Secretariat - Kentucky Derby 1973

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  • Micheline Kribs
    Micheline Kribs Day ago

    secratariet is one of the top athletes. He is the only non human to be on the cover of Time,Newsweek and Sports Illustrated. M. Kribs Rolla,MO

  • G.Michael McGarel
    G.Michael McGarel 9 days ago

    there will never be another one like him. the greatest to ever Run.... or ever will Run!

  • Fay Ryuujin
    Fay Ryuujin 12 days ago

    WOW that's how to win a race!

  • bbwalk100
    bbwalk100 18 days ago

    +Teddy Lopez Where was Prove Out? Did he have enough wins in his career to enter the Kentucky Derby,, Preakness and the Belmont?
    If so his connections could have entered him in all 3, races giving Prove Out an opportunity to challenge Secretariat's, (well prepared), again.

  • Mark W
    Mark W 21 day ago

    The BIG difference in horses is that NOW they are trained to beat the
    other horses in the race, ....... BUT Secretariat ran for the joy of
    running!! he started slow, but then he ran every split faster than the
    previous one the whole way thru the race, didn't matter what the other
    horses did.

  • M Mulvey
    M Mulvey Month ago

    Still get goose bumps!

  • Nat Shap
    Nat Shap Month ago +1

    My God what a horse

  • Micheline Kribs
    Micheline Kribs 2 months ago

    For the 109 who voted thumbs down, don't like horse racing ,don't watch it.M. Kribs Rolla,MO. Before Secratariet won the triple crown in 1973,it had been 25 years since we had a triple crown winner, that was Citation. I know my triple crown history.

  • LanceCampeau
    LanceCampeau 2 months ago +1

    What a magnificent beast.

  • Sad But true
    Sad But true 2 months ago

    What a horse. Amazing. I watch these races of his this time every year. Never ceases to amaze me.

  • Tommy Binsack
    Tommy Binsack 2 months ago

    It was reported after Secretariat died that his heart was almost two and a half size bigger than a normal equine.

  • Alexander Taran
    Alexander Taran 2 months ago +1

    It's a shame Sham was the same age as Secretariat.
    Only 1 horse in race history could compete with Sham and Sham could not compete with him.

  • Vic
    Vic 2 months ago

    That music annoys the heck out of me.

  • golfboy55
    golfboy55 2 months ago

    Please repost without the music

  • may 51963 lover
    may 51963 lover 2 months ago

    I have the breyer

  • jam1ga
    jam1ga 2 months ago

    still gives me chills

  • Honey Mohamed
    Honey Mohamed 3 months ago

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  • Joseph M
    Joseph M 3 months ago

    Secretariat, What a Magnificent Horse ..

  • Pauleta Smith
    Pauleta Smith 3 months ago

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  • dave term
    dave term 3 months ago

    why the music in the background - disruptive and stupid

  • Joe Schmo
    Joe Schmo 3 months ago +1

    Amazing, both Secretariat and Sham both broke the derby record that day.
    Sham was one helluva horse also.

  • newerafrican
    newerafrican 3 months ago

    Man, at 2:26 you see how big Sec's hindquarters are compared to Sham's. Lotta horsepower there!!

  • Jeff O
    Jeff O 3 months ago

    It was so sad how Secretariat jumped to his death after realizing he had contributed to his brother's death in Vietnam.

  • Brian Clark
    Brian Clark 3 months ago

    it might be the video quality but this entire field seems way faster than horses today.

  • B Davis
    B Davis 3 months ago

    Is it just me, or did horses look different 44 years ago?

  • Frogs Are People Too
    Frogs Are People Too 3 months ago

    song name?

  • Pamela Greene
    Pamela Greene 3 months ago

    So glad I was alive to see this moment. It is still amazing to watch.

  • dape
    dape 3 months ago

    Secretariat's time of 159 2/5 remains the fastest Derby time ever. He ran each quarter mile (there are 5 in the Derby) faster than the previous quarter--a nearly impossible feat.

