2018 Volvo XC60 Crash Testing

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  • The new XC60, one of the safest cars ever made, is fully-loaded with new technology. Steer Assist has been added to the ground-breaking City Safety system. A new safety system called Oncoming Lane Mitigation uses steer assist to help mitigate head-on collisions, while Volvo’s Blind Spot Indication System (BLIS) now uses Steer Assist functionality to reduce the risk of lane-changing collisions.

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    “We have focused on building a car that can deliver pleasure to all of your senses – from a commanding view of the road ahead in a beautifully appointed and calm cabin, to a safe, inspired and confident ride,” said Henrik Green, Senior Vice President Product & Quality at Volvo Car Group. “We’ve paid particular attention to making life easier for our customers by providing them with the creature comforts and services that take the hassle out of everyday life.”

    Pilot Assist, Volvo’s advanced semi-autonomous driver assistance system, which takes care of steering, acceleration and braking on well-marked roads up to 130 km/h, is available in the new XC60 as an option.
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Comments: 276

  • Aviv Gannon
    Aviv Gannon 4 hours ago

    Why don't they make chasis maferial elastic instead of flexible?

  • Mono Mixed
    Mono Mixed 1 day ago

    Lightning McQueen's son 😂😂😂😂

  • Ruhan Alkan
    Ruhan Alkan 3 days ago

    kazalardan sonra araba hayla 0 gibi aq

  • laiki pl
    laiki pl 4 days ago

    In Mustang 69 you die like a real men :D

  • Sergei Eternal
    Sergei Eternal 4 days ago


  • Alex Larsson
    Alex Larsson 4 days ago

    I like German cars more

  • Rising Star
    Rising Star 4 days ago

    Does the fireworks come as an optional?

  • CartelZ
    CartelZ 4 days ago

    30 mph that it's nothing :/

  • Chris Cross
    Chris Cross 5 days ago

    and the end nothing is safe

  • Zwidox 81
    Zwidox 81 5 days ago

    soy yo o ponen sonidos de rayos en cámara lenta 2:20

  • BLT
    BLT 5 days ago

    A tank that looks like a car.

  • Herrmert
    Herrmert 5 days ago

    Why does the Car looks like it was animated...

  • Dark Skill
    Dark Skill 6 days ago

    The sounds sound spooky

  • Reaper 12345
    Reaper 12345 7 days ago

    They see me rolling....🤔

  • Firat Alexandre
    Firat Alexandre 8 days ago

    so hard test better than euroncap and iihs

  • Andreas
    Andreas 8 days ago

    0:44 Drivrr Dummy doesnt care about the crash because hes dabbing

  • George Jones
    George Jones 9 days ago

    Typical Volvo. Only thing that broke were the mirrors. Another job well done by Volvo.

  • de r de k
    de r de k 9 days ago

    Volvo is fantastisch

  • 1401 K
    1401 K 12 days ago

    Bizde 2 e ayrılan şahinle övünürüz :(

  • WatOutlaw41 Gaming
    WatOutlaw41 Gaming 12 days ago

    Gran Turismo 7 : The Shitty Damage Experience

  • TheRevolutionD Man
    TheRevolutionD Man 12 days ago

    thats a good car

  • Atay Sığırtmaç
    Atay Sığırtmaç 13 days ago

    There are volvos and there are american muscle cars makes you laugh when you watch both

  • joao gemer lucas
    joao gemer lucas 14 days ago

    esse canal ta de parabéns

    TAHRQUIN LARSON 14 days ago


  • James Parton
    James Parton 16 days ago

    Wtf at the small overlap crash the dummy doesn't even hit the airbag!

    • Kpop_Luv99
      Kpop_Luv99 15 hours ago

      James Parton it does but the reason why it doesn't hit it hard is because the seatbelt locked and also there is barely any intrusion of the instrument panel, which is good! Because that means that the front of the car is strong enough to absorb the impact so that it won't be pushed in to the point where the steering wheel is pushed towards the driver from the impact.

  • Steve Waclo
    Steve Waclo 17 days ago

    What are the small smoke discharges on the roof at impact?

