Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Gordon Ramsay

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    Up until about a decade ago, most people weren’t familiar with Gordon Ramsay. This ill-tempered, profanity-spewing master chef and businessman only broke onto the international stage when hit shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares began airing around the globe. Since then, he’s appeared in all sorts of television productions and talk shows and we know a little bit more about this colorful figure. But there’s always hidden stories that not everyone knows about.
    So just what are some surprising things you didn’t know about Gordon Ramsay? Well, there’s the fact that despite being known as a chef of high standards he loves American fast food. He also isn’t a man who settles for three squares a day, instead opting for many smaller meals. That trademark scowl with all those wrinkles is actually a lot less wrinkly today thanks to some cosmetic work done a few years ago. In fact, for being such a short-tempered perfectionist and demanding figure in the kitchen, Ramsay is actually all about the second chances. Despite having the highest standards when it comes to food, you’ll see that even Gordon Ramsay has a line when it comes to animal cruelty and inhumane practices for preparing food. There’s also the fact that all those rich sauces and dishes can’t distract this chef from his desire to stay in shape and compete at the highest levels of athletics. Of course, when you spread yourself this thin you can open yourself up to financial and personal collapse and Ramsay faced this several years ago when his success was really taking off. What would a celebrity video be without a discussion of their cars? Gordon Ramsay has a fleet of beauties with Ferrari being prized above all others. Yet, it could have all been so different if his soccer career had worked out. It’s strange to think but Ramsay could have become known as someone who served up goals instead of decadent dishes. Finally, there’s his overall image. While his portrayal on certain shows has him come off as a near-monster at times, Ramsay is actually a pretty caring guy, especially when it comes to kids.

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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  2 months ago +80

    Check out the Biggest Gordon Ramsay Outbursts!

  • honest bob
    honest bob 7 days ago

    His fucking name is Gordon...not CHEF... For fucks sake

  • Kathryn S
    Kathryn S 8 days ago

    ITS RAW!!

  • renae itali
    renae itali 8 days ago

    He's Bi-polar?

  • David Bruce
    David Bruce 9 days ago

    Wow! The dude Ramsey is getting into it with at 01:56 is my old neighbor, chef Scott Commings, who won the Hell's Kitchen competition a couple years back!

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  • Achat
    Achat 10 days ago

    Here is an interesting fact about Gordon Ramsey...........he's a Bellend who stole everything from Marco Pierre white.....including Whites volatile persona.

  • Lilly Ann
    Lilly Ann 11 days ago

    Yeah so?He eats in n out

  • Christina Medeiros
    Christina Medeiros 14 days ago

    In n out is the bomb- I wish every fast food place would go away and just leave In n out and Habit the rest is garbage

  • Anais N
    Anais N 15 days ago

    holy mackerel

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    Nunivil Gamerz 16 days ago

    i want to work for him haha

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    Loh Si Ying 17 days ago

    oh shitake

  • Holden the Hitcher
    Holden the Hitcher 18 days ago

    Shark fin soup popular in many places? Try just China and Taiwan....

  • BlaqOwlz
    BlaqOwlz 19 days ago

    city with the most michelin stars is tokyo, japan. in case someone asking

  • Andy R
    Andy R 19 days ago

    I bet there is a Nino comment in here.

  • Ze Bunker
    Ze Bunker 22 days ago

    No sources listed for these factoids. Shame.

  • darkvixenkillu
    darkvixenkillu 22 days ago

    when I heard Gordon Ramsey had a wife and kids I actually never thought for a second he was a bad dad or a monster with them. I'v seen a lot of people who have very bad tempers in public, but are total sweethearts with their own family, and children in general.

  • ButterCup Slimez
    ButterCup Slimez 22 days ago +1

    Awh I liked Gordon's head lines ;-;

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    I miss my addblock ;_;

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    Ya boy fetus 27 days ago

    he is thicc

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  • Cadwell04
    Cadwell04 Month ago

    *Waiter serves Ice cream*
    Gordon: So, is this fresh or frozen?
    Waiter: Frozen
    Gordon: FUCK ME

  • King Skylerz
    King Skylerz Month ago

    2 words weird body

  • Mr. Sausage Beans
    Mr. Sausage Beans Month ago

    Rangers is the best off all Celtic canney kick a baw

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    soccer?? its fucking football u fucking donkey!!!

  • Allan McGuire
    Allan McGuire Month ago

    12 minutes and thirty seconds? WHER'ES THE LAMB SAUCE?!

  • RetroDeath
    RetroDeath Month ago

    This video should be called: "Surprising Things WE Didn’t Know About Gordon Ramsay

  • the otaku dragon
    the otaku dragon Month ago

    i thought he's drink lamb sauce for breakfast

  • Mushy Pease
    Mushy Pease Month ago

    he's wife cheated

  • Filip Trencevski
    Filip Trencevski Month ago

    It's Ferrari APERTA !

    KANEISNINJA Month ago

    i don't understand tho... telling someone that eating shark fin isn't ok, but then going back home to eat a cow. Regardless of anything, that is extremely hypocritical.

  • TasmaniaIsAHole
    TasmaniaIsAHole Month ago

    His father was also an alcoholic who later committed suicide, and his brother was a heroin addict who got incarcerated. His mother was never around.

