lima Rabelo
    Gabriel Lima Rabelo 3 months ago

    Surprisingly good. couldn't see that level of creativity and editing skills on the BuzzFeed videos. congrats! I hope to see more of these.

  • emam saeed
    emam saeed 3 months ago

    "Most organized video ever".... this was all i could think of

  • Harrison Entwistle
    Harrison Entwistle 3 months ago

    Awesome awesome and I hope they are able to make the same thing happen again.#lightning #striketwice

  • thegazette
    thegazette 3 months ago +1

    "Sponsored by Security Cameras" needs to be a t-shirt.

  • Kass Tou
    Kass Tou 3 months ago


  • Edgardo Mendoza
    Edgardo Mendoza 3 months ago

    I don't subscribe to thing...I will today

  • Sadie Dubay
    Sadie Dubay 3 months ago

    This channel is brilliant.

  • Mallory Schaeffer
    Mallory Schaeffer 3 months ago

    This is a great video.

  • Lisa Simpson
    Lisa Simpson 3 months ago

    sponsored by security camera.

  • Lorenzo Montoya
    Lorenzo Montoya 3 months ago

    i honestly dont understand wats going on in this video but i still liked it

  • Ova Fofah
    Ova Fofah 3 months ago

    fuck dude, this is really dope.

  • The Croatian Queen
    The Croatian Queen 3 months ago


  • Shivam Vashisht
    Shivam Vashisht 3 months ago

    Wow the quality of your videos is off the chart!

  • jeremy stefanik
    jeremy stefanik 3 months ago


  • Ayu
    Ayu 3 months ago

    You are multi talented 😇🤗

  • Yellow Iron
    Yellow Iron 3 months ago

    this is authentic old school style youtube skits. you shit on snl.

  • Cheshirekitten
    Cheshirekitten 3 months ago

    I love your work so much 😁

  • theunsolvedcase
    theunsolvedcase 3 months ago

    Your channel has such a distinct style :)

  • Joshie
    Joshie 3 months ago

    There were videos on that company that were so amazingly edited and I couldn't even find out who edited/ filmed it and now I'm seeing yours which are the ones I see! Great skills 💕

  • Hana
    Hana 3 months ago

    Feeling a slight sense of regret that you haven't been able to showcase your sweet ideas until now... but mostly Im happy that you're here now!

  • rameniscence
    rameniscence 3 months ago

    This is art.

  • MrDieg999
    MrDieg999 3 months ago


  • Juliet Vo
    Juliet Vo 3 months ago

    Fucking love this channel

  • brizzosaurus
    brizzosaurus 3 months ago

    You are very talented individuals and I appreciate you.

  • LivingLikeRylie
    LivingLikeRylie 3 months ago

    I'm so confused

  • Bubbanator63
    Bubbanator63 3 months ago

    what a unique and interesting video

  • Jason White
    Jason White 3 months ago

    this is really good work, keep it up

  • Amelia Young
    Amelia Young 3 months ago

    I am so excited for where this channel is going to go

  • Christine Tweddell
    Christine Tweddell 3 months ago


  • sincerestfall
    sincerestfall 3 months ago

    keep up the good work my good sir.

  • Hannah Walden
    Hannah Walden 3 months ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video

  • Jasmen Smith
    Jasmen Smith 3 months ago

    I really hate this style of video that can't decide what it is and the humor is so plain. Don't hate me.

  • Rachel
    Rachel 3 months ago

    is this wine mom from buzzfeed

  • DiscoNd
    DiscoNd 3 months ago

    CinnamonCheese1 year ago
    lmfao you're fucking bad

  • Nicole Gottselig
    Nicole Gottselig 3 months ago

    fucking gold

  • Glen Coco
    Glen Coco 3 months ago

    i love that you can tell how much effort when into this. it makes the video so much more interesting to watch :)

  • TheBozBazooka
    TheBozBazooka 3 months ago

    I love how much effort goes into these - well done man! :)

  • Jesarin Suthipornmetha
    Jesarin Suthipornmetha 3 months ago

    More video plsss

  • Awesome Tower
    Awesome Tower 3 months ago

    editing : great
    topic : shit

  • Em R
    Em R 3 months ago

    I'm already anticipating the next couple videos ..... hint, hint !

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