Exes Take A Shower Together

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  • Khaled Miah
    Khaled Miah Day ago +1

    Indian girls acting white, dressing white, dating white. ROLF racial inferiority complex anyone? lol disgusting

  • Chelsie Taylor
    Chelsie Taylor 9 days ago

    Is anyone els noticing the creepy figure walk into camera at the begining of the vid. I think theres something more to these vids yall... and im diggin it

  • KnorkiestKnorks
    KnorkiestKnorks 10 days ago

    This is hilarious I've been watching your videos in order and they are all so good

  • Carla Taylor
    Carla Taylor 10 days ago

    This channel is such a fuck your to buzzfeed I love it

  • pLasticiTic
    pLasticiTic 12 days ago

    Does anyone know who did the music? It's excellent.

  • thesmileycat 12
    thesmileycat 12 14 days ago

    low key buzzfeed

  • Liz Lorenzsonn
    Liz Lorenzsonn 15 days ago

    I've watched the "Most Relatable Song of All Time" 20 times and there's no ads on it, so I'm going back to watch old monetized videos to give this channel some funding. Genuinely appreciate your work, Chris.

  • spontaneousgrits
    spontaneousgrits 15 days ago

    i adore you dude. great work. you are interesting as fuck

  • Colleen
    Colleen 16 days ago

    Please do an ASMR video.

  • Christopher Garliyo
    Christopher Garliyo 20 days ago

    1:35 BUZZFEED JUST RELEASED AN ASMR VIDEO LMAO. They Really are copying you and watching you. Even now they are security cameras. www.facebook.com/BuzzFeedVideo/videos/2280049645469238/

  • Sydney Wright
    Sydney Wright 20 days ago

    Chris is the level of petty I aspire to be

  • Unsociopath 123
    Unsociopath 123 23 days ago

    holy shit. nice cinematography

  • TeEra Richards
    TeEra Richards 26 days ago

    Chris is so adorkable

  • Victorious Leigh
    Victorious Leigh 27 days ago

    Asmr getting a little respect πŸ–πŸ»

  • mery jo
    mery jo 27 days ago

    I keep rewatching videos in support and because he's fucking awesome

  • Angel Ng
    Angel Ng 28 days ago

    I rarely leave comments but wow, this is heavy.

  • Nikki90222
    Nikki90222 29 days ago

    Stupid AS FUCK

  • Greg Ross
    Greg Ross Month ago

    Does AYONE know the song that plays at the very beginning of the video?

  • cody196
    cody196 Month ago

    What the fuck

  • Zainah G
    Zainah G Month ago

    Aw I love Yessica

    • Zainah G
      Zainah G Month ago

      And Jon ❀❀❀❀❀

  • annadoubtaboutitimbasic

    this honestly is the best "after buzzfeed" channel out there. i really hope chris' career goes somewhere because he seems like the kinda guy who does and would make videos starting with great ideas and actually decent content combined with great editing and dedication to detail. you've got a fan in me man keep doin what you do

  • Jasmine meow
    Jasmine meow Month ago

    I know it's just a video but now I want them to date irl lolll

  • Abigail Tide
    Abigail Tide Month ago

    I cringed 11 secs in...

  • Sarah's Life
    Sarah's Life Month ago

    Who else knows those guys from People Be Like πŸ˜‚

  • Neondoodle
    Neondoodle Month ago

    Lol he knoooowsss

  • Robert Hernandez
    Robert Hernandez Month ago

    WTF did I watch

  • Kat Bid
    Kat Bid Month ago

    I personally thought this video was random

  • Z3N1TRAM 22
    Z3N1TRAM 22 Month ago


  • Itz Reid
    Itz Reid Month ago

    I half expected to hear "now your just somebody's that I used to know"


    *Showering with your ex is a booty call.*

  • Elijah l
    Elijah l Month ago +1

    this looks like a cheap porno

  • Nick the boss
    Nick the boss Month ago

    Y does this seem like the start to a porno

  • itsstephxox
    itsstephxox Month ago

    first off girlie why do you have makeup on in the shower ):

  • Canna Peraza
    Canna Peraza Month ago

    Wait what?

  • Captain Roy
    Captain Roy Month ago

    yeah. so different from buzzfeed

  • Dakota
    Dakota Month ago

    Easily my fave clickbait vid

  • Maddy Pings
    Maddy Pings Month ago

    I honestly clicked on this because I thought it was a BuzzFeed video

  • WidowsCreep
    WidowsCreep Month ago


  • Magic Mushroom
    Magic Mushroom Month ago

    Alex looks like sssniperwolfs sister

  • KarinaHarv
    KarinaHarv Month ago

    β™‘ β™‘ β™‘

  • i love ballet
    i love ballet Month ago


  • Emil Daniel
    Emil Daniel Month ago +1

    I saw John in this video, I saw yessica in this video, now where the hell is Will at?

  • Fish Fishy
    Fish Fishy Month ago

    You little click bait bitch. But at least your real. If ya know what I mean.πŸ‘

  • SeppiRule Z
    SeppiRule Z Month ago

    4:04 why is lemonz in this video?

  • Ash Ivy
    Ash Ivy Month ago

    I did not need that long intro. I wish they would have just shot the actual shower scene

  • Thomas Slade
    Thomas Slade Month ago +1

    This video was a waste of time!

