See the shelter that saved 12 lives

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  • Humza Ahmad
    Humza Ahmad 3 days ago

    Classic twister moment

  • Darkspy 234
    Darkspy 234 3 days ago

    thank god for Jim

  • Toxic Aura
    Toxic Aura 4 days ago

    Fuck 12 lives hundreds of people died by the tornado

  • Emoji TV
    Emoji TV 13 days ago

    How did I get here from watching sailor moon?

  • 2amProFilms
    2amProFilms 13 days ago

    Didnt this guy watch the movie twister? you know holding the door down never works out bud!

  • Nirrrina
    Nirrrina 15 days ago

    This is why when you build your tornado shelter you make it as big and safe as you can. That way the entire family, pets, and your neighbors can fit in. Or at least their kids.
    Personally I'd have a couple cages at the back for any pets. Although my cats would be fine in their carrier a big dog wouldn't be. So you should at least have a muzzle for them. You just don't know how they would react.

  • siddhesh dhawan
    siddhesh dhawan 20 days ago

    imagine if someone farted in there

  • Brooke Cratty
    Brooke Cratty 22 days ago


  • Lianna's Hangout
    Lianna's Hangout 27 days ago

    I was in kindergarten when that happened I was on lockdown even though the place I live don't get tornado but there was a tornado a very long time ago in the 1800

  • Sister VS Brother
    Sister VS Brother Month ago

    no tornados at me

  • Reeact Doom
    Reeact Doom Month ago

    ...THE DOOR

  • Scorchtheflame overton

    I think we should have free storm shelters because some people don't have storm shelters and and there's some that have Tornado Alley and you can pay form if there's not a lot of tornadoes around without Tornado Alley

  • Ava Prickett
    Ava Prickett Month ago

    do you live in Greenville

  • Cindy Reed
    Cindy Reed Month ago

    Tha roar of the tornada
    Finally,someone who talks with my accent!

  • redradiodog
    redradiodog Month ago

    Our house has a basement, at least we have somewhere to go.

  • Taizun
    Taizun 2 months ago

    Because that man is stronger than the locks on that vault door... yea right... Him holding it down did nothing - if those locks were weak, the door would've been sucked out whether he held on to it or not.

  • George Flores
    George Flores 2 months ago

    damm 10 kids

  • balabalaboo1
    balabalaboo1 2 months ago

    well, my question is , since they know there would be toernado from time to time, why would they continue to live in a place like this?

  • Emily Webster
    Emily Webster 2 months ago

    someone buy that man a beer.

  • Krepostii
    Krepostii 2 months ago

    Go to Minnesota, literally nothing happens here. Worst you'll get is 1 foot of snow with -10 degrees

  • Mike Was Here
    Mike Was Here 2 months ago

    Congratulations, the shelter did what it was meant to do. XD

  • Wancy GT
    Wancy GT 2 months ago

    One thing He need to put is oxcegen tank

  • iLikePotatoes
    iLikePotatoes 3 months ago

    Tornados are scary AF!! That man is a hero for holding the door, he could've just flew out anytime

  • Bill Guy
    Bill Guy 3 months ago

    I fucking hate tornada.

  • 925BayArea Bishh
    925BayArea Bishh 3 months ago

    man he had to hold it with all his might... thats crazy

  • Mintchocochip10 MSP
    Mintchocochip10 MSP 3 months ago

    Omg this reminds me of a movie πŸ˜‚ I can't remember the name!

  • Slothsss
    Slothsss 3 months ago

    but the other 60 people in there died.

    GhOsTLY CuRReNT 3 months ago +1

    How hard was it to hold the door?
    It was hard

    Lmao πŸ˜‚

  • George Miller
    George Miller 3 months ago


  • amsterdamsel
    amsterdamsel 3 months ago

    Jim Garner is spot on - I cannot, for the life of me, think of a reason someone would choose to live in tornado alley without a shelter. After all, it's not a question of 'if' you get hit by a tornado, it's a question of 'when'. For the Voice of Reason, this is Amsterdamsel, Queen of the World in tornado alley. Back to you, Brian.

