Kelly Ripa brings the house down at the #glaadawards

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  • Steven DuVall
    Steven DuVall 3 months ago

    Hilarious and so heartwarming!

  • MegaBreyergirl
    MegaBreyergirl 3 months ago +1

    Just lost all respect for Kelly, so sad.

  • Robb K
    Robb K 3 months ago

    Anderson is beautiful

  • Nora Steel
    Nora Steel 3 months ago

    Thank You Kelly! You're the BEST!

  • h69423
    h69423 6 months ago

    KELLY RIPA IS A transgender!! my god look at her in a bathing suit.

  • waltman333
    waltman333 Year ago +1

    What is this lady talking about ?   Is she gay or are her children gay ?   Wish I knew.

  • aly c
    aly c Year ago +2

    love her!

  • Max Alone
    Max Alone Year ago +2

    Love her!!

  • Max Alone
    Max Alone Year ago +2

    Love her!!

  • J G
    J G 2 years ago +1

    +littlemissperfect Kelly wasn't joking. She gets very nervous to speak publicly. She was serious.

  • T Anderson
    T Anderson 2 years ago +1

    What have she done for getting this award?   Sharon Stone has done so much for the Aids charity and raised so much $$$ every year but never got any awards at the Glaadawards.

    • h69423
      h69423 6 months ago

      cuz shes a secret transgender the award is for her help in the deception . has nothing to do with rights its about pushing an agenda and deception of the public.

    • h69423
      h69423 6 months ago

      cuz shes a secret transgender the award is for her help in the deception . has nothing to do with rights its about pushing an agenda and deception of the public.

  • Gabrielle Maryland
    Gabrielle Maryland 2 years ago

    Val approves #Nomofomo

  • john pshitek
    john pshitek 2 years ago

    Come on Kelly! Tell these people to go FUCK THEMSELVES!

  • Josh Jernigan
    Josh Jernigan 2 years ago +1

    Xanax & it's class of drugs are the most addictive & hardest drug to get off in the world. They damage your body so much that it can takes years to to be healed. While going off these drugs you will be the sickest you will ever be in your life. I'm on a 2 year taper. I can't even work I'm so sick. Doctors have no clue. It's not a joke.

    • Josh Jernigan
      Josh Jernigan 2 years ago

      Sorry I used the word addictive. Dependant is more like it I guess. I was just trying to use a word that the masses would know. But you are 100% right!

    • Benzo Brains
      Benzo Brains 2 years ago

      You're right addiction is not the right word.  GABA downregulation from benzodiazepines has nothing to do with addiction but rather physical dependency.   If you are willing to look at the research please look at my videos about this subject.  I have many references to peer reviewed research. I will. be doing a video soon addressed specifically to the medical community.  Best wishes.

    • raggedyann
      raggedyann 2 years ago

      +littlemissperfect actually I have done months of research into drug addiction. Nicotine is more addictive than heroine as well. There are more deaths from nicotine than murder, suicide, car accidents, AIDS, and accident combined.

    • Josh Jernigan
      Josh Jernigan 2 years ago

      Sorry should have said drugs that a doctor prescribes. I would take nicotine withdrawal everyday for the rest of my life, if I could skip the next couple of years of Benzo withdrawal... 

    • Benzo Brains
      Benzo Brains 2 years ago

      +raggedyann ok you obviously haven't done your research. Google benzodiazepines. They are more difficult and dangerous to withdraw from than Heroin. They can cause years of damage. NICOTINE? Wow please don't speak on a subject about which you know absolutely nothing.

  • Apod ok
    Apod ok 2 years ago +3

    Top woman

  • darlizable
    darlizable 2 years ago +3

    Do yourself and your family a big favor and throw the other half of the Xanax away.  You don't even want to go down that road.

    • peachesandpoets
      peachesandpoets Year ago

      I felt weird when they cheered for that

    • ExclusiveLM
      ExclusiveLM 2 years ago

      +darlizable I wonder if Bruce Jenner will need the other half of Kelly's Xanax when she wins this award next.

  • Benzo Brains
    Benzo Brains 2 years ago +5

    Love you sweets but joking about Xanax is like joking about shooting up with heroin- not cool.

    • Mitchell Wiggs
      Mitchell Wiggs 3 months ago

      Please stop projecting your mental illness & addiction on a bunch of strangers in the YouTube comment section. You clearly still need help with a few things.

    • Tony Arena
      Tony Arena 3 months ago

      littlemissperfect yea being gay is because of the decades of the media and drugs giving kids hormone damage if anyone can't see that then continue drinking your soda.

    • ghostrider5393
      ghostrider5393 2 years ago

      I think you may be making a mountain out of a mole hill. I've openly disclosed to my friends how I had taken a half a Xanax while my mom was in surgery to calm me down and how it ended up making me feel higher than a kite. I sure as hell am not making fun by any means of people put in certain situations as I'm sure Kelly wasn't. But if you feel so strongly about something like this topic you're going about it in a right way. Start a conversation about it BUT do more about it too. Calling some celeb out on YouTube isn't going to do a damn thing. Start something in your community, get it to branch out. Misconstrued quotes and commenting on them won't do much. Do and Be the change you want to see. I'll be honest, I hope to never need Xanax ever again. did it make more a funny story in a sad time? Hell yes it did. end of story for me, but don't let it be the end of a story for you.

    • raggedyann
      raggedyann 2 years ago

      +littlemissperfect you did make that connection though. The statement connects the two things in the way you worded it. People will not become activist for you cause if you continue to make preposterous assumptions and inferences.

    • Benzo Brains
      Benzo Brains 2 years ago

      I was not equating it I was pointing out the irony.  And many people have been institutionalized, lost their homes, jobs, families because their doctors refused to believe this drug caused damage to their central nervous systems and they are denied even the right to file for disability. They are living in a perpetual state of mental and physical torture and if you had an ounce of compassion you would do your research and ask for Kelly and others to help bring awareness to this.

  • Apod ok
    Apod ok 2 years ago


  • Apod ok
    Apod ok 2 years ago


  • Kenny De
    Kenny De 2 years ago +7

    Beautiful human being with a beautiful heart so funny also lol

  • swe3t23
    swe3t23 2 years ago +3

    great speech

  • Darya N
    Darya N 2 years ago +5

    This is what an Ally looks like!

  • W Bruce
    W Bruce 2 years ago +10

    Pretty fantastic!

  • ciel222
    ciel222 2 years ago +3


  • Rosannasfriend
    Rosannasfriend 2 years ago +3

    funny speech!

  • Rich Santana
    Rich Santana 2 years ago +5


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