Men Work Out In Prison For A Week

  • Added:  10 months ago
  • “Seeing all this shit makes you feel helpless."

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    Coss Marte

    Frank Sumera

    Ping Lieu
    Carl Edwin Robinson/Dwayne Dixon


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  • Jude Yb
    Jude Yb 7 hours ago

    This prison is better than my school?? Damn..

  • d3monz
    d3monz 8 hours ago

    is that ncr correction facility?

  • mrx5566
    mrx5566 8 hours ago

    Don't understand how some people can feel bad for inmates, it's one thing being put in for not doing a crime, but these people all committed crimes they put themselves in there no sympathy, they wouldn't be in there if it wasn't for their own actions, it's your fault you went to prison

  • Nate Hendo
    Nate Hendo 17 hours ago

    This is just crazy, thinking that some of these guys have been in there since I was 3 years old. After that lomg I would be broken; 13 years in prison is literally 3 years off of twice my lifetime. Thats just so crazy for me to think about, I can't even fathom it

  • Christian Monroe
    Christian Monroe 20 hours ago

    3 years agrevated assult with deadly weapon I was godly physically when I got out

  • Atomic Man
    Atomic Man Day ago

    My favorite buzzfeed video...

  • AwesomeGirls 400

    The warden reminds me of my principal

  • Abby Herche
    Abby Herche Day ago

    7:23 well yeah it strips you from you identity cause you identified as your friend

  • The Shadow Of Darkness

    Likes for Ping who got out 3 months ago!!!

  • shogun6746
    shogun6746 Day ago

    Got goosbumpss, kinda want to be in a community where strangers treat each other like family

  • Cole L
    Cole L Day ago

    Frank and Ping are free men👌

  • TheLoveislikeaflower

    This is Military for sure lol

  • TheOneThat Commented

    unjustly locked away? LOL they committed crime. i know you lot became BFF's in there but they ares still criminals.

  • Freya Vlogs
    Freya Vlogs 2 days ago

    I feel bad for frank and carl.

  • D D
    D D 3 days ago

    Feels bad for the black dude on the left 15:18

  • D D
    D D 3 days ago

    So if I sarcastically say "I'm gonna kill you" I can get 13 years of prison? Sounds fucking A.

  • Fatima Ezzahra Bouriss

    those beautiful people ❤

  • kiran sandhu
    kiran sandhu 3 days ago

    Get ping a job with buzzfeed

  • Eli Bone
    Eli Bone 3 days ago

    My names Eli as u can see

  • Silhouettesofbeauty
    Silhouettesofbeauty 4 days ago

    Why am I more afraid of the system than I am of the people who disobey or defy the system? We should be able to trust the system, but it is so corrupted to the point where there is just this constant worry on how we behave and it restricts our thoughts and speech, takes our freedom away.

  • Brandon Juarez
    Brandon Juarez 4 days ago

    Eli looks like Lincoln Clay from Mafia 3 😂

  • Nafiel NC
    Nafiel NC 5 days ago

    Carl is almost free to go

  • Sasha Purple
    Sasha Purple 5 days ago

    My mom was in prison for a year when I was 9.

  • Serena Rowland
    Serena Rowland 5 days ago

    Ping made me cry

  • Alexx Raven
    Alexx Raven 6 days ago


  • LavenderOwls
    LavenderOwls 6 days ago +2

    Makes me realize how much we take for granted.

  • Jonaida Jirah Jamog
    Jonaida Jirah Jamog 6 days ago

    Why am I crying?😂

  • Dathopsinshit
    Dathopsinshit 6 days ago +1

    We need a follow up video soon on Ping

  • Sina
    Sina 6 days ago +1

    This video was eye opening 👌🏼 Good job buzzfeed 💕

  • Ben Schwarz
    Ben Schwarz 6 days ago

    wow prison looks great!

  • Dora Hauache
    Dora Hauache 6 days ago


  • UnicornMilk
    UnicornMilk 7 days ago

    Just watching this makes me so happy, like I want to hug every single one of them, but I'm sure I'll get rejected by many due to their thug respect.

  • UnicornMilk
    UnicornMilk 7 days ago

    I want to see Dixon in 2018 when he gets out. PLEASE.

  • caveymoley
    caveymoley 7 days ago

    How can Carl Robinson be doing time for Dwayne Dixon? That doesn't make sense...

  • caveymoley
    caveymoley 7 days ago

    Multi mullion dollar drugs racket and all he got 7 years...?!
    Dude I'm in the wrong business!