  • johny guitar
    johny guitar 3 months ago

    the houses must be cheap as fuck in these states that the tornados hit all the time

  • halley0413
    halley0413 4 months ago

    Reinforced concrete houses. How Americans can live in wooden houses in tornado alley is beyond me. It's investing in a few hundred thousand dollar house that you know for a fact will be ripped off its foundation and probably kill your family and you. That's crazy. Shoddily built reinforced concrete houses in Asian countries withstand category 5 typhoons season after season, year after year. Imagine how formidable they can be built in the US for American families. You can use wood all you want inside the house, but be darn sure that the bones of your house is reinforced concrete of the best quality and the thickest specification you can afford.

  • Gotham's Savior
    Gotham's Savior 4 months ago

    That has to be atleast a small ef3 tornado

  • Redzzy
    Redzzy 4 months ago

    Who looks like logan

  • Peyton Stevens
    Peyton Stevens 4 months ago

    once there was an icestorm and flood in North Augusta

  • Katgirl217
    Katgirl217 4 months ago

    In the movie Twister F5s where rare and the dad of character died because he was holding the door because of how strong the F5 was and how un prepared the door was.

  • Max Rogers
    Max Rogers 5 months ago

    Lucky I live in San Francisco 😞😞😞

  • Sandy Lewis
    Sandy Lewis 5 months ago +5

    I have never understood why anybody lives in a place that has tornados on a regular basis and doesn't have a cellar or storm shelter everywhere. My family is from Oklahoma and we grew up running to the cellar every time there was a tornado watch. We played games in the cellar some nights, just in case.

    Now I live in the Ozarks of Missouri, where the tornados tend to tip-toe around the hills. But, our home is built into the hill, just in case one drops out of the sky. I can't imagine rebuilding in tornado alley just to have your house knocked down only to rebuild again and again. It's time to get smarter about natural phenomenon such as flooding, tornados, and earthquakes, and learn to live with them in a more intelligent way. Build into the ground more, build berm homes and structures, and for goodness sakes, put shelters into the schools!!!

    • HeyGuiseppi'
      HeyGuiseppi' Month ago

      Tornado alley is in over 60% of all america

  • Bonkersboys-Gaming
    Bonkersboys-Gaming 5 months ago

    maybe they should get a better latch instead of a pice of metal

  • R  C Nelson
    R C Nelson 6 months ago

    One cabbage fart in that little space would kill them all.

  • Harry Kuheim
    Harry Kuheim 8 months ago +14

    This Guy has more sense than Obama and all the Libs who constantly mock White Red Necks....

    • Leeza
      Leeza 2 months ago

      Damn you just had to bring in politics didn't you? lol

    • 8thwonder0608
      8thwonder0608 6 months ago

      TheJamig Let's not play dumb. That was the sole reason he was attacked, and trump was elected.

    • Vincent Thomas
      Vincent Thomas 6 months ago

      TheJamig I didn't say all of white America I said most at least that's what what I meant. Honestly just admit you've heard the word nigger over the dinner table many a time. and don't say the older whites in the family didnt, "warn you," about those awful niggers. my statement isn't about starting a fight but from research, and personal experience. I didn't tell the whites who are against blacks and ppl ppl of color to treat them the way they do but when u have privilege the thought process is different. and saying someone is ignorant for how they feel is ignorant. being smart u should find out why ppl feel the way they do instead of trolling and trying to start a text battle.

  • Human Being
    Human Being 9 months ago

    Good thing it didn't flood.

  • Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing

    They must be at the edge of the twister.

  • Zfast4y0u
    Zfast4y0u 9 months ago +2

    yea right tornado was pulling door up and he was holding it,and house near it intact, LEGIT no questions there

    • bighands69
      bighands69 7 months ago

      I know of a man who had serious sleep issues and during WW2 his wife could not get him out of bed in the middle of a bomb raid and she grabbed the children and made for the shelter.

