ROLLIN' WILD - 'Giraffe ' - what if animals were round?

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  • Love Cat's and fish
    Love Cat's and fish 18 hours ago


  • Lucky Mafu
    Lucky Mafu Day ago

    So funny lol

  • Anders Gustafson
    Anders Gustafson 6 days ago

    Do humans.

  • Mirys
    Mirys 14 days ago

    pobre jirafita...

  • Jesse J
    Jesse J 15 days ago

    That ball giraffe is gonna be my new oc for youtube

  • David Le
    David Le 17 days ago

    The giraffe might drown!

  • samantha jesper
    samantha jesper 17 days ago

    these are so funny

  • claudia calderon
    claudia calderon 20 days ago

    Me gusta tu serie♥:-):-)

  • l love Fairytale
    l love Fairytale Month ago

    So fat

  • Daniella Coltman
    Daniella Coltman Month ago

    Ha I can't stop laughing

  • zac ram
    zac ram Month ago

    cerite ini hebat gila gila

  • Collin Wood
    Collin Wood Month ago

    That's meh evere dayz

  • Mia Cool
    Mia Cool Month ago

    ça dure pas très longtemps mais c' est trop COOL 😁😀😎😎😎

  • lizardprotector
    lizardprotector Month ago

    I want to see dinosaurs getting the Rollin' Safari treatment.

  • Derpy Pigeon
    Derpy Pigeon Month ago

    The giraff was too fat to drink 🤣🤣

  • Owldude000
    Owldude000 Month ago

    Critical mass has been reached

  • Toast
    Toast Month ago

    rip in pepperonis.

  • Right Peace
    Right Peace Month ago

    love it so much XD

  • Joe Bab
    Joe Bab Month ago


  • moved to minipin
    moved to minipin Month ago

    So is no one acknowledging the fact that the giraffe most likely drowned?

  • eternal youth
    eternal youth Month ago


  • Darkstar Archangel
    Darkstar Archangel 2 months ago

    The head in the water scene could be controversial as it could actually happen in real life.

  • Fantastic #4000
    Fantastic #4000 2 months ago

    So funny

  • Marek Rutyna
    Marek Rutyna 2 months ago

    i hate rollin wild it is stupid

  • Lou P
    Lou P 2 months ago

    A bit like me trying to put my shoes on

  • Seba1805
    Seba1805 2 months ago

    how nice of you to cut the video right before the giraffe dies

  • Foozle Folf
    Foozle Folf 2 months ago

    Dead is that giraffe

  • Veronica Poxon
    Veronica Poxon 2 months ago

    what would elephants look like in this world

  • SillyString.
    SillyString. 2 months ago

    Well, that is amusing. I do hope you encourage animal owners NOT to overfeed them.

  • kel tait
    kel tait 2 months ago

    who are the miserable 222 people who disliked this video?! seriously 😂😂😂😂

  • K. Pyle || Piano Videos

    That giraffe definitely drowned

  • Evan Greenwalt
    Evan Greenwalt 2 months ago

    that giraffe probably drowned to death. (really funny though)

  • attack
    attack 2 months ago

    What if humans were round?

  • Lavar ball Lavar ball
    Lavar ball Lavar ball 2 months ago +1

    *Then the giraffe drown*

  • Ryan Pfeiffer
    Ryan Pfeiffer 2 months ago

    And then it fucking drowned : (

  • Saand
    Saand 2 months ago


  • VoīdHōlder
    VoīdHōlder 2 months ago


  • Christian Andreas
    Christian Andreas 2 months ago

    Ohhhh what a poor giraffe ^^

  • Greenhourglass
    Greenhourglass 2 months ago

    how many of yall really here to jack off to this but acting all "lol haha funny animals ;)" in the comments

  • Jachra
    Jachra 2 months ago

    The wages of an evil god! :D

  • Frostfirerotation
    Frostfirerotation 2 months ago

    He's not fat, he's curvy. #bodypride #bbw #fatacceptance

  • GIFcreator
    GIFcreator 2 months ago

    how was it getting water before?

  • Andrew Salim
    Andrew Salim 2 months ago

    it is elaphant

  • marie quine
    marie quine 2 months ago

    this is me suhur time

  • Beverly Macias
    Beverly Macias 2 months ago

    Kinda funny, but I laughed soooo hard but I feel bad for the fat-ballon graffie

  • _xVoidx_
    _xVoidx_ 2 months ago


  • Raven G.
    Raven G. 2 months ago

    Make more videos with a monkey

  • HRH
    HRH 2 months ago

    وضعنا في صلاة المغرب والفجر ..

    في رمضان 😂😂😂

  • أَبُوُ خَاَلِدْ

    انا جاي من الواتس من اللي مثلي☺✋

  • Mark Studios
    Mark Studios 2 months ago


  • Jong-un Kim
    Jong-un Kim 2 months ago


  • Olivia Lee Langdale-Hunt

    i think he drowned like omg like how could he breathe?