  • Kylie
    Kylie Month ago

    "You go fuck yourself" XD

  • Poro
    Poro Month ago

    he reminds me of adam sandler

  • Sammy G
    Sammy G Month ago


  • Vlad
    Vlad Month ago

    my ex is actually like that I'm-

  • The Musiczk98
    The Musiczk98 Month ago

    is yessica a lesbian

  • Enderlove1
    Enderlove1 Month ago +2

    who answers their door naked

  • Missy H ⭐
    Missy H ⭐ Month ago

    This was dumb

  • Kepo
    Kepo Month ago


  • Hypnotic Moai
    Hypnotic Moai Month ago

    Why does she look like a homeless person?

  • Artsy Explosion
    Artsy Explosion Month ago

    Buzz Feed copied him

  • Saile Blure
    Saile Blure Month ago


  • Jordan Troyer
    Jordan Troyer Month ago

    this made me uncomfortable lol

  • Grace Ames
    Grace Ames Month ago +1

    Buzzfeed was definitely holding Chris back. This was amazing!!

  • E. A. sports
    E. A. sports Month ago

    I actually thought this was a buzzfeed video when I clicked on it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€

  • Montte Madness
    Montte Madness Month ago

    5:58 smooth



  • Courtney Jackson
    Courtney Jackson Month ago

    click bate

  • Kyleah Stonelake
    Kyleah Stonelake Month ago

    I legit thought t was buzz feed until I seen who it was who posted it

  • Samantha Weps
    Samantha Weps Month ago

    Just gonna say I admire this step. Congrats, Chris R. Despite the strangeness it is a step beyond what you know.

  • Marissa Boyer
    Marissa Boyer Month ago

    Ohhh is Taylor your best friend that got fired??

  • whyudrippin
    whyudrippin Month ago

    would've get back with the 1st one

  • Matt Forman
    Matt Forman Month ago

    This was so stupid it makes me want to quit youtube

  • Kendall Belvin
    Kendall Belvin Month ago

    I usually don't leave comments but this was so funny I felt behooved to show support

  • Jace
    Jace Month ago

    yessica is hot

  • Greg Ross
    Greg Ross Month ago

    Does anyone know the song at the very beginning? I tried to shazam but nothing popped up.

  • Levi Heichou
    Levi Heichou Month ago

    I thought this was buzzfeed hahah

  • Heather Peterson
    Heather Peterson Month ago


  • Betari Rizqika Er
    Betari Rizqika Er Month ago

    I feel like this shades most of buzzfeed's videos

  • Eliza Grace
    Eliza Grace Month ago

    I thought this was an actual Buzzfeed video until I clicked on it, dang

  • zx06
    zx06 Month ago +6

    Next Buzzfeed Video: Exes fuck

    • zx06
      zx06 Month ago

      Oh shit this isn't a buzzfeed video

  • Sheepnado
    Sheepnado Month ago

    2:16 I own this shirt... great video btw

  • I'll Subscribe If You Have MGTOW in Your Name

    Are you still a beta SJW Chris? This beta stuff on youtube is why I've gone MGTOW.

  • Airsoft.Sports.Gaming

    Dumb as fuck

  • Br1ngTh3PopCorn
    Br1ngTh3PopCorn Month ago

    best porn intro ever

  • ArabΔ—lla KvelbΓ«rj

    O wow

  • Iris Skledar
    Iris Skledar Month ago

    well..this was akwardly boring..

  • PowWow
    PowWow Month ago

    That pizza looked good.

  • Freddie Lynne
    Freddie Lynne Month ago

    The final joke is I have a buzzfeed video in the autoplay "up next" thing called "exes get handcuffed together for 24hrs" where the thumbnail is two people having a shower!

  • Bobby Little
    Bobby Little Month ago

    It's never awkward with a pair of tits flying around in the shower. No matter who it is, even fat guys, now that shit is just A+ funnyπŸ˜…

  • zeefunk
    zeefunk Month ago

    BuzzFeed literally made this 3 days after upload

  • Chadohog
    Chadohog Month ago

    Ask her if she will shower with me.

  • ughzachary x
    ughzachary x Month ago

    i'm so glad you're actually continuing to make videos with brittany and your friendship in your buzzfeed videos wasn't fake

  • Abby in Wonderland
    Abby in Wonderland Month ago

    Yeah, this video is awesome and all but....... I wanna see Brittany's ASMR!

  • Isabel Canalizo
    Isabel Canalizo Month ago

    this... is... this... biggest... fuck... you... to... buzzfeed... ever... i... love... it

  • Asrah Little
    Asrah Little Month ago

    I just watched this now because when it came out I thought it was a Buzzfeed video!

  • Joe Wonderlich
    Joe Wonderlich Month ago

    I really want to know what the music is in this video!!

  • Sedoc Outlet
    Sedoc Outlet Month ago

    Buzzfeed is running out of exes

  • Go away Please
    Go away Please Month ago

    Wtf is this.

  • The Alternative Kid

    Is that the girl from Shane's movie?

  • _Young Thug_
    _Young Thug_ Month ago

    That moment when you thought this was a BuzzFeed video...

  • Rory Walder
    Rory Walder Month ago

    I Wish i had A shower

  • slime bubbli
    slime bubbli Month ago


  • sean foley
    sean foley Month ago

    fucking grow up

  • riquel carey
    riquel carey Month ago

    was i the only one that thought the man looked like Mr. Darcy in the beginning

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