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  • loli_ cvnt
    loli_ cvnt 3 hours ago


  • lizzy01101
    lizzy01101 3 hours ago

    Where are the holosexuals

  • beez1717
    beez1717 4 hours ago

    Ewwwwwww! And so cool!

  • Falak Kapotra
    Falak Kapotra 7 hours ago

    Are you doing back to school giveaway please reply bunny 🐰

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    Ya favorite sisters 8 hours ago


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  • Michelle Beck
    Michelle Beck 11 hours ago

    Wowwww 😮

  • MsLLL89
    MsLLL89 12 hours ago

    Next can you try the fresh faced foundation app and see if it works please I love your videos

  • Patrice De La Cruz
    Patrice De La Cruz 14 hours ago

    I love you Bunny! ❤️

  • Joe Lolol
    Joe Lolol 16 hours ago

    Oh yeah by the way gaming with jen watches you and thinks your funny

  • Fay Martyn
    Fay Martyn 17 hours ago

    The bit between your eyebrows is called the glabella

  • Melanie Mars
    Melanie Mars 17 hours ago

    All these make up trends are usually fails and a waste of time lmao 😂

  • Redd On My Head
    Redd On My Head 21 hour ago

    This would be good for someone that enjoys peeling the skin from a sunburn!

  • Rebecca Day
    Rebecca Day 21 hour ago

    It's not very apPEALING! Lmao

  • Esai Menendez
    Esai Menendez 21 hour ago

    If i were to wear this mask i would not recommend it because it looks so hard to take it you bunny ❤️

  • Virtue Cornelison
    Virtue Cornelison 22 hours ago

    What if you mixed this in with face masks and moisturizers to make them peelable?

  • Amber Brown King
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  • Cruz Erza
    Cruz Erza 23 hours ago

    Hey I just said thaatttt before I heard you soooo that not count.... lol

  • Cruz Erza
    Cruz Erza 23 hours ago

    I found it use.... it is for Halloween that will be perfect

  • Cruz Erza
    Cruz Erza 23 hours ago

    This girl make mi day .... bunny thank you thank you I was about to buy it but I'm glad I have my girl try for me.... loook it that.... look like thaaat lol 😂 thanks

  • Stylikhorayneson
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  • Ashley mcneely
    Ashley mcneely 1 day ago

    im a big fan of your videos but the fact that you put on a shade of foundations thats darker than your skin color bothers me cause it doesnt look good at makes your face look orange especially close up

  • platypusnoiz93
    platypusnoiz93 1 day ago

    That stuff looks like a bad sunburn starting to peel. That said, I would definitely want to put that on just to immediately peel it off because I am essentially a five year old and it sounds fun

  • Meghan DeVivo
    Meghan DeVivo 1 day ago

    did anyone else from the phandom automatically say that it was a glabella at 4:43 lol cause i did

  • Kaitlyn Kozak
    Kaitlyn Kozak 1 day ago

    This is by far one of my favorite series! This is what originally bought me to your channel many years ago!

  • Gabby Tuhakaraina
    Gabby Tuhakaraina 1 day ago

    I personally wouldn't try that but whoever does I hope you like it 😊

  • Emma koch
    Emma koch 1 day ago

    This is weird but cool

  • Lohab Gggg
    Lohab Gggg 1 day ago


  • maii elsaghier
    maii elsaghier 1 day ago

    it is definitely the favorite day of the week😂💕💕

  • Ayesha
    Ayesha 1 day ago

    love ur videos

  • Theodore Hernandez
    Theodore Hernandez 1 day ago

    That little space between your eyebrows is called the glabella

  • Melangelle Fatalis
    Melangelle Fatalis 1 day ago

    Would be an awesome product for Halloween, making nasty corpse skin!

  • Reese Mckinley
    Reese Mckinley 1 day ago

    are you gonna do a back to school giveaway??

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith 1 day ago

    Just throw some elmers glue on your face, same thing lmao

  • Ramona Cox
    Ramona Cox 1 day ago

    Have you tried the Lipscence products?

  • Maya Russell
    Maya Russell 1 day ago

    tbh it probably is just glue

  • pam wilkinson
    pam wilkinson 1 day ago

    Fail for me. I'll stick to what I have!