      And when she got back their house was the only won left standing on the whole street. Freak incidents happen. That man could of remained in his house but got flattened.

    • Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing
      Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing 9 months ago

      You have no idea 100 mph winds in a Typhoon is already enough to pull so hard that it broke a door. Meanwhile, destroying a home completely takes 200+mph winds.

  • Logan Cochran
    Logan Cochran 10 months ago +1

    0:00 The storm is cumming!

  • msjanegrey
    msjanegrey 10 months ago

    well this one didn't have some stupid latch that closes from the outside and traps you and it could not be covered with rocks or heavy rubble.

  • Jensyn Sherstabitoff
    Jensyn Sherstabitoff 10 months ago +17

    U can hear the roar of the tornada

  • CavsFan 2016
    CavsFan 2016 10 months ago

    10 kids holy moly!

  • squito94
    squito94 11 months ago

    I thought that door is designed to withstand a tornado?

    • bighands69
      bighands69 7 months ago

      There is no guarantee with a door like that. If it got ripped off they would go with the door.

    • Tru Blu
      Tru Blu 10 months ago

      It would be. If it was properly anchored and secured.

  • Secrital Healthy
    Secrital Healthy Year ago

    just be glad that it was a weak f5.

  • Audrie Taylor
    Audrie Taylor Year ago +1

    I'm only eleven and I have a really sad story about me and my family nearly dieting in a tornado If u guys want to hear let me know😨

    • Kutoari
      Kutoari 9 months ago

      I feel bad for you o-o

    • Logan Cochran
      Logan Cochran 10 months ago

      im glad you survived

    • Alicia Mills
      Alicia Mills 11 months ago

      +Audrie Taylor what happened

    • Audrie Taylor
      Audrie Taylor 11 months ago

      +Dark Moons Ok well It was meet the teacher night and my moms phone got a tornado warning notification and my school has no basement so we here the alarms go off and we all run to the bathroom and yes boys were in the girls bathroom and girls were in the boys bathroom we were all mixed around me we didn't Care were we at we just wanted to be safe, well we ran to a bathroom (girls) and it was a EF4 tornado and it hit are school well there was this teacher by me, and my parents were by me but the teacher told all of the parents and kids to put there heads down well I put my head down and we heard the tornado get closer and the teacher hugged me and the tornado hit the school and all u can see is stuff flying around and u can hear screaming and crying and when the tornado got away from the school area I saw the teacher and she was all bluddy and I went to my parents crying we went outside and everything was destroyed and there was no houses standing when we were outside the alarms went off again and it was only for a another part of the city and I saw 8 family's dead I cried so much because those family's. One of the family's were my friends and she was dead. When we went to are house it was not damage, by the house all around us were damaged. well that is my story and this happened when I was in prek I was only 5yrs old

    • Dark Moons
      Dark Moons 11 months ago

      i wanna hear it plsss?!?

  • Wolf WolfHope plays
    Wolf WolfHope plays Year ago +1

    I have no words to describe who scary it would be

  • Cole Chatman
    Cole Chatman Year ago


  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz Year ago +14

    good thing that guy didn't get the door blown off like in twister

  • Carla McDonough
    Carla McDonough Year ago

    my daughter lives in Mo. She just moved into her Habitat for Humanity house. THEY ADDED A STORM SHELTER. All Praises to God and a Great Company

    • bighands69
      bighands69 7 months ago

      My house is a storm shelter in itself. Building a small shelter in the garden could be a life saver or building one inside the house.

  • Tc
    Tc Year ago +63


    • Ian Lamm
      Ian Lamm 10 days ago

      Tc MURICA

      Fuck yea

    • Mrs. Horan
      Mrs. Horan Month ago

      AmethystIceCream569 ' how do you know

    • David Vorwerk
      David Vorwerk 2 months ago


    • A Tasty Avocado Lol
      A Tasty Avocado Lol 4 months ago

      Tc oh say can you the dawns early night.... What so proudly we veil ....and the twilights first gleaming

    • Human Being
      Human Being 9 months ago

      Oh Say....

  • Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller Year ago

    Oklahoma I've heard news close the tornado was close by us

  • Jennifer Miller
    Jennifer Miller Year ago

    that could have killed someone you need to staple your house to the ground

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith Year ago

    No πŸͺ stocked up

  • 1015Eelvis
    1015Eelvis Year ago +3

    so basically the beginning of twister

  • Ezen Gondolkozom
    Ezen Gondolkozom Year ago +10

    Hodor Hold the door!

  • oniyha gustad
    oniyha gustad Year ago


  • KidSky
    KidSky Year ago


  • strattuner
    strattuner Year ago +2

    he saved 12 lives tornadoes are nothing to mess with, only place that is safe is underground,been in three of them one was f3 others where roof collectors,everyone is scared when they come cruising,build underground shelters they work damn nice

    • Janet Griffiths
      Janet Griffiths 3 months ago

      Yeah, that shelter paid for itself that day, for sure!!!

  • Gonzalez Laguna
    Gonzalez Laguna Year ago +1


  • Pi Jay 1976
    Pi Jay 1976 Year ago

    No u need $ 25,000 to build this Bunker. ?

    • Richard van Pukkem
      Richard van Pukkem 3 months ago

      Patrick B If you do things yourself it can be a whole lot cheaper i guess. The concrete won't cost 2500 dollars i assume. Though on the other hand - Safety is not something to compromise on. Better spend those 2500 dollars on proven products.

    • Patrick B
      Patrick B Year ago


  • nodriveknowitall
    nodriveknowitall Year ago

    The pins/locks appeared to have been about 3/8" diameter. The sliding support brackets looked a little thin, maybe a little under 1/8" but there are two supports per pin/lock. All in all, taking into account the shear and tensile strength of steel, he'd have stood no chance against anything that had the force to rip that door off. Seems like they could have edited out the supposed heroics of him holding the door down.

  • John Ferguson
    John Ferguson Year ago +14

    That's a good ole boy right there.

  • Maxima Gang
    Maxima Gang Year ago

    MURICA!!! Lol btw it's funny they mentioned "in case of another tornado coming" *couple days later El Reno tornado comes*

  • frank jones
    frank jones Year ago +1

    those door locks are pathetic. He only thinks he was holding the door close.

  • Dominic Watterson
    Dominic Watterson Year ago +1

    A tip: don't open the door until the tornado is out of bounds. Also, it looks scary if it has neon green light. It's like a place for horror movies.

  • Tom 99
    Tom 99 Year ago

    Dont build wooden houses

    • John Ferguson
      John Ferguson Year ago

      +Tom 99 Tornadoes can generate winds of up to 300 mph. They can shred a brick house or a concrete block house to pieces when debris is thrown against the walls. The only safe place is underground.

  • Chris chris
    Chris chris Year ago +3

    shipping containers cheap and easy to stick in

    • John Ferguson
      John Ferguson Year ago

      +Chris chris The building department won't let you do that plus it would take a damn large hole to bury it.

  • Jay Adams
    Jay Adams Year ago

    think you need to up you door locks little so you don't have to hold it would be the first think I would do for sure

    • BPM Productions of Colorado
      BPM Productions of Colorado Year ago

      +Jay Adams Using a load binder or an extra heavy duty load strap typically used on flatbed semi trailers could well prove a wise move in holding a hatch door down tightly...

  • sherry a
    sherry a Year ago

    thank God that house came with one already !!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Alicante
    Alicante Year ago

    $25,000 to dig a hole!