  • xperiaviper
    xperiaviper 18 days ago

    and then rolls back on it's wheels and you carry on driving 😂

  • patto ur catto
    patto ur catto 18 days ago

    James May would love this.

  • Vincent Chew
    Vincent Chew 18 days ago

    The only vehicle that is confident to share every single angle of crash test 😂 but it bought by China now. but still good car though

  • Jane Book
    Jane Book 19 days ago

    the 1960 Plymouth Valiant was the only car ever certified by the SCCA to race without a roll cage .they swept the 1960 Daytona sedan race positions one thru six ! the following year they were banned from competition ,this feat was accomplished with a 170 cid slant six engine ! you euro trash morons can keep your swedish meatball haulers .

    • Nick Babeaux
      Nick Babeaux 14 days ago

      Jane Book ok Jane Book, what are you talking about? We are not discussing racing, rather Auto Safety!!! So let's compare Plymouth to Volvo in regards to Safety, let's see Plymouth made some terribly unsafe cars before they went out of business....Plymouth Breeze, The neon, hmmm PT cruiser, yes Dodge/Chrysler sucka at safety as well. The prowler was cool at least but ya so Plymouth sucks balls Jane Book!

  • Cyrus Hale
    Cyrus Hale 21 day ago

    What are the explosives on the back of the roof for? (Seen in both the front and 40° of set impact tests.)

  • Marcus Källvik
    Marcus Källvik 22 days ago

    volvo is safest car i have had

  • Ben Segall
    Ben Segall 22 days ago

    i fuck with volvo hard cuz my moms getting one so safety is everything

  • Brian Barba Gonzalez


  • RedZ RedZ
    RedZ RedZ 25 days ago

    I wonder what would win, a Nokia 3310 or a Volvo?

  • Clifster
    Clifster 25 days ago

    poor cars lol

  • Natali Pozniak
    Natali Pozniak 26 days ago

    Im swedish 👍

  • ohyeah788
    ohyeah788 27 days ago

    love it。。i cant wait to buy it

  • rednebula317
    rednebula317 27 days ago

    crash test dummies must be happy working for volvo

  • rednebula317
    rednebula317 27 days ago

    crash test dummies must be happy working for volvo

  • Daniel Rainey
    Daniel Rainey 28 days ago

    Just need to get out and push it back over and it's good to go!

  • Frotiz
    Frotiz 28 days ago

    This is xc90

    • TheLegend 27
      TheLegend 27 12 days ago

      Frotiz Nope its XC 60 they look the same XC 90 is 7 seater this one by the looks of it is only a 5 seater (my dad has a 2017 XC 90)

  • Steinar Saether
    Steinar Saether 28 days ago

    my family have a volvo xc70 and we was in a deth crash and all in my family survived but not he in the scoda.

  • triki ilyes
    triki ilyes 28 days ago

    Safety Tip #1 Women in passenger seats
    Safety Tip #2 Tape their mouths

  • Paco Sardina
    Paco Sardina 29 days ago

    heeeeeyyyy, that's pretty goood!!!

  • AKzebraMiner
    AKzebraMiner 29 days ago

    LOL just got rekt by a Tesla Model X

  • Lex Disselkoen
    Lex Disselkoen 29 days ago

    Why are there expolsions on the roof when it hits the wall?

  • Alex Larsson
    Alex Larsson 1 month ago

    German cars is safer

  • gsc2011
    gsc2011 1 month ago

    what are all the explosions on the roof every time the car crashes?

  • Jakub Trefný
    Jakub Trefný 1 month ago

    No airbag in back?

  • Bleach.
    Bleach. 1 month ago

    Volvo. When you hit a 25% overlap, the fender and wheel fly off. Still seems safe to me.

  • Camaro ZL1
    Camaro ZL1 1 month ago

    Why do people waste money on crash testing tanks

  • Zion
    Zion 1 month ago

    i'll give it 6 stars

  • RitzyOmega
    RitzyOmega 1 month ago

    3:39 The seatbelts are so strong, you dont even hit the airbag. I'll have to PUSH to get a Volvo as a first car.