  • Robin Todd
    Robin Todd 7 days ago

    I love that they used a trans man to do this. Trans men rock(co)! 😜😂

  • Yigu Zhu
    Yigu Zhu 7 days ago

    2:52 lmao that guy on the left looks 100% like an old friend of mine

  • Kd35okctogsw
    Kd35okctogsw 7 days ago

    liangelo ball

  • Bersahessa Addisu
    Bersahessa Addisu 7 days ago

    I cried soo much

  • Yaire Acevedo
    Yaire Acevedo 7 days ago

    Woah what about prison for woman I'm really curious 😂

  • Logan O'Connor
    Logan O'Connor 8 days ago

    May 2017 is when ping got out

  • K J
    K J 8 days ago

    the guy at 6:48...

  • Jimmy TwoTimes
    Jimmy TwoTimes 8 days ago

    How’s Ping doing?

  • Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe 8 days ago

    Lesson 2:

    How to survive the shower room

  • Folded_Beastz
    Folded_Beastz 9 days ago

    the coach made the prison burrito video lol

  • Grumpychiken Gaming
    Grumpychiken Gaming 9 days ago

    I almost cried in some bits just knowing now that inmates can become people and that some are good people. The past is the past

  • Noah Tuomi
    Noah Tuomi 9 days ago

    Not at all what most prisoners are like. Video makes prison seem like bro time and it's not

  • clash gamer
    clash gamer 10 days ago

    U could ruin ur life by just talking about something bad? Wtf

  • Scott
    Scott 10 days ago

    Excercise changes lives!

  • Jerico The Bish
    Jerico The Bish 10 days ago

    I wanna go to prison now, its looks so aesthetic

  • Imani Sherrod
    Imani Sherrod 11 days ago

    13 years for conspiracy that's messed up

  • marco phoenix
    marco phoenix 11 days ago

    Can we habe an update on Ping?

  • Dj r3BOoT
    Dj r3BOoT 11 days ago

    I've had the worst experience with cops and seeing this made me angry and happy

  • Carter Lawton
    Carter Lawton 11 days ago

    How are they "unjustly locked away" Rocco?

  • cool teen on youtube
    cool teen on youtube 12 days ago

    i am impressed by buzzfeed

  • Phoenixmage50
    Phoenixmage50 12 days ago

    Went into this expecting to just be about an intense workout. finished the video crying a bit.

  • Mr. NicG
    Mr. NicG 12 days ago

    0:11 don't sue me, sue BuzzFeed LOL

  • Francine
    Francine 12 days ago

    if ping got jailed then i probably should be too

  • Isabel Smith
    Isabel Smith 13 days ago

    These guys are sooooo sweet, such great people.

  • Dragge
    Dragge 14 days ago

    4:55 can't do a pressup

  • Graziella aldona
    Graziella aldona 14 days ago

    there were no girls

    • graace
      graace 12 days ago

      Men and women have separate prisons.

  • bailey helfer
    bailey helfer 14 days ago +1

    why does eli's lips look weird when he talks??😂

  • Eduardo Carrera
    Eduardo Carrera 14 days ago


  • Morgan Bowers
    Morgan Bowers 14 days ago

    Ping is fine af

  • girl guy
    girl guy 15 days ago

    Ayyeee I used to live by there

  • Maggie Gross
    Maggie Gross 15 days ago

    Better than cafeteria food

  • Mia Damato
    Mia Damato 15 days ago

    They let off oj for "not" murdering his wife when everyone knew he did but they put they guy named ping in jail for a crime he didn't commit

  • Shouptie TV
    Shouptie TV 15 days ago

    I don't mind them selling drugs as long as they're trying to help their family because they have a good cause they're not trying to just be sketchy

  • Sisi Naila
    Sisi Naila 15 days ago

    where are they now ? are they out yet ?

  • Peter Sherry
    Peter Sherry 17 days ago

    At this time ping and frank are out of prison

  • Braden
    Braden 17 days ago

    Glad you're out, Ping. I hope you got those hashbrowns.

  • Susan Zurita
    Susan Zurita 17 days ago

    "Don't sue me,sue Buzzfeed!"😂😂😂

  • jj Latimo
    jj Latimo 17 days ago

    Buzzfeed i need an update on Ping, Frank,and Carl asappp!!

  • Lindsey C
    Lindsey C 17 days ago +1

    13:37 is me at band camp and taekwondo

  • JDoactive
    JDoactive 18 days ago

    10:49 The Asian kinda looks like the dude from six pack shortcuts

    ROTDPJ 18 days ago

    One major thing I noticed in this is that many people go into this video expecting the stereotype. Druggies, murderers, and many others. But these people do change. And a challenge I ask for every single viewer that sees my hidden comment is to BREAK THE STEREOTYPE! NOT EVERYONE IS HOW THEY LOOK OR SEEM, YOU DONT KNOW SOMEONE UNLESS YOUVE ACTUALLY MET THEM. GIVE PEOPLE A CHANCE THAT OTHERS NEVER WILL! AND THIS GOES FOR ANY STEREOTYPE AND ANY PERSON YOU MEET. DONT JUDGE SOMEONE FOR SOMETHING THEYVE DONE IN THE PAST IF THEYVE CLEARLY CHANGED. BREAK. THE. STEREOTYPE!