    • Dylan H
      Dylan H Year ago

      +Alicante 2500-5000

    • Silver Oasis
      Silver Oasis Year ago

      +Alison Reid eh, they said 2500 to 5000, not 25000. 2500 is affordable. 2:13

      have to add, though, for 25000, you'd fit a lot more people than 12, haha. 25000 is like bomb shelter

  • ILove The80's
    ILove The80's 2 years ago

    I lived in Missouri as a kid and my parents (with us kids) once looked at a house that was built entirely underground.Β  The roof was a concrete slab that you could ride your bikes on, LOL!Β  But they decided they couldn't live like that and settled for a regular house with a solid basement.Β  But I never forgot that house...never seen anything like it.

  • S Jenkins
    S Jenkins 2 years ago +34

    If I become rich and live in tornado alley I would buy and underground mansion...

    • moonprincess500
      moonprincess500 2 months ago

      Just get one away from a floodplain though.

    • Zachary Windsor
      Zachary Windsor Year ago

      +S Jenkins Even in tornado alley there's not much of a change of being hit by a tornado, so building a house completely underground for that purpose is unnecessary. Still a cool idea though.

  • Nikkas rViolent
    Nikkas rViolent 2 years ago

    that's because hillbillies are tornadoes favorite finger food

  • Grandpa the Grey
    Grandpa the Grey 2 years ago +175

    When I moved from Calif. to Arkansas 10 years ago, I was surprised when people would say," How the heck could you live in California with all those earthquakes?" Well, after surviving 2 tornadoes by buying a home with an underground concrete storm shelter I can say, "At least after an earthquake all your stuff is still where you left it. It might be in a pile and all broken up, but at least it's not in the next county."

    • Darius Brown
      Darius Brown 3 days ago

      Cali is expected to be hit by "the big one"

    • Alex Bostic
      Alex Bostic 11 days ago

      most of the earthquakes aren't even bad. Its rare to get a severe one. i've never witnessed a severe earthquake but every year the people in tornado alley get crazy tornadoes.

    • Nirrrina
      Nirrrina 15 days ago


    • Ankan13
      Ankan13 Month ago

      how can you live in a place where there is different natural catastrophes
      iΒ΄m lucky i live in sweden:)

  • Ishmael Ramadean
    Ishmael Ramadean 2 years ago

    tornado alley

  • Elizabeth Alphonso
    Elizabeth Alphonso 2 years ago +1


  • Mus1ims rTreacherous
    Mus1ims rTreacherous 2 years ago

    why wouldn't you make the shelter with an offset door to where the people are under a concrete slab and the doors offset or something?

    • The Dunk Master
      The Dunk Master 2 years ago

      +Mus1ims rTreacherous didn't you hear? They didn't have the shelter built, it came with the house

  • 20PINKluvr
    20PINKluvr 2 years ago +1

    I'd be shitting bricks even if I was in a shelter but still hearing what's happening outside and afraid the tornado would suck the door off

    • Janet Griffiths
      Janet Griffiths 3 months ago

      The door of ours is in the floor of our bedroom. It has 2 latches per side. Ours is lots bigger than the one in the video--150 sq. ft., and 7 feet deep. It's a root cellar, actually. We live in northern AZ, chances for a tornado are slim, but we're prepared.

    • ILove The80's
      ILove The80's 2 years ago

      +20PINKluvr I know, and there have been plenty of shelterΒ doors sucked off.Β  It is best that a shelter door be at an angle like this one so there's less chance of debris settling on it, but I would have a bigger one where everyone could go way at the back in case the door is sucked off.Β  I wouldn't want to be close to that door.

  • Chelle Lee
    Chelle Lee 2 years ago


  • Spaghettios
    Spaghettios 3 years ago +3

    Epic Beard Man returns!

  • Energy
    Energy 3 years ago +2

    I live in the heart of tornado ally and I don't have a storm shelter

  • Haleene Williams
    Haleene Williams 3 years ago

    You have to build for earthquakes here, why in the world would you not be required to have a shelter there or anywhere near the Alley? Β 
    You know the price will rise once that law is made, but then the competition will come, and probable be cheaper then they are right now.

