Debra Messing "Does" "All" Her "Own" Stunts

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  • B M**se
    B M**se 4 months ago

    Two Can't Understand Normal ThinkerS!!!

  • 552mustang
    552mustang 8 months ago +2

    This bitch is having a baaaad night. Her video failed miserably :-) I have to laugh. We won... Again... God bless America and God Bless Donald Trump :-)

  • the Annuity Slayer
    the Annuity Slayer 8 months ago +1

    These two are the biggest Libertards!

  • Alisa Karter
    Alisa Karter 10 months ago +1

    One of my biggest role models

  • Maryam hassan
    Maryam hassan Year ago +1

    great actress

  • Gentle StormToo
    Gentle StormToo Year ago

    she sucks...big time

  • Sarah Bouachir
    Sarah Bouachir Year ago +5

    why are people talking about her weight? ffs, people are so disgustingly shallow.

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube Year ago

    she thanks god every night... well of course, i mean if you didn't, bad things would happen.

  • Ever Burning
    Ever Burning Year ago

    When you have kids and never exercised in your life, you get fat. She's been fat for a while now, give her a break she's 50. Nobody asked about that crystal ball in her finger?

  • Brandon Wei
    Brandon Wei Year ago

    I lost it when Stephen called her out on her running

  • pliskin100
    pliskin100 Year ago +1

    Damn, Debra Messing got fat

  • Super terrific R
    Super terrific R Year ago +2

    Serious question why did she gain so much weight?

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Year ago +1

    Jesus, what happened to her? Did she eat all the skittles?

    • Livingston Hampton
      Livingston Hampton Year ago

      +Mote Note Why thank you my good man… woman… whoever you are!

    • Frade
      Frade Year ago

      +Livingston Hampton Your name needs a tophat, monocle, and a tophat. And a glass of wine and a tophat

    • Livingston Hampton
      Livingston Hampton Year ago

      +Joe Smith And the award for Best Overdramatic Acting goes to… It never ceases to amaze me Joe Smith how someone can put on some pounds and people like you think they're morbidly obese or something. Give the woman a freaking break! There's a big difference between having meat on your bones and letting your body go to heck.

  • insaneapples
    insaneapples Year ago

    She's gained a few pounds.

  • yougrounds
    yougrounds Year ago

    For some reason, I was expecting a fight scene between two stunt doubles again.

  • Aj Hampton
    Aj Hampton Year ago +2

    She really doesn't look fat at all. She looks like a normal human. Was she a stick before or something?

  • Trevor Doge
    Trevor Doge Year ago +1

    is that Grace?

  • flopinator
    flopinator Year ago +1

    fat, on the escalator.  fat

  • duchesswannabe
    duchesswannabe Year ago +1

    should've worn black...

  • J Squirrel
    J Squirrel Year ago +1

    I miss Grace.

  • iglooo102
    iglooo102 Year ago +1

    was really funny on "Will & Grace"

  • Maureen McLean
    Maureen McLean Year ago


  • grumpy communist
    grumpy communist Year ago +12

    she still has small boobs

    • Amber Ashley
      Amber Ashley 9 months ago

      flopinator fat? where? curvy? yes! She looks healthy and beautiful!

    • flopinator
      flopinator Year ago

      +grumpy communist for getting fatter, yes

  • Happiness Bunny
    Happiness Bunny Year ago +3

    She got some thickness to her now

  • Jolanda27
    Jolanda27 Year ago +1

    She gained some weight......

  • haufbraus
    haufbraus Year ago +8

    Wow she gained some weight.

    • cristina solano
      cristina solano 7 months ago

      haufbraus yeah on Will&Grace she was super skinny. Now she looks gorgeous for a 48 year old woman.

    • Chandler M.Bing
      Chandler M.Bing Year ago

      Ye well as long as she feels ok, I mean of course no one has the right to impose a certain lifestyle on someone, that's my opinion too.
      Though sometimes, looking at those "stars" like f.e. Kelly Clarkson, Micha Barton is kinda shocking and I ask myself why the difference is so extrem. Before: rather too skinny; after: extrem blown up (not in her case here). It could also be due to medication or depression, maybe sometimes people, after their career, can just live the way they want for the first time without harsh restrictions..
      But if u look at the blown up versions, I suggest a moderate thing in between would be better, not always those extrems. Can't be too healthy.

    • naughtycursor
      naughtycursor Year ago

      +haufbraus That's funny, because when she came out I was thinking she was looking like a what a person with a normal weight should. She's a tad overweight, but I'd say she could represent what an ideal weight should be. Not too fat, but not stick thin either.

    • suzawilo
      suzawilo Year ago

      +Chandler M.Bing We only live once bro.Let her eat whatever she wants.We'll all die of something.

    • Chandler M.Bing
      Chandler M.Bing Year ago

      She did the Kelly Clarkson diet 😂😂 as long as she feels good I'd say it's ok. Though she should quit the diet.

  • Darth Chocolate
    Darth Chocolate Year ago +8

    If you're gunna talk about the clip, show the clip =/

  • Top Comment
    Top Comment Year ago +1

    I thought he was going to tell her I don't believe you like he did with Bruce Willis :(

  • thelousyllama
    thelousyllama Year ago +2


  • Steve27775
    Steve27775 Year ago +34

    "Nobody ever asks me to even look like I'm doing stunts." I have three words for you, Stephen: Bruce Willis fight. Remember?

    • Vyselink
      Vyselink Year ago

      +Steve27775 yeah........other than the play he did.......and the news that his wife is undergoing IVF so he can have a son (he has 5 daughters)......and that him and Demi might reunite to do a're right, no ones seen him recently......

    • Steve27775
      Steve27775 Year ago

      +Vyselink No-one's seen Bruce Willis recentlly.

    • Vyselink
      Vyselink Year ago

      +Yaldabaoth Then how are both alive??????????????/

    • Yaldabaoth
      Yaldabaoth Year ago

      +Steve27775 Stunts are fake action. That fight was to the death for real.

  • sasan n
    sasan n Year ago +30

    I'd love to shag her ginger brains out, giggity giggity.

  • blackice11z
    blackice11z Year ago +1

    Let me fix the title: Debra Messing "Does All Her Own Stunts."

  • Relatively Relevant
    Relatively Relevant Year ago +65


  • Giantradscorpion
    Giantradscorpion Year ago +25

    so disappointed to not see the two indulge in an excessive fight scene like he did with bruce willis. i need more of that in my life!

    • sphinx onyx
      sphinx onyx Year ago

      Yassss why isn't that a regular thing I don't even!!!
      And that stupid confession thing is.. It's just not as funny as some of his other gems are

    • MyGutSaysMaybe
      MyGutSaysMaybe Year ago

      same. the title made me think an epic battle would ensue

  • Luis N.
    Luis N. Year ago +28

    she's so fucking hot

  • JimBobWales
    JimBobWales Year ago +5


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