You Can Still Have Babies After 35

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  • inquiett
    inquiett 39 minutes ago

    Having kids late causes autism!

  • Random Person
    Random Person 1 hour ago

    It's not that you're too old it's that by the time the kid is only ten you're already gonna be 45!!!

  • Rama Mohamed
    Rama Mohamed 1 hour ago

    Ive heard 40, not 35

  • spongebob squarepants
    spongebob squarepants 3 hours ago

    some people forget that some couples prefer to settle down, buy a house, have stable jobs and all that shit before having a baby. My mom had me at 30 (first try was a miscarriage, and omg! she wasn't past 35) and she had to quit her job, then we had to move out. Third time, another miscarriage, still before 35, fourth time, my brother, we moved out again, I lost all of my friends. Now we're moving out once again. You can't really choose whether to be lucky or not. And I respect couples who prefer to settle down before making such a hard choice rather than having a baby right away and fucking up their lives.

  • drakon32
    drakon32 4 hours ago +1

    The only pertinent concern is how old of a parent do you want to be? Do you want to be a 50 year old with a 10 or even a 5 year old kid. What about from the kids perspective?

  • Roblex
    Roblex 8 hours ago

    Egg Mayo clinic.

  • Michael Skubij
    Michael Skubij 8 hours ago


  • アップルパイ
    アップルパイ 9 hours ago

    "You can have kids beyond 35 y.o"

    yea sure... by the time your kids reach high school, you'd be an old fart...

    around 52 y.o if you had it at 35, but why so soon? Let's wait more so u're 95 y.o when your kids reaches elementary school! Surely your kids won't miss u anyway when you kiss the grave.

  • Morgan Husky
    Morgan Husky 9 hours ago

    dont wanna have children? you are litteraly saying that you dont want to continue your parents parents parents parents (and so on) 's genes .-. you have cut your family tree

  • Rayshonda Hedgeh
    Rayshonda Hedgeh 11 hours ago

    later births make babies gay and autistic,.,. Oonly have se.x in you're teen yeares

    • Rayshonda Hedgeh
      Rayshonda Hedgeh 11 hours ago

      To be serious I've never heard heard of any of the myths in the video but I'm glad they've been dispelled for some viewers

  • If you are depressed Watch this

    My mom had my baby sister at the age of 38, thanks a lot Adam for confirming that.

  • Rachel Wilkens
    Rachel Wilkens 13 hours ago

    I have that dress the girl is wearing. Go Target.

  • XerxesTexasToast
    XerxesTexasToast 13 hours ago

    Fertility doesn't plummet at all, but the risk of Down's syndrome rises sharply with every year of age you gain after that. That said, my mom had me after that window and I'm reasonably well-adjusted.

  • Hunter Otto
    Hunter Otto 14 hours ago

    The average person stops growing at age 25. After that point your body begins to die. Don't have kids before 25! It can damage you remaking height and brain growth. Not to mention make you age even faster than you already are. Also most women are not at financially stable at or before age 25.

  • Hunter Otto
    Hunter Otto 14 hours ago


  • Hannah Hillig
    Hannah Hillig 14 hours ago

    I was apparently born hard of hearing for no reason... my mom was like 40 something

  • Hunter Otto
    Hunter Otto 14 hours ago

    One point that is not mentioned but HUGE detail is that statistically older couples who have kids are more financially stable then younger couples who have kids sooner.

    This means they can provide proper care to their kids like the best foods, schools, medical care, etc, etc. Just because a older women has a child does not mean they are cursed with autism. My mom had me when she was 42, look at me I'm a state placer in wrestling!!!

    The older a couple is the less likely they are to get divorced witch will give the child two parents in the same home. THAT is huge. It's healthy for a child to grow up with and mom in the same home. My parents where divorced and it upset me when I was young. It also had a major effect on my life style because my mom made 40k and had to care for 3 days with virtually no financial help from my father.

    People who say "BUT THE RISK IN INCREASED DON'T HAVE KIDS OVER 40!" Don't take into account these details. Yes the risk does increase but it is still so small your kid will statistically will be fine.

    Please if you respond to this don't be biased or rude in the comments. As most of will probably say "My mum had me before she was even 30! I'm perfectly mentally healthy!"
    Well what I have to say is act civilized and not act like a mentally changed person on a melt down.

