Little Girl Cries When She Sees Her Dad’s Dramatic Ambush Makeover | TODAY

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    Just random "NAMASTE" to all.

  • kevin nguyen
    kevin nguyen 2 days ago

    whyd they cut his beaaaard he looked so cool and strong with it whhhhyyyy

  • Katrina Symons
    Katrina Symons 3 days ago


  • Mel
    Mel 3 days ago

    great makeover!

  • Beauty Me
    Beauty Me 4 days ago

    The first dad kind of looks like David from Britains got talent.

  • kaylee jurcak
    kaylee jurcak 4 days ago

    nooooooo i liked his beard

  • Kunal Joshi
    Kunal Joshi 5 days ago

    Children's are so innocent 😊

  • Kat Parks
    Kat Parks 6 days ago

    I don't like bushy beards, they could have just trimmed it short and tidied it up. I hate the duck dynasty look yuck. I think he looks so much younger the first guy. The second guy I didn't mind his beard and personally I think he looked good both ways! I would say he did looked younger with his haired dyed though.

  • John Games
    John Games 8 days ago

    Dang Keemstar has a daughter

  • Dylan Morgan
    Dylan Morgan 8 days ago

    Why did he look like keemstar in some photos

  • Elimisha Williams
    Elimisha Williams 8 days ago

    Wow great make overs ! And the first guy has beautiful eyes that stand out so much now

  • Sharlene Cassius
    Sharlene Cassius 9 days ago

    He's OK, but I preferred his hairy face.

  • Gucci Raccoon
    Gucci Raccoon 10 days ago

    Brenda got wet

  • Sasha Runner
    Sasha Runner 11 days ago

    2:06 wait they have a hanging paper?

    • Sasha Runner
      Sasha Runner 11 days ago

      It doesn't let you 'hanging' at least

  • Elizabeth Hoagland
    Elizabeth Hoagland 12 days ago

    The lady with the long blonde hair was so sweet to the little girl.

  • Truly Naya
    Truly Naya 12 days ago

    I just cried 😭

  • Anna OConner
    Anna OConner 13 days ago

    That's one fine looking man under all that hair.

  • SlayVaeh Queen
    SlayVaeh Queen 14 days ago +2

    I like the first dude with the beard

  • creatorsist
    creatorsist 14 days ago

    awe so lovely

  • Just A Little Hush
    Just A Little Hush 16 days ago

    he has such gorgeous eyes, regardless!

  • sasha more
    sasha more 16 days ago

    First guy looked better before 😭

  • MOMMYnARMYwife
    MOMMYnARMYwife 17 days ago

    Omg did she hate it??

  • Elizabeth Holliday
    Elizabeth Holliday 21 day ago

    What's happened to humanity? We're ment to have fun! Live our lives happily..But slowly everybody is turning into somebody who just wants to look perfect..

  • Michael Rosen
    Michael Rosen 22 days ago

    Again should have left the beard and just trimmed, would have look way better. so sad to get rid of the whole beard.

  • lily
    lily 23 days ago

    so ppl go to tv show coz they are incapable of shavin a beard???

  • Sammie Dav
    Sammie Dav 26 days ago

    4:59 -- The gray jacket on the second dad looks so small. I bet he could not even button that jacket !!! looks BAD : (

  • stanbalo
    stanbalo 29 days ago

    The 2nd guy looks great and styled appropriately. The first one really is not that bad per se but just does not connect. He looks younger without facial hair but he does not look like himself. They should have left a bit of hair and styled him in a more rugged look like leather jacket and jeans

  • TwentyØneCrybabiesPhanic!atalotoffandoms

    Plot twist: that's not actually her dad. It's a pedophile.

  • TheSithLordArtist
    TheSithLordArtist Month ago


  • Luke Orourke
    Luke Orourke Month ago

    those tissues can out of nowhere

  • Vamanos Ninja
    Vamanos Ninja Month ago

    He didn't look that bad before, but he looks great now!

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Month ago

    stop saying that dam man name Luis whatever his name it

  • Kitschlady
    Kitschlady Month ago

    I can't understand that a beard equals a messy look... 😒

  • Shannon Nicole
    Shannon Nicole Month ago

    My dad died

  • Tonikitty Aj
    Tonikitty Aj Month ago

    i tried seeing myself in the mirror.
    anyone else?? no?? okay...

  • Julia Housey
    Julia Housey Month ago

    I think she cried because she was embarrassed that she couldn't find him or recognize him the first time

  • Contra 2075
    Contra 2075 Month ago +1

    2 mins and 8 secs of hanging off the ceiling tissues in a square box. Little girl fake cry of joy.

  • Amy Wilbur
    Amy Wilbur Month ago

    gorgeous eyes

  • Sam J
    Sam J Month ago

    She was so unhappy and the hosts were like " tears of joy" lmao.

  • niyah w
    niyah w Month ago

    I hate when strangers try to comfort me like they did that little girl *shivers*

  • Kit Bina
    Kit Bina Month ago

    I think with the first dad, more length left on his head would have been better, A darker hair color. I don't think he was feeling his makeover either..

  • Raquel Garcia
    Raquel Garcia Month ago +1


  • Darkiplier 628
    Darkiplier 628 Month ago

    I like how they have tissues hanging from the ceiling for any situation, I need that above my bed XD

  • Shayla webb
    Shayla webb Month ago

    thats my old teachers husband we call is Mt president

  • femylafi
    femylafi Month ago

    The child looks traumatised like she does not want her dad touching her... she does not recognise him... and is scared because it does not look like her dad.. poor thing... once he gets to really sit down and talk to her she will see its him.