  • buckfan1969
    buckfan1969 3 months ago

    Well, it's Derby Day again, so here I am watching Secretariat again like I do every year since YT came along. In every other sport I ever cared about; baseball, football, basketball, and even golf, there are invariably dozens of youngsters telling me that today the game is better, the athletes are more skilled, blah, blah, blah. So far I've yet to hear anyone say any horse today can compare to Big Red. It must be KILLING them....;)) So let it go again, Red, and I'll remember once again the day we all saw you do this back in 1973.

  • Gary Taylor
    Gary Taylor 3 months ago

    It is 2017, Kentucky Derby day and, like many others, I continue my ritual of watching The Greatest begin his amazing path to the Triple Crown. Secretariat-there are no words.

  • Mark Godett
    Mark Godett 3 months ago

    A few minutes from now will be the running of the 2017 Kentucky Derby and afterword Big Red will have held the record for 44 years.

  • bax323
    bax323 3 months ago

    Poor Sham ran the race in under 2 minutes and hardly a mention.

  • Quisp NotQuake
    Quisp NotQuake 3 months ago

    Great video, still a thrill to watch. Thanks for uploading. Is there any chance of the same video without the background music, and just the call of the race and the roar of the crowd?

  • Deborah DelPrete
    Deborah DelPrete 3 months ago

    On the eve of the derby I am thinking of the greatest horse of all time go big red ❤️❤️love you

  • Amazon1045 Firestick
    Amazon1045 Firestick 3 months ago

    Fastest Derby times. Only 4 horses ever ran the Derby in under 2:00 minutes
    1 Secretariat
    2 Sham
    3 Monarchos
    4 Northern Dancer

  • Amazon1045 Firestick
    Amazon1045 Firestick 3 months ago +1

    Sham is the 2nd greatest horse of all-time

  • Amazon1045 Firestick
    Amazon1045 Firestick 3 months ago

    Secretariat is the GOAT

  • mamaknows
    mamaknows 3 months ago

    Pure joy.

  • Kevin Breeden
    Kevin Breeden 3 months ago

    1:59 2/5 enough said...

  • Jessie James
    Jessie James 4 months ago

    sham was the second best horse to ever live .

  • B Gardiner
    B Gardiner 4 months ago

    Shame about the music

  • Nathan Brace
    Nathan Brace 4 months ago

    Frankel would do him and Dancing Brave.

  • Steve Lambo
    Steve Lambo 4 months ago

    he was actually running faster at the end of the race then at the beginning each quarter faster then the one before unheard of
    he was born with an oversized heart coukd process oxygen into the blood stream faster then the other horses big advantage seabisquit same thing. his time as a 7 year old and 50 races in his legs was almost as fast as secretariat would have been great to see these 2 in a match race at 3 years old two magnificent horses

  • Angie Figueroa
    Angie Figueroa 4 months ago

    I'm. coming at you like a dark horse!!

  • Bud Man
    Bud Man 4 months ago

    Love me some Big Red! Greatest Horse of all time and born just down the road from me in Caroline Co. Virginia. Huge fan and watched each leg of that Triple Crown in 1973 as a young boy. Will never forget them.

  • Mark K
    Mark K 4 months ago

    I got my ass handed to me when I raced a donkey at the Kentucky Derby.

  • Dane Taylor
    Dane Taylor 5 months ago

    Can/will you post this without the music?

  • Fresh cut Onion
    Fresh cut Onion 5 months ago

    People don't believe me but I know I'm breathing. Secretariat is God's horse.

  • CapAnson12345
    CapAnson12345 5 months ago

    It's easy to forget Sham was probably one of the 20 or so greatest racehorses of all time, and in any other year would have easily won the triple crown himself. Not in 1973.

  • Revis Griffin
    Revis Griffin 5 months ago

    He wasn't a freak, he was a one of a kind horse never to be seen again.