  • Hodei Zubikarai
    Hodei Zubikarai 1 month ago

    This rolling test isn't real because if you notice,is already planned to not touch de roof while is rolling. But we know that volvo is one of the safest cars.

  • 2605155
    2605155 1 month ago

    That's amazing! It didn't even break the window glass. Just put back on its wheels and buff out the scratches.

    Edit: Alright alright. It'll need a new windshield and a four wheel alignment. sheesh.

  • AversaS
    AversaS 1 month ago

    You gotta give props to Volvo for doing this much testing with their cars - and putting it out there. You don't see many other companies doing this. With fireworks, nonetheless!

  • Adurite Games
    Adurite Games 1 month ago

    The new Volvo. The car that doesn't need airbags.

  • tom eng
    tom eng 1 month ago

    Yolo. Volvo for life.

  • TheHighStatusMillionaire

    After watching endless crash tests of all kind, I can safely say that volvos are the safest, strongest built cars.

  • Laughing Man
    Laughing Man 1 month ago

    0:42 Crash test dummies be wavin' heya cuz dey know dey in a Volvo

  • SolidRecord728
    SolidRecord728 1 month ago

    For everyone wondering: This is NOT the 2018 Volvo XC60. It's some old footage (around 2013 to 2015) that Volvo made public to show their brand as safe and reliable.

    • Wunchoop
      Wunchoop 11 days ago

      That is definitely the all new 2018 XC60 yet to be released, just look at the design of the grille, and inside the vehicle, they did not have touch panels and that design in 2013-2015...

  • mike glaser
    mike glaser 1 month ago

    I am sorry to say this, but why are tests done only at 35mph???

    I would like to see a Volvo get hit from the side by a car going 55mph that runs a red light...

  • Fox
    Fox 1 month ago

    what are thoes explosive charges on the roof for?

    • Fox
      Fox 24 days ago

      Yosyp that sonds more reasonable

    • Fox
      Fox 24 days ago

      mcgrago no, seat pre tensioners are inside the car either connected to the clicker, or the seat belt reel itsekf. not on the roof

    • mcgrago
      mcgrago 24 days ago

      They are the seat pretensioners.

    • Yosyp
      Yosyp 1 month ago

      I'm pretty sure they are G signals.
      When that area hits a certain amout of G force (of course, lateral force), they explode marking the exact moment when it reaches that energy

    • BigWheel
      BigWheel 1 month ago

      +Fox Idk... My guess would be either that or to help further illuminate the area for pictures

  • B man
    B man 1 month ago

    7:29, whats the pops on the roof of the car?

  • BuGaTTiVeYrOn007
    BuGaTTiVeYrOn007 1 month ago

    lol that sound in slowmo

  • Jon Samuel
    Jon Samuel 1 month ago

    Gotta respect a company that cares about its customers' safety

  • Darshan Desai
    Darshan Desai 1 month ago

    whoooooo owsome volvo

  • Nudezki
    Nudezki 2 months ago

    1:24 looks like Maserati Gran Turismo

  • Hhemenistan
    Hhemenistan 2 months ago

    Strongly structured!

    HYPERGARAGE 2 months ago

    Volvo is finishing what Saab started

    • tom eng
      tom eng 1 month ago

      Jaså och vad skulle det vara ?
      saab gick i kk 2 ggr.
      Volvo kör vidare.

  • Anton Shalin
    Anton Shalin 2 months ago

    что взрфвается на крыше во аремя удара кто знает?

  • Ryfus Fox
    Ryfus Fox 2 months ago

    I'm convinced that all Volvos are just tanks disguised as cars now.

  • albert7139
    albert7139 2 months ago

    If you rolled an American vehicle like a Chevy or dodge the roof would probably be crushed #americanquality

    • Adrian Shephard
      Adrian Shephard 3 days ago

      My car actually did almost two full rolls before it came to complete stop. First roll happened when the right side of a car slammed against guard rail, which made the rear end of my car go airborne, doing roll over partially over guard rail than additional roll over going down the slide of the ditch. When i was puled out of the wreck i could see that my car rear end literally was non existent, it actually did a great job of absorbing the massive energy of impact, and the pillars did great job as well keeping that roof not collapsing on my head. All in all, from my personal experience i can say that Cruze is a very safe car indeed. Now, would i be better if instead of Cruze i had some Volvo, Saab or whatever other car, i really don't know. In either way chances are 50:50. However after that accident i wouldn't like to repeat it anytime soon. Although i suffered no injuries, i did suffered psychological trauma, and indeed was shaken that entire week.