  • namegirl12
    namegirl12 Month ago

    i liked the first guy's beard

  • MsDmacD
    MsDmacD Month ago

    My dad shaved his beard and mustache off when i was about 17, I'd never seen him without and god i hated it. Thankfully he grew it back super quick, but i can totally understand the shock that little girl felt when she saw this man she didn't recognize standing there.

  • Fer DLC
    Fer DLC Month ago

    he looked badass before the makeover

  • Tan Le
    Tan Le Month ago

    Tissues from the ceiling? These Spiderman promotions low-key af

  • Caroline Quinn
    Caroline Quinn Month ago +1

    Casual tissue box hanging from the ceiling😂XD

  • Hannahanya
    Hannahanya Month ago

    Shoulda kept his beard!! It was obviously his pride

  • TrashTM
    TrashTM Month ago

    That little girl must've HATED her dads beard

  • victoria c
    victoria c Month ago +1

    kids crying makes me uncomfortable

  • Andrew Anane
    Andrew Anane Month ago


  • Kirsty Malcolm
    Kirsty Malcolm Month ago

    Wow. His eye's are stunning!

  • Peaceinheart
    Peaceinheart Month ago

    the flying tissue box killed me XD loool

  • ThereGoesBeka
    ThereGoesBeka Month ago

    Dad #1 looked better before!

  • HeySuze Christ
    HeySuze Christ Month ago

    whoa crazy facelift on that guy. looks like the joker.

  • equestrian ella
    equestrian ella Month ago

    thE TisSUeS WHAt thE

  • Lessa Robinson
    Lessa Robinson Month ago

    A...a hanging tissue box... I have never... wow

  • Kevin Davies
    Kevin Davies Month ago

    Tissues from the sky

  • Chicken Lurkin' Yung Chihuahua

    This was supposed to be sweet but it turns out to be overly dramatic bruhhhh

  • monica x
    monica x Month ago

    this segment is so rushed, like i can hardly understand what anyone says bc everyone is talking at the same time. the son and daughter barely got any time to comprehend their dad's makeover. poor guy barely got to actually SEE what they did to him bc he literally just glanced at himself and then they were like, "okay Louis tell us what you did!" this segment should quicken the story & who the people are rather than the reveal.

  • ll Monster Life ll
    ll Monster Life ll Month ago +1

    Is it just me or does he look like Keemstar in the pictures with his beard?

  • Anahita Hassanzade
    Anahita Hassanzade Month ago

    i hate that short song they sing

  • puppy lover01
    puppy lover01 Month ago

    The tissues hanging 😂

  • Ludachiri
    Ludachiri Month ago

    omg i love how that tissue casually drops down at the top left corner at 2:07 XD

  • Isle øf flightless piløts

    There are freakin tissues hanging from the ceiling now?

  • Vaughn Burns Clash
    Vaughn Burns Clash Month ago

    The beard was cool, but he also looks good clean shaven.

  • potatoes nose
    potatoes nose Month ago

    Very cute little girl..😂😄😃

  • Ladynred
    Ladynred Month ago

    Omg he's so good looking without the beard

  • Irene Alvarez
    Irene Alvarez Month ago

    These women don't know when to let others talk geese

    MSJ SWAPNIL Month ago +1


  • sparton118
    sparton118 Month ago

    flying tissue box!

  • Sophie Newton
    Sophie Newton Month ago

    Never work with children or animals 😂😂😂😂

  • Neelki
    Neelki Month ago

    I thought the video would be the girl crying because he looked so different and thought that they makeover ambushed him because she thought they did it because he was ugly.

  • Drath Firtha
    Drath Firtha Month ago

    imagine if the dad came out as a woman. the girl would have a heart attack.

  • mynameis bob
    mynameis bob Month ago

    they look like quiffs now

  • Stay Alive TØP
    Stay Alive TØP Month ago +1

    he looked like keeeeeeeeemstar and honestly he looked younger with the beard

  • Phaedra Hopkins
    Phaedra Hopkins Month ago +1

    awww you can tell the first dad was holding back his tears too 😭

  • fallinlovewithyourself

    I like how the tissues came from the sky

  • NYAZWoman
    NYAZWoman Month ago

    Awwww, I think she was almost a little afraid there for a moment. Like they took her daddy away. He doesn't look like the dad she's use to. Too drastic of a change for her to process. She has to get use to it.

  • Libby T
    Libby T Month ago

    the 2nd guy looks like George Lopez

  • K Rich
    K Rich Month ago

    She was frightened. Poor baby

  • ChloePanda 1011
    ChloePanda 1011 Month ago

    This made me cry

  • Crystal Ardesch
    Crystal Ardesch Month ago

    Not gonna lie . The beard was so much better to me haha that haircut with the beard would've been so nice.

  • Itz Brooke
    Itz Brooke Month ago

    at 2:05

  • Styliani Fragioudakis

    I love the tissues hanging from the ceiling lol

  • Daniel ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    They should've kept the seconds guys goatie

  • Daniel ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


  • dueimack
    dueimack Month ago

    they need some young hot ladies on this morning show...tired of watching bunch if turkey necks.

  • Saitama
    Saitama Month ago

    Looked better with a beard. Should've just trimmed it.

  • Silla Lemming
    Silla Lemming Month ago

    He looked so much nicer and sweeter before!

  • Think Music
    Think Music Month ago


  • 1rewd1
    1rewd1 Month ago

    That second guy's jacket is too small.

  • Kathy Inigarida
    Kathy Inigarida Month ago

    Wow. Great transformation.

  • Melissa M
    Melissa M Month ago

    Awwwww so cute.

  • Isabella Vega
    Isabella Vega Month ago

    Have u ever seen a coment and been like i wanted to post that

  • PastelGrave
    PastelGrave Month ago

    Those eyes though.

  • Ashley Sanford
    Ashley Sanford Month ago

    His eyes are beautiful

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