  • ronniereagan1
    ronniereagan1 5 months ago

    secretariat not only won all three races, but broke the track record in all three......he was so much better the the next best horse, it's not funny.....

  • Flávio Souza
    Flávio Souza 5 months ago

    What are you doing here?

  • Th3Zodiac
    Th3Zodiac 5 months ago +1

    Sham was fast to. But Secretariat was gods gift to us all..What a marvelous horse.

  • Jeff Offner
    Jeff Offner 5 months ago

    Secretariat just hit another gear on the last stretch that no horse could possibly do besides him.

  • NOP da CALL
    NOP da CALL 5 months ago

    Secretariat and Frankel

  • IkeGee1973
    IkeGee1973 5 months ago

    Little did we know, Secretariat was just getting started.

  • bigdadday bubblejomay
    bigdadday bubblejomay 5 months ago +1

    The baddest race horse of all TIME!!! Listen, I don't care what anyone says because no one can dispute this claim, a descendant of the Godolphin Arabian.

  • William Ogden
    William Ogden 6 months ago


  • voraprus muangmingsook
    voraprus muangmingsook 6 months ago

    ❤️❤️big red❤️❤️forever

  • Brent Shira
    Brent Shira 6 months ago +1

    What the fuck is that STUPID MUSIC in the background???
    I want to see the race with the actual audio from the broadcast.

    • Loren Montespino
      Loren Montespino 6 months ago

      You ARE hearing the actual call of the race. The OP added music to the track because it helps heighten the tension. He left the great Chic Anderson's original call of the race untouched. There are MANY other videos of Secretariat's Triple Crown Races on YT -search "North American Vintage Horse Racing" for one. Personally, having listened to the races without music many times, I appreciate the addition; it's more tastefully and better done here than in Disney's movie, which changed the race calls to avoid having to pay the original announcer's family anything. Chic Anderson's family had to sue.

  • Baskerville22
    Baskerville22 7 months ago +6

    Sham must have been pretty good, beating the rest by 8-10 lengths

    • nickthestick26
      nickthestick26 4 months ago

      Hard to say what would happen to Sham in the Belmont. He challenged Secretariat for most of the way and ran out of gas coming into the stretch. But the two were far in front of the field when that happened. Had Secretariat not been there Sham could very well have lessened the pace and taken the Belmont. We'll never know. But I agree from watching the three legs of this Triple Crown that Sham was indeed a very capable horse in any other year.

    • ronniereagan1
      ronniereagan1 5 months ago

      sham was above average, but not great.....finished last in the belmont...dead last.....!! meanwhile secretariat was ahead of him by probably 50 lengths.....

    • linda-beth cook
      linda-beth cook 6 months ago

      Sham was great, but not as GREAT as SECRETARIATE! I was at the Belmont when SECRETARIATE raced. One of the best days of my life. Blessings to you.

  • Deepak Singh
    Deepak Singh 7 months ago +2

    so sweet

  • matias vera
    matias vera 7 months ago


  • Edgar Allan Lovecraft
    Edgar Allan Lovecraft 8 months ago

    If you wrote a novel about Secretariat no publisher would buy it because no one would believe it

  • Brenlee Gentry
    Brenlee Gentry 8 months ago

    God built him

  • Vince Young
    Vince Young 8 months ago +3

    Jesus, he looked like he was holding back the entire race except for the last stretch.

  • yellowfolder
    yellowfolder 8 months ago

    wonder what they were doping horses with back then. Horses from the 70s are like the East German women of the 80s; you know their records are suspect, but they'll always stick and you'll never prove it.

  • jim jam
    jim jam 9 months ago

    Down the stretch you can see his three white sox turning over and over in the blur of the film.