  • Haleene Williams
    Haleene Williams 3 years ago +1

    I have heard many people with these shelters saying they still had to hold the doors down. Β Why don't the shelter Co.s build the doors to go down in the first place to get in, then all the Tornado does is secure it. Β 
    They could build a handle that goes through the door jam and you could slide it with a handle protruding from inside the shelter and have a steel bar slide across the top with a welded track on the other side. Β 
    Same security just allows the door to be opened up rather then down. Β 

    In the smaller ones I would put a hole toward the bottom and a metal box extruding slightly from it to put water, blankets, diapers etc, rather then have those things take up valuable human area. Β A couple cans of "air" and a can air horn wouldn't hurt either to get help if something holds the door down (theres another advantage of having the door drop in the first place), or you have to use that space longer then intended, with more people then planed. Β 
    It may turn into your home so a change of cloths blankets and some dried camp food and can goods would be good in that box not sitting in the human area. Β If you have a pet, don't forget their food. Β In cases like this, help takes awhile and no one has the food or water you need right away. Β Some first aid kid should be made also.
    Just a thought..

  • Riley Bell
    Riley Bell 3 years ago +58

    an old man in a tiny vault with 11 kids... seems legit

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose 3 years ago

    I know this would be pretty pricey for workers but why can't all homes have underground shelters in the event of a tornado,Β things like that,Β or shoot, nuclear attack? It can happen! My home doesn't have anything like this. It's got you 2ft underground and if the house was to be torn apart, no top. So there you go, sucked right out of the house. The best thing I could do is hide in a closet. Either way, people who have those houses that aren't built very well are basically screwed...
    I'm just saying...taking that kind of step to being prepared can save tons of lives. It's sad not all houses have shelters. Some of those people weren't lucky enough.

    • Emily Rose
      Emily Rose 3 years ago

      +Haleene WilliamsΒ True.

    • Haleene Williams
      Haleene Williams 3 years ago

      A shelter is the first and most important part of a house there if I was living there.

  • E Mack
    E Mack 3 years ago +69

    If there areΒ huge boring machines that can create underground tunnels for trains and subway systems, why can't that same technology be used to create underground shelters for all cities? This way, even if you are not at home and can't get to your shelter, you could simply go underground ANYWHERE a tornado would strike and be safe.Β  There are massive underground bunkers to hold nuclear waste, so why not underground bunkers for citizens to keep them safe from storms like these?

    • grr ummmpee
      grr ummmpee 20 days ago

      because only poor people live in these areas. it's not very intelligent.

    • BLOX Bro
      BLOX Bro 23 days ago

      E Mack hey ever thought about HOW MANY PEOPLE NEED TO BE IN THERE

    • Wolf Family
      Wolf Family 2 months ago

      Bob Silver you are correct

    • Bob Silver
      Bob Silver 2 months ago

      Our government has underground tunnels and living "towns"...they only care about themselves...not the "masses"

    • E Mack
      E Mack 2 months ago

      Sadly, you are right Steve Rogers.

  • REMIX8604
    REMIX8604 3 years ago +36

    build the entire house underground

    • Erika C.
      Erika C. 2 months ago


    • scarletfluerr
      scarletfluerr 3 months ago

      DUSK O Now buy a keyboard that doesn't use all caps and makes you look like an attention whore.

    • DUSK O.
      DUSK O. 3 months ago


  • Amanda Bell
    Amanda Bell 3 years ago


  • TheBalkenende
    TheBalkenende 3 years ago

    Can it really be true that even in this shelter you won't be 100% safe because the tornado could suck out the entrance door?? O.o

  • Jimmy Kraktov
    Jimmy Kraktov 3 years ago

    This man is my hero and his daughter deserves her weight in Gold for taking those kids out of that school. I was in a tornado in a block room under a porch. We were safe. When we came out the house hadn't suffered more than a few shingles and the back porch roof was gone. The house that HAD been 60' away was blown as far as the next concession road a mile away and a dog house from the same property was sitting on that same road like it had been carried there and put down by someone. Scary stuff!

  • ProBossCallum
    ProBossCallum 3 years ago

    The capcons are spam for me

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