  • kittensofdeath
    kittensofdeath 14 hours ago

    Adam ruins everything should be taught in schools

  • Renee Katz
    Renee Katz 19 hours ago

    Higher rates of autism occur after age 25

  • Angelee Nguyen
    Angelee Nguyen 20 hours ago

    My mom had me at 39

  • emma budson
    emma budson 20 hours ago

    My mom was 41 when she had my little sister they are both fine...

  • Evan Pena
    Evan Pena 21 hour ago +1

    what did he said we 😂😂

  • Tristan Carasella
    Tristan Carasella 21 hour ago

    Think about that though. The risk goes from 1 in 200 to 1 in 100. It is a bit significant

  • Kirsten Link
    Kirsten Link 22 hours ago

    You should consider taking this video down or editing it. It's deceptive (see all the comments about all the increased risks). The world is overpopulated anyway.

  • EliteDebate
    EliteDebate 23 hours ago

    What Adam doesn't tell you is that at women's mid 30's they hit "the wall" women's bodies tend to deteriorate and their sexual market value drops to nothing. Most of the marriable men are already married and no one wants a 35 year old woman who has been around the block enough times to have made a dent in the pavement when they can find younger women.

  • Syrus Truesdale
    Syrus Truesdale 1 day ago

    Thanks a lot corporate America 🖕

  • Michelle Yung
    Michelle Yung 1 day ago

    You can have babies after 35. But raising kids after 35 is just a bit more difficult.

  • Tim Timothy
    Tim Timothy 1 day ago

    God this guys voice is so fucking annoying. I'd find it cool or interesting if he sounded charismatic and not like the fucking annoying kid in polar express

  • Nick Singer
    Nick Singer 1 day ago

    My mom was 47 when I was born...

  • Morgan Bright
    Morgan Bright 1 day ago

    my mom was 42 when I was conceived, my dad was 55. I turned out ok.

  • Danked
    Danked 1 day ago

    my mum is about 43 and she is having a baby

  • Layla Hellsing
    Layla Hellsing 1 day ago

    My mom had me post 35.

  • NessaWunsche TheTechGirl

    ....This just HALTED a several year argument.

  • SFXbeauty
    SFXbeauty 1 day ago

    When I was born my mother was 40 and my dad was 54. I'm an only child, my parents met later in life. I have no birth defects or abnormalities whatsoever. Really the only downside is that I'm now 19, my parents are getting old, and they probably won't live to see me get married and have kids, unless that happens real soon. I have to worry about things that someone my age shouldn't have to be worried about. Have kids younger if you want to see your grandkids grow up, maybe you'll even see your great grandkids. My parents won't get that.

  • Jacob Lam
    Jacob Lam 1 day ago

    did i just here adam say "WE'RE GONNA BE PARENTS"

  • Silent Fluency
    Silent Fluency 1 day ago

    Interesting how the media pushes women to have children early, yet also pushes them to pursue their careers and become well-established before they start having children. Ironic...and we wonder why the birth rate is steadily decelerating in most of the world.

  • Marvin Moose
    Marvin Moose 1 day ago

    My mom got pregnant with me at 39

  • Laziest
    Laziest 1 day ago

    my mom had my little sister at 42

  • Alien Green
    Alien Green 1 day ago

    My mom had me at 36 tho

  • PetHub
    PetHub 1 day ago

    This is probably the most ridiculous Adam Knows Everything yet

  • Kamya Delight
    Kamya Delight 1 day ago

    Thanks for the info! This is so relieving

  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 day ago

    thank you thank you thank you so much for putting this up! I've been planning my life around marrying young so i can have a lot of kids! I'll still look into researching but for now, your video has given me hope.

  • George's Crazy channel

    My ok had all of us at 35 or after and she has 5 kids

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown 1 day ago

    What a moron

  • Deanna Jackson
    Deanna Jackson 1 day ago

    I'm already 30 and have no interest in having kids. I'd rather have cats.

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 1 day ago

    Damn right you can babies over 35. My parents had my sister and I in their 20's. Then had our younger siblings in their late 30's and early 40's.

    They are very much behind and lacking when it comes to emotional maturity for their ages.

  • ItsTheWilly
    ItsTheWilly 1 day ago

    When you're younger you have much more energy to take care of kids.

  • dwd ded
    dwd ded 1 day ago

    That dude in the blue dress can't have kids no matter how old

  • Wes Lawe
    Wes Lawe 1 day ago

    Should this video be adam-splaining, man-adam-splaining, adam-man-splaining or obnoxious? For the record, I didn't hate it.