  • rscarbro100
    rscarbro100 9 months ago +1

    Secretariat really has 3 records here. The fastest Derby ever. No horse ever for a 1 1/4 mile ran every furlong faster than the previous & finally no horse has ever ran the last furlong in a 1 1/4 mile race in 23 seconds flat.

  • rscarbro100
    rscarbro100 9 months ago

    The Teddy Bear will not tell you here that Kelso trainer Carl Hanford said in a interview that Secretariat was the best horse he ever seen. Teddy Bear defense was it was second hand talk. Well, it came from a interview folks. So much for Teddy Bears.

    • Joe T.
      Joe T. 6 months ago

      And let's not forget Kelso's old jockey Eddie Arcaro made it perfectly clear that Secretariat was the fastest and greatest horse he ever saw!!!!

  • tennouji1425
    tennouji1425 9 months ago


  • Cyndi Lukens
    Cyndi Lukens 9 months ago +1

    One of the best athletes ever......he wins the triple crown vs every horse that ever ran in the triple crown. no athlete ever can make that claim other than maybe Michael

  • Cyndi Lukens
    Cyndi Lukens 10 months ago

    The sad thing is that people today have no idea of how this horse helped heal a country...the whole country was cheering for him in 1973...anti establishment and the establishment as well stood and cheered together....greatness

  • tennouji1425
    tennouji1425 10 months ago +1


  • cynthia Erickson
    cynthia Erickson 10 months ago

    it has been said the jockey and the exercise rider NEVER let Red go as fast as he wanted,afraid he would injure the Belmont footage,he still has a hold of him across finish line,no whip,just power.greatest horse ever,hands down

  • cynthia Erickson
    cynthia Erickson 10 months ago

    it has been said the jockey and the exercise rider NEVER let Red go as fast as he wanted,afraid he would injure the Belmont footage,he still has a hold of him across finish line,no whip,just power.greatest horse ever,hands down

      TEDDYBEAR 10 months ago

      Oh, where you been man? They have many other ways to subsitute for the whip. Ever here of an electronic stringer they have for years? Or, a simple pin? Secretariat was going all out from the beginning also, so there wasn't much need to whip him was there now? He went right for the rail which is the fastest route around any track and, go look at the freakin compition he had. How many times do I have to say this on here, sham who was the only real good horse in there other than secretariat, got hurt and, the other two were bums. One had lost 20 races out of 23. Again they have a few things they do use other than whips. Where you been? How old are you? KELOS' BIGGEST FAN TEDDY.

  • PackerBronco
    PackerBronco 10 months ago +2

    Two great horses. Sham ran a terrific race.

    • UrbaneFarmer
      UrbaneFarmer 6 months ago

      Secretariat and Sham broke the Derby record that day

  • David Kieltyka
    David Kieltyka 11 months ago +2

    Music an unnecessary distraction. Recommend watching these races without the schmaltz.

    • rscarbro100
      rscarbro100 9 months ago

      Secretariat biggest fan was Carl Hanford. Ha, ha, & ha, ha

    • qhsperson
      qhsperson 9 months ago

      My thought exactly. Some things just don't need tarting up.

      TEDDYBEAR 10 months ago

      Ha, ha, ha! Go look up the great kelso, make sure you're sitting down.KELSOS' BIGGEST FAN TEDDY.

  • tosius2
    tosius2 11 months ago +19

    I'm 64 now and was there that day. No horse has ever run from the top of the turn to the wire as fast as Secretariat did that day. It was breathtaking. As he passed under the wire there was bedlam in the stands and many were unabashedly weeping. It was a performance for the ages!

  • Rob Forrest
    Rob Forrest 11 months ago +1

    They said that he's still the only horse in the Derby's history to pick up speed throughout the race. He got faster & faster. Each quarter he ran faster than the 1 before.

  • steve Fowler
    steve Fowler 11 months ago +1

    I love to watch Secretariat's start in this race...if you watch closely he looks like he is out for a Sunday stroll the first 100 yds...he is literally just loping out of the gate in full relax mode....what a true Super Horse...never be another like him.