      I am not saying that Volvo is not a safe car, however your claim that there are no safe American cars was kinda wrong assumption to make. There is plenty of pretty safe American cars on the road. And majority of them saved their passangers in more than one occasion. Every car has limitations.

    • albert7139
      albert7139 4 days ago

      Adrian Shephard well try rolling more than a couple times then see what happens, Cruze's aren't that safe... recently there was a head on collision with a Cruze and an older Ford Focus & the Cruze driver died... so may not be as safe as you think.

    • Car Cinematics
      Car Cinematics 4 days ago

      Adrian Shephard Fuckin rekt him

    • Adrian Shephard
      Adrian Shephard 20 days ago


      Not true by a long shot. Four years ago i was rear ended by driver that was high on drugs just before the roundabout. Impact force made my car skid over road and end up rolling in a ditch. Walked away without a scratch. Car was totaled though. It was Chevrolet Cruze...

      So your talking pure BS. I ain't doubting Volvo is a safe car, but Chevrolet also has 5 star rated Euro NCAP models, Cruze being one of them.

  • Fabrice Laporte
    Fabrice Laporte 2 months ago

    It would have been great to show us a side poll crash

  • It's David
    It's David 2 months ago

    What in the world is this car made out of?

    • tom eng
      tom eng 1 month ago

      It's David.
      Viking stuff.

  • BigPower GD
    BigPower GD 2 months ago

    Tesla cars are safer

    • Plific A
      Plific A 2 months ago

      According to the most important crash facility IIHS and Euro NCAP you are wrong. The Tesla Model S was unable to earn either of the top awards by IIHS, nearly all cars achieve this. It received an acceptable for the small-overlap frontal crash, the 2003 XC90 receives good. Thankfully Tesla can take the data and improve.

  • gaborka1909
    gaborka1909 3 months ago

    I have to say, while I understand the importance of safety for people in general, I personally feel like the safety race is more like a pissing contest of marketing departments today.
    Will we be safe, when a long-time driver of autopiloted cars sits back to some ordinary older junk?

  • Timothy Y
    Timothy Y 3 months ago

    I saw the Volvo New S60 in this video @6:40.😂😂😂 Lol

  • Ronald Green
    Ronald Green 3 months ago

    Did you guys see the strength of the sub-frame from undernithe? THAT IS STEEL FROM THE GODS!!!!#!

  • Matti
    Matti 3 months ago

    i've never seen anyone drive at 120 km/h on a bridge o_0

  • Markon Arivenči
    Markon Arivenči 3 months ago


  • OG KrimKram
    OG KrimKram 3 months ago


  • SiiliViin
    SiiliViin 3 months ago

    Small overlap(25%) crash view under, you can see, car safety bar do not hit barrier and that's why it off strikes of it. I can imagine, you will raise overlap to 30% and result be totally different and car can be damaged several times more.

  • yosef Habib Hafiz
    yosef Habib Hafiz 3 months ago

    Maybe the only car manufacturer that does it's own small overlap crash test. They got balls!

  • David Tao
    David Tao 3 months ago

    and thus, nothing happens

  • Julio Coello
    Julio Coello 3 months ago

    0:37 wohooo! Those dummys are having the time of their lives!

  • rapgame61
    rapgame61 3 months ago

    the Roof barely got damage due to this roll over crash test...
    Lol.. poor volvo. always cheat people with fake simulated crash tests..

    only one small side got some damage in this roll over test.. show me real ROLL OVER, will see how strong your roofs are..

    VOLVO... You will never and ever going to be a reliable car as well as The most selling car..

  • Xavier Wilson
    Xavier Wilson 3 months ago

    airbags at feet
    oh my lawd this is going to be standard in the next 2 years

  • Jari Kuusisto
    Jari Kuusisto 3 months ago

    At 0:41 crash dummy tries to tell to the driver: "Turn left, left!!"