  • Wilhelm Thomsen
    Wilhelm Thomsen 1 day ago

    I got born when my mother was 38, and my father was 40. This is normal where i live.

  • Wadley225
    Wadley225 1 day ago

    I got married at 44 (my wife was also 44, now we are 47), and I've been blasting her special hole full of SPLOOGE for nearly 3 years now, and she picks the days for best fertility.  No babby yet.  Explain that.  And yes, I got tested for fertility and am in good shape.

  • Asbjørn Birkelund
    Asbjørn Birkelund 1 day ago

    Yea but it sucks having 100 year old parents when you're a teen though.

  • Omar Eassa
    Omar Eassa 1 day ago

    My mother gave birth after 35

    alot after 35

  • Clay Claydy
    Clay Claydy 1 day ago

    talking about having babies makes me nauuuseous

  • RedYellowBlue
    RedYellowBlue 2 days ago

    damn, I've been freaking out about this and planning my life around the 35 rule. Still gonna do my own homework on this one though, just haven't heard another perspective

  • iNezumi
    iNezumi 2 days ago

    Yeah, you can wait. Until you're old and all best guys are happily married and you have to settle for a consolation prize.

  • GrapplingIgnorance
    GrapplingIgnorance 2 days ago

    Also- kids are optional. You don't NEED to reproduce in order to have a fulfilling life. Alternatives include adopting a pet, having a plant or NOTHING AT ALL.

  • Emily Goh V
    Emily Goh V 2 days ago

    I like it when Adam ruins everything....

  • nick barrows
    nick barrows 2 days ago

    No it 30 . You can't wait

  • GoddessOfCuteness
    GoddessOfCuteness 2 days ago +1

    Yeah. My mum had me at 40. WITH a donor on the second try.

  • Jacqueline F
    Jacqueline F 2 days ago

    My mom had me when she was 45 (my dad was 45 as well)

  • WafflesWithHoney
    WafflesWithHoney 2 days ago

    Are they like, still obligated to do some videos for CH because of some contract or something? You never see them in regular CH video's

  • SpaceMonki
    SpaceMonki 2 days ago

    yeah have kids at 40 and be 60 by the time ur kid is only 20

  • Ready, Aim, Firebreather

    my mom had my sister when she was 43 and my dad was 48/49 I think... it sucks. people always judge you and you feel shitty when a cashier says "aw your grandfather bought you a christmas present"... yes that really happened once

  • Leahmae111
    Leahmae111 2 days ago


  • David Khutsishvili
    David Khutsishvili 2 days ago

    Not true. After 35, women lose their sexual appeal

  • K4LAVA Royale
    K4LAVA Royale 2 days ago

    ITS fuken weird

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 2 days ago

    Are Murph and Emily really married? They do so many of these sketches together

  • Mo Sho
    Mo Sho 2 days ago

    I don't understand why ppl freak out about not being able to have kids; there will ALWAYS be children to adopt from all over the world who need love, affection, a home, guidance, and a support system

  • doniquesmile3
    doniquesmile3 2 days ago

    "Egg freezing company. Ice to meet you." Cool cameo.

  • Louis palko
    Louis palko 2 days ago

    My mom is 56 and she gave birth to me 3 months ago, so i dont see the problem.

  • Eloy Henrique
    Eloy Henrique 2 days ago

    My mom had me at 39. And I'm the most determined, persistent, and the best person that I know

  • rinkwolf
    rinkwolf 2 days ago

    Just think about it, pregnancy is a huge burden on the body, who do you thing is better equipped to handle the challenge a 27 year old or a 37 year old. The body goes though a lot of changed in your early 30's and that included weakened organs and body systems. Sure it may vary from person to person. But the fact remains you have a much lower chance of a miscarriage at a younger age and more energy to care for the infant once it's born.

    This is just disinformation.

  • Bruno Henrique
    Bruno Henrique 2 days ago +1

    Sorry for ruin your vídeo , but your information desagrees with the general books of Medicine And the consent of obstetrics. Please provide a trustfull source otherwise you are also misguiding ...

  • Bruno Henrique
    Bruno Henrique 2 days ago

    I need the source to belive in this . And also fertility treatment isnt the cheapest thing ...

  • Anteo
    Anteo 2 days ago

    Jean Twenge? Heh, Adam used one clip of her on his Millenials Don't Exist talk, but on that talk she was on the wrong side.