  • Cyndi Lukens
    Cyndi Lukens 11 months ago +2

    One of the greatest athletes ever. He would win the triple crown if you ran every horse ever to run the triple crown. The fastest time in all three races

      TEDDYBEAR 11 months ago

      I told Allen Jerkens that I would have loved for prove out to been the same age as secretariat and, that Mr. he would have caught prove out early to sdee if secretariat would have won the triple crown. Prove out got hurt alot when he was very young and, had a nasty habit of logging in. After Mr. Jerkens got him he stop him from logging in and, put blinkers on him and, he kept him healthy. I think prove out would have whupped him. I really think the great kelso would have whupped him. Kelso in his carear 12 times beat 5 different horses that had won triple crown races! Those 5 years that he was horse of the year he was beating best 3 year olds, and, older horses. Unbelievable! Ed Bowen tells me he thinks kelso would have won horse of the year 6 times had he not got hurt that year. Hard to argue with that. He was something else.

  • bbwalk100
    bbwalk100 Year ago +1

    +tTEDDYBEAR, Imo, if Secretariat, had not retired as a 3 yr old and continue his racing career he could easily carry 136lbs.

  • Jordan Klimp
    Jordan Klimp Year ago


  • Mauro Perdomo
    Mauro Perdomo Year ago

    Secretariat have a big heart coz any horse could run like that and the Belmont too its so fast and need a lot of stamina

  • Natalii TV
    Natalii TV Year ago

    Jak się nazywa tam muzyka w tle?

    TEDDYBEAR Year ago

    They won't tell you that sham hit his head against a gate and, tore to teeth out and, was bleeding at the mouth though but, they'll tell you one of secretariats' losses was because he had an abcess in his mouth! I'm not saying sham would have beaten him but, it would have been alot closer I think sham condition and, all only lost by 2 lengths. Go look up kelso but, make sure you're sitting down when you come across some of the things that only he did. He looked like a darn deer, weighed about 1000 pounds at the most and, won alot of them carrying all that weight. Kelso was and, is the greatest racehorse, They don't even run 2 miles anymore, Usually they wouldn't let a horse run 2 miles at age 3 but, kelso was a phenom he went and, set the record for the jockey gold cup in his first try and, many great horses had run that in the old days when it was 2 miles. Kelso is the only horse to win it 5 times and, I hope you're sitting down, holds the 3 fastest timings for it!!! The last time he did it he broke his own record doing 3:19 1/5 for 2 miles on a sloppy track and, then went a broke the record on grass againts the best horses in the world at the dc international when just 11 days after the jockey gold cup doing 2:23 4/5 on 3 tight turns for 1 mile and a half. 3 tight turns which are way harder and, tougher than the 2 huge sweeping turns secretariat had at belmont. Imagine how fast kelso was going at that dc when he had to slow down for those tight turns and, still did the last quater faster than he did the first! Kelso was and, is in a class by himself. He would have won more races had he not had to give away all that weight. But that's the great horse, the real great horse that gives away weight to the other great or good horse and, still beats him. Again quite unbelievable considering kelso looked like a deer!!! He was something else.

      TEDDYBEAR Year ago

      Man, get it right , he came in 2nd only by two lenghts, imagine had he not got hurt. The hell you talking about, you get it right and, get a life! Secretariat can thank God that was Gun Bow in there with him. Gun bow was better than sham and kelso was better than secretariat. I bet you don't know a thing about kelso. Live and learn!