  • Eugene Dowdy
    Eugene Dowdy 19 days ago

    I think you guy should train in different martial arts dojos for 6 weeks. Maybe karate or muay thai

  • EndeKcreeper
    EndeKcreeper 19 days ago +6

    Can I just say the people in America are fucked in the head, "Death Row" is not a justified action! Let's say for example I go and brutally murder a little girl, and then the government come and THINK THERE ABOVE EVERYONE ELSE AND THINK THAT THEY ARE JUSTICE THEY ARE RIGHTEOUS! Well sorry to break it to you but if I kill someone that does not justify you to kill me! If the government kill someone they are the exact same as the murderers, psychopaths and rapists that are being sent to death row! YOU ARE NOT JUSTICE, SO DON'T CALL YOURSELF THAT! And then you have the audacity to fight in wars such world wars, I'm not saying hitler or any dictators are good people, but there just as bad as the American government. OH AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE FUCKING NSA LIKE BACK OFF AMERICA!

    • EndeKcreeper
      EndeKcreeper 6 days ago

      lost eyes no it doesn't. You'r fucked up if you think that. Another person committing a criminal act does not justify another to commit murder.

    • lost eyes
      lost eyes 6 days ago

      EndeKcreeper If you brutally killed a little girl you should be tortured so you'd slowly die, that seems better.

  • Tarik Settati
    Tarik Settati 19 days ago

    nobody trains like that in prison, they all try to stab each other eat and sleep!

  • Daniel Ryu
    Daniel Ryu 19 days ago +1

    I'm happy for ping

  • K SI
    K SI 19 days ago


  • Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson 19 days ago

    he went to prison for being a business. The corrupt government can't stand the little man making real money.

  • Lord Toast
    Lord Toast 19 days ago

    This opened my eyes to all the show and shot that make prison seem terrible but from what I've seen it like a family and its just the prison itself

  • UKnowIAmCarson
    UKnowIAmCarson 19 days ago

    At least they get free workouts with a trainer

  • FrankenPerry
    FrankenPerry 20 days ago

    They should give some of them jobs at buzzfeed once they get out

  • Travie lee
    Travie lee 20 days ago

    Nice job butt feet 👍👍

  • raul martinez
    raul martinez 20 days ago

    That's an average day at wrestling practice 😂

  • Abigail Dreyer
    Abigail Dreyer 20 days ago

    best video buzzfeed has ever made

  • Lucas Bishop
    Lucas Bishop 22 days ago +1

    The instructor looks like Dele Ali.

  • Karolina Moreno
    Karolina Moreno 22 days ago

    This video makes me smile. It shows that just because you go to prison your still human. They still feel. Not everyone who goes through the system are bad people and not everyone who is free are good people. We shouldn't let one mistake define us and strip us from feeling human. These people made a mistake but they have dreams that they are willingly to accomplish and that is admirable and inspiring

  • ChaosAssass1n
    ChaosAssass1n 22 days ago

    Ping reminds me of Ryan

  • Danny Little
    Danny Little 23 days ago

    Ping is out already

  • That School shooter
    That School shooter 23 days ago

    I wonder if frank is out

  • Macaylah Hernandez
    Macaylah Hernandez 23 days ago

    I understand that these people have changed but also , prison is what changes convicts. Punishment should be followed through depending on the crime. But , I also believe that people can change . So this was a wonderful video to see. These men did crimes yet they changed... They changed.. Thank you BuzzFeed

  • Talea Simmons
    Talea Simmons 24 days ago


  • Andrew Stimpson Gee
    Andrew Stimpson Gee 24 days ago

    We need major prison reform. 13 years that is ridiculous!!

  • Random Commentor
    Random Commentor 24 days ago

    It feels great knowing my fellow Asian Ping is finally out of prison

  • puglover
    puglover 24 days ago +2

    They need to do a update on ping now that he's been free for a few months

  • Ariana Mora
    Ariana Mora 25 days ago

    I love my fam I'm nine and I lift 60 pounds 30 each while jogging this worked out I love this I just copy every thing I seee

  • Leah Pereira
    Leah Pereira 25 days ago

    I'm exited for Dwayne to get out and be free same for all of them

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