  • BoredCynic
    BoredCynic 2 days ago

    Also, health risks for the mother (hypertension, diabetes, broken hips, anemia, etc) do actually skyrocket once the mother is in the 40's. The Mayo Clinic, which was sourced by the show, labels childbearing in the mid 30's as "high risk."

  • BoredCynic
    BoredCynic 2 days ago

    Health problems in parents are relatively common when you hit the 50's, which is a massive financial burden. Do you know what else is a massive financial burden? Having a kid. Having both at once is a piss poor decision.

  • spence
    spence 2 days ago

    (((adam ruins everything)))

  • Jack Urban
    Jack Urban 2 days ago +1

    Doesn't Adam have another video where he says when you're 40+ you're unlikely to get pregnant, I think he says "and this 16year old who makes a mistake at prom is extremely fertile and likely to have a baby, while a 40year old who is actually trying to get pregnant has a very low chance" (from the video "second puberty" by college humor

  • Stephanie Homeier
    Stephanie Homeier 2 days ago

    as a 46 year old woman i just want to say i'm glad my old ass had my kids in my 20's. raising a baby at my age sounds exhausting.

  • Ayala
    Ayala 2 days ago

    My mom had me when she was 45

  • Sharded Gem
    Sharded Gem 2 days ago

    I didn't know this was a thing.
    What I did read about was that women usually lose their sex drive at 30 - 40 or beyond.

  • Darkspoon1506
    Darkspoon1506 2 days ago

    Ehhh, 1% sounds pretty high to me.

  • THATperson
    THATperson 2 days ago

    My mother had me at 9793977 I'm 3 now

  • The Sparkle Zone
    The Sparkle Zone 2 days ago +1

    Doubling from .5% to 1.0% is actually a huge difference...

  • Jose Maquia
    Jose Maquia 2 days ago

    My mom had me at 38 and I believe I'm normal.

  • Antonio T. Fernandez

    not 35 but 40. WOAH big difference over here guys

  • SenPIE Jackie
    SenPIE Jackie 2 days ago

    My mom was 35 when she had me lol

  • Alec S
    Alec S 2 days ago +1

    The risk for a viable trisomy (e.g. 13, 18, 21) doubles from age 30-35, then nearly triples again from 35-40 (i.e. it increases 6X). And that is just for trisomy, think about all the other potential defects that can occur. Also the spontaneous abortion risk triples. Check out the CDC if you don't believe me. So if you think about it, doubling the risk for even just 5 negative potential outcomes is an enormous increase. And then think about the psychological consequences post-pregnancy if it goes wrong.

    Of course you can still get pregnant, but there are huge risks associated with it that's all i'm saying. Adam is not telling the whole story, there's so much more to it. I advise talking to your doctor before trying to conceive.

  • supercoockie1
    supercoockie1 2 days ago

    yeah, but if you wait until you`re 40. your kid is going to 30 when you die (maybe more, maybe less) . sucks for them.

    my parents had me at 20. so if everything goes well, by the time my parents are dead i have one foot in the grave my self.

  • Texan PlayeR
    Texan PlayeR 2 days ago

    But it sucks to have kids when you have the age to be grandparents already

  • Zoe Kirk
    Zoe Kirk 2 days ago

    I've only heard that I shouldn't have kids after 35 because of the risk of Down Syndrome, not because of fertility problems.

  • Chowder Stevens
    Chowder Stevens 2 days ago

    That's no woman, it's a man baby

  • JonnyKanime
    JonnyKanime 2 days ago

    My mom gave birth to me when she was 40... so...

  • 12UnicornTime
    12UnicornTime 2 days ago

    I feel so bad for the guy, first his engagement, then his wedding...

  • Lisa Eva
    Lisa Eva 3 days ago

    My brother was born when our mom was 42. Born 2 months premature, but mom had high blood pressure before she got pregnant. Only downside was that while our parents worked, I had to stay up with him at 14

  • Chester Belloc
    Chester Belloc 3 days ago

    If you're not (financially) ready to have children by your early 30s then chances are the world is better off without your genetic contribution anyway. We've got no shortage of brainless consumers.

  • Jerry Cargill
    Jerry Cargill 3 days ago

    Denmark is encouraging people to have kids sooner, because it's costing their national health system so much to aid older moms to get preggo.

  • Tenma
    Tenma 3 days ago

    i thought it was before the age of 30. the 40+ birth effects thing is real. it has been somewhere on the news or in a research magazine i read. and ive heard it from people too.

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