      TEDDYBEAR Year ago

      No you're wrong, alot of people don't know that sham got hurt at the kentucky derby, it's not convenient for secretariats fans and, carear. Funny then in the belmont sham breaks down and, gets hurt again and, they don't report what really happened to sham till 2 weeks later! You really think secretariat won those absolutley fair and square? I'm not saying sham would have beaten him but, I would have liked to seen had prove out been the same age as secretariat and, Allen Jerkens caught him early and, I talked to Mr. Jerkens about this, what would have actually happened then in the funny triple crown. Yes it also would have been pretty embarrasing had prove out whupped secs' butt at the jockey gold cup, which he most likely would have being that he is the secound fastest horse to ever do the 2 mile jockey gold cup at 3:20 flat. Ofcaurse the great kelso holds the 3 fastest timings for the 2 miles. I don't think you know much about kelso. i know the whole run down on secretariat and, I think he would have had trouble with gun bow. Go look at the conditions man of war run under and, talk about a great horse.

      TEDDYBEAR Year ago

      Yah but, they make the excuse that one of secretariats' losses was because of an abcess in his mouth. Who you kidding? Prove out kicked his butt fair and square at the woodward and they avoided prove out at the jockey gold cup. They've got nothing but excuses for secretariats' losses. You get a life guy. Kelso was and, is the greatest racehorse. Secretariat would have had his hands full with gun bow, never mind kelso.

    • SoHills VetTech
      SoHills VetTech Year ago


  • Ecky Thimble
    Ecky Thimble Year ago +1

    Secretariat's last 2f in this face as a 3y.o., were faster than Dr Fager's last 2f in his mile record as a 4y.o. Beast. Surely the greatest stretch drive in Triple Crown history.

    • Ecky Thimble
      Ecky Thimble 6 months ago

      Secretariat was the bigger horse and was carrying more total weight anyway. As a 3y.o. It would take much more than 8lbs to close the gap he had on Dr Fager.

      TEDDYBEAR 10 months ago

      Yah, genius, fager was carrying 134 pounds and, secretariat was carrying 126 pounds. That doesn't matter, even if fager was 1 year older? What's up doc? Why don't you go look at how much weight horses are carrying when you compare them. Oh, and check how much they weigh. Pound for pound. Get real. KELSOS' BIGGEST FAN TEDDY.

    • Ecky Thimble
      Ecky Thimble 11 months ago

      thanks for your kind words Loren, I think Secretariat's performance have stood the test of time extremely well and therefore defend themselves. I think if you could arrange him to race Kelso over 16f dirt, Dr Fager over 8f dirt, Frankel over 8f turf or Black Caviar over 5f turf, he would be backed as heavy favourite in all of these events, even against great horses in their pet events.
      Also he serves as inspiration for any of us striving to "be the very best" in what we do. so therefore it's worth protecting his image from cheap shots - not so much for the horse (who now lives on another plane) as for the people he continues to inspire on this plane.

    • Loren Montespino
      Loren Montespino 11 months ago

      Thanks for that tidbit. I've enjoyed reading your knowledgeable comments about Secretariat on these videos by Wyocalboy. I don't understand myself how some people can derive any pleasure from hating on an animal's achievements. I've both enjoyed and appreciated your sometimes spirited defense of Big Red. My favorite few moments in his TC run was the 24 seconds it took him to go from last to first in the Preakness - a move I've never seen before or since, though I think if footage could be found, he did something very like it here in the Derby. Thanks again.

  • Christopher Browne

    Back in Secretariat's day, why were the announcers so not exciting?? Because the 10 horses that qualified to challenge Secretariat equals over 100 today, while only the best 20 can make the starting gate.

  • Paris TX
    Paris TX Year ago +1

    Greatest domination ever

    • Paris TX
      Paris TX Year ago

      Funny but as of 2016 he would have beaten the second fastest horse by over 16 lengths. Absolutely crazy. Of all the records that they say will not fall, this Belmont time will never be beat. Just impossible

  • Sharon Newman
    Sharon Newman Year ago +3

    What a horse!!!!!!!!!

    • qhsperson
      qhsperson 8 months ago

      +Jean Shirk
      If you don't think Kelso was one of the greats, then you don't know horse racing.