  • Angelina Maneri
    Angelina Maneri 1 day ago

    Love ya bunny❤️

  • Kayla Arnold
    Kayla Arnold 2 days ago

    Please review t3 curling wands or nume curling wands

  • Christine Rodgers
    Christine Rodgers 2 days ago


  • Lauren Jayne
    Lauren Jayne 2 days ago

    This was so satisfying

  • xobaileeox
    xobaileeox 2 days ago +1

    The space between your eyebrows is called the glabella, but no man's land works too haha 👍

  • Kerry Ross
    Kerry Ross 2 days ago

    It's basically like a peel off face mask. When you stretch and move your skin, it's going to rip and peel lol

  • Livv McCann
    Livv McCann 2 days ago

    I totally understand your nose pore issue because that happens to me a lot and it is mainly just all this peach fuzz that shows through!

  • candy graves
    candy graves 2 days ago

    It looks like liquid latex... Which I have used as silly treatment, the way I'd assume this one is meant to be used. Lol

  • Brooke Rutkowski
    Brooke Rutkowski 2 days ago

    Great for Halloween effects!

  • insanetxartist
    insanetxartist 2 days ago

    Instant Zombie Freak Make-up? X-D

  • Talented Singer
    Talented Singer 3 days ago

    3:37 "Oooooh. So thick. So stick." 😉😂

  • Beth Cruzan
    Beth Cruzan 3 days ago

    Drinking game: take a shot (or maybe just a sip, if you don't want to die) whenever Bunny says "look at that." Hahaha 😂 Love ya, Bunny!

  • the7thwreck
    the7thwreck 3 days ago

    This was HILARIOUS!!! 🐊

  • callaboo 222
    callaboo 222 3 days ago

    I could see this being used for like oily or porus areas or places that tend to crease really easily. But I feel like it would would feel like seeing a gel face mask all day
    Edit: the way it peels off looks like what I use for Halloween makeup; if your allergic to silicon or latex I would avoid using this because it probably has some form of it in it

  • Nicole Wallace
    Nicole Wallace 3 days ago

    Do u think it will work for people who can't wheir make up

  • KawaiiCarolKitty
    KawaiiCarolKitty 3 days ago

    Try to review pearl wax

  • Crazy Chic
    Crazy Chic 3 days ago

    Bunny you should try this watch that makes u sleepy xxx

  • Savannah Heinz
    Savannah Heinz 3 days ago

    Can someone give me a count of how many times she said "look at that"?

  • Brittany Arnette
    Brittany Arnette 3 days ago

    Been away from here for a while! I missed ypu bunny lol

  • April Mandrelle
    April Mandrelle 3 days ago

    perfect for halloween.. thats about it

  • Rayna Jackson
    Rayna Jackson 3 days ago

    You should do the concealer that can cover anything

  • The AngelAJPwny
    The AngelAJPwny 3 days ago

    This looks so wrong, I wanted to gag the whole time. Just, man, it looks like you're actually peeling your own skin off, eugh. XD

  • Jane Bremer
    Jane Bremer 3 days ago

    Memories of pasting PVA glue on hands to peel it back off 😂

  • Stephanie V
    Stephanie V 3 days ago

    Try out the Invisibobble! I'm interested in if it actually works well, or if it's exactly as cheesy as it looks! Love ya 🐰 💟

  • Naomi The Unicorn Queen

    I need to try it!!! Love you

  • kelsey mcguire
    kelsey mcguire 3 days ago

    just simply peel like no big deal

  • Kelly Harper
    Kelly Harper 4 days ago

    If dog man walked in and saw her peeling off her face haha

  • Kelly Harper
    Kelly Harper 4 days ago

    12:55 lol

  • CheetahLOVER 16
    CheetahLOVER 16 4 days ago


  • morgan ferrance
    morgan ferrance 4 days ago +1

    You should try the water wubble it's reusable water balloons 🤔 sounds too good to be true lol

  • Vichrae V.
    Vichrae V. 4 days ago

    her voice is like a knight in full armor sliding down a chalkboard mountain.