  • Joninkin
    Joninkin 3 months ago

    If you ever feel useless, just remember that someones job is to crash test a volvo xD

    • Ekonomen
      Ekonomen 3 days ago

      Mixtape Dropper the joke flew över your head

    • William MacDonald
      William MacDonald 3 months ago

      Joninkin wow totally haven't seen that meme before

    • Mixtape Dropper
      Mixtape Dropper 3 months ago

      Joninkin seems pretty useful imo

  • James Gallaher
    James Gallaher 3 months ago

    Let's just say that's a strong acc car

  • Storslaktarn
    Storslaktarn 3 months ago

    Gawd Damn

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 3 months ago


  • Downularity
    Downularity 3 months ago

    Compare this crash test to an American car crash test. Will make you laugh :)

    • Creed Watkins
      Creed Watkins 11 days ago

      Downularity I didn't laugh

    • Adrian Shephard
      Adrian Shephard 20 days ago


      Not true by a long shot. Four years ago i was rear ended by driver that was high on drugs just before the roundabout. Impact force made my car skid over road and end up rolling in a ditch. Walked away without a
      scratch. Car was totaled though. It was Chevrolet Cruze...

      Plenty of Euro NCAP 5 stars rated American cars. So bashing is not in order...Especially because American Car industry compared to Sweden is like comparing a giant to the ant...

    • Logan Guest
      Logan Guest 1 month ago

      Christian Garcia I keep seeing the same comment about Tesla. Tesla is less than 2 decades old. How many people in your community own a ford or chevy? Now how many own Nissans, Honda, Toyotas?

    • Logan Guest
      Logan Guest 1 month ago

      BigWheel There are only around 186,000 on the road. They're innovative, yes. But they also just recently came affordable to the average person.

      Ford, GMC, Chevorlet, etc. have all been staples of the American car market, but fail to protect their consumers in the market place and behind the wheel. Ford isn't even considered American anymore.

  • Downularity
    Downularity 3 months ago

    Pretty much expected from Volvo. Always put safety first.

  • Lucas M
    Lucas M 4 months ago

    a concrete car

  • rapgame61
    rapgame61 4 months ago

    they will be always sold the less car manufacturer company.. because you can cheat the people with your only safety features..

    thanks but.. not enough

    • rapgame61
      rapgame61 3 months ago

      James May i am sure they will be better

    • James May
      James May 3 months ago

      You could export all of Syria and Europe would still be better

    • rapgame61
      rapgame61 3 months ago

      James May we are gonna export all the Syrians soon... you guys will fucked up.. good luck

    • James May
      James May 3 months ago

      How would you interfer with Schengen? You are not even part of if you absolute nut job. If the EU would put economic sanctions on Turkey you would go under, the power is in Brussels. Look at EU and Turkey import and export partners. The EU is Turkeys biggest export AND import partner, not the other way round.

    • rapgame61
      rapgame61 3 months ago

      James May non of what you wrote is correct. If google how many percent of oil that europeans import from which country, you will see Arabic countries is on the top.
      By that way, if we block our seas, you guck dumb europeans wont be able to get oils to use to worm up to whatever..
      If we block our borders and seas which are control by %100 our goverment, you guys wont be able to send your armies to the middle eastern countries..
      If we cancel schengen policy, you Europeans will be fucked up. Can we do ? Yes, why not ? No obstacle.. we are freedom country not like others asshole suckers.
      I am glad you like Kebab, but Kebab is originally from Arabic countries.
      We have our own culture foods that we never cook it overseas countries as well as european countries. If you visit Turkey, you may be able to taste all of them.
      Our citizens are always focus on work, and live the life better, this is why many Turks moved out overseas countries and european countries..
      So whats wrong with it ?
      As a result, many people like you are thinking we have no power...
      Its sad.. they think like this way.

  • toriaezunoakanto
    toriaezunoakanto 4 months ago


  • rynomuncher
    rynomuncher 4 months ago

    The view from below was so cool!

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