    • Jean Shirk
      Jean Shirk 8 months ago

      The great almighty Kelso didn't win the Triple shut up about Kelso.

    • qhsperson
      qhsperson 9 months ago

      What about Dr. Fager?

      TEDDYBEAR Year ago

      Man, go look up the great KELSO alias 'KING KELLY'. Just make sure yiu're sitting down when yu read some of the mind boggling thins only he's ever done.

  • Fantasyhochzwei
    Fantasyhochzwei Year ago +1

    I'm crying ;-; This ist so beautiful!

  • Gloria L
    Gloria L Year ago

    I am testing

  • Alexander F.
    Alexander F. Year ago

    I find myself re-watching these three full races every few years. Chills each time I do. Such an amazing trifecta—ending with his utter dominance at Belmont. They didn't make lenses wide enough to cover that destruction of the field. I love to imagine the guys in the production truck scrambling until someone said "Eff it—just show HIM!"

  • Alexander F.
    Alexander F. Year ago +7

    The fact that in The Derby, he ran successively faster quarters .... He was STILL picking up speed at the end ... Just unreal. That Derby race is almost like he was toying with the field, and the world, before just shutting them all down. When he boxed out Sham to end it.....just wow.

    • rscarbro100
      rscarbro100 9 months ago

      Teddy Bear forgot to tell rest of the story. Beau Purple beat Kelso twice carrying the same weight. And he forgot to tell you the reason he ran the D.C. Int. in 2:23 4/5. It was ran on a .00 variant sealed track. That's rest of the story.

      TEDDYBEAR Year ago

      Gee hw fast do you think the great kelso was going when he did 1 and a half miles at 2:23 4/5 carrying 126 on 3 tight turns, which were much harder than huge sweeping turns? Some people say grass is faster than dirt, and, the people who think so, and I've talk to experts cross country on the phone, grass is about 1 secound faster, even if it is true, kelso did that on 3 tight turns which he would have had to slow down for and that would have sent the secound to hell. Amazing 3 tight turns and all that the great kelso still did break the record on that especially with the compettion he had in that race which was againts the top horses in the world! Kelso did that last quater faster than he did the first quater! How fast you think kelso was going for that dc international on 3 tight turns? Never mind that just 11 days before that he broke his won record for 2 miles at the jockey gold cup on a sloppy track! He'sthe only horse to ever do that stunt in just 11 days break a record on dirt especially for 2miles and, then break a record on grass. Jesus and the races he did it in! Kelso was in a class by himself.

  • Dodgers Gaming
    Dodgers Gaming Year ago +1

    did secretariat start off last? jesus
    also what's the song called

    • Carlalvaro
      Carlalvaro 11 months ago

      Heart of Courage - Two steps from hell

    • Mike Prevost
      Mike Prevost 11 months ago

      He was last going into the clubhouse turn, and basically ran the rest of the race on the outside. And still set a Derby record. Once Turcotte touched him with the whip at the quarter pole, he just kicked it into another gear. It's hard to see how this horse ever lost a race, but he did. Several times.

    • Joni Soma
      Joni Soma Year ago

      ....oh, I was wrong, I watch so many races, thought the belmont was on. In the KD he was last.

    • Joni Soma
      Joni Soma Year ago he decided to run a normal race on the belmont.

  • dave21286
    dave21286 Year ago

    Of course all three of the triple crown races were great, but I'd put the Preakness ahead of the Derby this particular year in terms of excitement. There was just more drama and Chic's call in the Preakness is one of the all time greats. The Belmont was a fantastic finale.

  • Ecky Thimble
    Ecky Thimble Year ago

    Watch this race and pretend Secretariat is not in the picture: then you will see Sham running the greatest, fastest and most dominant Kentucky Derby in history.

  • Terri Holloway
    Terri Holloway Year ago

    The GREATEST Racehorse ever!!! Video would be better without the music, would rather hear Chic Anderson call the race..

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