  • Geometry Dash Smilez
    Geometry Dash Smilez 3 months ago

    Are you German??

  • gaming dino
    gaming dino 3 months ago


  • Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus
    Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus 3 months ago +1


  • RailsofMichigan
    RailsofMichigan 3 months ago

    Now this I like giraffes are my favorite as well as zebras I hope you will do more of both I'm curious how if two giraffes battle how would they of this size by far the biggest you have made and I like that.

  • unicorn kitty
    unicorn kitty 3 months ago

    das ist nicht lustig sondern traurig du penner

  • Alesya Army
    Alesya Army 3 months ago

    😂 so cute!!

  • Alexander
    Alexander 3 months ago

    lazy animator just based it off a ball !!

  • Stephie
    Stephie 3 months ago


  • Alex Bauer
    Alex Bauer 3 months ago +2

    make the king of the jungle (the lion) fat

  • Logan Truckair
    Logan Truckair 3 months ago

    we need more

  • Julie Navarro
    Julie Navarro 3 months ago

    Please post more videos I really like them and because you got 114,738 people subscribed waiting for more coolness.

  • Sebastian Celis
    Sebastian Celis 3 months ago

    podria verlo todo el dia

  • Tyreek Johnson
    Tyreek Johnson 3 months ago

    Hahahahaha it's funny because it died 😂

    now I'm sad 😧

  • Matthew Dickerson
    Matthew Dickerson 3 months ago

    should have stuck with eating the tender leaves

  • Holo Sohma
    Holo Sohma 3 months ago

    do maybe pandas or house cats

  • Cobra producciones
    Cobra producciones 3 months ago

    the giraffe dies?

  • patrick houchins
    patrick houchins 3 months ago

    I don't get it

  • carl johnson
    carl johnson 3 months ago

    weirdest thing on youtube...

  • Shan G
    Shan G 3 months ago

    Lmaooo so R.I.P? I need more!

  • daroyalgeneral
    daroyalgeneral 3 months ago

    had to sub.....😂😂😂😂

  • Saood Obaid
    Saood Obaid 3 months ago

    hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • SeaDragøn
    SeaDragøn 3 months ago

    this will be a fetishism soon

  • Mildred Gabbert
    Mildred Gabbert 3 months ago

    1. Do more inflated animals like a sloth or penguins or lemmings.
    2. Funny Stuff's got a point. A Rolling Wild movie would be nice. It would a body inflation bonanza, showing how these beasts got their origin, you know, how they became balloons.

  • Luka Leah
    Luka Leah 3 months ago

    Poor giraffe... xD
    Btw I subscribed :3

  • whyisthisnottyping
    whyisthisnottyping 3 months ago


  • gabe prentiss
    gabe prentiss 3 months ago

    melman go on a diat

  • Aziza Alkan
    Aziza Alkan 4 months ago

    It would fart and get slimer

  • Heather Louise
    Heather Louise 4 months ago


  • Elephant's charge 143
    Elephant's charge 143 4 months ago

    Please do the elephant...

  • Chiara Vittoria Ciccariello Fusco

    hace un leon gordo

  • SoMe
    SoMe 4 months ago

    Make more Videos hahaha😂

  • Becky Todd
    Becky Todd 4 months ago +1

    Can you do one with a wildebeest or maybe An elephant

  • baby lizard
    baby lizard 4 months ago

    Can I make a request for my friend how bout a bunch of wolves

  • Isabella Deroeun
    Isabella Deroeun 4 months ago

    I laughed sooooo hard😝😝😝

  • sreynoch oum
    sreynoch oum 4 months ago


  • Halema,uma,u Pimples
    Halema,uma,u Pimples 5 months ago

    That is so round

  • P Brickley
    P Brickley 5 months ago

    What the heck?

  • Enzo Reyes
    Enzo Reyes 5 months ago +1

    and then he died RIP

  • Revali4Ever Rito
    Revali4Ever Rito 5 months ago

    I don't look that fat.

  • Veronica Poxon
    Veronica Poxon 5 months ago +2

    please make 'elephants'

  • Veronica Poxon
    Veronica Poxon 5 months ago +5

    I wonder what elephants would look like in rolling safari ?

  • Rachel Orenstein
    Rachel Orenstein 5 months ago

    you guys should make a panda one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleaseeeeeeeee omlomlomloml i would love you forever

  • Bagel Cakes
    Bagel Cakes 6 months ago

    You should upload more often

  • Zee ♢
    Zee ♢ 6 months ago

    Omg this channel's still alive? I love these so much, they always make me laugh, please make more!

  • Bret Chet
    Bret Chet 6 months ago


  • Gamerman844
    Gamerman844 6 months ago

    lol so funny :D

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