    He had a tough start to life. Good on him for making it.

  • Pikachu Productions

    i got a master class ad befor it

  • Abe Bohe
    Abe Bohe Month ago

    How annoying is this voice

  • TypischTygo
    TypischTygo Month ago

    0:58 who the fuck gets hungry from kitchen nightmares though

  • Jacob Thorn
    Jacob Thorn Month ago

    Too the tee. Ha! Tee, Scotland, golf... Ramsay being Scottish? No? Ok...

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    mahoo games Month ago

    damn I thought it was England

  • Chef
    Chef Month ago

    Every sentence in this video is at least 3 times longer than it should be. Almost makes you lose your breath just listening to it smh

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    Sure Why not Month ago

    It's Aperta, not apereta

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    12min could be just 4min!!! such waist of time.. gaaah

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    Why is there a quiz this isn't Fuccing school

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    Hahaha that idiot sandwich

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  • Larry Maloney
    Larry Maloney Month ago

    You're showing 20 year old photos of Gordo running a marathon. He's fat today.

  • Corrie De Beer
    Corrie De Beer Month ago

    that he is a massive cunt? oh no sorry everyone knows that.

  • David Tolson
    David Tolson Month ago

    Why you gotta force a quiz up in this bitch.

    • David Tolson
      David Tolson Month ago

      as in up in this bitch, not calling the narrator a bitch lol.

  • Danny Shot
    Danny Shot Month ago

    Everyone forgets that most people on the shows are chefs and have been for years and still making literally the most basic mistakes as a perfectionist how could you not get furious?

  • M&N Distribution
    M&N Distribution Month ago

    He's obese

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  • Chesco
    Chesco Month ago +1

    7:00 "This combined with the fact that his father died of an early age, motivated Ramsay to live a more healthy lifestyle."

  • Jacob
    Jacob Month ago +1

    When she said "The chefs usually eat that food which doesn't bode well for the whole in shape thing" i had to laugh, eating food is probably one of the most important things when trying to get in shape

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson Month ago

    one point twenty five dollars?

  • sososo jejsusud
    sososo jejsusud Month ago

    am I the only one who noticed the number 666 on Gordons shirt on 7:05 ??? Illuminate comfirmed!!!!

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    Fuck if your a muppet

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    2:50 disappointed mum - Ramsay fat chef - me

  • kmaster ky
    kmaster ky Month ago

    I guessed Tokyo

  • Stephen Sunday
    Stephen Sunday Month ago

    I can see how even a celebrity chef would eat fast food from time to time, but I honestly thought Gordon would be the kind of guy who would prep all of his meals some two weeks in advance and never eat fast food for as long as he lives.

  • Michelle Boucher
    Michelle Boucher Month ago

    as soon as the commentator started skipping her "t's", I couldn't listen any more. ugh. learn how to talk. It's B-U-T-T-O-N, not B-U-O-N.

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    I got a pizza roll commercial before this, the irony is real.

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    Hello, my names Ninooooooooo.

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer Month ago

    If you're Scottish, you're Scotland born. Ramsay is the man, but you're obnoxious. How exactly is loving in n out burger going against anything he "preaches"? God I hate this channel.

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    Gordon has definitely never tried whataburger.

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    Qwe Qwe Month ago

    ramsay football background is well known in the uk, must be the yanks who dont know this shit

  • Jonathan bych eberhard

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    Wait i thought Gordan Ramsay is British?!?!?!?!

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    One point Twenty Five

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    this is a really boring and unnecessarily long video

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    a hell of a man!

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    hes a hipocrite as he slags off vegans lol

  • the boss
    the boss Month ago

    omg his wife is so lovely ,shes his rock.

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    Gordon gets constant erections. Is it a surprising thing?

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  • Charlie Hudson
    Charlie Hudson Month ago

    I know that you make your vids way to long and don't need that much time for some facts most people know.

  • squalltheonly
    squalltheonly Month ago

    Holy shit, even when he was young he looked old.

  • Infamous 23
    Infamous 23 Month ago

    in ohio we dont have in and out, jack in the box, and dell taco

  • Complicate Democratize Channel

    Maybe he's just a thoughtful Chef for speaking up his mind and opinions. Not just genetics.

  • Carson Blair
    Carson Blair Month ago

    He eats five times a day because he's training for an ironman triathlon. Its healthier to fit more meals with less quantity into your day, and its not all that uncommon.

  • Nicholas Dubord
    Nicholas Dubord Month ago

    stop the quizzes

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    Sarah C Baker Month ago

    who else loves chef Ramsay and wishes they can eat only one of his meals

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    List of Michelin 3-star restaurants by country in 2016
    Hong Kong.

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    im glad i heard football and immediately thought soccer and im from N America

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    i want to see a Roast-Off between Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsey

  • dylan thomas
    dylan thomas Month ago

    Gordon has a heart of gold. He is kind hearted and treats the less-fortunate with a lot of care. He is as hard as a rock. He will try things so daring that he always risks his life. Its so shocking if you find out the things he has attempted.

  • david williams
    david williams Month ago

    He loves Ross Kemp

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    Good vid

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