  • Melissa Fletcher
    Melissa Fletcher 4 days ago

    You should be saying everybodys favorite day of the month. you dont do these videos every week lol

  • Emily Whitehurst
    Emily Whitehurst 4 days ago +1

    Try "as seen on tv"s oonies

  • Sigrid Faelling
    Sigrid Faelling 4 days ago

    I'd probably buy this just to peel it off like glue 😂🐊

  • aliciabeme
    aliciabeme 4 days ago

    I think there needs to be more appreciation for this sweet catch @2:18

  • VelvetGeisha
    VelvetGeisha 4 days ago

    not a primer but its for spot "conceal" so you wont get dirt and makeup into the pimple. and not a bottle but a tube ;P

  • Sarah Do
    Sarah Do 4 days ago

    I FEEL LIKE A SSsSNAKE lol. Next time after you peel it off run over that area with a makeup cloth and see if there is any residue! :O

  • Hey It's Ari
    Hey It's Ari 4 days ago

    You are pretty I subscribed to keep up the good work

  • Keila Cavazos
    Keila Cavazos 4 days ago

    that look so nasty but satisfying I am probably the only one who thinks that

  • Scott Horton
    Scott Horton 4 days ago

    Graveyard girl you are my favorite youtuber

  • Alexis Beaver
    Alexis Beaver 4 days ago

    You need to try a new toy called oonies!!!!

  • Emily Rinehart
    Emily Rinehart 4 days ago

    Where's your kitty? Haven't seen him in awhile

  • KatePlays -Gaming
    KatePlays -Gaming 4 days ago

    OH WOW. I've been here since you had 3 million. God.

  • Christin Fanelli
    Christin Fanelli 4 days ago

    Anyone else think of Buffalo Bill? Silence of the lambs?

  • meggan english
    meggan english 4 days ago

    The space in between your eyebrows is called your glabella, lol just a random fact

  • Bobbie Hartman
    Bobbie Hartman 4 days ago

    fun summer party

  • Aimee Culver
    Aimee Culver 4 days ago +2

    Is she going to do a back to school giveaway like this so that she might be able to see it and do one this year👍👍😊😊

  • Jenna Walker
    Jenna Walker 4 days ago

    NEW DRINKING GAME!!!!!: Take a shot every time Bunny says "look at that" in this video.

  • Danielle Carnahan
    Danielle Carnahan 4 days ago

    There's so many comments that start with " hey bunny" and for some reason I read them as "hunny bunny"

  • AshIsAWolf
    AshIsAWolf 4 days ago

    the "no man's land" is actually called the glabella

  • Amy Parsons
    Amy Parsons 4 days ago

    Zombie skin!

  • Jake English
    Jake English 5 days ago

    Watching Bunny just threw the tube out of the box and perfectly catch it in her hand was so funny I had to watch it like 5 times

  • Mia Wasabi
    Mia Wasabi 5 days ago

    Intros could be shorter.

  • Jess Cox
    Jess Cox 5 days ago

    It's like one of those green tea/cucumber peel off masks you can get at CVS, but like a Nightmare on Elm St look. Thanks for the review! * Insert sassy sassy bun flip here *

  • gabriel pryor
    gabriel pryor 5 days ago

    4:00 to 10:00 ghost at right top

  • Savana Collett
    Savana Collett 5 days ago

    Bunny It feel like glue because it probably has PVA in it

  • iciejava
    iciejava 5 days ago

    Bunny I too hate washing off my makeup. I am 59 years old and have been doing it for a while and there are really great products to wash your face off, but I still hate it. I also hate the way makeup feels LOL

  • Laura Miller
    Laura Miller 5 days ago

    Oooh, leprosy chic!

  • The Rubies
    The Rubies 5 days ago

    I wish I can send her stuff.

  • Velcro
    Velcro 5 days ago

    Omg why does she remind me so much of Phoebe Buffay

  • Trinite Gimnich
    Trinite Gimnich 5 days ago

    when are you going to do the back to school giveaway

    BECKY REBEKAH 5 days ago

    the way the bottle so smoothly flew out the box to match your sentence completed my SOUL

  • Mia Nielsen
    Mia Nielsen 5 days ago

    It would be fun to see you test the makeup silicone brushes! I wonder if they are as good as everyone says? 😊 btw i am such a big fan of yours! You make my world a better place 😊

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